A Textbook Example

OF THE FATAL FLAW inherent to the fatuous notion that “there are two sides to every story.”

To paraphrase the song (There are two sides to this great big world/And one of them is always night), while there may be two sides to every story, one of them is usually, objectively wrong.

Mark my words: leftists will insist that the replacement for the retiring leftist — a so-called (scorn quotes) “liberal” — Supreme Court Associate JusticeJohn Paul Stevens be someone of a similar stripe to “maintain balance” on the court.

The problem with this should be obvious once you understand this (if you don’t already):

The justices on the Right insist that the law be interpreted to mean what it says, whereas the justices on the Left insist that the law be interpreted to mean what they believe it should say. Given that the law is meant to say what it says, it can be readily seen that the leftist perspective is perverted, and that there is no justice in their positions.

Keep that in mind as you listen to the debate in the coming months.

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