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Everytime I Think About It

I STOP FOR A MOMENT to wonder why nobody’s commented about it. But then, I forget to do so myself, so this has been on my mind for awhile, now. I should like to remind Brother Barack:

Saint Peter denied Christ three times, too.

If None Dare Call It Treason


With all due respect to the Blogfather, I submit this is nonsense.

A WISE READER CAUTIONS: “If I may offer a word of caution: The Benghazi affair is dreadfully serious, but the charge of treason against the President is overboard and will backfire. I hope you will use your good offices to tamp this down and keep people focused on the real issue: Who Was In Charge That Night? Wild talk about treason does not help.”

“Not helpful” is what our enemies say when they really mean “Shut up!” This is not a call for comity. This is giving cover to criminals. And concealing crimes. And getting us back to business-as-usual as quickly as possible.

The President is liable for these charges. He has engaged in acts which violate his oath of office and do, indeed, truly amount to giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States. And he is only the last in a long line of usurpatious … I can only sputter in wet-hen rage.

We the People are sick and tired of politicians getting away with betrayals of the Republic, the Constitution, and the People — yes, with treason. If Washington’s denizens refuse to punish those who so fouly demean their offices, spit on the flag, spurn the Constitution, and sneer at the people for “not helping”, then FUCK THEM. They broke it. We’ll fix it.

Obama Is Desperate For You

TO VOTE EARLY BECAUSE the closer this gets to Nov. 6, the worse his numbers get, the bigger the blowout will be for Romney. Especially now since it looks like Sandy is proving to be the Mother of Vote Suppression.

If I Could Do This Every Day

I’D HAVE AN ACTUAL BODY of published fiction by now.

Last recorded milestone on It’s Dolly’s Birthday was September 4 at 90,000 words. At bed time Sunday night, Scrivener informed me I had a project word count of 94,775. Not bad for a story originally forecast at 75,000 words. Not good for a story that was at 30,000 words this time last year and is STILL not finished.


If I could get 2,500 words every day, as I say, I’d be a lot farther along than I am. But, to quote Robert Plant, it’s no-no-no-o-body’s fault but mine.

Fighting the Unions

IN A POST AT Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds links to a post at The American Interest about the battle for de-unionization, in which the author of the TAI post points out:

Midwestern states like Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan were once the heart of America’s labor movement, but many of these states have been leading the charge against collective bargaining since 2010.

…And longer. Maybe that’s because, here, at the heart of America’s labor movement, we’ve seen the worst of unions — their thuggery, their anti-democratic behaviors, their fundamental un-American nature, the cost they impose on workers, families, businesses and communities… The list is long and distinguished.

Are You Out of Your Fucking Mind?

OBAMA’S RECORD in office is bad enough. But that — at this late date — 47% approve of it is beyond disgusting. I try to keep a positive outlook, but, it is on the receipt of news such as this that I fear for the future of the Republic.

Oh, and another thing I can’t help but wonder why nobody’s said it before. In certain circles, those who “lead from behind” have another name: REMF, which unpacks to Rear Echelon Mother Fucker. It is not complimentary.

To Quote the President

BULLSHIT! I think Bing West called it. If there was an order given to relieve the Benghazi consulate, there will be a paper trail. That one has not already been produced leads me to conclude that there isn’t one, and the order was never given. And the President’s claims otherwise are, in his words, bullshit.

Further, I would argue that, is one to be produced in the future, its authenticity should by default be subject to doubt and its provenance should be scrutinized with the maximum of skepticism.

Surely you’re not so naive as to ask, “Why would the President lie?”

Quoting Myself


Legal practitioners often tell lay people that we do not understand how the law works. That may be true, but I believe that legal folk need to remember what the law is for — to serve The People. A foundational law which is so obviously and clearly breached by the state does not so serve. In the end, such breaches serve only to delegitimize the entire legal structure.

The relevant part — the independent clause — of the Second Amendment commands that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” This is an absolute proscription which mandates that the nation as a whole must be organized that “…No free man shall be precluded the use of arms.” (Thos. Jefferson)

There is no limit to the right except as its exercise shall cause the infringement upon the rights of another citizen. There can be no “compelling public interest” which diminishes the liberty of any man, save only he do harm to another. Seems assault and murder laws handle that quite well.

