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You Can Do What You Want, Abe, But…

VELOCIMAN IS PISSED. Can’t say I’d argue he’s wrong. He’s certainly got the right. But I’m also not sure I agree. Me, I’m in it to teach — at least a little. And, if I see a meme of mine come back at me, I’m glad. It means I’ve penetrated the mindspace. I’m living in somebody’s head, so to speak. And I especially like it when I see one of Dolly’s lines come back at me from somebody I know doesn’t read BTB, and probably never heard of the place.

To the best of my knowledge, I’ve never ripped the V-Man off. I never would intentionally. (I believe in filing off the serial numbers so their own mothers wouldn’t recognize ’em… OR attributing the quote. One or the other.) But I do tag into Velociworld from my blogroll, so, just in case, I apologize.

Statists Speak of the Middle Class

AS THOUGH THEY’RE NOT IN IT. Which, as America doesn’t have a hereditary aristocracy, nor peonage, they are. From the richest to the poorest among us, we are all middle class.

But the left-statists want you to believe that they form an aristocracy that deserves to rule…


What other reason can they have for setting one American against another?

It’s positively … un-patriotic. Un-American.

Ye Gods! Even Glenn Beck

IS INFECTED WITH IT! I heard him (speaking on Mitt Romney) use the phrase “give back” as a duty of the successful. It makes me so mad I just want to crush a diamond between my fingers.

Give WHAT back? Did you cheat someone to earn your wealth? Do you owe someone a refund? Did you not deliver good value for valuta received? Was there not a fair and voluntary exchange of money for your goods and/or services?

Then what is there to give BACK?

Girl. I Want. To Be With You.

ALL OF THE TIME… Chaz has an interesting video up.

Interesting, hell! It’s mondo cool!

Fair enough, Dolly. But we here at BTB don’t want to steal his thunder, so urge you to go over there and check it out.

Some day, when I’m allowed, I’ll have to tell the story of the time Toni and I took the Kinks out clubbing.

Maybe when everybody involved is dead.

Yeah. There are still several survivors extant at this time.

While I Accept The Problems

FACING THE NATION, BROUGHT ON as they have been by the disastrous policies of so-called — scorn quotes — “progressives” are severe, I cannot accept the formulation that “we must share sacrifice.”

Yeah, it’ll probably happen that way, but that doesn’t make me happy. I’ve already sacrificed. I’ve been sucked dry all my adult, working life, (and, actually, my working adolescent life, too), to where I have had to make choices between — not between paying the heat bill or buying groceries, but — between buying medicines I need to live and paying my taxes.

Fuck sacrifice. I want somebody to pay.

I want them to dig up the corpses of Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Hubert Humphrey and all the other spendthrift progressives who’ve brought us to this sad estate and send them on a bitch-slapping tour of the 57 states. Pay a buck and bitch-slap a progressive wanker.* We’ll get the deficit covered, pay down the debt, and assemble a payback fund for all the ripped-off Boomers who never got a vote in how their incomes were stolen and misspent.

THEN we can talk about going forward, about how we will NEVER again let our government put us in this position, how people will be both permitted and required to rely on their own industry, prudence, and thrift, how only private enterprise will be allowed to provide goods and services in a free market, how “non-profit” becomes a dirty word — acknowledging the fact that an undertaking which does not increase its endowment or legacy is a wastrel and deserves, not our consideration, but the backs of our hands, how the idea of a collective ought to be anathema to a free people, how all achievement and true progress descends from the efforts of individuals, and the conventional wisdom is always — ALWAYS — wrong.

Yes, I’m talking to you, Chris Christie.

* Nominations accepted in comments. Must be dead and a nationally-known politician in his/her time. Party affiliation irrelevant.

A New Feature — #War

NOT HERE, over at the Bigs, in this case, Big Government.

It’s called Hashtag War, which, I’m sure, the unclued mee-dja will call “The Hashtag War,” not getting it, as they resolutely do, which I think is why, ultimately, we WILL get up that wall.

I don’t do a lot of video. For every hundred I get exposed to I watch one. And of a hundred of those, I might embed five here. But this one, I do intend to follow, if for no other reason but to remind those around me that we are in a war, after a fashion, and it will be fought in the blogosphere and the twitterverse and on Faceplant, er… -book … in independent media channels — music, video, literature. Which is why you see so many beard-tugging leftists trying to devalue those channels by way of battlespace prep.

Just Threw a BIG BS Flag

ON HEARING THE ZERO sound-bitten on Fox Radio News as braying “When this kind of thing [referring to the situation with Isaac in Louisiana] happens, there’s no Republicans and Democrats…”

I was getting out of my car in front of Casa d’Alger at that precise moment, so didn’t want to startle the neighbors by roaring, “BUULLLSHIT!” at the radio, so I had to restrain myself and confine my reaction to a more private chuckle.

I mean, really? Were you not ALIVE when every Democrat ever BORN piled on Bush for everything from staying out of the way of relief efforts (“He just flew over and looked out the window of Airforce One,”) to the slowness of “You’re doin’ a great job, Brownie” the FEMA response … er … the [Democrat] governor’s request for Federal aid, in advance of which, he could not act?

Or are you really that moronic?

Do you have to ask?

The Problem with Vote Fraud

IS THAT POLITICIANS won’t exercise the spine required to call out those who resist common sense election reform for the frauds and cheats they are. Resistance to voter identification requirements, strict ballot-handling laws, auditable ballot counting procedures — in short, honest elections — can only — repeat ONLY
— be motivated by a desire to do mischief, to jigger the count, to CHEAT. And those who fight the hardest against honest, fair, and open electoral process (read: Democrats) are the ones who benefit from it.

