Advice Not Just for Romney

AS DA INSTANTER ONE advises in his post, but for every single, solitary Republican candidate and officeholder. And voter and constituent. Ask them: why haven’t you been doing this all along? Why is not “job-killer government” as ubiquitous a phrase as “extreme right wing”? Make them defend their policies.

If anything is keeping Mr. Newt from sinking beneath the waves, it is that people who actually listen to him — as opposed to reacting to media reports (when will they ever learn) — deeply appreciate that here, at long last, is a politician who will speak the truth about government abuses of power and damn the consequences. To hell with “reaching across the aisle” with anything but a hard-swung cricket bat. Those people are traitors and wreckers and are deliberately trying to destroy America. Put them on the defensive.

Insty’s correspondent uses a phrase that resonates — “downright belligerent.” I say, “Damned right!”


Sounds like a bumper sticker.

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