All the rest of the legal mumbo-jumbo amounts to an affront to liberty, which not only violates the letter of the Second Amendment, but the entire spirit of the foundation of the Republic. It is, not to put to fine a point on it, not only unconstitutional, it is un-American.

The attentions of attorneys and judges should be better directed toward reifying THAT truth than all this other persiflage.

Of further interest: The above link leads to an article at the Library of Liberty and Law, which looks like an interesting site. As is my practice with sites I want to follow, I have added them to the blogroll here at BTB under the category Doing Right Right. Feel free to avail yourselves of the handy link.

What IS the Margin of Fraud?

FOR AS LONG AS I CAN REMEMBER, the Left in general and Democrats in particular have variously joked about and preened puffed-up chest feathers for its use of vote fraud — machine politics, “get out the vote” (i.e. “stuff the ballot box”) initiatives, actual ballot stuffing, double-voting, use of fraudulent registrations to allow illegitimate votes to be cast, and all the rest of a corrupt and despicable bag of tricks.

If a republic is founded on a moral citizenry, then this is treason. And let no worthy man or woman say it nay.

One of the first memories I have of political contretemps is the famous case of John Kennedy’s victory over Richard Nixon, in part founded on a large and illegitimate Democrat vote in Cook County, Illinois (Chicago). It was manifestly clear that Joseph Kennedy, Sr., bought the election for his son by making donations of cash and in-kind favors to the Daly machine in Chicago. And, as they say, the graveyards voted in droves. And Nixon was too much the gentleman and patriot — or so it was said — to tear the country apart by contesting the validity of the election.

It should be noted that, forty years later, Albert Gore, Jr., was not so reticent when he tried to steal the 2000 election with fraudulent claims during the vote count. Again, it was manifestly obvious at the very moment the Democrats began their carping that they knew they’d lost and were attempting to overturn the legitimate results by inducing chaos in the counting houses.

In between, one can easily point to myriad other cases. Lyndon Johnson, in a photograph published in Life magazine, posing at the front bumper of a 1940-vintage Cadillac, on the hood of which sat a ballot box. The caption explained that Johnson and his cronies were proud of having stolen the box, thus throwing the election to which it mattered into question, to the advantage of Democrats.

And… what other motive than mischief can there be for such abominations as Motor Voter? (Register anyone, anywhere, by any person willing to do so; how does this differ in principle from the propaganda in favor of the civil service or the Federalization and subsequent unionization of formerly-private security contractors in the wake of 9/11?)

How can mischief — bad faith intent — NOT be a part of the motivation behind resistance to voter ID laws? The arguments back and forth have been over-rehearsed. No rational human being can see anything other than an appeal to unreason and the desire to muddy the waters in the Left’s adamant position in opposition to the simple requirement that, to exercise the ultimate franchise, one must demonstrate that one is worthy, qualified, and — indeed — the person one claims to be. It must be accepted as prima facie evidence of bad faith intent to adduce a rights-based argument when no rights are infringed or in danger of such.

It must be noted, and repeated, and pounded home ad nauseam that all of the mischief evident in American electoral politics redounds to the benefit of Democrats. No “everybody does it” argument can be allowed to gain traction, first because it’s manifestly not true, and second because it’s irrelevant: two wrongs not making a right.

In the current electoral cycle, we have clear indicators that the Obama campaign is accepting unlawful donations from overseas. From announced and revealed Democrat tactical maneuvers, it seems clear that they intend to continue their attempt to steal elections by mau-mauing the count. It should be noted that it was no one in the Right who said, “It doesn’t matter who votes so much as it does who COUNTS the votes.”

And, here in Ohio, widely acknowledged as a key swing state, we see evidence of voter fraud not committed by Republicans, nor benefiting them.

Sarah Hoyt, at Instapundit, asks how big Romney’s margin will have to be in order for such fraud not to count. I ask rather, how big does fraud have to be before We the People take action to end it?

When will we force a cheater to forfeit an election? When will a candidate be sent to prison without his supper? When will a criminal President be impeached, tried, convicted, and sentenced to death for treason? (That is a high crime, isn’t it? If war is defined as politics by other means, is not political betrayal of national constitutional principles defineable as war on the People and Constitution of the nation? Is not, therefore, a violation of one’s oath of office as regards fealty to the Constitution a treasonable offense?)

