A Feature, Not a Bug

OVER AT NRO Grace-Marie Turner takes note of a report by “the Administration’s Own Actuary(!!!)” detailing a series of supposedly fatal flaws in the Obamacare law, of which — now that it’s passed — we can finally see the contents.

The report details a laundry list of failings in the law which would seem to be dispositive reasons for not passing it. If only one were a simple-minded member of the proletariat. In Washington, everything is the opposite of what it is in the rest of the country, and therefore these are — in the parlance of computer tech support — not bugs, but features. Not fatal flaws, but desiderata.

Because, you see, they give the power-mad collectivists in DC excuses to re-visit the bill. And now it becomes clear — if you ever had any doubt — that the bill was only a placeholder. The real work of cementing central control over your petty, picayune lives comes in the “fixes” to the law. And, now that it’s law, Congress cannot fail to act to make those fixes.

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