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Trust Me, I Grew Up

AROUND A LOT — repeat a LOT — of Catholic School Girls. Even dated a few — for varying values of “dated”. And I’m here to tell you, they’re way ahead of those Occupy homunculi.

Chelsea Prompts

US TO DIG A LITTLE for this one:

From everyone: Pick up the book nearest to you. Turn to page 45. The first sentence there describes your sex life in 2012.

–Chelsea Polk, No Subject


Had they been caught by the Tibetans or Chinese they would certainly have suffered the fate of all spies.

Trespassers on the Roof of the World: The Secret Exploration of Tibet, Peter Hopkirk

Well, in’t that fraught?

(To be honest, that’s not the book closest to me. The book closest to me is: 1) an as-yet unpublished novel I have been 2) asked to beta-read and am therefore bound not to say anything about until it’s published 3) an e-Book (on my Kindle) and doesn’t have page numbers. So, on several counts, doesn’t qualify, I’d say.)

Cleaning the Desk One Day

YOU COME ACROSS A bolt of uncertain origin, a quarter-inch, hex-headed machine screw. There is no doubt that it is of some importance, or it would have been tossed in the trash, rather than kept in clutter. There’s no matching nut or washer(s), and you really have no clue what it’s for. If you leave it lying around forever, you may never find out, but it will contribute to clutter, confusion, dirt, and disorganizement from now ’til Kingdom Come. If you put it away someplace where you’ll Know Where It Is, you’ll forget the location within a month easy, and possibly as soon as a week. If you find the place or thing where it actually belongs, and for the eventual repair of which you’re saving it, you’ll have no idea whether you have the part, let alone where it is.

Q: What do you do with the bolt?

  • A: Mount an all-hands evolution to locate its true and proper location and purpose and effect repairs.
  • B: Find an appropriate nut from your collection, thread it on, and put the two of them back where you found the bolt.
  • C: Find an appropriate nut — and washer(s) — from your collection, slip the washer(s) on, thread the nut on, and put the assembly on your desk to admire from time-to-time.
  • D: Put the bolt back where you found it to marinate longer.
  • E: Put the bolt in a drawer Where You’ll Be Sure to Remember Where It Is.
  • F: Pitch the damned thing in the trash and be done with it.

For extra credit, calculate the length of time (T) it will take for you to find the bolt’s proper situation after you’ve done (F).

Full Disclosure Update: I did (E).

I Have My Doubts About Mr. Newt

BUT THEY MOSTLY CENTER around how he couches his simpatico with certain features of leftist hobby horses. Frex: I’m not an environmentalist. Not because I want dirty water, dirty air, and poison to eat and drink, but because I have a knee jerk distrust of any movement that calls itself by an “-ism.” This is a collectivist shibboleth and I don’t trust it. From those things comes nothing but evil. So I prefer to think of myself as being in favor of conservation as a practice — a habit, if you will — (and have since before Rachel Carson published the lying Silent Spring), and not as a feature of an “organized ” “system” of belief or ideology. In short, I refuse to make my relationship with the earth political. Nor do I accept the anthropogenic global warming conjecture, its heirs, assigns, and successors, world without end.

In short, the couch thing with Bela Pelosi: FAIL. The JohnKinging of the media (note how quickly that became a transitive verb): EPIC WIN.

And that, I think, is the point. Tired of taking it on the chin from rude, gibbering, little homunculi of the Left, and then being laughed at for wimps when making a measured and proportionate response, We in the Right have long demanded a more muscular response — a retaliation… a punishing retaliation — from our soi disant leaders.

Newt seems bent on giving that to us, in word and in deed — without much regard to what may be drudged up out of his record to smear him with.

And that is why he is liked by the groundlings. And that is why he is like to win in November if he can get past the cock-blocking gatekeepers of the establishment — St. Ann notwithstanding.

Quote of the Century—Consensus Edition

Speaking for many scientists and engineers who have looked carefully and independently at the science of climate, we have a message to any candidate for public office: There is no compelling scientific argument for drastic action to “decarbonize” the world’s economy. Even if one accepts the inflated climate forecasts of the IPCC, aggressive greenhouse-gas control policies are not justified economically.

