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That to Secure These Rights

SAYS THE DECLARATION of Independence (whose signing we celebrate this coming Wednesday), “Governments are instituted among Men.”

So, when the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court writes, “It is not our job to protect the people…” from anything, he either lies or reveals an ignorance of historical fact so abysmal as to be disqualifying. It is, in fact, exactly your job, Chief Roberts, to protect the people from any violation of Constitutional law, whether it was passed by Congress in a fraudulent legislative process or brought about through an executive overreach.

By so writing, you violate — indeed, vitiate — your oath of office.

Which makes you doubly damned, albeit hardly unique in our nation’s capital.

Wait! The Declaration is not a formal part of statute law.

No, but I submit to you that it is, as a matter of fact, a part of the Constitution, by virtue of the Ninth Amendment, if nothing else. Without the Declaration, the Constitution, it could be argued, is not valid.

Supremes Split the Baby

AND THIS IS WHY I keep urging people: don’t argue on the basis of practicalities of the policy. Challenge the fundamentals of the policy. Congress does not have the authority to meddle in personal and private contracts between medical practitioners and the People. Period. End of discussion.

As for what to do going forward, 1) impeach every single justice on the Supreme Court for gross violation of fiduciary responsibility to We the (little) People. 2) Vote Obama out of office. I don’t care if you elect Romney or Johnson or Ron Paul’s little dog. DO NOT put a Democrat in the White House.

Not that you should ever do that anyway. Sort of like crossing the streams.

Um… right. Moving right along: 3) If you are represented in Congress by a Democrat, vote for the other guy. 4) DO NOT cooperate. Refuse to buy the government insurance. Pay the friggin’ fine. 5) Flood the zone. Tell your own representative AND the leadership… ram that repeal through committee. Bring it to the frigging floor TODAY.

Vote’s scheduled for the Eleventh.

Well, there you go. For the government, that’s pretty damned close to immediate. But they still have to follow through.

If they don’t, they not only won’t be in office come January, they may not survive until then.

I suppose you know, THIS MEANS WAR!

As the Old Folks Used to Say

HARRY RIED IS AS USELESS as tits on a boar hog.

In reacting to the reaction (largely negative except within the legacy partisan press) to the SCOTUS ruling on the alleged Affordable Care Act (better known as Obamacare), Senator Ried (D-NV) said, “We shouldn’t waste time…” and I didn’t hear the rest.

This from the leader of the house which has not passed a budget in three years.

I am minded of the Tea Party riff on killing Time from Alice.


If Obamacare’s a Tax

THEN IT IS EVEN MORE desperate that the entire tax code be overhauled.

As for Obamacare in specific, by the Declaration of Independence and the Ninth Amendment, the People to retain a right to capital “L” Liberty, and Obamacare is an affront to Liberty.

I say it’s spinach, and I say to Hell with it.

And, By the Way

THIS IS JUST EXACTLY THE reason I keep saying that RINOs such as Orrin Hatch have to go. They lie and claim that we wouldn’t have the court we have today if it weren’t for them. That’s true inasmuch as they are the cause we have Kagen, Sotomayor, and Buzzie … er … Ginsburg on the court instead of, say, Bork, Gonzalez, or someone who — unlike Chief Justice Roberts — will not rule to expand the power of government to the detriment of liberty. But they lie by implying that, without their collapse in favor of statist gits such as Kagen, Sotomayor, and Ruth Buzzie Ginsburg, the court would be a better place. I object that the point is immaterial.

Whether Congress succeeds at repealing the law or not, it is illegitimate, it is an affront to liberty, and it must be resisted on all fronts at all costs.

And bitch slap (verbally, please) anybody who tries to tell you that it’s now “settled law.” I have two words for those morons: Dredd Scott.

Here’s My Proposal

TO SHOW WE’VE LEARNED OUR LESSON we should Amend the Constitution with one that says that Congress may not — SHALL not — make a law which infringes upon the liberty of individual citizens. However you’ve got to write that to make it clean and pointed enough, and yet universal.

And in the “Gee! Ya Think?”

OF THE WEEK, Powerline asks, “Is Welfare Spending Futile?”

Well. Yes. For certain negative values of “futile.” Otherwise, I’d say more in the direction of “counterproductive.”

Kinda depends on what you’re try’n’ ‘a produce, dunnit?

You mean, if what you’re after it tanking the American economy, destroying the country, and replacing it with the soviet model, then it’s not?

That would be the one.


Real Quick

WHILE I’M HOME FOR LUNCH… so the ACA and the SCOTUS decision set the precedent that the government can tax you anything for any purpose.

By the Declaration (as clear a statement of original intent as you’ll ever get) and the Ninth Amendment, the rights of the People are unlimited. Including, I must say, the Right to Liberty.

As Obamacare infringes upon individual liberty, I, as a sovereign member of We The People, and by the power and authority invested in my by God, hereby declare the alleged Affordable Care Act null and void.

Hey! If there’s no limit to the powers of Congress, then there’s no limit to the authority of We The People. And Congress’s name ain’t over the door.

