A Thought Experiment

I KNOW Alger dun’t like what he calls political thought experiments: take an outrage committed by Democrats that’s greeted by yawns in the pop culture and extrapola-thingummy-bob “If a Republican did this, Pinch Sulzberger would have his shorts in a wad all OVER Times Square.” But, dig this:

Da Doll wunners if somebody could pull it off to float the notion on the Left that Obamarama really is a sleeper agent — a Manchurian candidate — but from the Right. Like that Winchester Foundation (or whatever they’re called). They sponsored him to bring into being a Leftist Utopia so freakin’ disastrous as to permanently discredit leftism forever. Something so horrible, obvious, and undeniable that you’d have to be institutionalizable wackadoo to fail to apperhend it.

Then get the paranoid cultists on the Left — bloggers, truthers, all the fruits and nuts — to believe it. And act as though they believe it with the fervor they practice on global warming. Can ya imaginize the results?

Not bad, eh?

So whattaya think?

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