I defy anyone to prove otherwise.

And those of you who support Democrats who think it’s no big deal need to pull your heads out of your asses. You’re being disenfranchised just as much as the worst extreme right-wing bitter clinger wingnut out there. One bogus vote harms everybody.

And maybe you think it’s OK, since you think you benefit from having corrupt, vote-buying, crony-socialists in office. But you’re wrong.

Put that in your bong and take a hit.

If This Isn’t a “Nice Tits” Moment

THEN DA DOLL DUN’T possess Clue One what one looks like. But, once upon a time, Ellen Barkin was noted for the nice rack, as well as an ability to bring the screen heat.

Of course, as da Doll constantly observes, actresses who are known for their shagadeliciousness and little else often have relatively short careers.

For newcomers, here’s the origin issue of “Nice Tits.”

If You Don’t Think Politics is About Power

TAKE A LOOK AT the topic Rush is hammering on his show Tuesday: the rules food fight at the convention, in which the RINO establishment is attempting to moot grassroots influence in primaries, and so-forth.

A lot of people are muttering about “third party.” I suspect, if the RINOs keep pushing, they’re going to back the liberty movement into a corner, and it won’t be a third party. It will be the second party, and it will be a majority party, and the Republican party will join the Communist party on the ash heap of history.

Bet on it. What the establishment doesn’t get is that the People are no longer in a mood to suffer these outrages silently. And, if they don’t think a majority party can coalesce in a single election cycle, they should look to the history of their own party. Go ask a Whig; he’ll be able to tell you.

Really! Are Democrats Really That Stupid?

SO I PEEKED IN ON the progress of Isaac on Sunday night and took a look at the 5-day forecast, and saw a track that looks a LOT like Katrina. And they’re saying, NOW, with the storm just crossing the Florida Keys, that it’ll be a Cat1 or Cat2 hurricane when it makes landfall — at New Orleans — Tuesday afternoon. Now, you may not remember this, but Katrina wasn’t the famous Cat 5 when it made landfall. It was Cat3. And it gained a great deal of strength over the Gulf of Mexico. Just as Isaac is likely to do.

But the Mayor of New Orleans, Mitch Landrieu (Why is that name familiar?), has no plans to order an evacuation, but rather is calling for city residents to “shelter in place.”

I wonder how well-repaired and improved the levees and flood controls have been since ’05.

Back then, people with eyes and brains saw the cluster foxtrot that was a corrupt Democrat administration at both the city and the state level unfold as it happened. And the corrupt Democrats in Louisiana and all across the country screeched and howled, trying to pin the blame on Bush.

Now, we have Democrats in New Orleans and in the White House. How much do you want to bet, they’ll want to try to hang the coming disaster on Republican Governor, Bobby Jindal?

I Notice that Statists, When They

WANT TO PIT AMERICANS against each other on the subject of income tax rates, such as the way the President does in this campaign ad (He’s Barack Obama and he approves this message.), they weep crocodile tears for how bad you have it in comparison to Mr. Bigbux. But they never offer to lower your tax rates — only to raise his.

Like that’s gonna do you any good.

Nor will they ever admit that the income tax treats different Americans differently. Whatever happened to Fair Play and Equal Justice For All? Is this the way Americans are supposed to be?

A lot of ink and pixels has been spent on Obama’s birth certificate. He may have been born in Hawaii, (though it speaks volumes that he has never released any documentary proof of it, and what he HAS released is a fake so awful as to be both embarrassing and insulting), but does it really matter? At heart, he’s no American.

This One’s for the Boys

DA DOLL KEEPS HER WORD! It’s National Go Topless Day! Yah-hoo!

Consider this your morning testosterone boost.

‘N fer th’ sisters, who aren’t into chicks, here’s some eye candy fer ya.

New Term in the Dolly Lexicon

BOOB CHECK n. the momentary second take males issue upon realizing the oncoming person is female and, yes, indeed, has breasts.

Dolly gets boob-checked all the time.

So, you made a participle of it. Doesn’t that mean the term is a verb?

Well… Nouns get verbed all the time. So… No.

Not Permitted:

ANY CLAIM OF SO-CALLED “unintended consequences.” Idiots with a landfill fetish manage to mau mau local governments into banning plastic grocery bags. To be replaced by reusable cloth bags. Which turn out to be hotbeds of filth and disease. Causing deaths due to e coli.

Any claim that the consequences were unintended must rest on the contention that they were unforeseen, could not have been foreseen.

These consequences in this particular case were foreseen. Warnings were issued. The facts of the matter were poo-pooed by the guilty parties. Now they must pay.

Glenn Reynolds urges jail time or civil suits. In my opinion, neither goes far enough. Given there is no moral (or, I suspect legal) justification for the ban, since it arises out of an irrational prejudice in the first place, the bans themselves ought to be judged egregious abuses of government power, and those imposing them acting outside the proper uses of that power.

As such, I ask: what is the moral difference between these crimes and felony murder? I believe that jeopardy of life should attach.

And, no, washing the bags is not consistent with the claims for the fetish. So don’t even try to start. That uses more energy, and water, causes more pollution, than manufacturing and disposing of thousands of plastic bags. If I use twenty bags every two weeks, in a year, I use 520 bags. Minuscule, even when scaled up to the whole population. Also, I mostly use paper bags, which are more readily re-usable, as well as better biodegradable OR recyclable than either plastic OR cloth bags. So, STFU. Just. Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

I Dig a Pymgy by Charles Haughtry and the Deaf-aids*

DA DOLL SUSPECKS that this rant was meant to be tongue-in-cheek.

