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I REMAIN CONFLICTED about gay marriage. On the one hand, I resist the willy-nilly nature of the drive toward it, almost as a knee-jerk reaction. If it’s that right and good, why do you need to ram it down people’s throats? On the other hand, is there harm to it?

It occurs to me recently, stemming actually from a comment by Ann Coulter on the Hannity radio program Friday, that there is a value to following the forms of things, and we do not simply overturn thousands of years of practice and tradition because: “You’re a poopy-head.”

Sorry. It doesn’t work that way.

Or, to borrow a phrase from the Left, it shouldn’t.

Why not? Well, there’s the knowledge problem. Of course, if so-called progressives were actually self-aware, they’d have the examples of the failures of their public policy prescriptions before them and might realize the hubris attendant on causing such massive shifts in a society with a necessarily incomplete (indeed, woefully inadequate) understanding of the factors involved. You don’t know a billionth part of the necessary facts to make such a decision. Which is why society has evolved the practice of debate and compromise. Forced change by a determined minority all too frequently results in disaster. It’s all too reliable, as a matter of fact, to the point where we really should count on it and factor it into our decision process.

Oh, yeah! That’s right! We did. And then the progressives came along and upset the applecart. Because it’s new and shiny and it should work.

We don’t overturn six-thousand years of tradition and practice on a whim. Especially not tradition and practice which has demonstrated in myriad cultures and situations by and large to provide benefit to society as a whole. Yes, there have been exceptions in some places at some times. But still, check it out — where are those societies now? Yes, the current system has its flaws and failures — though, it should be noted, those failures have come at a time when the culture is sick of pathogens deliberately introduced by evil people, so dancing on the grave of a failed system is perhaps a bit premature.

And here comes the generalization. What Coulter said is, “If we’re going to overturn all that tradition and practice, it is incumbent on those who desire the change to make their case, not for those resisting it to defend theirs.” This ties to my principle that, in a case where rights appear to conflict, the active party — the aggressor, if you will — is generally the one who is at fault. And it seems as though it ought to apply in a whole lot more arenas than gay “marriage.”

And, so far, those who desire the change have failed to prove their point. And the people have spoken. Where the matter has been put to the ultimate democratic test — a vote — it has been settled decisively in the negative. No. We will not make this change. It is only by dint of reference to petty tyrants exceeding the scope of their legitimate authority that any changes have been made.

And, so far as I can tell, the reasons adduced in favor of the change amount to,”But we’re in love,” and/or “Because you’re a poopy-head.” Nobody, anywhere, has adduced any arguments-on-merits that the definition of marriage that has stood the test of time need be changed — rather than allowing and supporting other arrangements to serve the same purposes as the marriage of a putative breeding pair.

And, note. While I invite discussion, comments which amount to “because you’re a poopy-head” will be nuked, so don’t bother.

So a Thought About Writing

OCCURRED TO ME ON THE drive home from the Grogery store.

paragraph: style-class: “squirrel!” Did you know that Firefox has a spell-checker built in? And it doesn’t suck? Another reason why I’m kicking Opera to the curb, but that’s a whole ‘nother post.

It goes like this: “Colorful language belongs in the mouths of your characters.”

I do not yet know how applicable or valid that is, but it expresses something. A feeling I have. A thinkoid.

(Just as a planetoid is a small orbiting object which resembles a planet, but really is not, and an asteroid is a small, orbiting object which resembles a star, but really is not, and a factoid is a small datum which resembles a fact, but — really — is not, so, too a thinkoid is a small, random brain-fart object which resembles a thought from a distance, but really … is. NOT.)

Have I Said This Out Loud?


In a republic, he who calls himself a democrat is undermining the political foundations of the country. A saboteur.

In a constitutional republic, whose founding charter contains within it prescriptions for altering that charter with the consent of the governed, he who seeks to alter constitutional provisions without reference to those prescriptions is making war on the nation. A traitor.

In any country, a politician who is less than forthright about his aims and methods is operating in bad faith. A liar, a poltroon.

And, yet, elected politicians of the democrat party are all three.*

In this nation, under this constitution, BY THEIR VERY NAME the Democrats START OUT acting with bad-faith intent. And they go downhill from there.

When you dispassionately observe the behavior of Democrats among themselves, you find that their so-called leaders act in a dictatorial fashion, denying their members any freedom of conscience or expression. All must toe the party line, or face opprobrium beyond measure. Nor are the Democrats’ public policy prescriptions any friendlier to liberty. In neither their political behavior nor their governing behavior are they in any way democratic. Thus do we in the Right feel it meet to call the part on the Left by a more-honest name: the Democrat party — that is a party of self-named democrats, who are, as I say, in no way actually democratic.

No patriotic American should lend any credence, give any support, or pay any heed to anything a Democrat politician says.

Just thought I should throw that out there. Comments?

*Please note that this in no way exempts Republicans from the same indictments. However, it must be said, Republicans at least pay lip service to individual rights, liberty, self-reliance, and self-determination. The Democrats here lately have taken to actively attacking these founding American principles.

If, As the Moron-in-Chief Says

IF YOU’RE A SUCCESS, you’ve had some help with that, he’d surely have to admit, if you’ve failed, then you’ve had some help at that.

