A While Back Kim

DU TOIT POSITED that most elected Democrats — and a lot of Republicans — are essentially traitors, in that they, by their unlawful attempts to circumvent provisions of the Constitution, by unconstitutional legislation and by judicial and executive fiat, are making war on the People of the United States.

I have many times asked (and never gotten a substantive answer): if it is permissible or even laudable or still even mandatory to use force, even lethal force, in the prevention of a felony, what level of force is permissible, laudable, or mandatory in the prevention of a violation of the Constitution, given that the latter provides the authority in law for the former to be defined?

You gotta wonder: how in the world can you stop this juggernaut? “Leaky” Leahy needs to be taken down. His misdeeds are so manifest and manifold that you have to wish lethal force were an option.

But we understand that the person who initiates the use of force in this situation is wrong (as our Curmudgeon instructs at the link) and will lose the coming conflict.



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