I can’t stand the people on your side. Not you, particularly. You’re fine. It’s your side that’s ruining everything great about this country.

Then again, mebbe not.

*Quote of the Day

According to that Reuters Survey

THE PRICE OF GAS is the bottom concern of the voters, and that makes it no big deal that, gas was $1.70 and gallon in 2008 and is crossing $4.00 today.

I have a different take.

Things are SO bad that, although people are royally pissed that gas prices have more-than doubled under the Obama regime, there are THAT MANY things that are WORSE.

I don’t call that good news for the O.

I’ve Noticed a Couple of Things

ABOUT DEMOCRAT RHETORIC over the years. Things you — expecially those of you on the Extreme Left Wing (ELW) — should take note of yourself.

First, when a Democrat starts to blame deregulation for problems in the private sector, remember this is a power-mad statist struggling to hold onto power. Regulation pretty surely always harms the people at large, and certainly does harm to the putative beneficiaries.

Second, when a Democrat inveighs against tax cuts for the wealthy, hold onto your wallet. There is no way that any exaction of any amount from the so-called “rich” (Which, I assure you, includes your charming self; without regard to your actual level of income, you WILL pay any increase in taxes in some form or other.) can make the slightest dent in government budgetary deficits. General tax cuts, on the other hand, are proven — have been proven time and again — to generate prosperity.

Plus: how does targeting one class of Americans — rich, poor, black, white, yellow, red, brown, left, right, Christian, jew, muslim — BY THE GOVERNMENT — how does that comport with “…and equal justice for all”? How does the government’s taking note of any of those attributes, in the most casual manner, let alone as invidiously as the Democrats do it, comfort you? Do you imagine yourself immune somehow to that notice? That the gimlet eye of the state will never turn your way?

I’m So Broke I Can’t

PAY ATTENTION, BUT I do believe I would turn loose of some change in support of a class action suit designed to DESTROY the officers and officials responsible for the Brandon Raub travesty. Ruin them financially. End their careers. Put their families on the street. Make if most abundantly clear that We the (Little) People WILL. NOT. STAND. FOR. THIS.

This is not the Soviet Union.

The Author of That Newsweek Cover Article

YOU KNOW, THE ONE with the catchy headline — ::snap!:: ::snap!:: — “Hit the Road, Barack!” has apparently roused a firestorm amongst the chattering bandar log in the left commentariat. Since I don’t read Newsweek I apparently missed the fact that his name is Niall Ferguson. I feel depraved. Er– deprived, I mean. Sorry. I use either so rarely in normal conversation, neither jumps readily to mind.

ANY way… So Roger Simon (him I’ve heard of before) does a take on it, in which he makes a syllogism of sorts which is eerily familiar…

Ferguson shows in unanswerable detail that his critics adopt a three-pronged strategy of evasiveness. First, they avoid his central arguments. Second, they claim to be challenging the facts he has marshaled, when all they really do is purvey opinions masquerading as facts. Third, they nitpick and name-call.

Well. It has three points and a QED feel to it. So I used the term “syllogism” wrong. Sue me. Revoke my poetic license.

But Kimball’s formulation does remind me of a certain scrap of text authored by … oh, I don’t know … maybe … ME!? … called Alger’s Law.

“A leftist idea can be recognized by three earmarks, It will be: 1) Founded in ignorance, 2) Focused on irrelevance, 3) Engaged in wishful thinking.

Which reminds me. I need to get my quotes roll back up in the right sidebar one of these days real soon now.

We Keep Saying…

WE IN THE RIGHT, that we need to re-take the culture from the polluters on the left, the creators of the kultursmog. Glenn Beck’s working on that. Here’s another start.

(Discovered at Maggie’s Farm.)

Reville: You! Fuckwit! Leftist!



There is NO equivalence between Barack Obama’s refusal to demonstrate a minimum, constitutionally-required qualification for his office – to whit, native birth – and Mitt Romney’s refusal to knuckle under to a gratuitous, politically-motivated (and, incidentally, unconstitutional) invasion of his privacy.


So. That matter having been disposed of dispositively, I will hear no more on the subject.

I Have A Question for

PRESIDENT OBAMA in response to this little ditty:

“I’ve got a question for Governor Romney. How many teachers’
jobs are worth another tax cut for millionaires and billionaires?” Obama asked. “How many grants and loans for college students are worth a tax cut for Governor Romney, who certainly doesn’t need it?”

Since when, Mr. Prez, do Federal Income Taxes pay teachers’ salaries?


One might even ask to be pointed toward the constitutional authorization for Federal monies to be spent on local schools. Surely a conlaw professor ought to know that one.

Serially, Alger! You don’t expect the Oh to be accurate, honest, forthcoming, and relevant, do you?

Quote of the Day, Don’t Sugar-Coat It Edition:

For me, anyone who openly admits to being a Dem is bluntly stating that they have neither morals nor scruples. Not only do I not befriend such people, I will not hire them or do business of any kind with them. They have made it impossible to mistake their hatred for my race, my gender, my sexual orientation and my political philosophy. I absolutely refuse to be party to anything that benefits them if I can possibly help it.

–Commentor Mac in comments to
(of all things) a Dr. Helen book review
on Pajamas Media

So Mayor Dumberg Beclowned Himself

LAST WEEK AND floated a notion whereby new immigrants would be assigned to a city (say… Detroit) and required to live there for seven years with no public support. And, if they survive, they get citizenship.