200,000 businesses. Democrat-controlled Congress and a lame-duck President at the start, Democrat President and a Democrat-constipated Congress at the end.

Wonder who helped that.

In the “If you’re so smart, howzcome you’re not rich?” department, business guru Jim Rohn vows that it makes no difference to success which party is in power. He might be right, though I’d say it’s far more likely the reason is that BOTH parties put your prosperity in jeopardy. On the other hand — check it out — Democrats.

From the Sayings of Leroy Jethro Gibbs, “I don’t believe in coincidences.”

Moron Says WHAT

SO THE DEMOCRATS PULL THIS TRICK where they want to raise taxes on those earning $250,000 or more annually, (Note: this will NOT affect trust fund babies, such as the Kennedies, but WILL affect small business owners who file as S-Corps or sole proprietorships and who employ roughly HALF of working Americans. IOW, it’s not a tax increase on the RICH, so much as it is a tax on the PRODUCTIVE. But the truly RICH tend to be DEMOCRATS, so… there you go.)

So they pull this trick in the Senate, where, instead of just letting the current tax rates stand as they are — remember? Raising taxes in a recession is insanity personified? — they pull this populist demagoguic trick where they attach a rider that raises taxes on, as I say, those higher income earners.

Aside: Did you know that a family income of $50,000 or more puts you in the top 10%? And it’s YOU who are paying most of the income taxes in America?

In other words, the Democrats are holding a continuation of the current tax rates past the end of this year hostage to an invidious tax increase that WILL have NO positive effect on either the economy OR government revenues. None. What. So. Ever.

And the Moron-in-Chief who’s currently squatting in the White House is sound-bitten saying, “Republicans are holding hostage a tax cut for middle America in order to spend billions of dollars on a tax break for the wealthy.”

Mr. Moron: equal protection — “Liberty and Justice for All” — means everybody, rich or poor, young or old, male or female, red and yellow black and white. Ev. Ree. Bodd. Eee.

Trying to divide us for your own personal aggrandizement and to advance your anti-American agenda is despicable. And the sooner we see the back of you the better.

And, just to make it clear: a tax cut is not the government spending money. A tax cut is relief for oppressed Americans, justly allowed to keep more of the money they earned with hard work, intelligence, talent, skill, and drive. And if “allowed to keep” doesn’t just sicken you, you’re not an American — not by any definition I ever heard or believed.

I Keep Meaning to Do This

IN THE PROCESS OF MY world-building — that’s a science-fiction term for background creation — I do research. Not all of it ends up on the page. A lot of the time, I read books and articles more out of my own curiosity than anything. For example, I’m reading a lot of Peter Hopkirk’s Books

But the last couple of days, I’ve been spelunking around in the subject of the Danube River, the general geography and geology of the regions it flows through, the hydrology, the scenery, some of the history (but not nearly enough of that — I’ve been pressed for time, and the history of this world isn’t relative to the project at-hand)…

One of the more fascinating places along the river is a gorge at the border between Serbia and Romania called the Iron Gate. Lots of history. Take a Google Earth tour of the place. ( Wanted a live link here so you could click it and, if you have Google Earth on your computer, you’d be able to go there. But that is apparently too simple for Google. Do no evil my ass.) So anyway. The coordinates of the place are 49:39:25.05N by 21:53:29.08E. Here’s a picture:

Image: Wikimedia Commons. Creator: Denis Barthel.

And another one.

Image: Wikimedia Commons. Creator: Cornelius Bechtler.

Hopefully, with more practice, I can become more gracile in posting these little nuggets.

Eighty-six Thousand

WE HAD AN EARLY goal of 75,000 words for It’s Dolly’s Birthday. I blew through that some time back. This weekend, I exceed that by 10,000 words. Ended up at 12:30 Monday morning with 86,532 words. Part III, which is the first part of the Dolly-in-Faerie section of the book, stands now at 23,000 words. I’m estimating 15,000-20,000 words left to go. Although… I’m speculating now that I could finish in a lot less than that, based on the pace and wordage for this part.

And now, before I pass out and face plant on the keyboard, I bid you good night.

Bloomberg Gives Biden a Run for His Money

GRANTED THEY OPERATE IN DIFFERENT VENUES Biden in the Senate and Bloomberg in the Mayoralty of New York City (The Biggest Hick Town in America), but still… The idiocy of the two of them could cancel out the spin of the Universe or something.

Sultan Knish quoted Bloomberg on guns:

I don’t think there’s any other developed country in the world that has remotely the problem we have. There’s no other place that allows- we have more guns than people in this country. Every place else, if there are murders they’re generally not done with guns – not generally, a lot more are not done with guns.

Now, Greenfield takes Bloomberg apart quite handily with a quote from Billy Madison:

Mr. Bloomberg, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

… but I have a take of my own. Whenever a politician makes reference to how they do things in the rest of the world, he/she/it needs to be bitch-slapped most definitely and reminded that America is NOT the rest of the world. We don’t WANT to be the rest of the world. The country exists for the express purpose of telling the rest of the world to fuck off and die. So if politician in question doesn’t like that we do things different from the the rest of the world, he/she/it ought to be encouraged to go live in those other countries and stop trying to fuck up this one.

