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Clue fer Publishers

I’M A BIG FAN OF the Dresden Files. Hell, of Jim Butcher in general. Been waiting a new release with bated breath every year since Jim first announced that his Dresden Files novel had sold to publishers back on the Online Writers Workshop. And, every year, I see that the book is available only in hardback on first release. (The MMPB will be along in a year or so.) Well, now, this year, in hardback and Kindle editions. So it seems the publishers have gotten part of the message. But they still don’t have the book coming out in mass market paperback for a year after the initial release. They say that’s because they don’t want the MMPB cannibalizing hardback sales. And, I guess they have large and complex spreadsheets that demonstrates. Conclusively. That that’s exactly what happens. (But, still, they can’t give an author an accurate accounting of sales numbers, so you wonder how they know the other thing.)

But I’m here to tell you. Guys. That, with me at least — and I’m sure I’m far from unique — you’re not preserving your hardback sales, you’re leaving money on the table. Get this: I. Do. Not. Buy. Hardbacks. Period. End of discussion.

If you want my money, you’ve gotta give me my pocket book.

Oh, and BTW. A Dollar less than a hardback for the eBook? What? Are? You? Smoking? !!

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In the Mail


Too Many Cooks/Champagne for One (Nero Wolfe Mysteries).

Some Buried Caesar/The Golden Spiders (Nero Wolfe Mysteries).

Black Orchids/The Silent Speaker: Nero Wolfe Mysteries.

The Rubber Band/The Red Box 2-in-1.

That should keep me in reading matter for awhile. And, at 2:1 books-to-volume, very good values, too — for you as well as for me. And, to echo Insty, this blog is an Amazon affiliate. When you purchase from Amazon via these links, or the links to the right, you help defray the costs of running this blog at no additional cost to yourself. Thank you for your support.

It’s Official: 26#

WENT TO SEE THE PCP this morning and got weighed on a balance beam scale (as opposed to the 300# max springer here at Casa d’Alger). Weighed in at 316#, a loss of 26 lbs from last weigh-in, or 8% of total body weight over 3 months. It is agreed that this is surely entirely due to the no-wheat diet. Doc is well pleased with that result recommends it be continued forward.


TO BTB VISITORS. I realized this morning that I haven’t posted anything here in almost a week. I’ve been on vacation time for one, and for another, I’ve been concentrating on fiction. Making good progress on a new story — probably a novella, but at this point, hard to tell.

Otherwise, been kinda gloomy. I think it’s the weather and being alone in a silent house during the day.

The International City

DESIGNATION, AS IN “the International City of Jerusalem” is code for “We’re going to deny a nation-state the exercise of sovereignty over its territory.” As though an ad hoc group comprised of China, Venezuela, North Korea, and Iran were to declare New York “an international city” because all nations of the world have stake in it.

Americans would rightly call bullshit on that. So, too, should all right-minded people on the effort to peel away Jerusalem from Israel.

Richard Trumka Lies About Hostess

WHEN HE CALLS the situation an example of crony capitalism. He’s not correctly labeling it. You know it and I know it. And what’s more, he knows it. This is an Alinsky-ite attempt to defang the term when it is accurately applied to incestuous relations between the government and — say, for example — Wall Street. If leftists can blur the dialectic, muddy the waters, throw a little shit in the game, they see they can realize some small gain in the overall contest.

And politically ecumenical Republicans will go along to get along and let them get away with it.

Do not. It’s OK to give someone the benefit of the doubt — when there is doubt. But there can be no doubt in this case. Trumka’s motive is clear and it’s not to be brooked. As Insty puts it, punch back twice as hard. Trumka is a marxist tool-user. And remember, on the 20th Century body count ALONE, marxism (and all forms of collectivism) are the greatest evil ever encompassed by the mind of man.

No quarter. No prisoners.

Wounded Warrior Project

CLAIMS TO NOT WANT to get involved in a “controversial” political issue, such as having a spokesperson appear on an explicitly political show (hight, so they say, Gun Talk — I plead ignorance, as I don’t watch it).

The only reason that firearms are “controversial” in the first place is that the EXPLICITLY POLITICAL enemies of the warriors — wounded or not — have made them so. Remember these are the people who love it when soldiers come home in coffins. They support troops who frag their officers. They’d prefer that the (failed) educationist establishment be provided with unlimited funding (never mind that it has and, yet — check it out — failed) while the military (including, one might note, those wounded warriors) has to hold a bake sale.