Yes! And then, of course, there’s “You didn’t build that” and “We tried it your way (liberty, free markets, limited regulation, low taxes) and it didn’t work.” (for the 200+ years since the founding of the country, when the country became the richest, most powerful nation EVER) — from the President.

Nobody’s calling for either one of them to step down.

And then there’s Todd Akin.

YEAH, RIGHT. Like no Democrat ever founded unutterably dumb and ascientific beliefs on a mishearing of something told them by a practitioner of an art.

Somebody livin’ in BIG glass houses.

A perfect example of why reasonable people think Democrats are crapweasels. Todd Akin. Says something stupid. Democrats A) debate the merits of the statement, B) laugh and point, C) get their feathers in an uproar and demand an immediate execution because the statement is — get this — offensive.

Like Democrats never say anything which offends their opposition.

No. Like their opposition never goes for the throat when they do.

You mean to say tit-for-tat is fair play in politics?

Why wouldn’t it be?

More to the point, why would anyone want to rule it out of bounds?

Well, duh! They want to hobble their opponents!

Which — what? — makes it fair play?

And, like Rush said Tuesday, Akin just talked out his ass to argue for a perfectly reasonable position. For those pressing for a rape-and-incest exception to the argument that abortion is morally wrong, the point here is it ain’t the kid’s fault! Don’t. Punish. The Kid.

Well, I always say that the scriptural statement that the sins of the fathers are visited upon the sons, yea unto the seventh generation is less a promise of divine retribution than it is an observation of the facts of life.

This is where, in YOUR posts, you say to me, (::deepens voice::) “Right in one, Baby Doll,” or “From the mouths of babes, Dolly! And what a babe you are!”

And I am, ain’t I?

Yes you are, Dolly. Yes you are. And quite sassy, too.

::they look at each other expectantly::

ANYway! As I was sayin’. The only time, it seems, when the establishment calls for one of these creatures to self-immolate is when they’re not perceived to have enough of a power base to fight back. Like a challenger running against an incumbent — usually an incumbent Democrat. Or a Republican incumbent, weakened by a scandal — real or fabricated. (George Allen, call your office.)

Are you sayin’ this is a kind of political schoolyard bullying?

Naw. I was thinking more along the lines of social Darwinism.

Oo! Ouch!

As long as we’re discussing leftist fabrications.

Da Doll Plans on Getting Frisky

CARE TO JOIN moi? August 26th — be there or be square.

While, Yes, Leftists Do Engage in Magical Thinking

TO WHIT THE CURRENT rage for claiming that, yes, indeed, you can eat your cake today and find it in the cake safe again tomorrow morning.

They put Arthur Anderson out of business for that kind of accounting.

… you in the Right oughtn’t gloat too much. After all, you keep engaging in magic bullet thinking — if we just elect this RINO or that moderate, we’ll be able to Save the Republic.

Sorry. Gonna take a lit-tle bit more than that.

Insty Snarks

ABOUT GAS PRICES, writing in a report that today’s average price for gasoline is $3.72 per gallon:

Well, that should encourage people to move out of the evil suburbs and into nice, wholesome cities.

He’s kidding of course. At least, I hope he is.

But, these days, I suspect it more likely to encourage people to take it out on the politicians who’ve been blocking domestic energy development since — well — forever. That is to say: democrats. Look for a bloodbath at the polls come November.

Bloodbath? How about a self-immolation?

Something to that, Dolly. Something to that.

Quote of the Day, August 19, 2012

ON THE SUBJECT OF OBAMA in particular and democrats socialists in general.

It is not enough they sank the damn ship… they have to come after the people in the life boats too.

–Dave in Texas,
posting in comments
at Ace of Spades HQ.

A Notional Story Fragment

IT WAS ONE OF THOSE MOMENTS, a lull in the battle. Somewhere up ahead, a company of Trolls split by platoons, half each taking the north or south path up the sides of the gorge. The plan was to circle around behind the enemy artillery and capture the guns. Once successful, they were to turn them on the enemy forces down in the valley. If one or the other won through, but the other did not, the victorious units were to turn their guns on the opposite side of the valley.

Dolly took a canteen and gulped down huge drafts of water. She drained the thing and sat gasping for air when she was done. Drummond unhooked his own canteen from his belt and drank with greater restraint than the doll.

“No God, huh?” she said suddenly, tangentially. “How can we be so sure.”

“Oh, we can’t,” Drummond said. “After all, we have only explored a tiny fraction even of our own solar system. And what we know of the physics of the Universe gives us little clue. Still and all, nobody’s ever found any concrete evidence for the existence of an uncaused first cause.

“‘Cept the Big Bang,” Dolly said proudly, as though she’d scored a direct hit.

“Well,” Drummond said. “Not even sure of that. It’s possible — barely possible, but still you have to admit to the possibility — that the Universe just… happened.”

“Suddenly… Universe,” Dolly said.

“Yeah. Now, the absence of evidence is hardly dispositive. In fact, it’s not even indicative, if you follow.” He looked at her significantly and she nodded her understanding back at him. “As the saying goes, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. And one would be a fool to assert on that basis that there is no God.”

“Takes a leap of faith either way, eh?”


“So, what did create the Universe?”

“Well, there are physicists who wonder if it isn’t so that, at the bottommost layer of reality, beneath all the subatomic particles and the various forces at play in the Universe, all there is is the math. That the numbers themselves constitute actual reality.”

Dolly made one of those conceptual leaps that made Drummond wonder at her mind. “So the map is the territory?”