At What Moment Does It

BECOME APPROPRIATE in the wake of an atrocity such as took place in Aurora, Colorado Thursday night to point out that those who would disarm the populace have the blood of innocents on their hands — as it was they, in the final analysis, who left those theatergoers defenseless in the face of a predatory madman?

Could somebody parse that out for me?

Incrementalism and Boiling Frogs

DOC MERCURY ADDED another entry to his Baby Steps list. This one about bar coding. Terrifying.

If they know who and where you are, it is only a little, tiny — if I may — baby step from there to being willing and able to target you for capture, imprisonment, or assassination, and finding this citizen locator tool handy for that purpose.

Think it far-fetched? Consider:

For the longest time, we were assured that the Social Security Number (SSN) would never — could never (it’s against the law, even — be used for identification purposes. That’s not what it’s meant for, they said, and left implied the notion that no one given the power of the state would ever subvert or pervert it to purposes unintended.

A small number of years back, when I told a bank officer that she had no right to ask for my SSN or to associate it with my account, she informed me that I was correct, but that the Internal Revenue Service required banks to report to it all accounts not associated with a SSN, and, if there were any earnings accrued (say, APY on a passbook account), the ENTIRE AMOUNT was to be confiscated for taxes owed and let the account holder file a tax return — and good luck proving the money was yours.

Are you getting this? No. They won’t use your SSN to identify you, but if you don’t voluntarily proffer it, you lose all property rights in what is yours.

This is in direct contravention of an ironclad provision of the Constitution — to whit, the Fourth Amendment. And you think that some murky, deliberately-gray area, some bureaucrat — even on later painted as a rogue agent, running a shadow, rump operation — would not push the button to order — say — a Predator drone to strafe your house?

What’s that, you say? Never?

Really. That’s interesting, considering that it’s already been done, and those drones are already in operation in CONUS, and the power asserted that, in cases of terrorism or national security (or even a FISA warrant’s being issued), you may, indeed, find yourself the target of one of these terminators.

I think it’s long past time that We the People get deadly serious about the Right to Privacy. One is told that the rights supposedly guaranteed by the First Amendment are the queen of rights, or that the right to keep and bear arms enforces our assertion of our rights against the state. But I believe the ur right is the Right of Self — to be inviolate in one’s person (and, therefor, in one’s property and effects) is the basis for all other rights. And privacy inheres to the individual like a tattooed-on set of Underoos.

I’ve threatened before to get mouthy on this subject and have been confronted by the broad scope and vast possibilities inherent to the topic. That has slowed me down, so with this, I am taking the decision to nibble at the topic. Our Curmudgeon, among other galactic intellects has already plowed a lot of this ground, and you would do well to listen to him and encourage him to unspool past and future hits in this genre. I’m not the first, but I want to add my voice to the growing crowd that sees in these importunate initiatives a beginning of a great fall of the liberty nation.
If you love liberty, join this fight.

Resolved: the Right to Privacy descends from the Right to Life and is, therefore, unalienable and absolute.

You own yourself and you own the information about you. Resist all efforts to infringe on your privacy. Do not do business with enterprises which trade in the private information of individuals. Where you cannot avoid doing business with the nosey and intrusive, protest loudly their infringements. Urge your elected officials to take note of and action on this issue. Write, speak, act.

That Obama’s Father of the Mind

WAS A “CARD-CARRYING” member of the Communist Party USA, (Number 47544), is not as big a deal all by itself as Glenn Beck was making it out to be on Tuesday.

I knew communists back in the ’60s. One of my best friends was a communist. NOT, I should hasten to point out, a card-carrying member of CPUSA, because, as with the Weather Underground and other terrorist organizations of the era, out of five people conspiring, three would be government agents provocateur.

In a lot of circles, actual CPUSA members were looked down upon as wannabe poseuers.

Not that that makes Frank Marshall Davis any less despicable, and his mentoring of Barack Obama (and the media’s concealment of those facts) any less reprehensible, and that facts any less dispositive of Obam’s fitness for the office of dogcatcher, let alone the Presidency of the United States.

After all, membership in some particular front organization notwithstanding, small-c communism and capital-C Communism, as revolutionary ideologies, and on the basis of their 20th Century body count alone — and to hell with the rest of the butcher’s bill of their sins — is/are the singular greatest evil(s) ever encompassed by the minds of Men. That Obama so freely mouths the movement’s choicest shibboleths should give any patriotic American pause, and it’s tragic, really, that there are so few of that breed in the corridors of power these days.

But: CPUSA? Meh.

I Love What Rush Says

ABOUT THIS. “Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.”

Just a Random Brain Fart

ADDRESSED TO ALL YOU leftists out there — whatever you call yourselves, liberals, progressives, democrats, socialists, communists, communitarians… whatever.

When you say individualism like it was a dirty word; when you speak of the concept as being anti-social, as being somehow selfish (as though that were a bad thing, and you all ignorant of Ayn Rand’s epistemological development of the concept); when you talk of individuals as being against or versus the common weal…

You should realize that you are evincing a deep lack of respect for the rights of others. It is, in fact, you who are being anti-social, of aligning your selfish interests agains the common weal. For there is no — can be no — group or common weal without the individual. As Rand put it, the individual is the smallest minority, and you cannot claim to be in favor of the rights of the minority if you have no regard for the rights of the individual.