No. I have to agree with the Law Dawg. Back of the hand to WWP. Support instead Soldiers Angels.

Anybody Else Notice

THAT OBAMA IS AT HIS firmest, most emphatic, most decisive … when he’s lying through his teeth?

It’s almost as though he’s just drawn that way.

Apparently, Google Has Included

IN ITS TERMS OF “SERVICE” (one suspects that’s “service” as in what a bull provides a cow — Genesis 1:28 — be fruitful and multiply) that anything that might portray Israel in a positive light or provide justification for the acts of the Israeli government thereby violates said TOS.

Else, how to ‘splain this.

Of course, Google long ago violated their prime directive when they knuckled under to the Chi-Coms instead of simply firewalling the PRC until they learned to work and play well with others.

But then…

It’s probably not done in polite society to give a black eye to a murderous communist tyranny.

Throwing a BS Flag on da Prez

WHEN HE SAYS “We should not hold the middle class hostage while we debate tax increases for the wealthy.”

Bull — ah say, ah say — BOOOOLL. Shit. </foghornleghorn>

In trying ta split high income earners out from the rest of the herd, holding the middle class hostage to your despicable policies is exactly — Ah say, pre-CISE-ly — what you’re doin, there, Son! Yer tryin’ to milk us all and hope we don’t notice behint that fancy dancin’ yer doon.

An’ another thing, speakin’ of sleight of hand, is you or ain’t you lyin’ through yer teeth when you say you want to tax the wealthy when you really mean high-earners? ‘Cause the TRULY wealthy don’t have wage and salary income to speak of. They’ve got theirs and live on the interest. Like the Kennedies.

Don’t hear no proposals to tax THEM, even though it sounds a LOT like you’re trying to get people to THINK them when you say “wealthy,” even though your target is the guy who owns a plumbing business, or the building contractor, or the auto shop owner.

A Question from Rush and VDH

WHO THE HELL IS Paula Broadwell and why should anybody care about her?

And it occurs to me — has it to anybody else — that she might be a NOC.

Taxes vs Revenue

WXIX (FOX 19)’s BEN SWANN (FOX 19 REALITY CHECK) asserted on the
55 WKRC morning show Tuesday AM that “Democrats are looking to raise revenues.”


Were Democrats honestly interested in raising revenues to the Treasury, they would cut marginal income tax rates across the board. The utility of this move — the relationship between tax rates and revenues — has been so clearly demonstrated, time after time after time, by congresses and administrations of either party, in nation after nation from the beginning of recorded history — so dispositively proven as to be beyond doubt or dispute.

Thus giving the lie to the notion that Democrats seek ways and means by which they may increase revenue to the Treasury.

Therefor, any sane observer can ONLY conclude that the relentless drive to raise taxes has other motives. And, since it is emphatically factual — axiomatic, even — that the Dem’s policies will not only have a negative impact on revenues, they will also suppress economic activity, one must be forced to assume that these are the end goals.

That’s right: Democrats want to starve the government and tank the economy. It’s the only possible conclusion.

I Really Have Little Sympathy

FOR THE UNION THUGS AT HOSTESS who have, it would seem, driven the company out of business.

And, yet, with even this object lesson at hand, otherwise well-informed folks on the radio this morning have blathered on, “Oh, unions may have served a purpose/been good in the beginning, but now…”

Hate to bust your bubble, bunky, but the only purpose unions have ever served is to accumulate wealth and power for those running them. Despite the trappings of democratic process — or, maybe, because of them — unions are among the most despicable institutions ever brought forth in this Republic.

They start out using coercion — the threat of violent and economic ruin — to deny the free exercise of association, contract rights, and private property ownership.

They rob their members of self-determination, turning those who ought to be rugged, independent individuals into puling, spineless dependents, unable to think or act for themselves.

Then they move on to rob their members of hard-earned money and put it to untoward and corrupt uses.

And not least, unions force businesses into uneconomic — i.e., suicidal — behaviors, including spending more than the market will bear for labor.

The inevitable result is GM, is any airline, is … well, Hostess bakeries.

