A Cautionary Note

IF YOU’VE COMMENTED acceptably — no spam, no spittle-flecked and moronic rant — and haven’t seen your comment on the site, yet, please be patient. First comments from a given visitor are moderated. Even, apparently, if you are logging on from a different computer or account. (As has happened to me — talk about off-putting.) And, also apparently, sometimes the mail queue is a little slow. I have gotten email messages requesting moderation that have been FAR ahint the curve. Days. Sometimes as much as a week. And I’m generally faster than even ordinary email notifications. But I am also dead certain that, at some point, YOUR magnum opus will fall through the cracks and I won’t hear about it or check for it until an unconscionable interval has passed. I apologize. But I can really do little-to-nothing about it.

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