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More Because I Haven’t

POSTED IN A FEW DAYS than because I have anything important to say…

Sometime in the night — or, more precisely, at around dawn Wednesday — we passed into four digits of members. Semi-legit. That is, I’ve been manually deleting those that look like obvious spammers and scammers to me. Might seem arbitrary, but given the nature of my warnings not to try to turn this site to commercial purposes other than mine, I feel I’m on pretty solid ground, here. If somebody comes here from work, I won’t say them nay. But, when a whole famn damily of folks from aabbccdd to ffgghhii at or all sign up at thirty second intervals in the middle of the night, I’m looking askance and clicking “DELETE” and then “YES, I’M SURE” on their asses TOOT sweet.

So, when I say, “Legit,” it’s all Tom, Dick, and Mary Sue.

And there’s over a thousand of them signed up. Even a handful of them whose signup names look like they might be real people.

But do they comment? NoOOOOOoooooo!

And, just to make it clear, yes, all of them will have the opportunity to get a free copy of the It’s Dolly’s Birthday ebook when it comes available. Real Soon Now.

Forget Me Nots and Poppies in Paper

A COUPLE OF SINGLES tossed in the can being held by the little old lady outside the grocery store: two bucks.

The smile from the little old lady: a million bucks.

The thousands of lives sacrificed in defense of liberty which we memorialize today: priceless.

Dear Senator Portman

Dear Senator;

I find myself amused by your list of topics, but nowhere do I see “Threats to American Sovereignty,” which is what I’m writing about.

But that’s almost an aside.

With reference to this article in The Hill

I would strongly urge you — and support you in the effort — to sign onto this opposition letter to the Law of the Sea Convention, for all of the reasons stated in the letter.

Warmest regards,
Mark Alger

Is Extremism in the Service of Liberty a Vice

THIS WEEKEND WE CELEBRATE the fallen of America’s military conflict. We like to style it that they gave their all for freedom, motherhood, and apple pie. But you know better. They gave the last full measure to preserve the power of the state.

How can I say that? Easy. The Constitution says, in essence, “They ain’t allowed to do that,” (whatever that is), but they keep doing it — over and over and over again.

We don’t have freedom in this country. We have to tug the forelock and beg permission like the most subjected of royal subjects of some divine-right monarch. There’s no freedom in that. And all of America’s wars haven’t made a damned thing one damned bit better.

I have, here recently, been gradually accreting and allowing to set like hardening concrete — getting stronger as it cures — a strong opinion that there exists, and is worthy of defense, a universal human right to privacy.

I would ask you to please consider the notion as resolved and debate with yourself over it, Oxford-style. Or Socratically, if you prefer.

I don’t have the time or energy to devote to a long, detailed disquisition, but please think about these examples gratiarum.

The growth of the panopticon state. Court rulings that police are allowed to observe what goes on in the privacy of your home via infrared photography since the “images” are present on the outside of your house. Court rulings that police are allowed to hook a bug on your car to see where you go, or track your cell phone, or datamine your internet usage. The requirement that your bank provide your financial effects to the Internal Revenue Service. That businesses can know more about you that you know yourself and can sell that information to other businesses.

Sandy Pentland, of MIT’s School of Architecture, speaking at MIT’s Media Lab said, “You should own the data about you.” I couldn’t say it any more clearly.

The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution reads: The Right of the People to be secure, in their persons papers, and effects, against unreasonable searchs and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall isssue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or Affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Please to note that no actor is named — the proscription is universal, including against private actors. Also please note the use of the word “shall”. This is an imperative in legal language. There can be no exceptions. This is like unto an absolute command from God.

I expect to write more on this, as it’s been on my mind a lot lately. Meantime, I welcome your input. What do you see as the limits — if any — to a right to privacy?

Open Letter to

As a Prime member, long-time customer (since 2000 at least), and future KDP author, I have long admired Amazon’s principled stances on the unconstitutional collection of sales taxes on interstate transactions, as well as your excellent customer service and treatment of small entrepreneurs.