And that’s how we should refer to it, too — the “alleged” Affordable Care Act.

Pulled the Apocrypha Story

NOW KNOWN AS “A Dynasty Divine,” (9,000 words) into Scrivener and started breaking it up into scenes. What I’m after is the core of the story of the Choosing of Gabrielle Francesca East in 1838. I think I will eventually call the new story to come out of it “Choosing” — simply that — and it may turn out to be even shorter than the source is. Parts of the current story, I am coming to believe, actually belong with another story, called “Odalisque”. (See Wiki-article on the concept of an odalisque. The painting featured at the top of the article was used as the cover of a book by Alev Lytle Croutier called Harem: The World Beyond the Veil.)

Basically I wanted to get one particular note down — Hephaestus saying, “People mistake the trappings and surrounds of the Choosing of the Child as being those of a search for a Child of the East. In reality, the search is and always has been the search for the Child of the East. There has only ever been one. What we Gods try to do is find him or her in the current generation. He’s not always there. Not always incarnated at the present moment.”

So. David Brooks

AND LZ GRANDERSON WANT AMERICA to fully embrace the Fuhrerprinzep? Is that what I’m hearing?

Got it. KTNXBAI.

Quote of the Day

…When the eagle comes to eat your liver? Eat his. Raw.

–Sarah A. Hoyt
…in comments

Word Count for Tuesday

MADE 420 words this evening, or morning if you will, just before bedtime. Continuing the train of narration from Monday night. Tiko no longer speaks broken English — it was a ploy — but knows an awfully uncomfortable lot about Earth culture and idioms for an Elf.

Feels good to be making progress, no matter how slight, and no matter how hard it is to hold my head up and my eyes open to type. I’m for the bed. G’nite.

So The Regime Has

ANNOUNCED THAT THEY won’t answer the phone when it’s Arizona calling.

Isn’t Caller ID wonderful?

So, what I think the ‘Zonans ought to do is, when they have a quota of illegals in custody, they ought to bus them over and drop them in front of the Federal building.

And make sure the media is there when they do.

I mean, isn’t it racist to assume that an individual of a given ethnic background is in favor of breaking the law? That they have a greater attachment to strangers from their own “old-country” background than they do to the enforcement of the law for the public safety of where they live now?

So Obama thinks that, because he just told all the Hispanic citizens in Arizona, “Fuck you!”, they’re going to vote with him in November?

Do you NEED further proof that this bunch is disconnected from reality?

Well Then

WHY ARE YOU sending me crits.

Made it to 72,720

FIVE-HUNDRED WORDS just before bedtime tonight. The beginning of a friendship between Dolly and Tiko. Good. Was worrying how to pull that off. Here’s a start. If I can keep this up, I might end up the month not so far behind.

Although… The idea of going for 100Kwds is a new one. I did originally start out headed for 70,000-75,000 words, which I have hit, albeit not with a completed story in-hand. But still… I suppose I should take the milestones of success where I can get them. Eh?

Dunno Whether to Woo-hoo or Not

ONLY GOT UP TO 72,200 words this weekend. Only 2,200 words since my birthday. But, in the Quantity vs Quality corner, I’m developing new scenes and refining old ones, strengthening conflict, building tension, garnering a notion of where I’m headed at a finer level of detail than before — at least as relates to this stage of development on these parts of the story. I’ve also realized some of Dolly’s flaws and converted them into acts to cause her regret. She’s done a bad thing from selfish motivation and it has a negative outcome for others. She has a lot of atonin’ t’ do. Gotta love it when your hero falls down. How does she get back up?

But still. The measured progress… not so good.

Yay! Toilet

SO THE UPSTAIRS half-bath at Casa d’Alger is now and once again a two-piece. Got a flapper valve pretty much permanently stuck on the flush valve seat, courtesy of this goop (which, apparently, is a member of a whole family of handigoops). The toilet once again flushes, refills, and does not leak. Now it’s time for a nap.

In the Science Fiction Story “The Cold Equations”

BY TOM GODWIN we get a concise demonstration of the supremacy of reason over emotion. The girl, stowing away in a space ship in order to go see her brother, represents emotion — attempting to override reason by the power of love and hope. Arrayed against her are the iron facts of physical law. Woven in there, too, is the moral reality that she had taken on her own risk, albeit unwittingly, and placed a greater number of individuals at increased risk as a result.

One can imagine that, these days, a liberal witling might threaten legal action against the pilot who insists that the only solution is for her to take a walk in the vacuum of space, and even possibly — through the politically-correct manipulation of ignoramuses in power — force the pilot to accept her presence aboard the ship, thus dooming not only herself and the pilot, but the entire colony to whose rescue the pilot is flying.

Those would be the same kind of people who are pushing Agenda 21 and the whole lame old CAGW Wheeze.

And, of course, not having reason on their side, they descend RIGHT away into ad hominem attacks — calling skeptics “deniers” in a total appeal to emotion and fuzzy thinking in an attempt to redirect attention away from the utter bankruptcy of their case.