This pattern of belief, word, and deed is, at bottom, deeply anti-social. Sociopathic, in fact. And it should be dispositive that people who truly love people should have nothing to do with it.

As Benjamin Constant put it (and we quote in the side bar):

Society has no right to be unjust to a single one of its members … the whole society minus one, is not authorised to obstruct the latter in his opinions, nor in those actions which are not harmful, in the use of his property or the exercise of his labour, save in those cases where that use or that exercise would obstruct another individual possessing the same rights.

The mal-informed witterings of the President notwithstanding, no human progress has ever been encompassed without the intelligence, desire, and drive of some individual or individuals.

There may be no “i” in “team,” but neither is there a “we” in “achievement.” Just as “we” did not vote ourselves into this mess we’re in, “we” did not invent the light bulb, develop mass production of motorcars, devise the protocols of the Internet, or put a man on the moon.

All of those things were done by individuals, and — to the extent that public monies were appropriated to pay for those things — the vast majority of those forced to pay did not willingly give up the money, nor did even a plurality of them favor the projects. They were forced into supporting them — unjustly — by government which had no brief, no right, and no lawful authority to engage in the activity.

And, although the accomplishments are noteworthy, it is also worth noting that, to date, the government has done nothing worth mentioning with these wonderful initiatives. It took a British programmer working at a UN project in Switzerland to develop the mechanism that made the Internet a viable mass medium. It took an entrepreneur in Seattle to make it a viable commercial marketplace. And, now, all government can think to do with it is kill the golden goose with taxes.

All that has happened in space that’s worthwhile has happened as a result of private, commercial development. If anything, a forced government monopoly has done nothing but retard development and render it prohibitively expensive. Private development has done more in the last decade than all the government weapons initiative (remember that: the statist space race was and remains an arms race) had done in the previous century. (Yes, century. I remind you that Konstantin Tsiolkovsky was born in 1857(!)).

As I have argued here before, the mind of the individual is the apotheosis of creation — that which makes us in apprehension like unto gods. The ill-treatment of the individual is, therefor, sacrilege.

Oh, look! They Amended the Constitution

AND ALL WE GOT was this lousy tax.

WHAT?! Are you talking about.

Article I, Section 9: “No Tax or Duty shall be laid on Articles exported from any State.”

What that means, for those of you in Rio Linda, is that, if you ship a computer from Texas top Ohio, no tax. A book from Seattle to Kentucky — no tax. A ladies’ razor from Paramus to Brooklyn: NO! TAX!

There’s nothing in there about a “locus” or a “presence” in the destination state. The authority to tax follows the GOODS.

Now, most copies of the Constitution label this as a restriction on Congress. But, in the actual text of the document, there is no such note. Oh, in the earlier parts of section 1, there is discussion of the form and structure of Congress. And the entire Article is about Congress. But — and this is important, the actual language of the law is ABSOLUTE. It doesn’t say “Congress shall lay no tax or duty….” It says, “NO tax or duty SHALL BE LAID…” Which means by ANY authority whatsoever. NOBODY is allowed to tax interstate commerce. Period. End of discussion.

But, Alger (she said, playing the good little shill), then all people would have to do to avoid a sales tax would be to carry their goods across a state line. Poof! No more sales tax!

And, by you, this is a problem?

‘Ll… How would states pay for stuff?

Oh, I don’t know… Hold a bake sale?

But… what about roads? And police and fire?

Where is it written that these things must be paid for via general taxes? Hmmm?

Um… (Realizing that she’s in a spot.) We’ve always done it that way?

And, also, you of course realize that we are not attacking funding for police and firemen, roads and sewers — yet.

OK. That sounded really lame, even while I was saying it.

True. And hardly accurate. In fact, for the majority of the history of the country — if you count from the first settlements in the present territory of the U.S. — it’s been done any way but. The rearing of the ugly head of statism is a relatively recent invention. And, contra the chattering and ruling classes, I don’t see it as progress.

Take your example and edit it a bit. “In order for a person to retain his liberty, all he would have to do is cross a state line.”


What? You mean to say that taxes are NOT an affront to liberty? They steal from a person his very substance. How much more despicable does an act of government have to become in order to become an affront to liberty? Hmmm?

But all of that is beside the point. The Constitution, the fundamental law of the land, the rules on the inside of the lid of the game box forbid the activity, in clear, no-nonsense terms. And, yet, the governments — several and sundry — of the nation insist it is their right and due — meet and just — that they be enabled to lay these impositions.

And they therefore must have amended the Constitution. After all, a government cannot break the law. It’s un-possible. Like crossing the streams — right?

Well, no. Crossing the streams is not not possible. In fact, less than five minutes after that limit was mentioned, they — get this — crossed the streams.

Oh! So the government IS able to violate the Constitution. So we can go tell Nancy Pelosi that, yes, “Is Obamacare constitutional?” is a serious question, and, no, the Roberts decision is hardly dispositive. In fact, while claiming to be protecting the viability of the Court, the Chief Justice may have actually undermined it.

But that’s hardly surprising, now, is it?

Some Day, 40 Years Down the Road

PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE LOOKING AT pictures of muffin tops, whale tales, asshats, and tramp stamps on the Internet — or whatever replaces it — and make as much fun of yoga pants then as we’re making of leisure suits now.