–Claude Allegre, former director of the Institute for the Study of the Earth, University of Paris
–J. Scott Armstrong, cofounder of the Journal of Forecasting and the International Journal of Forecasting
–Jan Breslow, head of the Laboratory of Biochemical Genetics and Metabolism, Rockefeller University
–Roger Cohen, fellow, American Physical Society
–Edward David, member, National Academy of Engineering and National Academy of Sciences
–William Happer, professor of physics, Princeton
–Michael Kelly, professor of technology, University of Cambridge, U.K.
–William Kininmonth, former head of climate research at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology
–Richard Lindzen, professor of atmospheric sciences, MIT
–James McGrath, professor of chemistry, Virginia Technical University
–Rodney Nichols, former president and CEO of the New York Academy of Sciences
–Burt Rutan, aerospace engineer, designer of Voyager and SpaceShipOne
–Harrison H. Schmitt, Apollo 17 astronaut and former U.S. senator
–Nir Shaviv, professor of astrophysics, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
–Henk Tennekes, former director, Royal Dutch Meteorological Service
–Antonio Zichichi, president of the World Federation of Scientists, Geneva
From the Wall Street Journal

(And, for the -two of the one-two punch:)

And it is likely that more CO2 and the modest warming that may come with it will be an overall benefit to the planet.


But Ya Know

THE MORE I HEAR folks Left and Right attack Mr.Newt with memes and themes that stink of the parlor pink, the more I am persuaded that my own doubts come from the same place, and I become ever-surer that he MAY be our guy this year.

Almost every attack — such as the ones mounted in the comments here, at PowerLine, looks to me like, when the facts are actually unspooled back to the origin of the smears — as Rush puts it — are actually resumé enhancers, rather than cause for hesitation. David Bonior lodged ethical complaints? Do you remember Bonior’s behavior in the run-up to OIF? Resumé enhancer. Elliott Abrams misremembers a speech from 1988 in which Gingrich, in essence, urged the administration to get back to its own roots? Elliott Abrams? Do you know anything about country club blueblood RINOs? Resumé enhancer. George Will doesn’t think Newt can win? Come ON. give me a freakin’ break. Resumé enhancer.

The louder the liberals get in trying to persuade We in the Right out here in Flyover Country that Newt ain’t the one, the better he comes off.

Howabout Wannabe Novelists

WHO GAVE LOLITA flying lessons and wonder how the hell Nabakov got such a good reputation as a writer? (A survey at Book Riot that asks the wrong question.)

(Hat tip: Passive Guy.)

That’s Not Capitalism

IT’S NOT — STRICTLY SPEAKING — capitalism that happens when people are left to their own devices to make their commercial choices in unmolested freedom. That’s free markets.

Capital”ism” is how free markets finance large projects.

And you should be aware of what you’re actually saying when you speak of capital”ism”.

Unions Frakk Business Again

I KEEP PUSHING THIS maybe someday the world will wake up. Like all leftist initiatives, unions start out operating in bad faith. Their sole raison d’etre is the abridgement of the private property rights of business owners. It can only get worse from there.

So, it should come as no surprise to learn that the UAW is attacking the most successful product lines at GM.

Nose? Face. Face? Nose.

No spite there.

Pissed at Good Reads

FOR JERKING YOU AROUND on your library?

Making you put in all that work to build the value of their brand, only to have them tell you that YOU have to rescue your books because they got into a pissing match with an 800-ton gorilla?

There appears to be an alternative. Totally unexplored by moi, but … it’s out there.

Now … Isn’t THAT Interesting

NOTICED IN PASSING in an article on a recent copyright case in the Supreme Court.

Justice Elena Kagan did not take part in the case because she worked on it while serving in the Justice Department.

The case is Golan v. Holder, 10-545.

Is this a precedent on recusal that may apply in another case we’re anticipating?

Public Notice to Mr. Simon Leathers

OF THE ASHFORD/ST. PETERS HOSPITALS of the UK National Health Service:

Dear Mr. Leathers;

This is my second notice to you. (First notice attached.) Your site for the Ashford/St. Peters hospitals of the NHS is in violation of my copyright in the URL of…

This page not only mirrors and/or reproduces my original copyrighted material, it continues to do so subsequent to and despite my earlier notice. My previous notice to you was dated the sixth of this month, and there is content on the above-linked page from today (January 21, 2012). This is egregious and must cease immediately. If my material and links to my site are not removed from your server by end of business UK time Monday, January 23, I will be forced to file suit against you personally and against the hospitals in UK courts. As I am sure you must be aware, given the notices posted on your site concerning your compliance with internationally-accepted standards and best practices of Web site construction and operation, you will lose.