I was, therefor, deeply saddened to read that Amazon had caved to radical left-wing pressure groups in the matter of the company’s support of the American Legistlative Exchange Council. These groups — SEIU, The Color of Change, and the like — are social saboteurs, bent on poisoning the political discourse in America and deserve nothing but utter contempt from the public at large and from corporate citizens.

I strongly urge you to pass up the corporate ladder that here is at least one Amazon partisan who is deeply disappointed in the company’s actions in this latest contretemps. I hope the leaders of the enterprise can find it in their hearts to change their policy.

Warmest regards,
Mark Philip Alger

Whole Lotta Sqawkin’

FLUTTERING AND FLAPPING of wings over a Democrat operative — er, sorry, convicted terrorist and political grifter, but what’s the difference
Brett Kimberlin, including a request that Friday (today) be Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day.

OK. I’ll play.

How is this guy any different from any other Democrat operative, officeholder, or just plain supporter? Would somebody please ‘splain that to me? I mean… Aren’t they all dishonest, sneaky, perverse, prone to violence, bitter, vituperative, mendacious, tendentious, and disingenuous system-gamers? Aren’t they? So how is this guy special?

Quote of the Day

WELL. THAT’S IT for that, then. When the Europeans do something, of course your American pseudo-intellectual class must fall in lock step.

On Friday evening I attended a music festival in Prague and during the break I mentioned to a group of people that I go to Chicago, among other things to speak at this conference. Their reaction was: “Global warming? Isn’t it already over? Does anybody care about it?”. That is how they see it. Maybe, it is a European perspective.

Václav Klaus, Speaking at the
Heartland Conference in Chicago

The Washington Post March

IN LOCKSTEP trots out the tired old wheeze that Obama’s primary failures amount to so much “racism.” As Reynolds says “Who knew that Democrat primary voters were such racists?”

Considering it was Democrats who drove the pro-slavery agenda from the beginning, and were the motive force behind Jim Crow, segregation, and all the rest — Strom Thurmond, Robert “KKK” Byrd, Bull Connor, George Wallace, et myriad alia, racism from the Left should be no surprise.

And, surely, this is more Democrat projection and transferrance. You know: they accuse others of what they themselves are doing? It’s so resolutely consistent that bold observers might call it a pattern of behavior.

I Am Disappointed In la Palin

AND HER ENDORSEMENT of clingy six-term “beltway barnacle” (Michelle Malkin), Orrin Hatch, (R-UT) in his primary fight against Tea Party fave, Dan Liljenquist.

I’ve heard the explanation (not an excuse — an explanation) that Hatch on Judiciary brings us conservative, originalist justices.

It won’t wash. Any decent conservative could do that. What Hatch has not given us is a bulwark against leftist, activist judges.

We need someone in that spot who will be every bit as partisan an attack dog as was Kennedy or as has been Leaky Leahy. After all, we have the Way, the Truth, and the Light on our side. No need to be timid. No need for collegiality or ecumenity — those do not serve.

Judges ought not be leftist or activist — ever. A left-leaning judge is a contradiction in terms. What you are doing when you seat one such is emplacing an unelected, lifetime-tenured legislator to enact by stealth an agenda that could never win the day in the light and under normal protocols of a representative republic.

In other words, you are using treason to empower traitors.

And that, ladies and germs, is Orrin Hatch’s principle crime. He has manifestly failed to defend the Republic and the Constitution, despite his sinecure on the Judiciary committee.

Time for him to go.

If You Need Further Evidence Democrats

ARE SHAMELESS — that is, incapable of feeling shame for their actions — check this: In Two Democrat primaries this past Tuesday, Barack Obama — running unopposed — got no more than 60% of the vote.

Sort of the inverse of the old the-dictator-gets-99%-of-the-vote.

Sort of like that, Dolly.

Any rational person would take that as a pretty firm sign of rejection and slink off on down the street.

But I saw a TV ad by the Obama campaign that looked just like the chart of debt and deficits under the Democrats. You know … matters burble along plus-or-minus a pretty minor-looking level, then: WHAMMO! — inverted hockey stick. Massive plunge.

