A Report in Due Diligence

SOME OF YOU may remember that I made a big announcement awhile back about starting a business — the resume writing thing. WHICH has not gone away. It’s still there, idling away, waiting for better days.

As you may have heard, the jobs numbers for August were zero. No net jobs created. As far as I know, they’ve given up the BS claim of jobs saved — which we knew was stinky hot air with lots of methane and butyl mercaptin in it from the first. So: zero for Dr. Zero.

That being the case — and a fairly accurate reflection of not only the day-to-day situation, but also the imediate long-term trend — flat zero-to-negative, plus-or-minus it-doesn’t-matter — I can’t see putting a lot of effort into it. Nobody’s hiring. Nobody’s looking. Charging money for top-drawer resume services in this climate is like running the chastity pill franchise in a whorehouse. Only the government could think it was a good idea. That’s not to say I’m abandoning it, just putting it in abeyance and looking for better odds. Like… winning the lottery and other similar blue-ribbon plans.

Much thanks to all who aided in the project. We will be back. Meantime, keep your powder dry.

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