“Well, say rather that humanity has confused somewhat the essential nature of things. That we have — through a flaw in our perception engines, so to speak — mistaken mapness for existence-ness. That what, from our limited perspective, seems to be the map is actually the territory, and what we have taken for the territory is merely the projection of the numbers into our particular space-time in shapes, textures, and colors that we can perceive. No more or less than viewing fluorescent pigments under ultraviolet light changes their appearance to our eyes, or an Escher drawing of a hypercube appears to be impossible — unreal — on a flat piece of paper or a computer screen.”

Dolly was quiet for a long time. She reached out and snared Drummond’s canteen in the silence and helped herself to a few swigs from it. He let her.

“So what’s that got to do with God?”

Drummond smiled. He was so proud of her.

“So… what if, rather than having created the Universe…

Dolly’s eyes lit up.

“…God is the Universe!”

Right in one, Baby Doll. Right in one.

So We Have a New Blogroll Department

CONCERNING ALL THINGS WEB and it’s called The Web We Weave. Web design and development has been a minor side interest of mine since, well, Tim Berners-Lee was in short pants.

That’s Sir Tim etcetera and so-forth to you.

Right. Sorry. But you, Dolly, will be glad to hear that I am currently satisfied that BTB is stable enough for further developments can be done time-available down the road. Of course, I intend to style the posts. Of course, I intend to get your picture appropriately positioned atop the left column. And all manner of other things, but, for the moment, the full-court-press on site development is finished.

This weekend, I intend to get back to work on It’s Dolly’s Birthday.

It is? I must have missed six months somewhere. YAY! Happy birthday me!

No, sillioldbear! That’s the name of the story. Book. It’s called It’s Dolly’s Birthday. See the italics? That’s an indicator that it’s the title of a book. I’ve given an 80%-complete draft to my first reader, and I anticipate she will have mondo beaucoups notes for me shortly, so I’ll have to finish up quickly or get all tangled up in edits. Not good to do drafting and edits out of sequence. It can confuse things.

Yeah. Italics. A book title. Or the name of a ship. I remember Ms. Aplin’s class.

No you don’t. That was 1965. You weren’t born until 1971.

Or so they say.

Well, actually, I say. I’m the author.

Ooo! SO how do you like playing God?

I… Well… No. You don’t get away with that. I’m in charge here! I’m…

Yeah, right. We’ll see who’s really in charge when I pull this pl


SO THE WHITE HOUSE HAS seen fit to address the “Dump Joe” whispers and affirm that the Obama campaign will be sticking with Biden as the running mate.

Who’s got the over-under? Side bets as to whether he survives the convention? (Which, by the way, just in case you’d forgotten, is only two weeks away.)

Have I Said Today…

HOW MUCH I REALLY really, really, REALLY hate how WordPress handles images?


Consider it said, then.

Principle and Pragmatism

IN WHAT SEEMS ALMOST an aside, Republican Veep pick Paul Ryan has been dinged for having voted in support of the TARP program. The decision might have been seen at the time, even by principled conservatives, as being pragmatic. The country was in the middle of a presidential election campaign. The Republican President was solidly behind it, putting it forth as necessary and urgent. The leadership in the House of both parties. Support was bipartisan and nearly universal. Ryan was nearly alone in objecting to the notion as violative of his principles.

In that case, so-called pragmatism overcame principle.

Four years on, how’s that workin’ out fer ya, eh, Bunky?

My point, briefly put, is that principles are pragmatic. This is a point that Rush Limbaugh has been making for over 20 years. Wherever and whenever (what he calls) conservatism is tried, it wins, and — I would add — not just in elections, but in “real life,” too. Any enterprise, run honestly on so-called “conservative” principles… Will. Succeed.

Why do you keep scorn-quoting conservative?

Because I don’t believe that the roots of the principles are so much conservative as they are… something else. Conservatism is not a political or economic philosophy, it is a weltanschauung — a way of looking at the world. I believe it is the only logical and sensible way to look at reality, but that’s what it is. Weltanschauung.

But those principles, however you label them, and whatever particular points you include in the cloud of principles, are pragmatic. And the desire to stray from them evinces a discomfort with them. A wish that one can be “released” from adherence to them. And, if a principle is right, it is always right, and seeking to be “released” from adherence to it is self-indulgent at best, and corrupt or evil at worst. And, as has been demonstrated time and time again, evildoers may prosper in the short term, they always — ALWAYS — come to bad ends in the ends. Failure to adhere to principle leads to destruction and death. Why bother?

So failure to adhere to principle is corrupt, what does that say about politicians who urge the putting aside of “mere” principle for the “greater-good” pragmatism?

(Just in case you’ve forgotten — or never knew — I am among those who believe that the so-called “greater good” is always — ALWAYS — in harness with an equal or greater “greater evil.” It is unavoidable. If you do evil for “the greater good,” you are still doing evil. Seeking to excuse it by the number of those benefiting does not excuse it, it merely expands the class of miscreants in cahoots with your “lesser” evil.)

Oh, Joy… [/johngielgud]

MICROSOFT HAS a curse. The even-numbered versions of Windows suck big, dead, donkey d*cks through a garden hose. Or however that goes. Looking back, I found Windows 2 to be the suxxor. Windows 3 was a vast improvement — finally fulfilling the promise of a GUI’d windowing environment. Windows 4 (NT) was a bloated, obese mess. Windows 5 (95-98) was the cat’s meow and kept me happy for damned near ten years. Windows 2000/Millennium was universally agreed to be a goat-screwing cluster-foxtrot. Windows XP has been solid for a long time, now, and has actually outlasted its suxxessor — Vista. And, now, it looks as though Windows 7 is a bit of a win.