Moron Says WHAT!?

THE PRESIDENT says, “If you have a business… you didn’t build that!”

Oh. Good. So, going forward, I don’t have to do anything and my business will just magically appear. No work on my part. No intellectual effort, no hours and days, weeks and months and years spent at the keyboard. Somebody else did all that for me.

And my tax money? Pfft!

I agree with Rush. I do not understand how anybody who has accomplishments or aspirations can not be appalled at this man.

OTOH, the thing about Bane and the Batman movie? Look the word “bane” up. It’s been around for a LONG time. I would suggest to you that whoever chose the name of Bain Capital — as the saying goes — chose poorly. Not the other way around.

Hell, I’d name a bad guy Bane, if it weren’t already taken … a couple dozen times.

I Made That

SEE? SEE? You can get results by writing your congresscritter (or, in this case, Senator).

Now to go for the twofer and ask for a thumbs-down on the blatantly anti-constitutional Arms Trafficking Treaty.

Dear Senator Portman;

While the no-doubt thunderous applause dies away after your announcement on LOST (thank you ever-so much, by the way), and if it’s not too much like a kid asking Santa for a long list, could you find it in your goody bag to fight against the anti-constitutional Arms Trade Treaty?

Actually, I’d like to see — as the cliche goes — the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US, but… baby steps. I’ll settle for not signing away parts of the Constitution, one treaty at a time.


Warmest regards,
Mark Alger

Broke 80K

DIVED UNDER THE headphones (well… earbuds) after dinner and dishes and worked through the issues of the latest set piece — Tiko and Dolly versus Herr Kapitan Inspektor. Along the way, I passed 80,000 words — albeit just barely. (80,400 when I quit at 11:00PM)

The Dolly playlist. If the Baby Troll Chronicles were ever to become a television series, this would be the first sound track CD.

  • Amanda Marshall – Believe in You (Tuesdays Child)
  • DollyTheme (1:20 edit of Amanda Marshall – Best of Me (Tuesdays Child))
  • Martina Mcbride – Happy Girl (Evolution)
  • Martina Mcbride – Be That Way (Evolution)
  • Joni Mitchell – Carey (Blue)
  • Sarah Mclachlan – Full of Grace (Surfacing)
  • Elton John – Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road)
  • Peter Frampton – It All Comes Down to You (Peter Frampton)
  • The Charlie Daniels Band – Mister DJ (Simple Man)
  • Procol Harum – Repent Walpurgis (Procul Harum)
  • Santana – Samba Pa Ti (Abraxas)
  • Chris Isaak – Wicked Game (Heart Shaped World)
  • Santana – Treat (Santana)
  • Sade – I Never Thought I’d See the Day (Stronger Than Pride)
  • Elton John – All the Girls Love Alice (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road)
  • Jewel – I Won’t Walk Away (This Way)
  • Amanda Marshall – Out of Bounds (Tuesdays Child)
  • Sade – Haunt Me (Stronger Than Pride)
  • Martina Mcbride – Still Holding On (Evolution)
  • Sade – Siempre Hay Esperanza (Stronger Than Pride)
  • David Lanz – The Setting of Two Suns – Skyline Firedance Suite (Skyline Firedance)
  • Sarah Mclachlan – Time (Afterglow)
  • Sarah Mclachlan – Possession (Fumbling Towards Ecstasy)
  • Sarah Mclachlan – Wait (Fumbling Towards Ecstasy)

Pro Tip to Americans for Prosperity

SPAMMING VOICEMAILS to cell phones that are on the Do Not Call list is a piss-poor way to advance your cause. Stop it.

Tweet of the Day


Romney may put his money in Swiss banks. Obama puts my money in Greek economics.

–David “Iowahawk” Burge on Twitter

(Hat tip: Instapundit.)

Dear Senator Portman

Dear Senator;

Please join in signing the letter being circulated against the Law of the Sea Treaty as described here:

It is vital to American sovereignty that this treaty be killed and buried at the metaphoric crossroads with a stake through its heart..

Warmest regards,
Mark Alger

I Started Out With Virtually No

PATIENCE FOR MARXIST KOOL-AID drinkers in the first place, and here lately, with all the knickers-twisting over Amazon in the publishing biz, I’ve lost even that.

Christ on a triscuit, those people are morons!

The complaint, as I understand it is that Amazon is a monopoly (Oooo! Scawwy!) and will ruin the bookselling business — hell, publishing! — hell, LITERATURE. Why? Because they sell books cheap. Lots of books.

Are they cheating somebody? Well, no. They’re paying the same rate to publishers as anybody else would selling the same volume. And, in point of fact, it would seem they’re making a lot of people rich.

But, the panic-merchants adduce, they’re selling below the price that small independents can sell at! They … (wait for it) … they com-pete. ( ::hyperventilate:: ) And…? Well, the small, mom-and-pop independents can’t compete.

To which I ask, “What’s stopping them?”

They’ll go out of business!!eleven!

And this is a problem because…?

They’ll lose their businesses!


Well! Something needs to be done! We’re losing all the stores on Main Street!

Because…? (Sometime this really IS like leading a mule to water — without recourse to a 2×4 to get its attention.)

Well! Amazon and Wal-Mart practice predatory pricing and put Mom-and-Pop stores out of business.