I’ve been angered by the mendacity, of course, and enraged by the attempts to keep comity with such blatant liars. And acting out. But… Thank Grid I’m not alone.

And, perhaps, my intemperate ways would not have served the cause as well anyway. I’d call these scathing replies — from Chiefio and Dr. Robert G. Brown far more like unto Reasoned Discourse than my rantings.

This is a hard problem. Not settled science, not well understood, not understood. There are theories and models (and as a theorist, I just love to tell stories) but there aren’t any particularly successful theories or models and there is a lot of competition between the stories (none of which agree with or predict the empirical data particularly well, at best agreeing with some gross features but not others). One part of the difficulty is that the Earth is a highly multivariate and chaotic driven/open system with complex nonlinear coupling between all of its many drivers, and with anything but a regular surface. If one tried to actually write “the” partial differential equation for the global climate system, it would be a set of coupled Navier-Stokes equations with unbelievably nasty nonlinear coupling terms — if one can actually include the physics of the water and carbon cycles in the N-S equations at all. It is, quite literally, the most difficult problem in mathematical physics we have ever attempted to solve or understand! Global Climate Models are children’s toys in comparison to the actual underlying complexity, especially when (as noted) the major drivers setting the baseline behavior are not well understood or quantitatively available.

I hesitate to disagree with Dr. Brown, but. Far from being difficult, the problem — not of working out the facts and issues of warming, but of dealing with the believers — far from being difficult is quite simple: they haven’t proven their case.

And, of course, I don’t believe that they can, for these reasons.

  • The instrumentation for most of the temperature record is and has been incapable of producing precision on the order required to return the delta-T claimed by the warming believers.
  • The ideal resolution of the temperature reporting grid is far too coarse to have any real meaning, and by several orders of magnidtude.
  • The actual TRG is far too spotty, both in spatial array and in timescale to even provide the service — local weather prediction — for which it was intended, let alone for providing any basis for global weather and/or climate modelling.
  • Even as the actual temperature record exists, it does not show a real warming trend. All of the so-called warming in the record comes from manipulation of the data. ALL of it. And ALL of the biases are in the direction of warming.
  • Any temperature recording/reporting array which was sufficiently large and of a high enough resolution to provide accurate and meaningful data would, of necessity, approach the size, complexity, and chaotic effects of the actual atmosphere. This would tend to obviate its utility for the purpose of modelling the atmosphere.

Which leads me to conclude that, A) we don’t know — and can’t know — the temperature of the globe to any meaningful extent, B) we cannot predict weather or climate to offer a real picture of the outcomes claimed by the warmists, and C) WHEN we have looked, WHERE we have looked, there appears to have been an insignificant amount of change, but even the sign of that change is unclear.

By all of which, I refuse to countenance turning the global economy on its head, and the potential resulting deaths in the billions, the warmists call for. And, bearing in mind that there IS that potential for mass death, I will call and continue to call the warmists evil.

No unintended consequences.

OK. I Thought We’d Covered This

BUT CLEARLY, SOME OF YOU haven’t been paying attention. We have established in Excuse Court that there are no such things as unanticipated consequences. If you didn’t anticipate consequences, you were incompetent to the task in the first place and should have come nowhere within three parsecs of it.

And here’s a little addendum. An amendment. An appendix.

If you have not served the full term of punishment for your crime, you HAVE NOT “suffered enough.”

No appeal.

And While We’re On the Subject of Principles

REMEMBER THAT PROPERTY comes as the result of labor — the expending of life energy and the moments of one’s life, as few and short as they are, and that — therefor — property is next to life in sanctity.

So, when you take someone’s property without permission or compensation — when you steal — you are taking bits of that one’s life. You are committing, in a very real sense, murder by degrees.

Those who taught you that property is theft lied to you in a most heinous fashion. For, far from being theft, property is life. And theft is murder.

Think about that the next time you pirate a song.

I will go further and state flatly that, in this discussion, those arguing that the record companies have engineered their own downfall by not making music available for download soon enough, and thus created the pirate problem for themselves may be right on the sequence of events, but are still dead wrong on the moral question.

Property is an absolute right. If it isn’t yours, you do not have the right to take it or use it without permission, without regard for how that stricture may inconvenience you. If you do not wish to pay the price a seller wishes to charge you for his goods, then that’s the end of it. He doesn’t get your money and you don’t get his product. You don’t then go about stealing his product because — whiney little brat you — you’re too poor or spent all your money on beer or something. It sucks to be you. Get over yourself.

And there can be no moral argument. If you don’t agree, you’re morally bankrupt and I really don’t want to associate with you.

Had an Exciting Epiphany This Week

AS A PART OF HIS ongoing serieses(es-es-es) on the new publishing paradigm…


New rule. Not allowed to talk about “new paradigms”. ‘Kay?

You’re grounded!

Yup. Still. Gonna put me on double-secret groundation?

Do. Not. Tempt. Me.

Ooooo! I’m SO scared!

Yeah. I see you knocking in your boots. Er … I mean.

Yeah. We know what you mean.

ANY. Way.

In his ongoing serieses on the new ways of publishing, Dean Wesley Smith this week posted some interesting word problems on short fiction.