And you appear to have jumped the numbering sequence, here, somewhere.

Stifle, you!

And suddenly: Windows 8.


A Lot Of Who-Struck-John As To Why The Left

DOESN’T CONTAIN AN ANALOG to Ayn Rand. (I’m with the ones who point to leftist Wormtongue, Karl Marx). Steven Hayward has one take on it, Ed Driscoll another.

It seems clear to me that, while there may be a canon of works underpinning modern progressivism (It’s NOT liberal, folks. THAT needs to be disposed of once and for all.), the myrmidons of the movement (if such it can be considered) are, for the most part, less aware of it than are their counterparts in the Right.

On somewhat of an aside, I sometimes wonder why less is heard of Lysander Spooner these days than of yore. I seem to recall that he was a frequent referent for leftists back in the’60s. Maybe his rugged individualism might serve as a reproach for your modern-day collectivists — soi disant (scorn quotes) “progressives.”

Why Are Democrats So Rude?

MAYBE BECAUSE THEY know they’re lying and they have to spread as much persiflage as they can to try to hide the fact?

Certainly, when one of the ELW types starts filibustering, the value of his/her words should be sharply discounted.

Poor Little Butt-Hurt Commie

SO AN AUTHOR WRITING FOR a Marxist rag in the UK doesn’t want to acknowledge the legitimacy of fan fiction. He wants to claim that, no matter how well the writer has filed off the serial numbers (Heinlein), an artist who has “stolen” (Picasso) the notion of a work from some other artist is somehow delegitimized if self-appointed critical experts can claim to detect the line of derivation.


That amounts to a re-statement of Obambi’s “You didn’t build that”

Ideas are not copyrightable. Period. End of discussion. What is copyrightable is the particular expression of an idea. Persiflagists may try to claim it’s a gray area, where it’s hard to discern the line between originality and plagiarism (and thus, I suppose, requires their special expertise to detect), but it’s not. Plagiarism begins when you put two words in a row in the same manner and circumstances as someone else has done it before you. What may be a gray area is when it becomes reprehensible — where that dividing line may be found. There you may make a distinction between the perfectly normal — even praiseworthy — “theft” alluded to by Picasso, with the proper amount of serial-number-filing having been done, and outright malappropriation of another’s work.

But, for the most part, fan fiction isn’t in it. In fact, I would argue that a great deal of what is discouraged by copyright holders as infringement is not. But they generally have the deep pockets and big guns and can, to a certain extent, muscle the smaller fish out of commercial exploitation of “their” ideas. But, by all reports, 50 Shades is “thinly-veiled. If so, the veil covers a multitude of sins, and the weight of the fabric is of no moment — it is a new work and, morally at least, must be judged as wholly original.

And, I suspect, that Stephanie Meyer knows that it hasn’t really done Twilight any harm, and, indeed, may enhance the brand.

Me, I’m thinking about writing my own NC-17 versions of the Dolly stories. That is, if I can keep the “real” stories PG, a problematic proposition at best.

So The Number 12 Bus

JUST WENT BY AND… did I see a Scientology bus wrap on it?

::shakes head to clear the cobwebs::

I really should put my glasses on when I’m walking around the office.

And Here’s an Update on the Weekend

ITEM ABOUT THE Extreme Left Wing Talking Point (ELWTP) in which it is asserted that Ryan voted against the Simpson Bowles plan, as though there’s something wrong with that.

It appears that the Bowles — that is the Left part of the Simpson-Bowles goat screw, one Erskine Bowles — finds the Ryan budget “sensible, honest, serious”, which ought to nuke that ELWTP and should be used to tell filibustering leftist twits to STFU.

Not that it will work or anything…

Well, no. But some things need to be done just for form.

Made the Mistake of Tuning in Fox News

TO SEE WHAT THERE WAS about the Ryan VP pick. Should have known better.

For those who haven’t figured it out, yet, Fox is no better than the rest of the legacy partisan press. A fair-and-balanced exposition of a tissue of lies is still a tissue of lies. What’s needed is not giving equal time to both sides, but to investigate and report on which side is correct.

Which is, by the way, the job the press is supposed to be doing; why it has constitutional protection.

Anyway. There was a talking head from the Left filibustering the way leftists do about how Ryan voted against Simpson-Bowles.


Simpson-Bowles, if you will recall, was a “blue-ribbon panel” to determine what-to-do about the fact that Congress collectively is a bunch of spineless slugs with the responsibility of a crack whore. It was supposed to be a cover-the-ass license to allow congresscriters to go on about abdicating their primary fiduciary responsibility to We the (Little) People, spending like — well, at least drunken sailors quit when they run out of cash — somebody who’s totally incontinent about spending — spending like legislators who know nobody will ever call them to account.

(Shorten that, Alger.)

Right. Simpson-Bowles was a last-ditch effort to cover Congress’s baboon-red ass. If that — scorn quotes — “august” body had been doing its job all along, we wouldn’t be in this mess. The S-B plan is a business-as-usual refusal to act responsibly in the face of a fiscal and financial crisis that threatens — literally — to bring the economies of the world to their knees. Ryan is nearly alone in his willingness and courage to face the problem squarely and take action to solve it.


Still too long?

Yeah. How about this: Simpson-Bowles is an exercise in cowardice that, if implemented, would hasten, rather than slow or stop the headlong rush to fiscal and financial catastrophe down which the nation now plunges. That Ryan voted against bringing the plan to the floor of the House is praiseworthy. The Democrats tendentiously cling to the notion that blue-ribbon panels, rather than Congress itself, doing its job, will solve the problem that Congress created. This backward thinking is the very thing the nation needs to turn away from.Hmmm. Hard to get short, innit?