Still not seeing the problem, here… If a business is uneconomic, it is wasting its customer’s money — money that’s come at the cost of parts of their lives. Why on earth should it continue to do so?

But!! Main Street!!

What!? You have some fetishistic attachment to some Disney-esque fantasy that never really existed? A century-past moment in a world in transition and you think that everybody should be paying higher prices so you can exercise your inner child?

But…! Predatory pricing!

What? Is Jeff Bezos going door-to-door with a gun and a suitcase full of books, extorting sales out of hapless householders?

Don’t be silly!

Really! How silly is it to call offering goods at a price a buyer wants to pay is … ::sneer:: … “predatory”?


Listen, you witless moron! Markets exist for the benefit of the buyer, not the seller. And all you need to do to win in the market as a seller is to offer the buyer what he wants at a price he is willing to pay. In other words, the way to get rich is to serve your fellow man. Yet, when somebody does that, you want to put him out of business? For your aesthetic fetish? For your warm, moist desire for a time and place that never existed in the first place, except in Lady and the Tramp and Michigan J. Frog?

And you’d rather trust government over business? You frikking fool! If you didn’t propose to put me and mine in danger for our lives, I’d find you actually funny. But as it is, your yearning for a dictator daddy to tell you how to run your life doesn’t just affect you. There are people around you whose liberty you’re endangering. They may react negatively. And yet…

When was the last time Amazon kicked down somebody’s door in the small hours of morning and shot their dog?

When was the last time Microsoft incinerated 80 innocents, mostly women and children?

When was the last time a Fox News sniper assassinated a mother standing in her own kitchen door holding her infant child?

Which business has armed death squads in black tactical ninja gear roaming the countryside looking for doors to kick down and dogs to shoot in the dark of night?

Which corporation employs “the most brutal collection agency on the planet”?

What multi-national (or mom-and-pop, for that matter) can lock you out of your own bank accounts, pauper you, and render you defenseless, deny you due process, and then — for good measure — KILL YOU if you’re short a couple of bucks on your bill? (A bill for goods and services you didn’t order, don’t want, and expressly told them you didn’t want, need, have a lawful obligation to accept or pay for?)

Are you OUT of your fucking MIND?

You fool!

There Could Not Be

A STARKER DEMONSTRATION of the laziness, intellectual bankruptcy, the professional malpractice of the constitutionally-privileged legacy partisan press than in the reportage on the vote in the House on Wednesday to repeal Obamacare.

Since the Republicans are almost universally opposed to Obamacare and are the majority in the House, it is almost a foregone conclusion that the vote will succeed. [Update: the measure passed in a bipartisan landslide, 244 to 185 — 6 voting, perhaps, “present”.] And, since the Democrats — in control of the Senate, as well as the President’s veto pen — are vehemently, desperately requiring the maintenance of the so-called Affordable Care Act (which, if there were honesty in legislative labelling, would actually be called the Insurance Industry Golden Parachute Act), the vote in the Senate is also a foregone conclusion.

The vote, therefor, was a bit of political kabuki.

But the media reported it as a serious matter that would be decided once and for all by this vote.

Yes, the repeal faces a tough row to hoe in the Senate. Isn’t that the point? That the Democrats govern against the will of the people? That they are anything but democratic?

The People did not want Obamacare in the first place. Those with memories long enough to extend to a time when all quotidian medical expenses were covered out-of-pocket didn’t want this whole socialized medicine farago in the first place.

The People rejected Obamacare when it was being debated and rammed through Congress via dubious political hacks. And we warned them — time and again — you ram Obamacare down our throats, we’ll shove it up your ass. It will not happen immediately, but will develop over time, but I hope and expect that forcing this issue now will be the ultimate cause of the demise of the current power structure on the Left. In twenty years, the political landscape in America will look a lot different, and people who expected to be in the catbird seat will be on Skid Row, panhandling for quarters.

The People wanted Obamacare struck down in the courts. There is considerable suspicion of the SCOTUS decision. Nobody has come right out and said that Roberts was coerced or bribed, but you can’t help thinking it, the decision is THAT wannsinig.

The People want Obamacare repealed. And the Republicans expect that the Democrats in the Senate will ride their desperate need for the law down to ultimate self-immolation, like Slim Pickens in Strangelove. And they want to hang it around the Democrats’ necks like the albatross in the Ancient Mariner.

So, why doesn’t the press report that? It’s great media — it has drama, conflict… It bleeds. And, yet…

Aren’t Democrats Just SO Precious

WHEN THEY TRY TO TALK tough to criminals and hoods? Don’t they just sound like a two-year-old stomping his foot, shrieking, “NO!”?

Rahm “Rahm-bo” “Dead-fish” Emmanuel, Lord Mayor of Chicago, has eructed in his best tough-guy tones to the gangs of Chicago, “Stay away from our kids!”

By which he has told the gangs where his weakness lies. He has, in effect, made the children of the City of Broad Shoulders into hostages to the good behavior of thugs.

Smooth move, Ex-Lax!

A Reminder to All the Supra-National

STATISTS OUT DEYAH who think they can amend the Constitution by executive fiat: there’s a reason the Second Amendment exists, and it’s not so Elmer Fudd can hunt wabbits.