Aaah, Youth

WHEN I WAS ABOUT 14 or so, I worked in a pony keg. That was the Midwest’s precursor to the 7-11. It was a little hole-in-the-wall at the corner of Hyde Park Avenue and Edwards Road called Doc’s Pony Keg, because it was owned by a partnership of doctors. I wasn’t allowed to handle the beer or wine, of course, (and, at the time, hard liquor was a state monopoly), but I did everything else, from sorting returnable bottles and sweeping the floors to stocking the coolers.

The counter guys were usually either young guys just starting out — barely 21 — or the Potential Serial Killer — mid-40’s, stubbled, poorly dressed and rumpled, world-weary. And there were the boys from the neighborhood. Would-be tough guys and genuine street thugs who’d stop in for a pop or beef jerky and exchange a few bons mots with the counter guy. We bottle boys were permitted, all chores being done, to hang in the corner and drink it all in.

I tell you that to tell you this.

One hot summer’s evening, the topic of conversation was a then-new book called The Harad Experiment. It was, at the time, a seven-day wonder, although these days you wonder why. And one of the boys piped up with a joke:

“How do you get rid of a hard-on?”

Of course, everybody had their own solution to the problem, but the canonical answer was, “Don’t fuck with it.”

That phrase has stuck with me, lo, these forty-even years.

This past week, the nation was greeted with the spectre of possibly one of the most idiotic, insultingly sexist, juvenile political ads ever cast upon the waters of public discourse. Surely by now you’ve heard or heard of this witling, Lena Dunham and her incredibly stupid plug for Obama.

If you give up your virginity to such a man, you will spend the next four years knowing most deeply that you have been most thoroughly fucked. Hard. Without benefit of orgasm.

And my most serious advice to you, as you consider your vote, would be “Don’t fuck with that man.”

Quote of the Day: Damn Them All Edition

Socialism is the psychopathological denial of the law of supply and demand, the scarcity of resources, and a rejection of specialization of labor. It is a denial of economics, of private property, of the link between honest labor and the fair reward freely granted by your grateful neighbors in swap for it.

Socialists are barbarians because socialism is barbarism; or, to be specific, socialism is post-civilizationalism.

John C. Wright

An Odd One

I’VE BEEN LISTENING to music via Spotify lately. (As though you couldn’t tell from all the droppings on my Facebook timeline.)

So Thursday morning, at the Patch Factory, I cued up James Gang Rides Again and hit Play.

And, imagine my surprise to hear — or, more precisely, to NOT hear — the funky guitar of Joe Walsh. It was just … gone.

And, then, I switched over to The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get, and was astonished to miss the talk box effect from “Rocky Mountain Way”…

So the question, to alla youse who pay attention to these things, has Joe Walsh been going around and deleting his guitar parts from old tracks, or what?


Dollish — that peculiar language invented — usually ad lib and ad hoc — by Dolly and her sisters. A comment over at Sarah’s prompted me to drag this out of storage.

aghastion n. the state of being aghast, also aghastment, aghastation

and-another-thing vt. to argue or harangue by use of repetitive or serial second-thoughts

Bode, Vaughn n. cartoonist of mid-20th Century, whose work was notable for its sarcasm and eroticism mixed with faux-misogyny and extreme physical violence

Boop n. Betty ~. inner ~, what would ~ do, (WWBD) a cartoon character originally created by Max Fleischer, creator of Popeye … Dolly looks upon Betty Boop as a role model see WWBD

Burton, Tim n. motion-picture director and animator of late 20th, early 21st Centuries, noted for dark irony mixed with almost maudlin warmth and affection for his subjects

complify vt. complicate

defensive-line vt. to aggressively jostle a person physically with the aim of moving them, as in American football

desertous adj. desert-like, possessed of desert-like attributes to excess

diction n. sexual intercourse

DNA-ally adv. of or related to DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid)

flabbergastionn. the state of being flabbergasted, also flabbergastment

fuction n. malfunction, vi. to fail in operation, ant. of function

heigh-ho vi. to march single-file in a humorous or ridiculous manner

humongolicious adj. astoundingly large, brobdingnagian

jaw-drop n. expression of amazement characterized by a gaping mouth

left-field vt. to surprise (someone), to come at them out of left field

McKay, Jim n. sportscaster and announcer on ABC television network in mid 20th Century, noted for intense cordiality and affection for the subjects of his interviews

morticiafy vt. mortify, embarrass

Mother Jaguar adj. adv. long-suffering, maternal … ref to Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories, “The Beginning of the Armadillos”

pistachio phr. pissed at you … I am aggravated with you.