Um… Yeah. Keep working on it.

Quote of the Day: August 11th, 2012

I have never understood why it is “greed[y]” to want to keep the money you’ve earned, but not greed[y] to want to take somebody else’s money.

–Thomas Sowell

(Spotted at Maggie’s Farm.)

All of a Sudden, My Day Got Better

SO BREDA POSTED A pic to Facebook this morning. It didn’t really register on me. It wasn’t totty, so — yeah, I got the joke, but…

Does this qualify as Rule One content?

Then I checked in at Instapundit and saw the headline. Even so, I still was going, “Oh, that’s nice speculation. Let’s see what rationale they have for it.” So I clicked through.

Wha-hat? It’s official?

Then I went to Rachel’s, because I remember she had that same picture posted earlier, so I went to see if I could find where it came from.

And, of course, Rachel is over the moon. Me, too.

Well, not quite so much as when McCain announced la Palin, because — check it out — hot chick, but — still…

Paul Ryan is going to take Barry to school. Perhaps Mittens might have someone approach a certain band for rights to use a song in the campaign:

Won’t you take me back to school
I need to learn the Golden Rule…

And how many words have I got to say?
And how many times will it be this way?
With your arms around the future
And your back up against the past…

You’re already falling,
It’s calling you back to face the music
And the Song that is coming through…
You’re already falling.
The one that it’s calling
Is you!

In Case You Haven’t Already Heard

BLOGOSPHERE FAVORITE Kim du Toit has a new novel out, titled Prime Target. I read this in galley (can you say that about an ebook) and was suitably impressed.

Almost anything I can tell you specifically about the book would constitute a spoiler, it’s that tight — both in plot and character development. I will say that it is VERY well-written. The editing that has been done on this — or the quality of Kim’ drafting, one — is simply stellar. It has a solid, new-car thunk when you close the doors. Just… wonderful to behold.

The story is well-told and gripping. I read it straight through three times with ease. Heinlein wrote in advice to fictioneers that “you’re competing for beer money.” This one wins that competition hands down. well worth your time and money.

I can also recommend without reservation Kim’s other work. I particularly enjoyed Vienna Days, despite its thoroughly unlikable protagonist. Or, maybe, because of him.

Here’s hoping Kim makes a good success of this and has a long career, and that we get to enjoy the fruits of his labor. A win-win all the way around.

“Eat the Rich” Will Net You a Tummy Ache

THE WHOLE MOVEMENT on the part of the greedy-handers — the whole tax-the-rich, global tax, steal any pile of money whether nailed down or not
— is going to net some, well… We’re not supposed to use the meme of Unintended Consequences, but maybe we can paraphrase Inigo Montoya and assert that, “You keep pushing this line of action. I don’t think that outcome is going to be what you hope it will be.”

As oppressive and repressive, greedy, overreaching tax regimes get ever-more importunate, “the rich” will resist. At first, their resistance will be passive. They will offshore their wealth in tax havens with banking secrecy. They will try to buy politicians to carve out … well, carve-outs.
They will put their money in mattresses and plaster it up in the walls of their mansions in order to shelter it from greedy thugs in government.

But, as the internationalist kleptocrats keep expanding their reach, keep foreclosing avenues of escape, eventually the calculus of risk, profit and loss will force “the rich” to conclude that the passive resistance is no longer effective, and they will be pushed into … shall we say … coarser? … methods.

And you will begin to see “the rich” calculating that spending money to defend their wealth is now cheaper than paying off the extortioners of the state. And you will begin to see private armies spring up here and there.

They will first appear in Third World hellholes. In fact, I’d bet there probably already are some private militias and insurgent movements (mistakenly type as such by a media more interested in filling in the template and making it to happy hour than actually — you know — doing their jobs) which are, in reality, “rich” men making some attempt to protect their wealth from the predations of the state. But such will eventually spread to more “civilized” climes — from the lawless countries like Sudan, Zimbabwe, and Somalia to solider countries ruled by more-open thugs, such as the Central Asian former Soviet Republics, such as Russia itself, such as various South American thugocracies, such as bandit enclaves around the western Pacific rim, and eventually to the poorer countries in Europe, to South Africa, the empty quarter that Wahabbism has made of the Sahara and the Middle East. Armored limousines, attack helicopters, bulletproof SUV’s on run-flat tires, crewed by muscular military veterans strapped with Uzi’s and Mac-10’s, Mah Deuces mounted in crudely-welded fire rings in the roofs of Jeep Cherokees and Toyota Land Cruisers. Hand- and home-made sniper rifles of incredible precision and outsized firepower.

Grenades, bombs, tanks.

They teach this to beginning writers. They ought to teach it to politicians. People don’t just lie down and take whatever the bad guys (or even the good guys) dish out. They have their own agendae and they will work them until they break.

France is considering a 75% tax on “the rich.” Care to bet what the net-net will be on that?

I Have a Big Problem

WITH BEING TOLD I get the government I deserve. I beg to differ. I have objected to, voted against, railed against, fought, and supported opposition to every single public policy prescription of the Left since I was old enough to be aware I was being ripped off by a government that would rape me of my substance and remunerate me not one red cent. I’ve always known Social Security wouldn’t be there. You might say I’m a member of the permanent opposition.

