A Continuing Christmas Tradition

ALBEIT A BIT altered this year: A Dolly X-Mas,” the story of the first Christmas experienced by one Gabrielle Francesca East — a.k.a. Dolly.

The perspicacious among BTB readers will notice that, not only is “A Dolly X-Mas” posted at the above URL, but with a little messing around, you can get to a few more stories. It’s not the entirety of this cycle of juvenalia, but it is a substantial fraction of the Apocrypha, and it’s a small gift in these parlous times that I’m able to offer it for the first time in a couple of years. With luck, I may be able to return the whole Dolly Apocrypha to our right sidebar sometime this season.

And many thanks to Connie du Toit — a.k.a. Tech Support — for making it possible for me to even get this far. We can’t really say much about why, but, trust me, this is a small thing compare to what the Mrs. is doing behind the scenes. Big kisses and hugs to both Connie and Kim as they celebrate the season with their family.

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