Which started me thinking.

Now, for the longest time — like… something on the order of forty years — I’ve been struggling to write short fiction. I just haven’t met too much success at it. (Where “too much” is defined as “any”.) And, I suspect, part of my problem is my inability to limit my story ideas. They all just … grow. Like… Sunflowers. You know: throw a few seeds in some dirt and in what seems like no time there’s this Fellini-looking six-foot scarecrow with a moon face and yellow clown hair standing in your garden. ‘Way too big. Sort of like that metaphor got out of hand real fast, there.

But I got to thinking about having to just bite the bullet and develop some short stuff by brute force. You know, just apply cheeks to chair and start monotyping. (That’s NOT stereotyping. Ya folla?)

And something occurred to me. I have a lot of story fragments lying around that, with a little thought and finger development could be turned into story. For example, the bit about GFE1’s Choosing. As a narrative object, it was meant to get Dolly’s karmic predecessor from point A to point B and exposit a little about the customs surrounding the selection of the Child of the East. There’s very little dramatic tension in it. The characters are only sketched. Which is because, as originally written, I was only interested in GFE1 and Hephaestus.

But what ABOUT her mother? What about Em, her father, William Makepeace East? What does her mother feel about losing her youngest daughter to this ancient custom? Why does Em so vehemently reject his family? What do young Gabrielle’s siblings think of it all? What does the whole family go through in the period of time the God is in their home, come to fetch little eight-year-old Gabrielle Francesca?

And, it occurs to me, that another fragment that was either a part of Odalisque, or perhaps A Dynasty Divine, when the 33-year-old young woman comes home to the family’s Ohio farm in 1863, after a quarter-century’s absence, to find a graveyard full of her brothers and sisters and an empty house, and starts the next phase of her life, how that can be drawn together with the earlier episode to make a poignant whole.

And how, while it in no way can support a novel, I bet it can be spun out in less than, say, 15,000 words. A reasonable short eBook. Eh?

And it occurs to me that the full story of Odalisque is another like that. GFE leaves Athens during the Crimean War, a little out of sorts because she’s had to leave her lesbian lover behind, bedridden with influenza. At Galipoli, she meets a dashing young officer in the East Indian Army — one Captain Richard Francis Burton. He has been seconded to a cavalry unit and is in the process of rounding up horses to relieve the Ottoman garrison at Kars, which was beset by the Russians at the time. She gets separated from the crew of her sloop, The Bella Donna, is captured and enslaved in the Seraglio. (She would not have joined the Sultan’s harem, as it would be an unusual ferengi female who’d be welcome there, but would have been pressed into duty as a serving girl — a menial enough role for a lifetime of servitude.) In attempting to escape, she is sentence to summary execution — according to the custom of the day — to be taken in a sack by rowboat onto the Sea of Marmara and thrown into the water…

Where the dashing captain rescues her. He sets her on dry ground and sadly confesses he must remain faithful to his wife. Since she (Gabrielle) is a white woman, it would be too much like cheating for Burton to…

Think it could be made interesting and yet kept under, say, 20,000 words? (The current draft, which gets GFE to Galipoli, is 9,000 words.)

Of course, I have to finish It’s Dolly’s Birthday first. But here’s an interesting incentive. Finish your homework and you can play with the new toys.

If a Political Motivation

DELEGITIMIZES a criminal investigation (and I’m not saying it doesn’t, just sayin’s all), then probably about 150% of the Democrats in Congress better resign their offices — like — yesterday.

Y’know? Sauce for the goose and all that.

Good Looks and Personality

WAS A PHRASE CURRENT AMONG my circle of friends in and immediately after high school, back in the early ’70s. We’d say somebody was trying to get by on good looks and personality. It essentially meant you had a weak case. No substance. It was particularly damning if the person in question had neither good looks nor personality. Viz: Eric Holder.

I was always struck by the Alex P. Keaton types of my acquaintance who never did their homework. They either thought they already knew the material or thought a cursory glance at it and a good line of bullshit would let them slide it on by. And, in those early days of teacher unionization, in that generation of permissive parenting courtesy of Doctor Spock, there was a better-than-50/50 chance it would succeed.

Those people grew up to be Democrats.

Like Obama, the con-law professor whose students don’t seem to remember him, who never published an article in his law review, who doesn’t seem to understand the first thing about the Constitution or anything about the Founding of the republic.

Like the idiots who think that “niggardly” is a racial slur, or that any mention of the word “black” in any context is as well.

Like the fools who think that a MFA in modern art means you’ll never need to use geometry.

Considering the piss-poor drafsmanship of most modern soi-disant artists, that may be true.

Aren’t you still grounded?

For three more weeks.

Just checking.

So: here we are with the entire Obama Administration trying to get by on good looks and personality, and a bunch of uglier trolls I cannot imagine.

Good luck with that.

Not Only Is the Road To Hell

PAVED WITH — SCORN QUOTES– “good” intentions, but there is a special place in the lowest circle of said destination for those who lie in order to sell their causes as moral crusades.

