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I Should Like to Humbly and Respectfully Disagree

WITH FOLKS WHO ARE asserting in the Phil Robertson contretemps that, because the confrontation is not between Congress and an individual citizen that this is not a First Amendment matter. And, OK, stated that way, it’s not. However…

It is a matter of freedom of speech, as well as the free exercise of religion, and therefor at the very least touches on the spirit of the First Amendment.

That it is not speaks perhaps to the utter corruption of government in America, inasmuch as Congress is supposed to be the sole legislative authority in such matters — no other having say in them — all of the other bodies and individuals seeking influence over the speech or religious practices of other individual American citizens are infringing on Congress’s privilege and authority. And, as such, the First Amendment being the final authority in the matter, this is a First Amendment case. If Congress is forbidden to act, then EVERYBODY is forbidden to act.

But, Alger, you say, The Constitution is a bill of limits on the Federal Government.

And: Oh, really? I say in response. Is it not rather an affirmative statement of limits on the government as defined by the rights of the individual? Does it matter, therefor, WHO, exactly, is infringing on a right? Is it not sufficient to define that individuals have the right to render it unlawful for ANY actor — public or private — to infringe. If I have a right to free speech, how can you have any authority to squelch what I say? If I have a right to go armed, how can you have any authority to assert that I may not carry a weapon?

Is it a right? Or is it a limited license? Does not one affirm the basic concept of America and the other put the lie to the whole experiment?

If Phil Robertson, a free citizen of the United States, has the right of free speech, and makes a statement on his own time, in a venue not controlled by his employer, not representing his employer’s position, and his employer punishes him for exercising that right, how can it NOT touch on the First Amendment?

This goes wider than the First Amendment — or even the Second. For example, where in the Fourth Amendment are the limits on searches and seizures applied only to government agents? They’re not, of course. The prohibition is absolute and universal. It means, for example, that your bank has a fiduciary responsibility not to reveal your bank details without a proper warrant. Indeed, to not reveal even the existence of your accounts. The over-reach by the Internal Revenue Service in demanding this information is only one bit of evidence in the avalanche that proves — I think dispositively — that the “service” is corrupt and needs to be disbanded.

I propose that you look at — or re-examine, if you haven’t recently — the entirety of the Constitution in this light: the document is meant to make it clear that the supreme law of the land stands in defense of the rights of the individual against ALL comers.

Apologies to All

INCLUDING READER Random Lurker (We’ll call him Randy.), who commented on the bewbage, for not having posted in a frakkin’ week.Sorry ’bout that, Chief. And more bewbage later. And, yeah, I know the rules: “Never apologize; never explain.” But it just felt like the right lede. I do more of that that I probably should admit to — going on gut instinct.

Anyway, through a creative use of paid holidays, I have managed to stretch my vacation to the end of the year, starting Monday just passed. And then for another week into 2014, using days from next year’s vacation days (I did the same at the beginning of this year, so it kind of rolls over.) All-in-all three weeks of free time, with the exception of family visits on Christmas Day.

My intentions were threefold (and still are, to the extent that life rolls have messed with my momentum). I want to write substantial wordage on Discovery — the working title of the current novel. I want to get started on a regimen of yoga and develop the habit of exercising daily. And I want to start working to get my drawing chops back. I had, in fact, hoped to have reports of developments on all three fronts — and can report that I have written 5,000 new words — but life has conspired to fuck my shit up.

Kris Rusch calls these little bobbles in the event continuum Life Rolls. I can’t argue. Life does roll — right over you. But I can’t help snarking back — life doesn’t so much roll as it sucks. But I’ve had a few minor life rolls in the last few days.

Last Thursday evening, I was fixing dinner. Chicken and Spanish Rice. On this occasion, I had discovered a package of white mushrooms in the produce drawer and figured that, since they were almost two weeks old, they probably ought to get cooked before they started to spore. I washed theme, breaking the stems off the caps and running the stems down the disposal. I cut up the caps and was sauteeing them in butter when I noticed that the water had not gone down in the sink. No panic. This has happened before. I got the plunger and wanked the drain with it.


Yeah, Dolly. Ever seen somebody plunge a sink drain?

…Oh! Wanked. I see.

Anyway, no joy. the water went back-and-forth between the plain drain and the disposal, but none of it went down.

Then I noticed my feet were wet. “Why is there water on the floor, coming out of the base cabinet?” I asked myself. “Where could the water be coming from?

As it turned out, it was coming out of the bottom of the disposal.



Did I ever tell you how much I HATE working on the plumbing under the sink?

I just didn’t feel like messing with it on a school night. So, I sent an email to Toni (who was on an away gig) that the kitchen sink was non-operational and went to bed. Friday, went to work, had an amazing day. (Why do customers always call with last-minute projects right when you’re trying to get out of the place for vacation?). Friday evening, I had leftover chicken and Spanish rice. Washed my dishes in the bathroom sink, but resolved not to trust it and re-wash them all once the kitchen sink was fixed. Toni wondered if that was sane, but once she saw the situation for herself, ratified my decision.

