A Teachable Moment

A CALLER TO MARK STEYN on Rush’s show, agonized over a 3-year-old girl sexually molested by TSA agents “patting her down” at a security checkpoint asked (rhetorically) “Now we’re supposed to teach our children it’s OK to let authority figures bad-touch you?”

Oh, as the phrase goes, HELL no! Don’t fly. If you can’t avoid it, don’t take your children. If you have to, fight the bastards. Mau-mau their asses. They CANNOT camouflage themselves from prosecution by draping themselves in the colors of law. It is, actually, against the law for them to do so. That is the real meaning of laws such as 18USC 241-242. So charge them with sexual assault of a minor.

Teach your children that tyrants WILL overreach, and it is right, proper, and good to resist. THAT’s the lesson of the child-molesting TSA.

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