A Little Redundant, I Know, But

I CAN’T HELP WONDERING how all the so-called liberals on the Left whingeing about defunding public broadcasting — or, rather, weaning it from the public teat — miss the whole discord of… what the FUCK is the government doing running a radio or a television network anyway? Why do we let the government within a brazilian light years of the content of news, communication, or expression? Why is not the FCC righteously bitch-slapped down any time it tries to exert influence over what We the (Little) People say to each other and ourselves?

For that matter, why does the FCC exist in the first place?

Well, there is that, Dolly. But I’m serious, here. How is the state even considering this crap without getting a sharp corrective jolt from the metaphorical cattle-prod-slash-anal-probe that should be implanted in any person with the temerity to want to control other people’s lives?

I mean, REALLY, people!

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