And Rachel Carson’s skin should be about radiated to the consistency of saddle leather by about now.

Fifty years, millions of lives lost, liberty affronted. If ever there was a book worthy of burning, Silent Spring is it.

Good! God! Are Democrats Incapable of Consorting

WITH THE TRUTH? Congressional Black Caucasians mount a full-court press of corrupt and caught-red-handed Attorney General Eric Holder, mouth incredible nonsense, bearing no resemblance to reality.

The mendacity beggars belief.

No Executive Privilege

CAN ATTEND ON THE executive’s actions in the so-called Fast and Furious case, since there is no executive duty to infringe upon the People’s constitutional rights. And that initiative was and remains most certainly a conspiracy against the Constitution.

So The Headline on the Email From

THE NATIONAL EMOTING society read, “Eric Holder held in contempt.”

“Yeah,” I thought. “Been doin’ that for years.”

Ba-dump-bump ::cymbal crash::

With The Gunwalker Scandal Finally Breaking In The News

THOSE OF YOU WHO have been following all along the heroic investigative reportage turned in by Mike Vanderboegh, Sharyl Atkisson, and David Codrea may recall that, early on (and I haven’t heard that this has changed), there were rumors that certain of the federally-licensed gun dealers who had supplied the walked guns had done so under threats from the ATF that they would face bureaucratic sanction and possible financial ruin if they didn’t cooperate — despite their deep, fundamental, and valid objections to the despicable nature of the program (so obvious was it from the very beginning).

So, when you hear reporters and commentators elide that fact and say, “The government ‘let’ guns get from the states down to Mexico,” remember this: they didn’t — scorn quotes — “let” them go. Under normal circumstances, they never would have gotten there. The government forced the issue. In essence, the government committed a crime where there was none, where there was little or no likelihood of one, and where those parties to the crime whose testimony we can trust objected to the whole scheme in the first place.

When A Television Series

HITS 100 EPISODES it’s a real milestone and a cause for celebration, I means it’s lasted for the best part of five years and that there are enough episodes to make syndication sales lucrative.

Of course, there’s that whole Firefly thing.

But when a President celebrates 100 rounds of golf, it’s somehow not in the same league. And, when a President as feckless as Obama…

Oh, I’d say he’s pretty well fecked up.

Dolly…? Stifle.

But then, again… No. You’re good. That was actually apropos.

But you’re stillgrounded.


Westboro Baptist in the News Again

JUST A REMINDER that you really need to consider, since Phred Phelps says “God Hates Faggots,” maybe the existence of faggots is a sign that God hates Phred Phelps.

In Reading About The HBO “Apology”

FOR THE DESPICABLE display of Dubya’s decapitated head in scenes from Game of Thrones, I am minded of a simple fact about all fiction — whether in text, still images, or moving images with or without sound. And that fact is this: Every. Single. Object. In-frame. Was. Put. There.

On. Purpose.

Especially in this day and age of digital compositing. There IS no — can be no — excuse that runs, “This was careless, unintentional, accidental, regrettable oversight.” There is no such thing.

Sort of like there are no unintended consequences to bad policy decisions.

The DNC Talking Points

KEEP TRYING TO HAMMER the purported point (it isn’t, but whatever) that Obambi “inherited” a mess from Bush.

Which is true insofar as economic conditions were in freefall at the time that teh Won was immaculated, but a bald-faced lie in attempting to push the blame onto Bush.

Q: What caused the crash? A: The collapse of the housing bubble.

Q: What caused the housing bubble? A: Unrestrained lending supported by the corrupt government commercial entities Fannie and Freddie.

Q: Why were Fanny and Freddie supporting unrestrained lending? A: Because socialists on the Left wanted to curry favor with grievance groups by making it easier for them to buy houses they could not afford under a more-disciplined lending regime.

Q: Whose policies drove this process? A: The Democrats’.

Q: Was anything done to prevent the crash? A: The Bush administration in particular and the right in general had/have been warning against the practices mandated by Democrats at every opportunity — threatening banks and bankers with all manner of sanctions if they didn’t knuckle under to the Democrats’ demands — demands that are the economic equivalent to legislating that pi=3.0.

Q: Did the Democrats cooperate? A: No. They did everything they could to stonewall any attempt to rein in Fanny and Freddie, defending indefensible compensation packages for the very executives who managed the process which brought the country — and as a consequence, the global economy — to the present brink of the abyss.

Q: Have the parties responsible for the collapse been punished? A: No.
(Those would be such individuals as Franklin Raines, Jamie Gorelick, Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, inter alia.) In fact, the Democrats continue to fight a desperate rear-guard action. And, it is predictable that they will continue to obfuscate and use all manner of parliamentary tricks to scotch any investigation by Republicans after the election.

Q: So this all happened on Bush’s watch? A: Despite his best warnings and attempts to stop it, yes.

Q: You’re saying it’s not entirely fair to blame him for the current state of the economy? A: No. I’m saying that the blame rests squarely on the Democrats — including the President, who was in Congress during the latter period of the buildup to the disaster — starting with their takeover of Congress in 2007 and continuing to today.