Except it was jiggered to make it look as though the recession was all Bush’s fault.

Nevermind that, until Obama took office, unemployment was practically nonexistent. Nevermind that, until the Democrats took over Congress in ’07 and tanked the financial sector — and fought a bitter-ender rear-guard action, preventing the administration from taking any remedial measures with Fannie and Freddie, the administration was warning of a looming disaster caused by insufficient oversight of Fannie and Freddie and that Democrats have deny-deny-denied ever since. Nevermind that, despite the twenty-however-many months of anemic growth since Obama “rescued” (read: nationalized, i.e.: stole) the auto industry… the growth in the economy HAS been anemic. And never mind that Government Motors is still in the dumps while Ford (who didn’t get bailed out) is kicking ass and taking numbers. Nevermind that Obama’s signature effort is so deeply unpopular that, if the Supremes don’t strike it down, there WILL be blood in the streets, I’m convinced.

Never mind that every single initiative his campaign takes up in new media is met with and goes down in flames of massive derision, hooting, howling, laughing, and pointing.

Right. Never mind that.

It all seems so shrill and desperate. Obama’s got to know he’s going to lose in a landslide. He’s just got to.

Oh, I don’t know. He’s a Democrat and a Marxist. Both are pretty much definitionally infinitely capable of self-deception.

Quote of the Day

There sure are a lot of lefties out there trying to shut people up. It’s as if they lack confidence in the strength of their ideas.

Glenn Reynolds

Apparently There Was a

SPANKING ON TWITTER the other day. Some whiner got all butt-hurt that folks In the Right were using Twitter to mock leftists — only to become the object of mondo derision himself (and didn’t he see that coming?). And, really, people. Could you do something requiring a BIT more effort? I mean, really! Talk about low-hanging fruit!

My problem with these Neat And Fun Things To Do On Twitter is that I’m so rarely on the thing, I miss all the good parts.

But you people have at ’em. They say the one thing evil can’t abide is mockery. Mock away, my hearties! Mock away.

Portmanteau Word of the Day

NEEDED KILLING — chlorine in the gene pool. This can be a noun — an act — or the verb predicate of a declarative sentence.

Thought you weren’t going to be defining these.

A, think of this as a commentary, not a definition. 2, it’s my rule; I can break it.

The former can be illustrated by this sentence: resistance to Eco-fascists attacking innocent property owners importuned by agents of the state in the course of a politically-motivated witch hunt might predictable result in a NEEDED KILLING.

The latter shows in this assertion: This fellow NEEDED KILLING, Judge. Which ought to be an affirmative defense to a charge of homicide.

Funny how that sort…

What to do, when a ship carrying a hundred passengers suddenly capsizes and there is only one lifeboat? When the lifeboat is full, those who hate life will try to load it with more people and sink the lot. Those who love and respect life will take the ship’s axe and sever the extra hands that cling to the sides.

… always seem to expect that they will most assuredly be in the lifeboat, and not in the water, clinging for dear life to the gunwales.

True. My reaction to those assertions is, “Fine. You first.”

I mean, it’s only fair. Plus, they should be willing to demonstrate the courage of their convictions.

Unless they’re just rent-seeking, trying to glom onto resources they otherwise couldn’t access, by killing off the competition.

Which gives the lie to the whole “…love and respect life…” wheeze.

Plus the fact that they’re dead wrong on all counts of the claims backing up their assertions. Not only no evidence to support them, there’s quite a bit that contradicts them.

Want to add this point. From Glenn Reynolds

…such sentiments, if usually a bit less bluntly stated, are driving environmental policy nowadays. It’s Himmler in a green shirt. These are not nice people who want good things for everyone. These are evil people who hanker after mass death.

Portmanteau Word of the Day


No, we won’t define these. If they’re not obvious from context, they’re not really trying.

Mental monoculture. Ex: In both Chicago’s Ward Four, where the Obamas lived, and Ward Five, where they worked, 95 percent of electors voted Democrat in 2004.