Some quick research on the Innertubez informed me that water leaking from the bottom of the disposal means the disposal’s main seal has blown. I should take it out and take it to the nearest service center (which is clear the other side of the county). In-Sink-Er-Ator verified this on their site, so I felt pretty confident I had the straight poop. (Remember: they can’t put anything on the Internet if it’s not true.) Meanwhile, Home Depot told me a new one would cost $80.00. What do you think the service center would charge to replace a main seal? Add in gas and time and. No brainer. Get a new one. Did. Put it in. Didn’t fix the no-drainee problem.

Tried various flavors of chemical drain cleaners. Couldn’t find a microbial variety at Home Depot, which I suspect would have worked just fine. Advise from the Internet (verified, of course), was that the next step is to snake the drain.

Oh, joy.

Now, I had a snake already. But it was one of those long-straight ones that you attach to your drill, pull the trigger, and it twists into a pretty plumber’s braid. So, back to Home Depot (one more visit and it’s a project), to get a better snake. One with a reel and a crank handle.

SO. The video instructions for the snake show a guy standing at a kitchen sink. His narration leads me to believe that he was dealing with a single drain that went straight down to the trap and then straight across to the wall. How convenient. But not in this house you don’t.

Here, you have a different situation. One side of the double-bowl sink is the disposal. Even I know better than to put a snake down a disposal. the other side, the drain goes down to where it meets the cross connection that would have been the join if there were NOT a disposal on the right. Then there’s an elbow onto a straight shot…

No. That’s not right.

Oh, I don’t know.

Then it all goes back to meet the laundry drain. But somehow, this all goes down to a last horizontal run that joins with a brass compression fitting to the side drain that services then across and down to the trap, then to the side line that serves this side of the house. That last run is where I want to insert my snake into the line. It’s about two inches above the floor of the cabinet and way at the back. NOT someplace you can get to standing up. Or even in a comfortable crouch.

I could have used a creeper just about then.

Swewnneyway, I spent a good portion of Sunday afternoon spinning away at that snake, lying on my back, with my hands over my head in awkward positions. (It would have been fine if my elbows bent the other way. As it was: pain.) The lip of the cabinet was sharp and hard, so I grabbed a bunch of throw rugs to build up a support for my shoulders. It worked, sort of. After a lot of shifting around, I finally found a position I could stand and cranked the snake out to its full length (25′) and brought it back. Cranking five or ten minutes, then breaking for five or ten… or fifteen… or twenty.

Aside from a few stray strands of… don’t ask… there was no sign on the snake of any serious blockage. But, when I put the drain back together (Yay! for threaded, hand-tighten PVC connections.), damned if it didn’t run free. But that managed to blow two days’ free time, and thus no bloggage.

Then, Wednesday morning, I woke up with a cough. Last couple of days, it have been just a thrill to be me.

At the moment, I’m still under the weather, but feeling better than since Wednesday. Here’s hoping this cold-flu-whatever continues to improve.

Envelope, please…

AND THE WINNAH OFMost Economically Free State in North America… AL-BER-TA… CANADAAAAH!

::and the crowd goes wild::

Yeah, it’s The Cold Equations Again

A LOTTA BLAH-BLAH (a little Alex Lifeson lingo for ya there) in this post pointed to by Vanderleun. But fer da Doll, the key thing is how BADLY the Left fails on points like this. One of the first mental lapses of leftists, liberals, progressives, and other stupid, evil people that Alger taught me was the “I’ve already got my mind made up; don’t confuse me with facts.” (Actually, in that case, it was a lesson on using the semicolon to link two independent clauses, but wottevvah.) It’s why Alger says a leftist brain fart can be detected by three earmarks — it will be founded in ignorance, focused on irrelevance, and engaged in wishful thinking.

The post linked at the top is focused on Obamacare, which is evr’body’s bete noir of the moment. Tomorrow or next week, it’ll be something else. And all the while, our liberty is diminished thereby. The left, like the poor, will be with us always. The major difference being that the poor can’t tear down the world.

Through sheer pig-ignorance.

I suspect that might be an insult to pigs.

Good point.

Your typical leftist has the comprehension and wit of a brontosaurus — or whatever they’re calling them this week — with their brains so far apart that there’s a light speed lag and so small that they literally can’t walk and chew gum (trees) at the same time.

The laws of economics are as firm and immutable as the law of gravity, or the first law of thermodynamics, or Einstein’s E=MC2. But your leftist figures that, with the right number of votes and a lot of hope, they can change that.

Would that it were so. If it were, da Doll would wish for liberals to not be so stupid. But that appears to be another one of those cold equations. More’s the pity.

