A Very Dolly XMas

IN YEARS PAST I have serialized right here on BabyTrollBlog the entire Apocrypha story, A Very Dolly XMas, a light bit of fluff which, despite that, may be closest of the Apocrypha stories to the spirit in which they all were written, now 12 years ago.

These days, that may appear a bit overwrought.

However, the story is up at the Apocrypha site. And, as I also do every year at this time, I will reiterate my intent to get all 14 of the Apocrypha stories up there, as well as available for download in eBook format. As the old Zionist saying used to go, “Next Year in Jerusalem.” Maybe 2012 will be the year when the whole Apocrypha will, once again, be hosted online on its very own, purpose-built web site.

Meantime, you can go and read this particular story of which I speaketh, right now. Ladies and germs, I give you: A Very Dolly XMas.

EN joy!

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