One of the Neatest Features

OF ANY SOFTWARE, but especially, like, Photoshop, is the ability to — Ctrl-Shift-I — invert the selection. You spent all that time masking the background, but, now you want to do something in the foreground. Press Ctrl-Shift-I — et violins! — you’re working in the foreground.

I tell you that to tell you this.

I saw an item in passing on the TV news the other day relating how a local township was making cuts to its fire department due to budget shortfalls.

Which, to me, made it seem like they were scraping the bottom of the barrel. After all, Police and Fire are the primary fiduciary responsibilities of government. They should be budgeted first and cut last.

An official was quoted as saying that the citizens he’d talked to didn’t want to raise taxes to “pay for the fire department.” How much you wanna bet he never heard any of them say, “… until you quit wasting taxpayer money on massage parlors and sweetheard deals for your brother-in-law.”


Step into my office. I’ve just heard about this bridge…

Here lately, Teh Won has been on the stump (How is it proper for a government official to campaign for particular policies?) trying to persuade us that, if Congress doesn’t raise the debt limit (How does that make sense?), we’re going to lose [insert laundry list of sacred cows]. Bridges, roads, armies — the latter day version of teachers, cops, fireman.

Saying nothing about bank bailouts, green energy boondoggles, union payoffs, CAGW scams, ACORN, and the rest of the treasury-looting going on…


No. What we want to do is bit-flip the selected duties of government which we are going to fund. We’re going to start with your charter, fiduciary responsibilities, like protect the borders, run the courts, maintain the roads, deliver the mail. The rest of that crap can hold a bake sale.

John Edwards’ Jeopardy

IN HIS PROSECUTION for comingling mistress buyoff and campaign funds is that he might be going to jail. And, for once, I agree with the leftards’ take: it’s just sex.

Instead, how about prosecuting — albeit posthumously — the bastards who saddled us with all these nonsensical and infeasible — scorn quotes — “entitlement” programs?

They lied to us. They acted in breach of their oaths of office. They violated the Constitution. They robbed generations of Americans of their very sustenance. And yet they’re feted, lionized, and richly rewarded when they should have ended their miserable lives in chains and penury.

And that especially includes that wannabe tinpot despot Charles “Chucky” “Chuck-You” Schumer. Putz. The Greedy Hand of Government. Tell you what, Chucky. We’re going to show Congress once and for all that we’re not going to put up with officials acting in flagrant disregard for the Constitution any more. We’re going to — in your words — “stop it: dead.”

How about them apples? Chuck.

Elizabeth Warren’s

AN INDIAN. Yeah. Right. And I’m Irish. On St. Patrick’s Day.

Well, inasmuch as you do have a Scottish ancestry, and the Scots originated in Ireland…

Well, yeah. That’s kinda the point, innit?

Bloomberg Government

ESTIMATES THAT, IF the Supreme Court — quite properly I might add — strikes down Obamacare, insurance companies can expect to “lose” one trillion dollars.

That’s their spin. They’re entitled to it.

But that’s sort of like Democrats claiming that tax cuts “cost” the government money, or that a reduction in the rate of increase in government spending is a “draconian cut” — so much eyewash.

MY spin goes: the Supreme Court is about to save Americans one TRILL-ion (Dr. Evil pinky moue) dollars on their medical care.

How’s that blow your dress up?

Are You Fucking Serious

NOW NANCY PELOSI is concerned about constitutionality?

California ought to be ashamed and embarrased that they’re sending this lightweight twit to Congress. Just ashamed!

So Governor Kasich

HAS BEEN QUOTED AND sound-bitten as being open to the notion of using bridge tolls to finance the replacement of the Brent Spence bridge (where Interstate 75 crosses the Ohio River at Cincinnati). And it occurs to me that the gas tax was supposed to pay for this — an might have, had politicians not looted the highway trust fund to pay for boondoggles like teapot museums and idiotic boondoggles like a passenger rail line between Sacramento and Modesto. Or worse. What’s next, a spa resort by the Salton Sea?

