A Day For Not Getting It

FIRST WE HAVE GOP campaign folk who don’t get that an appeal to the Left (which is what an appeal to so-called “moderates” really is) is a losing proposition.

THEN THERE ARE those on the Left who don’t get that … what? Their public policy prescriptions are not only wrong, but they are illegal, and that people in the Right notice and don’t intend to take the impositions lying down.

The Left’s not getting it can be seen in places such as Salon.

American political discourse has gotten increasingly nasty over the past 10 months, with brutal rhetoric spilling from talk radio to town hall meetings to the very halls of Congress. When anti-government protesters openly carry loaded weapons at rallies and Texas Gov. Rick Perry hints at the possibility of secession, you might wonder whether the nation is actually at the brink of civil war over the unlikely issue of healthcare reform. Sadly, the commentators and politicians who exploit such threats of violence and revolution seem to have forgotten what the real Civil War was about, and what it was like. Now would be a good time to start remembering, because, as it happens, the first pitched battle of our bloodiest war began exactly 150 years ago today.

Sadly, the commentators and politicians who push and cover for ever-worsening outrages against the liberty of the People fail to apprehend how close to the boiling point the People are. They seem resolutely unwilling to take the hint, and in doing so, drive the wagon of state ever closer to the precipice.

At Sipsey Street, Mike frequently quotes his grandfather saying something to the effect, “If you don’t want the wolverine to rip your balls off, don’t corner him.” Somehow, the Left doesn’t get it. Oh, how badly they don’t get it.

Meantime, Mike has been trying to get the attention of Eric Holder. I won’t say it’s a quixotic quest — stranger things have happened — but, were I a betting man, I’d give short odds against.

GLENN BECK HAS BEEN EXPOSING DOCTRINAIRE MARXISTS in the Obama administration a lot here lately, and there’s been some discussion of the myriad and manifest sins of collectivists — particularly with respect to an utter willingness to encompass the deaths of millions in the service of a cause, without pause or let, without remorse, utterly without ruth.

The White House media tsarina charged with correcting the errors of conservative spokesfolk (sorry, I can’t be bothered to remember the name of a person shortly to become an unperson as the hot glare of a public spotlight focuses on her) has been soundbitten as citing Mao Zedong’s relentless pursuit of his goal of the rule of glorious communism over China as “thinking outside the box.”

People around him at the time had the foresight to challenge his continued military struggle against the vastly superior forces of the Kuomintang. He is reported to have responded that this was the way he chose to fight. “You fight your war; I’ll fight mine.” Forward-looking. Original thinker.

And as bloody and destructive as his revolution was, it was nothing compared to the spasms he forced his country into in order to HOLD ONTO power.

This week, we are met with the spectre of the President asserting the same relentlessness. “I’m not tired,” he avers. “I’m just getting started,” he asserts. “I don’t quit,” he threatens.

Just like that revolutionary Mao — already a veteran of the bloody Long March. Already guilty of thrusting internecine warfare on his countryman to no good end. Already up to his neck in the blood of people over whom he sought to assert stewardship as well as power, but not yet seated firmly in that position of power. Just like that.

Obama has no concern for the utter witlessness of his cause. He has no concern for the actual — you know — people he is breaking like eggs-to-omelets. He has utter contempt for the wealth he is destroying in the process, in his Long March to glorious socialist victory.

They aren’t going to quit. If they cannot be politically defeated, utterly deligimated for all time, there may come a time when a more … permanent … solution may be called for.

::sigh:: Dammit.

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