Q: So what’s your solution? A: Voting the Democrats out of office would be a good start. But, in all honesty, there may not be a solution. It may be that disaster — runaway hyperinflation, government collapse, enconomic calamity, and depression on a scale not hitherto seen — is inevitable, that we’ve already passed the tipping point all unawares.

You Know What’s Really Scary

BABY ‘BAMA’S approval-poll ratings are in the toilet. Or so the moaners in the press all say. But still… In a recent poll, 47% of respondents approve of Obama’s performance on the economy.

Forty-seven percent. That it’s not closer to four-point-seven is really scary. How many of my countrymen are so far divorced from reality!

It’ll Be Something to Look Back and Laugh About

IN — OH, SAY 100 years or so. Today, I mean. My day. It was teh suxor. Maybe I’ll be able to laugh later, but right now… sheesh!

So the toilet.

“Toilet?” you say. Ordinarily, Dolly’d be saying it, but she’s grounded, so you’ll just have to fill in.

“Yes,” I say back. “The toilet.”

See, part of what I wanted to accomplish this weekend was to fix the toilet in the upstairs half-bath. The flapper valve has forever kept pulling off its seat and failing thereonaccount. I figure at least part of it is the way the flush works. It’s a lever with a chain on the end. So you flip that lever and yank the chain, the flapper flops and water flushes. Yank on the chain enough and the flapper comes off in your hand. Metaphorically speaking.

(The guy from Fluidmaster was so cute. He proposed to me that I use this thing to fix the problem. He described it as “gluing onto the seat.” Yeah. Right. What he calls glue is a ring of denatured plumber’s putty. By “denatured,” I mean it’s not as sticky as the real thing. In fact, the stuff they use to stick on Donald Trump’s rug works better. And no matter how clean and dry and warm I get that seat, it won’t stick more than a year or so. And we’re back to a toilet that won’t flush. Or, rather, it will, but you gotta pour buckets of water in it to get it to.)

So I decided I was gonna try a new flush system. Well, it’s not new. It’s been around since the days of Thomas Crapper. But it’s been updated. It’s a push-button flush. They’ve rung the changes on it by making it a dual-mode thingy. You push one button for … well, number 1 … and a different one for … the other stuff. And the neat part about it from my point of view is there’s no chain yanking on the flapper, making it come off the seat.

Thing is, in order to mount it, you need to have this threaded tube go through the hole in the bottom of the tank, with all manner of washers and gaskets and stuff. Which is cool, because it’s a semi-permanent solution, so I only need to do it once.

And what is “it”?

I’d have to take the tank off the toilet.

Now, I’d investigated, and found that the tank was held on with wingnuts on long bolts. And they were corroded. And, of course, they’re under the back deck of the toilet bowl, which is backed up against the wall and into a corner and a tight spot, where I can neither see what I’m doing nor get a good angle on it hands and tool-wise.

I already knew all this, and I’d come to terms with it. Wasn’t looking forward to it, but it couldn’t really be called a surprise. I worked out a way so I could jam a pair of vise grips on the head of the bolt inside the tank and king kong on the wingnuts on the outside. A little Liquid Wrench and your mother’s brother is named Robert.

Only blew my morning. I got the nuts off with much weeping and wailing and cursing of toilet designers’ mothers. I got the tank off and cleaned both the back deck of the toilet and the bottom and back of the tank. Only got a little water on the floor. Bonus: I cleaned up the marble slab the toilet sits on of spilled cat litter. (Yay!)

And I hauled the tank into the study and clamped it onto a Workmate and made ready to mount the new flush valve, preparatory to mounting the dual flush thingy…

And here’s where you — standing in for Dolly (who’s grounded — remember?) — say, “The study!? Don’t you have a workshop?”

And I go: “In a thousand-square-foot shack? I don’t THINK so!”

…and discovered the flush valve wouldn’t fit. It’s got a 2 1/4″ outside diameter, whereas the opening in the bottom of the tank is 2″ INside diameter.

I seem to recall something in my physics class (or was it metaphysics) about two objects’ not being able to occupy the same space. That 1/8″ overlap in the two radii being the real ball-buster.

So we’re back to square one. Do we go back to the toupee-glue and flapper model? Do we get a newer tank that will accept all standard fittings, but will only flush with half or less of what it should waterwise? Or do we bite the bullet and just get a new toilet? A new flapper will cost about five bucks. A new commode will run us a couple hundred. (In this economy.) Or do I keep looking for somebody who makes (and sells) a 2″ OD flush valve?


I should have gone to work.

Anyway, I did manage to add enough verbage to the current scene in IDB to cross over the 70,000-word line, which means 5,000 words the weekend. Not on that score. I’m just thinking that, if the toilet thing hadn’t been a total disaster, I might have gotten a hell of a lot more done.

A hearty, heart-felt THANK YOU to all who wished me happy birthday in email, here at BTB and over on Facebook. (Which, for those of you who see this echoed on Facebook, is “over here,” but … to quote Toni’s parrot, “What. Everrr.”