There’s a lot of that going on. As commenter pointed out at Q&O, a cooking grease — scorn quotes — “crisis” in Arkansas might very well be lessened by proper maintenance of sewer lines. But, of course, infrastructure isn’t sexy and doesn’t get rent-seeking parasites re-elected to public office, so the money taxed away from more-productive sorts to pay for infrastructure maintenance and improvement get stolen to pay for more popular pet projects. And sewerage “crises” engender afafronts to liberty and common sense, such as is reported in the above-linked post.

Which his how you get potholes. Or the thirty-foot breakers in the right turn lane at Marburg and Erie. You know the ones I mean — make your SUV buck like a Conestoga running from the Sioux.

And, as regulars here know, I never voice a complaint without offering up a solution, here’s mine: Stop politicians from looting any pile of money not nailed down.

And quite a few that are — witness the highway trust fund.

Good point, Dolly.

Make any incoming legislator post a financial responsibility bond. He can’t propose or vote in support of any bill that has financial consequences greater than his bond. And, then, when he leaves office, instead of the golden parachute they have now, they forfeit the bond.

Yeah. That’ll work. Until some bright boy figures out how to get around it.

Um. Also a good point. OK. We treat subversion as being a crime on a scale from bad faith intent to treason, depending on the jury’s reaction to the perfidy involved. How’s that? Think it would discourave people from becoming legislators?

Then who would do the People’s business?

That question assumes that “The People” (collectively) HAVE any legitimate business to get up to.

There is that.

Ohio Republicans Should Take Notes

AND KEEP THEM for reference down the road. Gov. Kasich is under similar pressure to that exerted on Scott Walker and has yet to perform one tenth as well. And, yet, as so many have observed so often, whenever conserv- — excuse me, American — principles are espoused in a clear, bright-line fashion, with no cavils or caveats, they win elections — HANDS DOWN.

And, shame of shames, John Kasich has been among those voicing this fact the loudest.

So They Called it Early

FOR MOURDOCK, and with Lugar’s flop sweat still damp on his collar, the spinmeisters are all out in force to tell you what it means.

So let me put it to you here first.

What it means — and the landslide proportions of the win — is that when conserv… er, excuse me … when American ideals are put forth boldly, without fear or caveat, they win. Every. Time.

Remember that. You, as an American, are in the majority in this country. You need not despair that your singleton vote will go unrequited.

OK, I’ll bite. #AskMichelle:

WHERE THE HELL DO YOU get off? Seriously. Why don’t you mind your own fucking business?

Help out. The FLOTUS wants your questions.

And these kack-handed wannabe tyrants want us to believe they’re capable of running a country, let alone the lives of its citizens?

Get. Real.

Not That You Should Need Yet Another Reason

TO VOTE FOR Josh Mandel for Senate in Ohio this year, but, when it comes to the War on Women, our incumbent Democrat weasel, Sherrod Brown, has apparently opened his own front.

Maybe you should say, “Allegedly.”

Yeah. That word. Means, “Somebody said it,” but always sounds like “Guilty as sin.”

Dunnit just?

The President Says

ROMNEY MUST “rebuke extreme voices…”

Right. Like Ayers and Wright and Dohrn and Pfleger and Alinsky and Clinton and Jones and Sunnstein …

We’ll get right on that. Rebuke away, Mittens!

Hell, he could rebuke from now ’til November and never touch a Republican.

Beggin’ You Hoosiers

PUH-LEEZE vote … well, if you can’T bring yourself to vote FOR Mourdock, at least vote AGAINST Lugar.

If the fact that he’s not a legal resident of the state he purports to represent doesn’t do it, how about the fact that he’s making war on the Constitution through his support of the blatantly anti-American War — er — Law of the Sea Treaty.

Well, if they try to implement that treaty, there will be a war, so maybe your name is more appropriate.

Sort of like Kellogg-Briand practically guaranteed WWII?

Sort of. Yeah.