I trust you shall find this notice sufficient motivator to make the corrections on your site immediately.

You may notice also that I have posted this message directly on my site, in case you might miss this email, so you’ll see it in my pirated content.

Most sincerely,

Mark Philip Alger

Update: I have heard from the head of IT governance for the hospitals and they have corrected the matter. Kudos and thanks go to Mr. Andrew Fitzgerald for his quick action. (Bumped.)

Category Error

PEOPLE MISTAKENLY THINK of a job as an object in and of itself, when it is really a convergence of factors and circumstances. An employer needs a task performed. You present yourself as willing to work for the wage offered, qualified to perform the task, and available. If the employer finds you suitable, he hires you. You are employed. You do not have a job because a job, like so many of the logical fallacies embraced by collectivists, is an economic fiction which does not exist in the real world. It may be a convenient token for the circumstances and conditions of employment. But to think of the token as the whole thing is to miss the point of the metonymy. And then you end up with idiocies being blathered about such as “jobs being sent oveseas.” No such thing.

Think about that as you read the whole thing.

The Degree to Which

A COMMENTATOR PRESSES the notion that Mr. Newt is unelectable is the degree to which that person is out of touch with the zeitgeist of the American mainstream.

Yeah, well… You thought McCain was gonna win, too. Still owe Rummel a beer over that, if I recall correctly.

Yes. But. That was wishful thinking based on my intoxication with Sarah Palin.

You keep telling yourself that.

Pounding It Home Again

THE WHOLE “YOU NEED the Center” meme is a crock. Not because you don’t need a spread spectrum of all of the American people to win. You do. But you need to properly identify the center. And that is far, far to the right of where the Washington establishment and the legacy partisan press try to put it.

Broke 60K

I BROKE THROUGH 60,000 words on It’s Dolly’s Birthday. That’s a notional 80% complete. Of course, I’m beginning to have the suspicion that I’m going to overshoot the 75,000-word mark. We’ll probably go closer to 95,000 words, it looks like now. But, still, it’s a significant milestone.

Also made the acquaintance of a professional freelance editor. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be seeing whether we can work together. He comes highly recommended via a trusted source, but still… And even if it is a perfect match, there’s the matter of paying his fees. Which, while eminently reasonable as such things go, are presently out of my reach.

Which brings me to the point of hinting that, if you would like to help, you can hit my tip jar by clicking on the Donate button at right. That connects to PayPal, with all the benefits, protections, and so-forth that you’ve come to expect from that fine organization.

Meantime, thanks for your patience. I see you’re joining up in droves. I want to thank you for that. But you could comment once in awhile, you know. ::grin::

Yeah, right. Make more work for me.

About Newt

PEOPLE WITH AGENDAE hostile to the agenda of the Tea Party movement — limited government, low taxes, and free markets, as the route to maximum freedom and prosperity for the greatest number of Americans, seem to think that, because the Tea Party is founded in simple, clear ideological stances, its members must be naive simpletons, incapable of realpolitik calculations, and of using and manipulating people to their own ends.

Someday those people may learn the truth of their folly. Pray that day comes later than sooner.

Ann Coulter Retweets


In the Captain’s defense “Women and children first” is highly sexist and ageist.

…which strikes me as an excellent reason to re-visit the whole politically correct notion and all those ~isms the Left is so fond of using as bludgeons.

And by “revisit” (another leftist shibboleth), I’m using “code words” (ibid) for “get rid of.”

Which makes me a reactionary stick-in-the-mud, but I prefer to think of myself as a true progressive. That is: being in favor of progress.

As opposed to the Bizarro World definition of “Progressive” as being a reactionary feudalist.

Well… They don’t define it that way…

No, true. They don’t say that’s what they mean. They don’t even think that when they say it. But that’s what happens when the concept is applied. Instead of progress, you have retrograde motion. In a word — congress.


Well, that’s what they say — if con is the opposite of pro, then what’s the opposite of progress? Of course, it’s witless. But — hey! — you’re talking people who pretend offense at homonyms, so… Consider the source.

No, Glenn, I Disagree


Time for New York to catch up with the rest of the country and adopt sensible gun laws that do not punish innocent people for nonviolent acts.

No, Glenn. I must demur. It’s time — long past time, in fact — for the legislators and executives (and even some police officers) of New York to be brought up on charges and tried for treason and civil rights violations. And the beatings will continue until their behavior improves.