pistosity n. the state of being pissed or pissed-off

prediction n. sexual foreplay

pajamahadeen • pyjamahedin n. (collective) bloggers … Thinking to denigrate bloggers, their critics frequently characterized them as slackers sitting around in their pajamas. Yet, they have managed to make small and lay low many erstwhile mighty men. (Orig.: blogosphere, unattributed.)

sehr adv. (German) very

simplicate vt. simplify

sitch n. situation

skunt vt. pt of skin … to cause an abrasion of the epidermis

spock vt. ~ an eyebrow … to raise one eyebrow in an expression of inquiry or skepticism, after the manner of Mr. Spock, of the television and motion picture serial, Star Trek

weathery adj. possessed of climatalogical intensity

WWBD acr. What Would Boop Do?


Dolly was hell-bent on passing the gate, and on doing it before the Millennium. But the way was blocked by a wizened Lesser Elf, who spoke in a whiny croak. “Dinna gae in, lass. Folk wha gae in tha dinna come back oot the same!”

“Oh, that’s OK,” Dolly said. “I haven’t been the same for years.” And she plunged on, leaving the bemused Elf in her wake.


Dolly, (watching some babe-fest on TV): What the fuck is it with you guys? Is that all you want from your girlfriends and wives—a life-sized inflatable fuck doll?

Drummond, (laughing): Um… Dolly?

Dolly, (rounding on Drummond with a glare): What?

Drummond: (collapses in laughter)


“People say, ‘Move on. You’ll recover.’ But you never do. What they’re really saying is, ‘Get over it. We’re tired of hearing about it.”

I used to be an expert on — not just going places, but getting somewhere. Now I’m not even sure if I know anything about going somewhere.

That which does not kill us… has made a grave tactical error.

Spoiler Alert

YOU MAY HAVE GOT Obama — er, Osama — but, in the third act plot twist … or, maybe earlier, as in the opening scene plot twist — you pretty much fucked up everything else. Including that whole “popular with our allies” thing.

If… the deaths of four Americans is “not optimal” (consider the optics of the Coptics) … and you’re gonna “fix” that … maybe we did underestimate your divinity. What are you gonna do to “fix” that? Bring those four Americans back to life? Pretty amazing, Barry.

Havin’ to run fast and furious to get away from that’n, eh? Talk about a convenient forgettery.

Aw, you know, Alger. That whole Romnesia thing is projection, like Democrats always do.

True genug, Baby Doll.

And, Barry — it’s trite to say, but still so very true — THIS gone leave a mawk.

Love a Rainy Night

COLD AUTUMN NIGHT a blanket of cats on the bed, a good book. Stir constantly. Add copious Zzz’s to taste. Good night.

7:30 Friday Afternoon

YES, AFTERNOON, NOT evening. It’s been a rough-ish week and it’s not over, yet. And Uncle managed to kick over my giggle box.

NSFW and a whole buncha other places, too. Inside your head may be OK, but do not read out loud. Or laugh, ’cause then you’ll have to ‘splain, and that’ll hurt worse.

But, DAMN, I needed that!

And (Dammit!) Wooncha Know, My Tank Was Full

DROVE PAST MY regular gas station this AM only to see the PPG for Regular posted at $3.43. That’s down 22 cents from yesterday. Watch it not be covered by the legacy partisan press.

New Post in the Hash Tag War

PLEASE URGE THE BIGS to be a bit more blog-friendly. I’ve been watching for these #WAR posts and only find them by accident.

My Goal is to Destroy the Democrat media complex.


Update: Apparently, the video embed code is verfuckled. Follow the link, instead

Felix Baumgartner’s Jump

FROM THE EDGE OF space should school writers and readers of science fiction a little on some of the realities of the Cap Drops in Heinlein’s Starship Troopers.

Marvel that it was, I still feel moved to bitch that the coverage could have been more. I would have liked to have gotten a notion of the altitude Felix was at during the fall. We only got a notion when it was announced as 6,000 feet when he popped his chute.

Still and all, congratulations for a good jump and a safe landing.

Fell Over On The Couch Again*

IT MAY BE THAT NOT all sleep is wasted, but this afternoon certainly was. About all I got done, besides scooping the cat boxes, was to put -30- to the list of vinyl albums. 598, thank you for asking.

I must remember this: I do not like romano cheese with eggs. Mozarella: OK. Cheddar: OK. Romano: no.