This should be added to The Gods of the Copybook Headings: unions ruin businesses, pauper their members, enrich their executives, corrupt the state.

To the Hostess bakers: you made your bed, now lie in it.

Petraeus Betrayed by the Be-tray-us Crowd

COLOR ME SURPRISED. I suppose a general, serving as they all do at the pleasure of both Congress and the President, is every bit as much a political animal as your shadiest Democrat ward heeler. So, unless you want to retire with the bird, you kind of have to play the game. Which is why you see field grade officers and below as straight-arrow patriots, but you begin to wonder about staff officers, and have outright doubts about those with stars.

Still and all, being aware that the dems were out for his scalp ought to have clued Gen. P. to mind his P’s and Q’s.

But, Alger! Doncha know? Men with power always think they can get away with diddling any skirt within reach. Why else do so many do it?

So, Dolly, do you think only men do it?

Oh, hell no! But it seems women might trend bit more circumspect. Still I have wonders about Hillary’s gal pal, the redoubtable Mrs. Weener. Whiner. Whatever. As Liz Friedman said, the thing about lesbians is that they’re invisible. Or they can be.

OK, So THAT Lasted Really Long

BUT I COULDN’T RESIST. Came across the quote below at Mostly Cajun, and it was too rich not to repeat. So I dragged it home to post here.

Ideologies aren’t all that important. What’s important is psychology.

The Democratic constituency is just like a herd of cows. All you have to do is lay out enough silage and they come running. That’s why I became an operative working with Democrats. With Democrats all you have to do is make a lot of noise, lay out the hay, and be ready to use the ole cattle prod in case a few want to bolt the herd.

Eighty percent of the people who call themselves Democrats don’t have a clue as to political reality.

What amazes me is that you could take a group of people who are hard workers and convince them that they should support social programs that were the exact opposite of their own personal convictions. Put a little fear here and there and you can get people to vote any way you want.

The voter is basically dumb and lazy. The reason I became a Democratic operative instead of a Republican was because there were more Democrats that didn’t have a clue than there were Republicans.

Truth is relative. Truth is what you can make the voter believe is the truth. If you’re smart enough, truth is what you make the voter think it is. That’s why I’m a Democrat. I can make the Democratic voters think whatever I want them to.

–Democrat Operative, James Carville

His wife calls him Serpent Head, but he’s always reminded me of Steerpike, from the Gormenghast trilogy.

So I’m Wondering

IF I WERE TO JUST shut up about politics if it would matter.

I just discovered that a friend who’d gotten entirely too famous for her own comfort started up a new blog awhile back. She didn’t tell me. I’m OK with that. I know it’s not about me. And, no, I’m not telling you who. She didn’t announce it to the world, so I figure she has a reason, which I will respect and, if and when she decides to tell me, that’s cool, too.

But reading through her posts, I notice a … a stillness. Less agitation. And I figure there’s a lesson in that for me. Politics is less than a tenth of my day, but you’d figure from my posts here that it was all-consuming.

I don’t ever want to just provide an echo chamber, to pass along what somebody else says without any input from me. There’s no point to that. Readers here could just go to those places and find things for themselves. There has to be some value added.

But, in the runup to the election, I found myself a lot of the time not having anything new or original to say. I don’t track my traffic, but I can see it in the comments numbers. Fewer comments would seem to indicate fewer readers, implying that fewer folks are finding worthwhile things to read here. I suspect you guys see it, too.

Like a lot of my random brain farts, there’s no conclusion here. Just a wandering and abbreviated train of alleged thought.


The Dolly Apocrypha

A Note to Republicans

TIME AND AGAIN, THE DEMOCRATS have beaten you in races from President to dog-catcher by razor-thin margins, sometimes by fraud, sometimes fair-and-square, and sometime because there was a third party in the race.

Since the Greens aren’t likely to siphon off your voters, the most logical sink for those who might otherwise vote R is in libertarians. (And, really, why any party could object to the presence of voters who insist the country be run by and according to its founding charter is beyond me, but both major parties do — to the sorrow of all.) It seems that, time and again, you lose by a margin represented by the vote drawn to that liberty-loving, by-the-rules minority who are only looking for principled leaders.

