A Little Nostalgia Attack

TONI AND I have been discussing for a long time Doing Something about all the vinyl we’ve got lying around with no operational transcription device. The only thing stopping me from just pitching the lot was the fact that there was bound to be stuff I’d want to replace, and I wanted a list to keep track.

So Friday night, I pulled the lappie downstairs and sat watching TV and making a spreadsheet list of all the albums.

And I came across an album that I was listening to in my mom’s basement days, right out of high school and no marketable skills.

The memories it excites.

And I’ve run out of pale ale
And I feel like I’m in jail
And my music bores me once again
And I’ve been on the pinball
And I know longer know it all
And they say that you never know when you’re insane.

— Pinball, by Brian Protheroe, 1974

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