A Caller to the Morning

SHOW ON WKRC in Cincinnati Monday reported that she had emailed several Senators begging they not support the porkulus bill. The Senators were not her own, but were reported RINO fence-sitters with the unmitigated gall to support the damned thing.

Two of the three she contacted replied with variously adept/inept auto-replies. The third, Arlen Specter, responded that, since the caller is not his constituent, he would not be reading her email.

Which would be fine if the ill effects of his perfidy could be confined to his constituents alone, but — alas — such is not the case.

What’s the penalty for negligent legislating?

You do need to contact your congresscritters in the most vigorous manner you can manage to kill the bill in reconciliation (where the Senate and House versions are mated up and have to be trimmed to fit). Do not despair. This feat has been managed before, where some particularly odious bit of excrescence has passed both houses, but got killed in the joint committee.

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