A Good Start

ONE OF THE MOST WITLESS questions asked of we who urge a quick ripping off of the bandage, a short, sharp shock, a decisive, sudden, and — one might say — final solution to the problem of What do We Do About Islam is, “Do you want to kill a billion Muslims?”

Well, no. But the point should be made in response that it probably won’t take that many.

And another thing: how many of that billion are willing and how many are just going along because of the whole “Behead all those who…” thing?

And another thing: whose count is that billion, anyway? Was is Moslems who made the count? What is that, more taquiya?

And it seems rather telling that those billion don’t seem concerned to piss off two billion Christians, many of whom are not as forbearing as the Savior. Or the myriad billions of other enemies to Islam. Seems to me that Islam is beset by a hostile world that has only put up with its mad-dog-in-the-street behavior because there didn’t seem to be much to be done about it. And the leaders of the rest of the world included a great many timorous cowards and nobody thought to PUSH them off the dime.

Until now.

Lawrence Auster quotes Matthew Bracken at some length (RTWT).

That is changing now, because today the entire world sees Islam’s true face revealed when Muslims go into these insane rages after perceived insults to Mohammed. Their ingrained lack of introspection means that Muslims can easily be provoked into going beyond the stealth-mode they normally follow beyond Islam’s bloody borders, waking up the world to the existential threat Islam poses to all non-Muslim societies. Down the centuries, the West has often had appeasers and accommodationists as leaders, men who were willing to cut short-term local deals that over time always led to incremental Islamic advances. And these weak Western leaders were the only men who mattered, era by era. Today, as a contrast, average citizens around the world are beginning to understand how to push Islam’s automatic rage buttons, and this changes the former equation in a fundamental way. As you mentioned, videos released by lone, non-state actors at the right time could be used to torpedo the next sell-out by Western appeasers, such as over the inclusion of Turkey in the EU.

Vanderleun pulls this from the same article.

If Moscow, New Delhi, or Tel Aviv were destroyed by an Islamic bomb, I believe that Mecca would be wiped off the planet Earth the same day, even the same hour. And that would spell the end of Islam, after its unparalleled 1,400-year reign of terror. No Mecca, no Islam, as long as the world witnesses Mecca’s physical annihilation. There will follow a period of madness, with many Muslims committing mass suicide and mass terror, but more of them will become atheists or convert to Christianity (“the stronger horse”). In all cases, Islam as we know it will be finished. After fourteen centuries, the steady mantra “Our God is greatest” cannot become “We used to believe that our God was the greatest, but it was proven to be weaker, if not a fraud.” The glass jaw of Islam, its inability to self-examine or reform in any way, will prove to be its Achilles’ heel. The 1,400-year run of murder and madness will at last come to an end. After sixty generations, we may be the one to witness its ultimate destruction and collapse.

Things that make you go “Hmmm.”

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