And yet, by you, the winning strategy is to run as Democrats Lite, with all the corruption and vote-buying, the cheat-lie-steal plurality that’s pretty much run the country — in and out of power — for over a hundred years. Despite the constant shellackings at the polls,you never seem to get it: in no way can you out-pander, out vote-buy, out-demagogue Alinsky-ite, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist radicals. It can’t be done, and it isn’t where you want to stand anyway.

So, here’s a notion: you might want to consider shifting to the Right. Whatta concept! Cater to “small-l” libertarians and TEA partiers, both in your campaigns and your governance. Accept their candidates. Champion their policies. Neither, truth be told, is all that far from your own.

And those “independents”? Who seem to be made up in equal parts of people afraid to be type as either Republicans or Democrats? At least half of them will probably break your way if you draw a clear, bright line between you and the Dems.

Worth a try, eh? Couldn’t do any worse.

So That’s It?

30% OF THE VOTE counted, they call the election for Obama, turn off the cameras and go to bed?

See. This is why I don’t watch network TV on election nights. I just sit there, struggling to stay awake, my gut churning, trying to move the vote count in my favor with my mind…

Well, THERE’s your problem!


If the vote were moved by means of the mind, no Democrat would ever get elected.

Heh. Ba-dump-bump! Tip your waitress; she’ll be here all week. But da doll…? Not so much.

You know this means the country’s over. Not only did Obama win, but the Democrats will retain control of the Senate.

Oh, the country will still be here. It just will bear no resemblance to its design, history, or public self-description. It just won’t be the same.

Oh, it hasn’t been the same for years.

Yeah. True. Over a hundred, in fact.

Oh, and you can peddle that “we get the government we deserve” bullshit somewhere else. I fought this. When I think about it, I’ve been fighting it — to whatever degree of effectiveness — most of my life. What I’m getting is the government YOU deserve, and I’m NOT happy. And I do not intend to be pleasant about it, either. In fact, I intend to be a stone bastard about it.

Obama Hates Black People

HOW CAN THAT BE? you ask. Well, according to this article, the Regime has failed to comply with a law, passed after bad military turnout in the 2008 election.

And you know that a metric buttload of those disenfranchised voters are of black African descent.

Yes, I know, they’re all green or blue, or camo. But you see where this is going.

So, on top of all the other gross derelictions of duty added to the Obama account ledger, here’s another one. We changed the clocks Sunday morning. Now it’s time to change the President.

Vote Romney. And, if you’re in Ohio, vote Josh Mandel for Senate. And, if you’re in the 2nd Congressional district, vote Brad Wenstrup. Remember, these downticket races are important as well.

Just Remembered…

“OH YEAH! WASN’T the world supposed to end this year? When was that?” So I binged it just to make sure. Oh, good. Not yet. I’d hate to have missed that.

Like a Cat Proudly Bringing Home Its Latest Kill

TO LAY AT THE FEET OF ITS OWNER MASTER STAFF I hereby quote myself in comments at Darling Rachel’s.

I have to disagree with Mead — and I excoriate him on this general principle constantly: there is — can be — no such thing as social justice.

Justice is deeply individual and personal and must be treated ultimately as a matter between individuals. Not even the state may intervene as a corporate person and party to a case. This is one of the key differences between the left and the right and a critical one for understanding our principles.

We In the Right understand as a sacred principle that the sovereignty of the individual is paramount and a sine qua non for the success of a free society. We must not and cannot — for the sake of the Republic — brook collectivist notions.

Mead has this tendency to be far too ecumenical with notions and nostrums of the left, because of — I suspect — their tendency to make him feel good.

When I Was Involved Directly in Music Promotion

A DATE THAT DREW only 200 attendees — that sold only 200 tickets — for an artist of the stature of Stevie Wonder would have been cancelled.

Of course, when it’s a fund-raiser or a get-out-the-vote rally for the President, you don’t have that luxury.

I once sat in on the settlement for a show headlining Gil Scott Heron that was put on by MUSE, the anti-nuke crowd, which sold, if memory serves, under 100 tickets in a 3,500 seat theater. There, the promoters, a group of amateurs of the “Hey, kids! Let’s put a show on in my uncle’s barn!” stripe if there ever was one, had spent something like $140 (in late ’70s dollars) on advertising. The owner of the theater, a kindly old gent with a national reputation as a top-line promoter, gently explained that, for that amount of money, their ticket sales weren’t bad at all. Blood bath or not.