Catch you on the flip side.

It’s Alger’s Birthday

GIT-TAR! Na-na-na-na-nana-na-nant! (Chk-chk-chk-a-chk) Na-na-na-na-nana-na-nant! ::sings:: You say it’s your birthday! Na-na-na-na-nana-na-nant! Well it’s my birthday too, yeah! (Not really, but go with me on this!) Na-na-na-na-nana-na-nant! I’m glad it’s your birthday! Na-na-na-na-nana-na-nant! We’re gonna have a good time! Na-na-na-na-nana-na-nant! We’re glad it’s your birthday! Na-na-na-na-nana-na-nant! Happy birthday to you!

And now, Alger really is the 58 years old he’s been claiming since, like, New Year’s. Happy birthday, old man!

Gee. Thanks, Dolly. You shouldn’t have.

Aw, shucks, Boss. ‘Tweren’t nothing.

No. Really. You shouldn’t have. You’re grounded for a month.

Puttin’ The Mouth Where The Money Is

SO I’M TAKIN’ A THREE-DAY weekend on accounta cuz it’s my birthday today. (See above.) And I’ve gotten back onto working a bit more seriously on It’s Dolly’s Birthday. In the interval, I’ve rearranged the sequence of scenes, both written and outlined. (As I’ve mentioned before.) And I’ve horsed a former plot line around into something else. This weekend, I went from a benchmark 65,000 words to damned close to 69,500 as I write this. The first scene I work on this morning will take me over 70,000. As it stands now, I have between fifteen and thirty thousand words to go to completion of the draft.

And here’s the public mouthing-off part. I have set myself a goal of finishing this draft by the end of June and turning it over to first Alpha, then Beta readers, and then to a professional editor, if he agrees from my sample that we can work together. Behind that is the goal to have the ebook up on KDP by the first of September and a POD available as close to the same time as I can manage. In aid of which, I expect I’ll be spending much of July on cover art, August on post-beta edits and formatting for publication.

That means that I will have to average 1,578 words per day for the rest of the month. And that’s why I’m announcing this publicly — to prevent myself from weaselling out.

No luck — there can’t be luck involved — but, please, do wish me success.

What’s That Saying

“WHEN THE LAW’S ON YOUR SIDE pound the facts. When the facts are on your side, pound the law. When neither is on your side, pound the table.”?

And, when BOTH are on your side, pound the prosecutor.

It’s more like…

If the facts are on your side, pound the facts into the table. If the law is on your side, pound the law into the table. If neither the facts nor the law are on your side, pound the table.

And that’s Dershowitz, so maybe he is wanting to pound the prosecutor into the table.


THEY MAKE ME CRAAAZY!! Stupid liberal arguing for nanystatism asks “What do you do about the costs of health care from people not taking care of themselves being shifted onto the taxpayers?” and the stupid conservative radio host DOES NOT answer, “STOP PAYING FOR THEIR HEALTH CARE!”

You FUCKING idiot!

Further, conservative host does not make the connection between “The government doesn’t have the right to tell me what I may and may not put in my body!” and the war on (some) drugs.

It’s maddening, I tell you!

The Estonian President

CALLS OXYGEN THIEF Paul Krugman, “smug, overbearing & patronizing.”

Not to mention wrong on the merits on any give subject.

But then, that pretty much typifies the Left as a whole and as individuals, now, dunnit?

(Hat tip: Glenn Reynolds.)

What!!!? You didn’t think I read the Huffington Post, did you? Oh, hell no. I’ve got more important things to do than read lies and fallacies just to “see what the other side thinks.” First: I know. Second: they don’t. Third: better things? Like… trim my toenails? Wash my hair?

Oxygen Thief Bill Press

HATES THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER. Here’s another guy who needs a good, swift, kick to the ‘nads and a one-way ticket to Europe.

Get this, Press: FUCK YOU WITH A CHAIN SAW, you anti-American fuck wad! GET OUT!!!


Breathe, Alger… Breathe… That’s it. Long, deep breaths.

Hey! You Know What I Always Say

The best (only) way to get the money out of politics is to get the power out of Washington.

OF COURSE the moaners on the Left who whinge about there being too much money in politics only say that after they’ve outspent their opponent multiples-to-one and lost in a redheaded stepchild drum-beating at the polls despite that advantage.

And you should take that with a grain of salt. These are the same people who complain that people earning wealth by hard work is unfair and that unequal outcomes indicate not unequal effort or talent, but an unlevel playing field.

In other words, they suffer from a serious disconnect from reality.

Quote of the Day

DA BLOGFATHER on the subject of nanny-statists, compassion fascists, do-good fetishists, the political cargo cults, the incapable-of-minding-their-own-bloody business, the terminal busybodies.

Let me be clear. These people are not well-meaning do-gooders who have just gone a bit too far. They don’t actually “mean well” at all. They don’t mean well, they mean to be in control. They are power-fetishists, drunk on the joys of bossing the little people around. They are not good people. They are evil. They should be ashamed of themselves, but shame — like taxes — is for the little people.