But I didn’t get a vote on Soshe Security. It was fait accompli — despite the clear intention in the framework of our government that there be no permanent program, that every thing be reconsidered every two years, with gridlock being the order of the day. I was not represented when it was decided that I would be robbed at gunpoint of fifteen percent of my productivity for life to pay for someone else’s woefully inadequate retirement pittance.

I was not represented when the ancestors of today’s Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi rammed through the Sixteenth Amendment in the dark of night on a bare quorum vote and a procedural trick, then lied about both its intended and eventual actual effect. (There’s a reason they call it a tax.)

No, I don’t get the government I deserve. I get the governmentyou deserve. You and your greedy hands and covetous eyes. You and your moral bankruptcy. You… you … democrat!

The Guest Hoser on the Glenn Beck

PROGRAM THURSDAY was going on about the problem of Registered Sex Offenders Living in YOUR Neighborhood.

This might be one big post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy on my part, but here goes.

I remember, when I was a kid (40-50 years ago), that it was pretty much accepted that rape carried the death penalty. It seemed that rape was fairly rare. Child molestation was almost unheard-of. In fact (I say “fact” advisedly, but that’s the expression there is to use, chalk it up to the limitations of my abilities with English as a first language), I’d speculate that one of the reasons the offense is SO damned horrific in the public and personal perception is that evil seems to have taken us by surprise. Where did that come from? Who could ever think of … ::blech!:: Instant squick.

Or, at any rate, that’s my perception, which might be mistaken.

And then, as Steely Dan put it in “Do It Again,” the mourners started singing (or, as I mondegreened it, “the moaners are all sangin'”, the “moaners” being the constant carpers on the Left who try to assert moral superiority when, in fact, they’re asserting moral stupidity — which amounts to about the same intent), and there went the death penalty out the window. And, as I keep saying, actions have consequences, and no, you’re not allowed to use the fact that you didn’t mean them to come about to claim they were unintended. As the saying goes, the Road to Hell is paved with — scorn quotes — “good” intentions. So, when the death penalty went away, yes, the State no longer puts quite so many innocents to death. And, instead of spending public resources to improve the capabilities of investigators and reliability of the trial process, we spend them warehousing people for life who really should have been permentantly removed from society a long, long time ago.

But, then, there’s the problem of false accusations. Which also seem to be eventuating with greater frequency these days, although that might be due more to the heightened awareness of the 24-hour news cycle than to actual reality. (Has anybody done a study?)

I tell you that to tell you this:

This guy — the substitute host — is a fucking moron.

He’s wittering on that the rights of the Registered Sex Offender are in conflict with the supposed “right” of a child to walk down the street unmolested.

Really? Whence descendeth this right? Are you saying that people have the right to be able to walk around gormless in Condition White all the time and be totally free from predation? Really? Are you THAT fucking stupid?

No. No. No. Adults have a responsibility to protect children. Every child that is molested suffers that fate due to the failure of some adult in his primary fiduciary responsibility to that child. Every. Single. One. There’s no right involved.

And society has the responsibility to remove deadly predators from society. Every single victim of crime — committed by a recidivist — suffers that fate due to the failure of society in its primary fiduciary responsibility to that member of society.

Someone who commits rape (or child molestation), and is fairly adjudged by a jury of his peers to have done so, should be removed — permanently — from society. Failure to do so constitutes a failure of society to exercise its duty. Unwillingness to grasp that nettle is not the earmark of moral superiority, but of moral duncecap-wearing-ness.

There’s no “right” involved. There’s a matter of inappropriate sentencing.

Get it right, people.

Slut Sandra Fluke is On the Public Stage

ONCE AGAIN SPEWING her morally bankrupt ignorance to the four winds. Now, she claims to have a “right to quality, affordable health care.”

Sandra (you ignorant slut), some clues:

A right must be free-standing. It cannot require someone else to provide a good or a service to you. You have the right to access medical care — of the level of quality for which you can pay, if you can pay for it. And that, by the way, is the definition of “affordable” — if you can pay for it, you can afford it, and it’s affordable. Otherwise, it’s not. Sucks to be you. But nobody may block your attempts to access the goods and services you are able to pay for. That is what it means to have economic freedom.

You do NOT have the right to steal money from somebody else at gunpoint in order to pay for your health care. And, in case you’re too mentally challenged to get this, that’s a definition of a tax — the government acting as an armed robber on behalf of morally-bankrupt members of society, mis-using the power of the state in order to mis-appropriate fund and property NOT belonging to her in order to suit her mis-begotten convenience.

That is despicable. Shame on you, Sandra Fluck, for asking the government to steal money from your fellow citizens in order to allow you to have plentiful, consequence-free sex. And that, in case you’re too dense to get it, is what makes you a slut.

God Bless Ann Barnhardt

SHE HAS THE INTESTINAL fortitude to speak actual truth to real (abused) power. But I do find it funny she complains that a site has no deep links while she herself also has none.

Pro tip, Ann: permalinks. Get ’em. If you use a real CMS, they can even be generated automatically.

Even if you break them when you move from one CMS to another.

Ah! There you are, Dolly! How did it feel being voiceless for a week?

Erm… stifling?

Gonna Try Something New

I COULD HAVE DONE this on the Expression Engine platform, and, indeed, considered it several times. And, accepting my dilatory nature, I may start out down this path all full of good intentions and puppies, only to lose my gumption in the bushes, so there’s NO telling how long it will last.




On days when I have several posts to put up — either already written or close enough to complete for me to count them as likely posts for the day — I’m going to spread them out in time, rather than post them all in a clump right after midnight.

Yes, I am trying to boost traffic. Why do you ask?