One likes to think they drew some comfort from that, though I remember one of them was in tears.

I wonder what the Obama campaign is telling themselves about their manifest failure as event promoters.

The Caturday Post

OLIVER CAME HOME FRIDAY after a week in hospital. And why was Oliver in hospital you ask? Well, really! If you aren’t following these adventures on Facebook, why should you expect me to recap here? And, since here is, at least in part, also Facebook, and if you’re following this there, you might be REALLY confused.

Which state I will not act to relieve. It’s more fun for me if you go around looking all, “Huh?”

But: Oliver.

His tail is fine until you get to within about 2½” of the tip, then there’s no hair. Or skin. Well, there might be skin. ‘Cause it does look sort of skin-and-bone. All there is is this thing that looks a bit like a cigarette with no filter or ash (except it does have ash, sort of, which I’ll explain in a minute). The “rolling papers” would be some kind of fuzzy material (which is actually like white hairs, which surprises the hell out of me, because the reaction Oliver had to getting his tail caught in the window and Toni’s reaction to the tail after it got caught in the window led me to believe that there was nothing left but naked bone — which would have looked kind of cool, in a sick and twisted way. But, as it turns out, there is still something there covering the bone, and since it’s growing hair, it must be skin.

But it’s weird looking. But I promised not to tease Oliver about it, because ::whispers:: he’s kinda sensitive about it. Kinda like Obama and his ears.

Well. No. Not really. I just made that up for comedic effect.

But the ash part. The very tip of the tail is black and looks like it might be necrotic tissue. That’s apparently cause for some concern, though about what I don’t know enough to report. I suspect they may have to “go back in.” (Do you “go in” to a tail?) The black part is about the size in proportion to the rest of the tail of the ash to a 100mm cigarette being smoked.

No. I haven’t. Not for more than 10 years. Why do you ask?

Anyway, that’s the update on Oliver. He’s cheerful enough and seems to have adapted to having a partially naked tail.

Karma and Aqua got into it again Friday evening. That’s not really news. They do that several times a day. It was in the downstairs bathroom, and the fur did fly.

I can tell by the scattering of a delightful set of fall calico colors in little pulled-out-by-the-roots tufts all over the floor in there. And Aqua was trotting around with little divots in her coat that looked like Karma got a piece of her.

Yes. Karma is a bitch.

But Ms Bevacqua. (That’s her last name — Aqua Bevacqua.) She’s not entirely pleasant, either, except when she want’s something from either me or Loki. (But she can’t stand Earnie.)

And I suspect she doesn’t like being called Doublewide, although I keep telling her she’d feel better about it if she’d just own it with pride. She just doesn’t get the concept. Poor girl.

Butt-tennyway. They got into it, I suspect, almost by accident. One of them must have body-slammed the other into the door. It slammed shut and — onaccountacuz no thumbs — they couldn’t open it again, so they were trapped and, like a pair of Kilkenny cats, they rowled and fought until I banged the door open, at which point they each shouldered the other aside in their haste to escape.

Divots and all.

Quoting Myself Again Today

IN COMMENTS at Joe’s, here.

I wish we In the Right could/would stop using the term “capitalism”. It’s a Marxian canard, founded in the notion that what we’re about is a system of belief, rather than free markets, and free commerce, which are the natural, self-organizing systems that arise spontaneously when individuals are left in liberty, each to pursue his own enlightened self interest.

Nor is “socialism” the only evil of the Left. Together, the lot of them all bear a single earmark: they are collectivist in nature and deny the sovereignty of the individual. The rest is just persiflage, allowing leftists to pettifog minor distinctions of no matter or moment, rather than getting to the basic point.

I wonder why it is that sometimes my best, most-succinct stuff ends up coming in direct, in-comments responses to something posted on somebody else’s blog. Guess it’s the stimulus of the give-and-take. And, of course, Joe is brilliant in that. Reason he’s on my pre-coffee list of blogs I visit daily.

I Suspect That the Matter of the Bengazi Scandal

IS THAT THE RIGHT can’t — really — comprehend how it could happen, given competent, patriotic commanders and civilian leadership and the Left can’t really comprehend how it’s a problem.

And, as the Left subsumes the Legacy Partisan Press, that explains why the matter is so slow to gain traction in the public mindspace.