About Snout Houses

WHAT I SEE when I encounter one — such as the one used to illustrate this post at Sippcan Cottage — is that they look nouveau riche. Designed and built by someone with no taste. They think they want to appeal to people like themselves, so they take a white trash 50’s rambler and update it to today. As Sippcan says, Don’t Do This. The first sign of beer taste, champagne pocketbook is the garage in front. No. No. No.

But the other thing that bugs the frak out of me is the horrible scale of the things. They’re almost always too big for their lots. They’re almost always built in clusters like metastatic granulomae, cheek-by-jowl, hypercephalic monsters on steroids, too close together, and all out of proportion to the persons or lives of their occupants.

It’s a wonder the damned things ever get sold.

Um… cluebrick: they’re not. The housing market is in crisis.

But that’s not because the houses are too big… OK, maybe it is — square footage and wasted space costing money.

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