Seems as though the issue with Karma is not so much that the other cats are picking on her. While their efforts may be socially maladroit to human eyes, it appears they’re actually making overtures to her. It’s her violent “Mo-o-om! He’s touching me!” reaction that causes all the conflict. In the absence of drugs, perhaps just a bit of loving support from the Big Folk might keep the situation from all-out war.

It will never end it altogether, mind…

As I’ve told everybody else, I might as well tell you, my faceful readers, as well. I’m going to be doing NaNoWriMo again this year. I may not officially sign up, though. It appears there’s some sort of jinx which, this only being my second whack at it, I have yet to see. Although I didn’t make the 50,000 words last year — haven’t even finished the novel I was working on then — but I did make some serious progress on the thing during last November. So, if there’s bad luck attendant, there, it must be very mildly so.

Of course, that sort-of implies that I have to either finish It’s Dolly’s Birthday or abandon it before then. It would be silly to start into a project with a goal of writing 50,000 words on a work with less than 10-15,000 left to go. And my OCD would NOT let me work on two different novels during the event. That would just not be kosher. So it would have to be a new novel.

Fortunately, I have one in the wings — the recasting of Double-Switch, melding in the concepts of Report from New Xenaland, Sinfonia de la Inamorata, and The Moose Jaw Incident. I have also decided to take a piece of advice from Dean Wesley Smith (and myriad others, including the Sage of Butler) to not edit or rewrite the text of the first drafts, but — rather — to retell the story anew from scratch. Es stimmt. A lot has changed in my outlook on the stories since they were written back in ’99 — the back story, the characterizations, the world-building… The struggles I’ve had with IDB have illuminated a lack in my process. Since I’m working counter to what the teachers say, I’ve decided to try what they advise. How so very learned of me.

Unfortunately, having now taken the decision, I am confronted with all of the ideas i have suppressed for thirteen years. Unfortunate because I have this other project — which I must finish — still on my plate.

Which reminds me. Did I mention that I do not like romano cheese with eggs?

* Concept courtesy of Crowded House.

None Being Necessary, Offered Without Comment

Is It That They Just Can’t Get it Right?

OR IS IT THAT “right” is different to them. Russian ships, Turkish planes, Bosnian hotels

Maybe those are the images that the Democrats really wanted to use.

To quote Tolkien: “To crooked eyes, the truth may wear a wry face.”

Me, I wonder about the sourcing of the photos. Did the Dem operatives bother to make sure they had the right (or permission) to use the photos? Or did they just appropriate somebody’s property, assuming they could get away with it, so it was OK.

Or maybe the offshoring of the sources was done so they didn’t have to pay American creatives.

A Cautionary Note

IF YOU’VE COMMENTED acceptably — no spam, no spittle-flecked and moronic rant — and haven’t seen your comment on the site, yet, please be patient. First comments from a given visitor are moderated. Even, apparently, if you are logging on from a different computer or account. (As has happened to me — talk about off-putting.) And, also apparently, sometimes the mail queue is a little slow. I have gotten email messages requesting moderation that have been FAR ahint the curve. Days. Sometimes as much as a week. And I’m generally faster than even ordinary email notifications. But I am also dead certain that, at some point, YOUR magnum opus will fall through the cracks and I won’t hear about it or check for it until an unconscionable interval has passed. I apologize. But I can really do little-to-nothing about it.

Quote of the Day: NCIS:LA Edition

You can’t avoid politics. You either play or get played.

–Linda Hunt, as “Henrietta Lang,” on NCIS Los Angeles

As much as I hate to admit it — I think the default state of liberty ought to be the freedom to be left the hell alone (and respond, “Oh, HELL no!” with extreme prejudice when the right is infringed) — Hetty is just too damned right, there.

The Fatuous Nonsense

IN THIS ARTICLE in the New York Times reminds me once again why so-called experts should not be allowed anywhere near sharp objects, heavy machinery, or the voting booth.

That is, unless you think your “betters” have an innate authority to be exercised over your preferences. That, in short, they are better suited to rule you than you are yourself.

Me, I think they’re a bunch of idiots who oughtn’t be allowed out of the house. And their contention that their belief that one technology is superior to another in every way should trump the rendered verdict of the market.

Right Talking Point for the Day

TRICKLE-DOWN is a leftist shibboleth and a straw man. There is no such thing.

