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Memorial Day Photo Safari

TONI AND I set out toward Hamilton(!) Monday after a late breakfast to pickup a couple of lady bug-painted bowling balls for The Yard (for a top-rated gaming computer, this thing has a wonky left shift key). We ended getting home after dark, having eaten dinner on the road. It was a full day of following our nose(s) and shooting pictures all over the place. Much of the afternoon was spent in the aforementioned Butler County seat named after the eponymous Founding Father. I can tell this is going to be one of those places where I’ll want to get out of the car with my rollator and stand on the sidewalk (or the traffic island) to get a better shot at the statue of Young Alex.

HEADLINE: GOT MILK? … Alger shoots Hamilton. RAYMOND BURR!

We made our pickup in the historic Highland Park neighborhood, right by an heroic old oak tree. Then we continued on up that street until we connected with North B Street, where-near-upon we crossed the north bridge (Dunno the name.) over the Greater Miami into another historic district whereupon, we encountered a bunch of our favorite kinds of buildings, (for photography subjects, anyway) — old, decrepit, falling down, including the old former headquarters of the Beckett Paper Company, whose products I used to use in my old job at Otto.

Went the long way around through Ross and Bevis toward home. When we came to the split between Reading Road and Victory Parkway, I asked, “Should I go toward home or toward Avondale?” and Toni answered, “Avondale,” indicating that she was up for more shooting, so I headed down Reading. We made the circle around The Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth Circle and got the answer to the question, “What do the locals call the street for short?”: North (or South, as the case may be) Shuttlesworth. I had thought they might have called it North (or South) Fred, but a stencil on the side of a garbage can set me straight. Somewhere around there, it occurred to me, “Let’s go over to Price Hill and shoot those garages in the hillsides on Elberon.” Which, while it was a long truck from Avondale to Price Hill, we did. Then we headed toward home, but not before a dinner at Longhorn — that, albeit it was undercooked and overseasoned, could not be beat. I’d guess that, except for multi-hour trips out-of-town, this was the longest we’ve been out yet.

Before toddling off to bed, I uploaded from camera to computer 884 files which totals 12.4 GB of data and translates to 442 pictures (I save in the camera both RAW files and JPEGs.).

Not GDPR Compliant.

THIS IS AN American blog. We here in this benighted land are ruled by a Constitution. The Founders, in order to get the Constitution ratified, were required to include a Bill of Rights, the first being the rights of free speech, assembly, religion, and petition. No other law applies — or can apply. To those insisting that American Web sites be required to knuckle under to a flatly un-consitutional EUROPEAN law, (to wit, the EU’s GDPR), I have one thing to say (quoting an old National Lampoon parody): Get this: fuck that. I don’t owe you fuckers anything and all I’ve got to say is, “Fuck yoo-hoo-hoo-ooo.” The sky is bloo-hoo-hoo-oo-oo!

I have said elsewhere that the only apposite reply to importunate statists (or leftists — if there’s a difference) is: Go Fuck Yourself! (shortened to “GFY.”) More recently, I’ve seen that that could be amended to “Sod off, Swampy.”

Consider it said.