Not With Those Notions You’re Not

VANDERLEUN PROPOSES that we in the Right rebrand ourselves in a manner similar to that of the Left when the term “liberal”became no longer operative and “progressive” became the preferred label on the Left for despicable collectivist statists. Which suited us fine. We knew, even if the myrmidons of the Left did and do not, the true nature of the so-called Progressive movement — that it is singularly responsible for nearly every bad political idea of the Twentieth Century and has more blood on its hands… Let them call themselves that. We’ll hang them with it.

So the new brand for the Right — for those in favor of liberty, of low taxes, smaller government, fiscal responsibility, free markets — is American. Truth in advertising.

And, of course, those on the Left, when they catch on, will try to claim that they’re Americans, too. Which gives us the perfect opening: “Not with those political notions you’re not.”

Make it go, Rev! Make it go!

When Politicians Tell You

THAT YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND how Washington works — or, as Dick Lugar has, in effect, said recently, “You need to keep in mind that your principles amount to zero in the real world,” it is time and long past time to remind them how things work in the real world: when an employee no longer satisfies, he is let go.

This is how a republic looks in practice. Good bye, Senator. You and Orrin Hatch can toddle off and spend your sunset years double-dipping on K Street.

The Elizabeth Warren Brouhaha

AMOUNTS TO A WHOLE lot of question-begging.

And not just street-corner “spare change?”-ing. We’re talking GIMME A DOLLAR MOTHERFUCKER and following you down the block cursing your ancestry and threatening your descendants in a parade-ground voice.

THAT kind of question-begging. Really beligerant and more than a little dangerous and transgressive.

As Michael Barone observed, Warren grew up in Oklahoma, where Cherokee ancestry is common and no big deal. OK, so she gamed the system to gain personal advantage. That’s not, according to the adolescent cri de couer, it’s not fair.

It’s also beside the point. The real issue about Elizabeth Warren is that she’s a despicable human being. She’s a collectivist statist with some really toxic views about how the power of the state ought to be used to oppress its citizens. This is not a person you want in elective office.

Bin the Indian nonsense. Don’t fall for the sleight of hand. Keep your eye on the ball.

Kris Rusch Hacked

ACCORDING WHAT GOT posted in comments hither thither and yon, the attack on the Kristine Katherine Rusch site appears to be just random script kiddies rattling doorknobs and found one unlocked.

But for awhile there, it was possible to imagine that somebody was taken umbrage at what Kris has been saying about the odious business practice of “traditional” publishing conglomerates and their myrmidons and other sundry hangers-on.

Which makes the post in question — to which it appeared the attack was a reaction — doubly worth the read. It’s being mirrored all over the blogosphere. But I read Sarah, which habit I apparently have in common with Glenn Reynolds, so I’ve linked to her echo of the post.

Of course, all the twitter is about the context of the attack and not the substance of the post. But I suspect that will be up next on the agenda here in a day or so.

You Know What

YOU GO AHEAD AND sit this one out. If you’re right and voting doesn’t matter, then your sitting it out doesn’t matter.

If you vote for Obama, you are, as the masthead slug says, a moron, and there’s no reasoning with you. And your vote probably won’t matter anyway. He’s going down. The knives are out. The real miracle is whether he survives to the election.

You don’t think so? All those Democrats who’ve made trips to enemy capitals, who’ve had truck with virulent opponents? For a party that’s all about loyalty and solidarity, they’re really good at betayal. A lot of Democrats have got to be running really scared — even if they won’t admit it in public — because, even if Obama does win, a lot of elected Deomcrats beside him are going down.

And it’s not as though they wouldn’t use extreme measures to remove the threat to their personal fortunes. It’s practically in the Left’s DNA. While there may be doubts about — say — Vince Foster, it’s pretty sure that the Soviets wound Oswald up and put him on the table. What he did when they turned him loose was almost foreordained. You don’t think Putin or Hu don’t already have somebody on a string, ready to go? You’re more naive than you look.