Just sayin’s all.

Van Jones is an Idiot

BUT A DANGEROUS idiot, nonetheless.

George Lakoff (as Rush says, “rhymes with…”) has written a Little Blue Book. (Funny thing about blue books. They used to be iconic at exam time back in school. (Might still be, for all I know.) I’d mark this one an F.)

And it appears that the Left is going to try to steal the notion of liberty.

Meanwhile, across town, the UN is talking about a billionaire tax to help the poor who weren’t helped by foreign aid and relief because their problem isn’t poverty — it’s kleptocratic statists, who are kept in power by — class…? class…? Bueller…? — right: the United Nations. And officials of our government, who have sworn oaths to preserve, protect, and defend the — what institution? class…? — right the Constitution… are now proposing that the U.S. enter into a treaty which will infringe no only on Americans’ rights to keep and bear arms, but will infringe on the rights of people not even subject to American law. Whatta country!

And Van Jones is on the stump trying to sell the notion that capitalism is a threat to liberty.

Yeah. Right.

Just remember, you can’t trust a Leftist to tell the truth on any subject, and you certainly cannot trust them on the subject of your personal liberty. So your Short Left mnemonic is: when a leftist talks about protecting your liberty, keep your hand on your wallet. Those people wouldn’t know liberty if it bit them on the ass. (And it’s likely to.) But they sure know how to glom onto power like a crocodile. And they sure know how to steal and spend other people’s money like it grew on trees.

They’re trying to persuade that corporations are trying to get control of the government. In contradiction, I offer you the example of Microsoft, which was resolutely apolitical until Washington sent the message they had better pay up or Washington would ruin them. This is typical. This does not strike me as corporations trying to get control of the government so much as they are trying to defend themselves against government predation.

And, I might point out — as I did twenty years ago to an acquaintance engaged in hysterical hyperventilation about corporate power — that corporations don’t have guns. They don’t have armed death squads roaming the countryside, looking for doors to kick down in the dark of night. They don’t have the power.

So shit me no bullshit about corporate power being a greater threat than that of the government.

The Blaze reports.

Pro tip to Glenn Beck: your web site is bloated. It takes and ice age to load. Fix it.

As Far as I am Concerned

INCIDENTS SUCH AS this series of them involving Brad Pitt’s mother are not only despicable, reprehensible, unforgiveable, and unacceptable, they constituted a clear demonstration of why no philosophy or policy of the Left belongs anywhere in civil society. Leftists should be shunned from the public square, shamed into hiding, and never lent any credence on any subject whatsoever.

Don’t want to hear any “Yes, but” excuses either. There’s no excuse for this.

Fucking barbarians.

You Lie

(AGAIN). It’s not really a headline — denoting surprise — so much as a marker. A label. A placeholder.

The President says, untruthfully, shamelessly, bald-facedly: “The other side believes that prosperity comes from the top down.”

Bollocks! Balderdash! Bullshit!

And he either knows it’s not true, or he’s witless. Which it is, deponent sayeth not.

But whichever, it’s a lie.

Got Dolly and Tiko Off the Dime

AND AWAY FROM THEIR first encounter and all that surrounds that. I wouldn’t say I’ve been blocked exactly, but I have been working that set of five or six scenes pretty hard.

So the second stage of Dolly’s journey in Faerie is now entered. Word count is seventy-eight, six, almost 79K. I was hoping to make it to 80K this weekend (well, I was hoping for even more than that), but I was … I don’t know what you’d call it. Swamped, I guess. I had more impressions to capture than I had time, energy, or words to do. And, instead of screaming through it, it slowed me down. Still. Almost fifteen pages. I suppose at my current rate of speed, I should be grateful.

I keep meaning to share bits and pieces of research, and keep forgetting to. And it’s late now, but here’s a peice: a starting point for a wiki-wander … You’re welcome. Oh, and: have fun with this one, too.

Sometimes A Comment Is Just A Comment

AND, SOMETIMES, one will grow — like Topsy. This is me, in comments to this, at Joe’s.

I should like to insert a small note here.

I do not believe that there can be a truly compelling public interest which morally requires the infringement on the rights of a single individual. I assert that the claim is risible and founded in an abysmal (dare I say, deliberate) misunderstanding of individual rights.

All negative externalities I have heard put forth for, e.g., infringements on RKBA, can be dealt with through a negotiation between two private individuals — even granted albeit the negotiations are conducted under state auspices. Society as a whole has no legitimate interest. The claim that gun control is needed for the maintenance of good social order is a notion that simply cannot pass a horselaugh test. (See Lott’s own studies.)

I understand that the legal folk feel it necessary to pay lip service (at least) to certain collectivist notions, but — really — they don’t stand up to scrutiny. They just don’t. I think even Lott (PBUH) is immune to this, as wise as he appears otherwise. It is not the conventional wisdom, true. But, absent even the smallest push back in favor of individualism, thus will it always remain. Consider me the pebble before the avalanche.

Didn’t start out to be a micro tompaine, but … sometimes, that just happens.

OK. Obama Says Something ELSE Moronic

AND IT’S UP TO poor li’l ole us to tell you why, because the media is too stupid to do the job they’re being paid to do.

