A Dollish Mini Manifesto

DA DOLL DEEPLY RESENTS the statist BS contention that a citizen must — must, mind you — pay attention to politics or suffer the consequences.

Exsqueeze me? Ex. Squeeze. Dafuck. Outta. Me?

I have to pay attention to all the natterings and concerns of a fucking rapist or he’s gonna permanently maim me?

Fuck. No.

Rapist comes after da Doll better bring it. I’ll cut his balls off — if I don’t kill him sooner.

Government is an assault. Oh, I’ll stipple-ate the concept that government is a necessary evil. There might be — might be — some function government serves better than all contenders. Not found one, mind, but I might not have encountered it yet’s all.

Military? Then why hire KBR? What’s up with Halliburton? Maybe because they’re not government and they’re ten Brazilian times more ‘fficient than the ossifer-fied, bureaucrat-party official military? We in the Troll Guard find it hilarious that, in the war colleges, they teach that conflicts are won by logistics, then the command authority farms out that very function.

Tell me again that a national military is vitally necessary to the security of a free state?

But, OK. So maybe it’s not the military. And, instead o’runnin’ down th’ list, I’ll just agree that there might be something government does better than th’ privates sector.

That doesn’t change the fact that government only does its job via assault. Force. Coercion. Threat. Injustice. So why should I pay it any more attention than is necessary to slap it down when it rears its ugly head?

‘Splain that to me. Please. I wanna know.

If it’s reasonable for me to have to pay attention to all the lies, tantrums, fits, and importunate behavior of government, then it’s entirely reasonable for me to react to government as though it were a clear and present threat to my safety and act accordingly.

It’s commutative. If one’s not reasonable, neither is the other.

Instead of trying to condition my reaction to governmental assault… Here’s a novel idea. Why not have the government adjust its behavior so as not to excite my defensive reactions?

What’s that? You say that’s how the government was designed to behave? Then, you say, the current government in power is not behaving according to its charter?

Hmmm. Doesn’t that kinda prove my point?

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