A Random Brain Fart

AUSTRALIAN WATERMELONS throw shoes at PM Kevin Rudd, in (no doubt) conscious imitation of the Egyptian Baathist provocateur who abused Iraqi hospitality to fling his footwear at Dubya here recently. Puts me in mind of the urban legendary origin of the term sabotage — to throw your sabots (shoes) into the works. (I think it’s been debunked, but it still makes an interesting metaphor.) Those would be the followers of Ned Ludd, the original anti-technology witling. We memorialize his idiocy with the term luddite today.

Of course, his followers claimed to be benefitting the commonweal in their call for a return to the goodole days, pre-… well, pre-industrial revolution, which signified a departure from millenia of subsistence farming as a lifestyle choice and a mass migration toward what we today know as urban sophistication. Indoor plumbing. Heat. Light. Clean living. Public health nazis.

OK, so it’s not all unalloyed good.

But still.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the whole catastrophic anthropogenic global warming thing is pretty much a wet firecracker — not to mention a massive hoax. The science is pretty clear.

And, yet, we still have these luddites attempting to influence public policy with spoiled-brat monkeyshines.

Who, exactly, is it choosing politics over science?

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