A Disingenuous Question

ASKED BY JOHN Hinderaker at PowerLine.

The Democrats have been blocking oil companies from developing America’s fossil fuel resources–the largest in the world–for decades. Whenever their anti-drilling policies are challenged, they assure us that increasing domestic production would do little or nothing to bring down the cost of energy.

Yet, whenever the price of gasoline becomes politically embarrassing, what do they do? They take “emergency” action to increase the supply of petroleum by opening up the Strategic Petroleum Reserve–some 700 million barrels of oil that are stored along the Gulf coast. Today the Obama administration announced that it will release 30 million gallons from the reserve in an effort to hold down prices.

No one pretends that this is the intended use of the strategic reserve–the administration is just trying to get past the Fourth of July without too much political fallout from gas prices–nor does anyone think that a one-time influx of oil will have any long-term impact on energy costs. Still, the administration’s action is revealing: if you want to keep prices down, what do you do? You increase supply.

That being the case, why has the Democratic Party done everything in its power for more than 30 years to suppress domestic production of oil?

It’s a question that almost answers itself.

You say, “Almost,” but you mean, “I’m going to answer it anyway.”

Why, Dolly! How ever did you guess?

I dunno. Just stupid, I guess.

Ha! AndagainIsay, “Ha!”

So what’s th’ answer, Perfesser?

Why, of course! The Left, seeking power like the infrared eye on a Maverick missile chasing the engine of a Saturn V rocket, wants to limit supply available through free market commercial supply in order that they may exercise control over prices through the mechanism of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. The boundaries of their success are easily discerned.

There is a lesson to be derived from this, which is left as an exercise for the reader. Your answers in comments, please.

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