You’ll Notice That

BONER DIDN’T SAY, “Why anybody would vote against this bill is beyond me.” That’s because, as you and he both know very well, it’s not beyond him. He knows, as I say, very Goddamned well why any rational person not in the grips of the Washington DC lust for power would vote against it. (Ask you doctor if you live in or have recently traveled to any locations where there is an overweening lust for power.) It’s a bad bill. In fact, I would venture to guess that there hasn’t been a good bill out of that fever swamp on the Potomac in over a hundred years.

Was there ever?

It is not an irrebuttable presumption.

They keep telling us we don’t understand the reality on the ground. THEY fail to comprehend the reality in flyover country. A promise was made in the seminal moments of the TEA Party, “If you ram socialized medicine down our throats, we’ll shove it up your ass.” Well, John. Bend over and grease up. Same principle applies across the board. I know. I know.You don’t have principles. That’s OK. We’ll bring our own.


IS A VERY DOLLY thing to do.


This week’s ladyshots found at Good Shit.


BONER THINKS THAT less than a 100 bill over ten years is serious deficit reduction … and he expects to get re-elected next year? Hate to disillusion you, John. Your base is ready to kick you to the curb — right there at Columbia and Reading. You heard it here … oh, about a millionth.

You just watch. He’s not going to come home to Reading, either. He’s gonna stay in DC and go to work on K Street. And he’s gonna be bitter about the Tea Party until he dies. Some people just ain’t never gonna get it.

Can We Please, In This Time of Advancing Ice Age

PLEASE AGREE THAT anyone — with any mood other than mockery — who alludes to or asserts as fact the fraud known as Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming or its heirs, successors, or assigns is not to be taken seriously as an adult human being?

What Do You Care? You Never Comment; You Never Call; You Never Show Up

09-1022216086TWET AND HUNGRY at my door on a hot summer night. So why should it matter to you whether we run bewbage on this blog?

I seem to recall doing that once.

Not for to me you never.

Oh, no.It was Drummond. ‘Smatter fact, it’s in the book you’re writing right now, innit?

I do believe you’ve called it, Dolly.

Well, there you go.

So I have to imagine it to make it happen?

Pretty much.



I’m imaginin’.

Short Form Book Report

SO MY FRIEND I haven’t met yet, Cedar Sanderson, has a relatively new book out, Pixie Noir.

Recommended. Read it. Compares favorably to Harry Dresden. Just sayin’. Only waiting for the next one.

Jeeble Rhebus

HOW LONG DID IT take ’em to figure that out? How many degrees and how many multi-million-dollar grants to come up with a basic fact of commerce a five-year-old could have told you for free?

“Health care” “insurance” (scorn quotes all) is not a cost-saver. Jeeze. Ya think? So you mean to tell me that insurance companies won’t work for no margin. Who’d ha’ thunk it?

Some people. They give stupid a bad name.

Nobody Reads This Blog Anyway

SO DOLLY AND I say, “To Hell with it! We’re running bewbs!”

What!? A girl can’t like bewbage?

09-1022129588TThis one makes me think of Cally. (The driver.)

All ’60s Liberals Were EVER About

WAS PASSING: getting by without having to actually do any — you know — work. So it should come as no surprise to you that the lot of them worship a woman with absolutely no accomplishments to her credit.

Good News

IT APPEARS THAT some businesses which, while, perhaps, not supporting Obama, didn’t really work all that hard to oppose him — and continue to support Democrats… (slow learners, aren’t they) — seem to have picked up on some facts about him and them.

When Democrats Urge You

NOT TO POINT fingers of blame, you can be sure what they really mean is, “Don’t point fingers of blame at me.”

By which you can be sure they know they are to blame.

Learn it. Love it. Live it.

Tech Bleg

SO CASA D’ALGER have been blessed with a couple of shiny new Windows 8 tablets. (Due to having to replace a bricked iPhone, but nevermind.) And now we have an issue. An opportunity.

(That’s what the motivators call a problem when they want to psych you into being “positive” and shit.)

Seems that the tablets can see the printer. It’s a USB-connected HP LaserJet, served from a Windows XP laptop. Windows 8 drivers are installed — I think. The tablets can find the printer on the network. Then a command to connect is met with “Operation failed with error 0x00000490.” The process can proceed no further.

A Bing search on the error code yields the usual ten billion returns of marginally relevant mentions of the error code, but no solution.

Any clueage to be had?

Da Doll

HAVE TO AGREE WITH The News Junkie at Maggie’s that this article by John Hawkins at Town Hall is or ought to be a candidate for the best short essay of 2013. We all know it, but Hawkins ‘splains WHY liberalism is on the wrong side of… well, everything.


AS INSTY PUT IT if you’re concerned about income inequality, consider the gap between DC and the districts. Panem indeed.


COULD EVER POSSIBLY not face plant in the shit is if it were mandatory — required by law. And even then, dumb-insolent resistance may bring it down. The Potemkin website lies try desperately to plaster over the fact that Obamacare is an utter failure. But all the lipstick in the world ain’t gonna turn this overgrown porker into Miss Piggy. And people can see it. Could see it coming a long way off.