No… Clean or dirty, Romney is the next President of the United States. You don’t have to like it. I don’t. All you can say is he’s not Obama. And, this time — this time — it has to be enough.

Quote of the Day

Everything will be alright in the end. If everything is not alright, it is not yet the end.

–from the trailer for some art film that actually looks interesting

Gotta translate that into Dollish

Obama Lies to His Autobiography

(I FORGET. IS THAT the one ghosted by noted American terrorist, Bill Ayers? Or is that the other one?)

The hagiographers in the partisan legacy media argue that there was no real intent to deceive. Obama (or Ayers — whichever) was merely “compressing” women for dramatic effect or something. A — scorn quotes — “non-fiction” book, apparently, is not required to hew to the same dictum as fiction that it actually make sense.

Which brings to mind the question: Does not “Not intended to be factual” equal “intended to deceive?”

And isn’t compressing women rather dehumanizing. Doesn’t it kind of objectify them? Make cardboard cutouts of them, rather than allowing them to be real, flesh-and-blood people?

And, how creepy is the exchange, “I Love You,” “Thank you.”

Or did he say, “Thank me”?

And then there’s poor Julia. Talk about cardboard cutouts!

And a note to the Obama campaign? The whole “tax cuts for the rich” wheeze is getting a bit tired and threadbare. And, frankly, sounds kinda desperate. Can we come up with a new one?

For some clever use of social media, take a cue from Monty Python?

Whatever. You guys do need — seriously — some help. How can you run the most powerful country in the world if you can’t even — ever — get Twitter right. What is it, now, The American People 6 and The White House zip?

So the Prez

PULLS US OUT of Afghanistan and the next day, theTaliban get their bowels in an uproar.

To quote Leroy Jethro Gibbs in a semi-Wayne, “I don’t believe in coincidences.”

Software Licenses

ISN’T THE VERY existence of a shrink-wrap or a sneak-wrap agreement pretty much prima facie evidence of bad faith intent?

The Left and the Right Have Widely Divergent

NOTIONS AS TO WHAT constitutes a hyperpartisan.

To the Left, it is someone who refuses to consider opposing viewpoints — who has the courage of his convictions and principles. Of course, that desecribes most people in the Right, so, of course, your knee-jerk leftist abhors that. (Which is why they can’t stand Rush Limbaugh. And they could fool themselves into believing that Bill Buckley’s endless hunt for le mot juste was actually so much chin-pulling, so they lurved him.)

To the right it is someone who will follow the partisan line, regardless of whether it makes sense, who will bring the country down if it will further his partisan goals. Which is why we call George Mitchell, Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer, and just about any random Kennedy you could hit with a swung cat hyper-partisans. Because they would, they do, and they are.

Don’t you be those guys.

Pulling the Trigger … or … Don’t Expect a Medal for Doing Your Job

OBAMA’S RISIBLE AND DESPICABLE claim that Mitt Romney wouldn’t have given the order to kill Osama bin Liner reminds me a lot of the left wing contention that Nazism and Fascism are right wing diseases. Only somebody thoroughly anad utterly steeped in communism could possibly think of someone mere millimeters to the right of them as being extreme right wing. Only a left wing hyper-partisan.

As Tolkien put it: to crooked eyes, the truth may wear a wry face.

So now O’Bambi’s trying to say that Mittens wouldn’t have given the order to kill bin Laden. Me, I think it reveals more about BHO’s perspective on the matter than it does anything about Romney. For one, it says that he has the mistaken notion that any american president NOT as traitorous as he is would ever consider NOT giving the order to kill bin Laden. (Forgetting, of course, that Bill Clinton did exactly that.) And that HE (Obama) thinks there is a matter of some doubt as to whether the killing of bin Laden was proper.

What a bloody berk!

Sorry About the Free Ice Cream

THING BEING in the shop. Can’t be helped. Too many irons in the fire including one of those projects that just sucks it all out of you. And, again with the apologies, but I will NOT be able to talk about it. Ever. Just one of those things.

Update: to quote the Kingston Trio, as you can tell from the speed of our return, that last exit was fraudulent.