It’s Really Amazing

TO LISTEN TO THE CONTRAST in coverage of Newt Gingrich’s performance in debates between Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

Just noticing ‘s all.

Dear Mr. Newt

THE CONSTITUTIONAL issue isn’t whether you –or Obama — would abuse a privilege or authority. The issue is that Congress is forbidden to act in the matter. So you have 535 elected officials foresworn of their oaths of office. Why should they not be impeached and tried for treason?

Huh? ‘Splain that.

When Will People Realize

THAT CALLING AN ORGANIZATION or facility — whatever — anything starting with “Center for the…” is tantamount to painting it red and decorating it with yellow hammers and sickles? It labels your org as a communist front.

It’s as politically and tonedeaf as calling a national defense organization “Homeland Security.” Might as well call it “State Security Apparat.”

If You’re An Indie Author

AND ARE THINKING ABOUT publishing on Apple iBooks…


Here’s why.

(Hat tip: Holly Lisle.)

Snow Day

NOT THAT WE’LL BE off school, or anything, or even that there’ll be much accumulation, (though in a city where half the streets have a 50% grade or better, it doesn’t take much slick stuff to screw with traffic), just that it’s supposed to snow most of the day. Fun to watch.

Spotted at Random

NOT QUITE SURE where or who: (If it’s yours, claim it. We’ll credit you.)

Facebook: “I know everybody!”
Google: “I know everything!”
Internet: “Without me, you’re all nothing!”
Electricity: “Keep talking, bitches.”

Post Apocalypto

POINT ONE: You won’t survive it.

Glenn Beck has been on a prepper tear for the past however many years. He’s talking about what you have to do to survive the collapse of civilization.

Here’s a pro tip for you — from somebody who’s been thinking about the post-apocalypse for half a century:

You won’t survive it.

It doesn’t matter how well you think you’ve prepared: how much ammunition you’ve lain in; how many crops you have un-modified seeds for; how much gold specie you’ve bought and buried in Mason jars in your back yard; how far from your neighbors your house is; how independent your water supply.

You. Aren’t. Prepared.

You can’t prepare for this. And I see trying to prepare for it as a species of betrayal. The only way YOU will survive, the only way your family will survive, the only way your nation, your species will survive is for CIVILIZATION to survive.

Don’t. Give. Up. Quit digging your private cave. Do your part to preserve Civilization.

Not Only is the Answer “Yes”

IT OUGHT TO BE, well… HELL yes!

You can’t get a much-clearer statement of Original Intent than, “We consider these truths to be self-evident…”

So the question, “Does the Ninth Amendment protect economic liberty?” borders on stupid.

The answer is, “It’s supposed to.” But these days, the statists in and out of government trample on the Constitution like it was a doormat and it was raining out.

What’s next when you can’t rely on the government to obey the law?


SO WE THE LITTLE people won this round. Ever fear; they’ll be back. Keep your powder dry. Keep an especial eye on those freedom-of associations such as MPAA and RIAA which can oh-so-easily turn into criminal conspiracies against civil rights. It is unfortunate that this is an acutal legitimate function of government, or I’d be calling for the banning of copyright and patent. However, I do firmly believe that both should inhere only to the individuals who create original works, and that ownership rights should pass to corporate entities of any stripe with only stringent limitations on their exercise by those entities.

No, I don’t have a list ready to hand, so don’t ask. Just… There need to be limits. Here’s one — subject to modification and extension — the ownership of Mickey Mouse should go to Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney, and NOT the Disney corporation. The exercise of those ownership rights, if passed to the corporation, should expire just as though they had been personally retained by Mickey’s actual creators.

On the other hand, I would question anyone’s attempts to use Mickey in a work and then claim copyright. If you directly use a public domain work in your work, that work cannot be considered original, and is therefore not copyrightable. Take that, samplers!

But, back to the original subject. We need to kill this and make sure it doesn’t come back zombie-like in some omnibus defense appropriations nightmare. I have no idea how, except just avalanching the legislators with letters, phone calls, and emails any time they try and voting out of office the miscreants of EITHER party who bring it up.

Of course, there’s a long list of things we should do that on, and the criminals keep getting away with it — witness the fact that Chuck Schumer is still alive, let alone holding down a Senate seat.



If the name of the game is “Anybody But Obama” (ABO), and Obama loses in a landslide to a generic Republican…

You can’t get much more generic than Mitt Romney.