Glenn Reynolds

Don’t Get Cocky, Kid


Why? A “demonstration”? Is that with the purpose in mind of influencing votes? By… what? Intimidation? “Vote the way we want you to, or we’ll mob you?” To… play games with the vote at the polls? Maybe try to vote using “provisional ballots” in the hopes that at least some unlawfully-cast ballots will escape notice? Maybe enough to swing the election?

Isn’t there a reason why electioneering is outlawed?

The public employee unions spent millions of their members’ dues — taken by force, it should be noted, from workers whose interests the unions purport to represent. To little effect.

They report a 119% turnout in Madison. If that’s true, it represents massive fraud. And the Democrats bussed in supporters from out-of-state.

Win at any cost? By any means necessary? (Who defines “necessary”?) The ends justify the means? Might makes right?

You! The liberal in the back! And by you, this is OK?

Where laws have been changed to disable the mechanisms by which union dues were extracted from public employee pay by withholding, voluntary dues contribution to unions have plummetted. Which should give you an idea of what the actual members of the unions think of their organizations — in private, without the intimidating factor of the union steward or the publicity of the union hall. This tracks with private-sector experience.

Democrats have fought this de-unionization tooth and claw, while the union members themselves have supported it.

And you never wonder why your party is increasingly marginalized?

Do you think the country is well-served by a single-party system? And yet, by you it’s OK that your party is so corrupt that the overwhelming majority of Americans reject it and everything its stands for — good and bad? Leaving them no choice but to vote for the other party, the “Not Democrat”? By you this is OK?


So I Saw the Headline at Maggies

WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER Donate a Penny to the Sierra Club, Nor Any Group That Supports It, and my immediate reaction was, “Well, yes. Of course. But what’s your reason?” (I have my own.)

I didn’t have to read very far to find them. Nor should you. RTWT, it only takes a moment, it’s well worth your time.

…Their plan is physically and economically impossible. They have a willfully foolish, craven and destructive agenda. They are not looking for solutions. They wish an end to our industrialized civilization. They wish us to return to mud huts…

There are responsible environmental organizations. It should be an embarrassment that anyone should give the Sierra Club a nickel…

Doug Ross
(Hat tip: Maggie’s.)

Shut the Front Door

GUESS WHO’S guest-starring at Day by Day by Chris Muir.

Here’s a Guy

WHO NEEDS A GOOD, swift, kick in the ‘nads.

Is he fucking serious? “Liberty fetish?” He needs to get the fuck out. Just. Fucking. LEAVE! Don’t let the golden door hit him in the ass on the way out. Never come back. And tell all his friends to leave, too.

Statist fuck-wad.

Michael Tomasky, Dolly. Remember the name; he is your enemy. He wants to enslave you to the nanny state. Give him the back of your hand.

At best.

We really need to make the term “statist” every bit as much a term of opprobrium as is the leftist shibboleth “racist.” After all, statism has killed far more people than any racist’s wettest wet dream.

From Reason
Hat tip: Maggie’s.

You’d Think the Overwhelming Evidence of Hubris

IN THEIR CALCULATIONS would give the food nazis pause. But no. They only double down.

Meanwhile, another log on the fire — salt the victim of basest calumny by the ill-informed.

It seems to me that first and foremost, Nanny Bloomberg should be hanged by piano wire from a lamp-post because he is a wannabe tyrant, and that reason alone should be sufficient. But it should not be ignored that all of these people who would be your kings are dead wrong in the stated bases for their nanny-ism.

Keep it in mind. First: they don’t have the legitimate authority. That needs to be pounded home. But second: don’t they have the obligation at least to be correct?

Portmanteau Word of the Day

THIS ONE, COURTESY of Og, is a delight: clusterfucktard.

Og says you probably know one or a family of them. I say we have one in the White House.

Me, In Comments

OVER ‘T SARAH’S place — in this thread.

The phrase “to give back” bears the burden of an unwarranted assumption that one has not given fair value in exchange for that which one has received, which is insulting both to one’s morals sensibility and to one’s intelligence.

But then, the parlor pinks never did understand the free market, which is all about free and voluntary exchange, now did they?

Over the Weekend

PASSIVE GUY POSTED items which mentioned and commented on attempted takedown(s) of Amazon at The Nation.

Which I find risible. The Nation items, not PG, who is an invaluable resource in the indie-pub community.

And PG took a moment to explain to overseas readers that The Nation is “far left” and nowhere near the American Mainstream. More to the point, I say, The Nation is a commie rag and really isn’t worthy of anyone’s consideration on any point.

And, in illustration of which, the whole anti-Amazon wheeze is that Amazon is causing the demise of a <sarc>rich and vibrant</sarc> bookselling culture — composed as it has been until recently of half Barnes and Noble-Borders and half quirky independents. Rich. And vibrant. Right… More like inefficient, overpriced, hostile to customers, and out-of-touch with their desires.

But what do you expect from a bunch of parlor pinks? An understanding that markets exist for the benefit of the buyer? That, if sellers do not serve their fellowman (read: customers), they will not sell, will not survive? Don’t make me laugh.