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We In the Right Need

TO STOP ASSERTING that leftist myrmidons, by their Alinskyite tactics, are alienating “half the country.” Admit it: the right is far MORE than half. We represent a majority view. An electoral majority, not an ethnic majority, although there’s that, too.

Ellipses 17 June 2017

THE CORNER AT NRO: David Frum used to be someone we in the Right listened to, at least. We tend to do that, the Left’s “You know nothing of other opinions because you live in an echo chamber” tu quoque notwithstanding. We tend to stop listening when they go all craphouse rat insane. Case in point…

No. The Second Amendment Is Not Given Special Treatment.

MEGAN FOX: Unhinged Rhetoric About ‘Nazis’ and Trump Derangement Syndrome Lead to Bloodshed I suspect that they will — someday — rue the day. But that day is not this day. Yet.

ACE: nor should they.

Ellipses: June 15, 2017

BACK IN THE OLD DAYS back when I had more to say about current events, I used to do this feature I called Ellipses — quick links and quotes, á Instapundit — in a bunch as line items, separated by ellipses (…). See if this works.

ROGER KIMBALL: Trump and the end of the beginning.

I particularly love this metaphor:

There is a small pen of chihuahuas yapping wildly that Trump should be impeached because, because, because—the doggies will get back to us later with a reason. (The real reason is simply that they don’t like Mr. Trump.)

Heh. The legacy partisan press as ankle-biters. Indeed.

FIRE: Rejecting the “heckler’s veto” That for those who say only the government can impose censorship. To which I say, “It’s spinach and to hell with it.” It is pernicious. It is illegitimate. It ought not be countenanced in a liberal society. And to Hell with it!

And that’s how they work. If this little snippet of an Ellipsis gets a decent reaction, I’ll try to do more. Back then, they were the feature I found easiest to do, and the rest of what I view as the golden-age BabyTrollBlog followed in their train. Readers from that period, who might miss it and desire a resurgence of that content, should do well to let me know.

An Embarrassment of Riches

IN THE MAIL AGAIN TODAY (Well, the mail brought something second day in a row, not the SAME thing.): Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology. It’s a gorgeous package, especially for a trade paperback. I hope it doesn’t suck. (Not that I expect it to.)

Lost Cities

IN THE MAIL Lost City of Stone: The Story of Nan Madol, the “Atlantis” of the Pacific by Bill S. Ballinger.

In working up the back story of my ficton — or, at least, of the generation of the Nineteenth Century — I have devised a plot — scarcely original, a Tarzanian tale of wiley, adventurous white Europeans stealing a priceless cultural treasure from hapless native dark people. And this done literally at the behest of a God. In this case: Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love. It centers around the natives of Ponape, the island location of Nan Madol, a mysterious Petra in the Caroline Islands. The book caught my imagination and is providing me background material about the city.