“Outsourcing” is when your company hires a cleaning service instead of having a janitor on the staff…

…because it’s cheaper for the company. Or because government labor regulations make it impractical to have the janitor on the staff and buying the service from an outside vendor — outsourcing — makes more sense.

“Offshoring” is when multi-national companies set up plants in other countries — such as China — and hires workers there…

…because government, gratuitously meddling in the labor market, makes regulations which have made local labor in the company’s home country uncompetitive. And multi-national companies have to compete in a global market, which includes large, developing countries, and labor costs, being an overwhelming majority of the costs of production, are practically the only place they can cut, and they can’t use fewer people, so they have to use less-expensive people.

And it doesn’t take MUCH of a difference. I’m told that, with only the slightest percentage change in regulatory overhead, American labor (for example), being far more productive than its overseas counterparts, can be competitive. IOW, it’s not the high price of the wages, but of the government’s meddling that loses the jobs offshore.

Which makes the whingeing from government sources on the issue both insulting AND injurious.

When Obama says, “Outsourcing,” he wants you to hear “Offshoring.” Not that there’s anything inherently evil in either practice. AND… not that there’s anything good about a government figure knocking business for the practices — especially when it’s bad government practice which creates the situations necessitating the practices in the first place.

If I were in a position to need the services of potential employees, I would NEVER hire them directly. Because of the meddling of the Federal government in the relationship between employers and employees, I DO. Not. Want. To. Ever. Be. An. Employer.

I Suppose We Shouldn’t Be Surprised

THAT THE LEFT IS TRYING TO talk down patriotism and devalue liberty. It must be close to the only trick they have left.

Considering it’s an open attack after a century of stealth betrayals, we should be glad. I guess.

Who is Higgs

AND WHY IS HER bosom so fascinating to people?

Social Security

IS IDENTICAL TO (that is: ==) Musical Deck Chairs.

Just Broke 75K Words

WOO-HOO! I know, I know, it’s not the word count, but whether you’ve told the story. On that point, I’m not so successful. But still…

No Elected Democrat

SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO get away with saying a single fucking thing about how fast America’s coal-fired electric providers can manage to get storm-outaged customers back online. Not. One. Fucking. Thing. Smarmy bastards need to be kicked in their gonads — whatever flavor — for having the freaking gall to bitch about the responsiveness of an industry they’re doing their level fucking best to destroy. Fuck them with a rusty rake.

Wanted: a press with spine.

It’s An Existential-Angst


Incoming call rings the phone at the Patch Factory. Answered: “Good morning, [name of company]!”

Robot: Press One if you are…

Person answering the phone: …

Robot: If you are not, press two.

They Keep Not Getting It

SO RESOLUTELY THAT one is forced sometimes to conclude that they do so deliberately.

Senator William Proximire of Wisconsin used to ding government science programs as wasteful of taxpayer monies. People who favor research as a general good seemed to deliberately miss the point. They asserted that, because they view science as a good, government funding of research is an unalloyed public good.

Couldn’t be further from the truth.

Scientific research is none of the government’s business. As a matter of fact, the farther you can keep the government from science the better. It’s not a matter that some research grants are trivially made, it’s a matter that all government research is ill-advised.

Now, I’m sure that proponents of some government research projects are going to throw them back in my face — the space program, the Internet, atomic energy, electric vehicles, global warming… Do you begin to see my point? The space program has successfully retarded human progress for almost a century. If it had been left to private enterprise, I’d wager we’d be living on the moon by now. A good many wiser heads than mine thought so. The Internet is a spin-off of a military program. It was not until private enterprise took hold that anything really earth-moving came of it. And atomic energy has worked so well for a lot of people other than the Navy, hasn’t it? Electric vehicles? Don’t make me laugh. And global warming is actually an indictment of government — scorn quotes — “science”.

In reference to this article from the Hoover Institution.

Seventy-three, six-oh-five

WANTED TO GET TO FIVE digits of wordage this weekend. The spirit was willing, but the flesh was weak. Friday at lunchtime, the serpentine belt on my Jeep went out. Spent the afternoon dealing with that — getting it towed, stealing Toni’s car, and so-forth. Then off to Sam’s for the biweekly run. Went into Sam’s at peak temperature for the day — some kind of record at 100-plus F. Came out into the summer monsoon. A 30-degree drop and several inches of rain in under an hour. I’m so delighted for the parched earth, but it couldn’t have waited until I was home?

Went to bed Friday night at around Nine O’Clock. Up early Saturday, took Toni to work. Did Kroger. Got home, loaded in, got all sweaty again. Showered, napped. That seemed the pattern for the weekend — do something to wear me out, take a nap. Eat. Wear me out. Nap. Eat. Isn’t aging fun?

Paid some bills. Didn’t get to do much writing. Maybe Wednesday.

Worked a scene tonight which is a dialog between Drummond and Randa. A lot of pennies dropping, including several major world-building changes that might surprise the critters and betas. Or might not. Current total stands at 73,605. Blew through the June 30 deadline. Struggling manfully to carry on.

Read two-thirds of Elizabeth Moon’s Paksenarrion’s Legacy. Third third not out in MMPB. Me too broke to pay legacy publishers’ full-prices for windowed bindings. I will have to wait for the third book. And, I hear rumored, a fourth. Love the story, hate the Water Torture release schedules.