CAN I GET A “Hell yeah!”

<gretchenwilson>HELL. YE-E-EAH!</gretchenwilson>

Lemme tellya. 35 bucks would feed the Alger family for about two days, and we ain’t cheap to feed. Hell, you could feed one of us pretty good (with adult beverages) OUT at our favorite price-no-object fancy restuarant for 35 bucks — plus tip.

I don’t think I could spend as much as 35 bucks for one meal. I mean, I just did Christmas. Standing. Rib. Roast. Smashed taters. Hot bread.
Veggies. Hell, throw in a bottle of bourbon! OK, so I spent more than $35 on that, but there were leftovers.

Where the hell are these people shopping!!!???

And they said Bush41 was out of touch when he expressed delight at a new kind of laser checkout scanner.


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