Still Thinking Not to Vote?

DON’T TELL ME tell them.

Remember: not voting is a vote. And your enemies mean to keep you demoralized so you won’t even try.

Did Anybody Bother

TO ASK the manatee?

Quote of the Day: Post-Debate Edition

Liberalism … is economically indefensible. It doesn’t work. … When it comes to liberalism, there’s no there there …

Roger L. Simon

Believing His Own Press

SO OBAMA DIDN’T RECOGNIZE the media-distorted image of Romney in the man he debated Wednesday night. To quote Tolkien, to crooked eyes, the truth may wear a wry face.

(Hat tip: Sarah Hoyt, posting at Instapundit.)

Didn’t Watch the “Debate”

NEVER DO. Not sure why anybody does. Their aim is to persuade. If you haven’t made up your mind by this stage of the game, you haven’t been paying attention. That’s your right. I’d even like to join you. But don’t expect any points on diligence from me.

Anyway. From what I see in the aftermath, Obama took a dive. It’s almost like he doesn’t want to win. (Shades of the 2010 midterms!) Or expects to be annointed without effort — which actually suits the progressive mentality more than not.

One of Those Times When Ann Althouse

LOOKS WHACK to me. She claims that the release of the ugly Obama video in which he engages in race-baiting and publicly embraces the despicable, anti-american, racialist — scorn quotes — “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright makes the Right look “ugly.”

Sorry, Ann. I think the shoe’s on the other foot. The video exposes a fact about Obama that many people will find shocking and — yes — ugly. But it says more about him than it does about those exposing him. And it says SO much about him and his mymidons that they feign shock in the face of a fact they oughtn’t be so ashamed to expose — except for what it says about them.

The Big Bang Theory. After Which, the Big Cigarette and the Big Bowl of Ice Cream.

I’VE DECIDED THAT I like it better when Leonard and Penny are couple. Penny is cuter and Leonard is more endearing in his self-deprecating humor, while Sheldon is as big-dickensian as usual.

Sauce-For-The-Gander Time

BEEN HEARING A LOT from the Left lately about how maybe — just maybe — freedom of speech oughtn’t be so absolute. Maybe there ought to be “common sense” limits on giving offense — sort of like “common sense” limits on RKBA. Doncha know.

If that’s so, maybe we should revisit that whole freedom of the press thing as well. After all, it’s been patently obvious for over forty years that the media is engaged in a slow-motion coup d’etat.
And recent events have done nothing to quell that notion. The media have staunchly refused to acknowledge the uniqueness of the constitutional republic which makes their very existence possible, have in fact acted in many instances in treasonous fashion — from their coverage of Vietnam to their collaboration with Saddam Hussein, al Quaeda, and myriad collectivist dictators and wannabes down the years.

Maybe we should change their designation in the style book here at BTB from Legacy Partisan Press to Media Fifth Column.

They are, after all, on the other side.

Funny How This Works

BACK IN THE DARK AGES, I was in a music store. I was there to pick up some guitar strings. But there were others there, bent on other tasks. There was a guy there, leaning back in a folding chair, a blond electric guitar on his lap, the cord plugged into an Echoplex — something new at the time, which used tape effects to create a pseudo echo. He was just noodling runs and playing with the echo. It sounded pretty good to me. In fact, his ability made me jealous. But his reaction was instructive: “Wow!” he said.
“Even bullshit sounds good on this thing!”

Non-writers ask storytellers all the time, “Where do you get your ideas.” The real answer — no matter the one actually given — is that the problem is not getting enough, but dealing with too many. They’re in the air. As Heinlein put it, “It’s raining soup. Grab yourself a bucket.” Speaking of Heinlein….

You know it’s funny. There’s a raft of ideas in that letter from Heinlein to Sturgeon. And all of them are still available for an imaginative writer to grab hold of by the ears and have his/her way with it. In fact, I think I detect one that Heinlein himself later did that with. (Your guesses in comments.)

Holy Malaprop, Batman!

“WE ARE AWARE…” Perhaps. But one does wonder: how self-aware they could be.

Monday Sick Day

APOLOGIES FOR MISSING the free ice cream delivery. Spent all day Monday in bed. Only had energy to eat and sleep. Some kind of Australian Rules allergy attack. With maybe a soupcon of stress from over-exertion on Sunday. Will try to get back to it tomorrow. IWC, posts Wednesday.