A Standup Kinda Guy

BREDA POSTS a comment on Facebook about people posing for photos with lifesize standup cutouts of celebrities. Which reminds me of a little prank I played at the Patch Factory awhile back.

We got, through the ordinary line of business, a standup of Willie Nelson, done for a Jose Cuervo promotion. I think it was a little bit smaller than lifesize, albeit not much. But that doesn’t matter.

The front doors at the Patch Factory are double glass doors in aluminum frames with no side lights. So the part of the frame that answers to the function of a jack stud is right next to the hinge. That part is important for forming your mental picture of this situation. The reason it’s important is that it creates a blind spot from the perspective of someone coming up the front walk.

So, aware of this, I took the Willie standup one day and stood it in the lobby, right in that blind spot. From inside, it was totally ordinary. Here’s a piece of collateral from a project we were involved in, and it’s on display in the lobby. If you walked out from the sales office or the art department, or came up from the executive offices or the johns, you’d just see this standup… standing up, there.

But when you came in the front door, you’d open it, and come through (the door opens out), and … AAAH!! … there’s this … GUY, just standing there. And he came out of nowhere.

After about the fourth middle-aged visitor nearly had a coronary, they made me move it. But we had considerable amusement from it in the interim.

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