And a syphlitic camel is preferable to Obama…

You’re not!

No. I’m not. But we’ve been bitching for decades that we wanted candidates and officeholders to stand up and speak truth to abused power. Here’s Newt doing it — on however limited a basis. Don’t we owe at least some support? Not saying I’ll still feel this way on Super Tuesday. But, for the moment…

Hey, Lamar Smith!

(R-HOLLYWOOD) I do my own stunts.

Well… Looks more like you do somebody else’s.

Nah. No stand-in for the star in this movie. Just somebody else’s script.

Also stunting:


Day by Day


And many, many more. And yet, Insty reports that Lamar Smith is pressing ahead with the bill. As Glenn says, Smith must be an honest politician — when he’s bought, he stays bought.

About Romney

RUSH’S CALLER JOANNE from Texas, (in the second hour Monday), missed on one point — one I consider essential. The reason conservative voters don’t trust Romney is that he appears to have no principles. Every position he takes seems to have been come by because it might sell well, not because it’s what he really believes. Experience tells us people like that are squishes. And when the shit hits the fan, they have a tendency to compress where pressured like a water balloon or a tube of toothpaste.

And then there’s Newt, who appears to have principles, but the wrong ones.

Quote of the Day

Ultimately, I move closer to the opinion that people on the Left are not playing with a full deck.

–Smitty at The Other McCain

Moral Poseurs

DANS LE PISSOIR. Heh. Vraiment!

If I Were Supreme Judge

OF THE BEHAVIOR OF the government under the Constitution, there would be a whole lot of unhappy politicians. I’d be “Bailiff! Whack his pee-pee!”* Left and Right.

About the whole recess appointment power grab. The Constitution says, in relevant part:

“The President shall have power to fill up all vacancies that may happen during the recess of the Senate, by granting commissions which shall expire at the end of the next session.”

Please take note of the phrase “that may happen”. You gonna tell me that the post now allegedly filled by (former Ohio Attorney General) Richard Cordray just happened to come vacant in the three days you claim the Senate was in recess, (when, in fact, and by law, it could not have been)? Just happened to come vacant just right then.

‘Cause that’s what the Constitution says has to happen. That’s the only exception to the “advice and consent” thing.

*Pop culture reference fer ya, there.

That’s Not a Car

THAT’S a fetish.

Talk About Your Knee-Jerk Reactions

SAW AN AD AT INSTY’S (funny how all those Left orgs aren’t too proud to support an opposition site if it has a lot of eyeballs). The ad asks you to sign a petition. Dunno the subject. It’s not relevant to my point. The ad said this is an initiative of Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) — my other Senator. The one who manages to do, support, espouse, and believe nearly the opposite of everything I’m for. So I’m wondering: where’s the site to sign the petition opposing whatever it is Brown is selling?

I like the modesty of putting your own face on a postage stamp.

When have you ever known a politician bereft of hubris? Just running for office ought to beg the wrath of the gods.

There is that.

Tough Getting By

IN THIS ECONOMY, innit? Of course, you do realize that the reason the economy is in the state it is is because of control freaks in the government — they live to mess with your life … because they can — dicking with economic controls they shouldn’t have their hands on or anywhere near, don’t you?

In fact, it would be more accurate to say, “It’s tough getting by with this government.” Safe to say, if we had a different government, the economy COULD (at least) be better. The way things are right now, there’s no chance.

Does Anybody Besides Me Think

THAT WHEN (AND IF) they find those Marines who pissed on Taliban corpses that they ought to give them a medal and a parade?

(If they did it.)

And tell Hillary Clinton to get on her broomstick and fly away.

What if they didn’t really do it, but only mimed doing it?

Sort of like the cover of Who’s Next?

Yeah. Just like that.

Same thing: medal; parade.

Advice Not Just for Romney

AS DA INSTANTER ONE advises in his post, but for every single, solitary Republican candidate and officeholder. And voter and constituent. Ask them: why haven’t you been doing this all along? Why is not “job-killer government” as ubiquitous a phrase as “extreme right wing”? Make them defend their policies.

If anything is keeping Mr. Newt from sinking beneath the waves, it is that people who actually listen to him — as opposed to reacting to media reports (when will they ever learn) — deeply appreciate that here, at long last, is a politician who will speak the truth about government abuses of power and damn the consequences. To hell with “reaching across the aisle” with anything but a hard-swung cricket bat. Those people are traitors and wreckers and are deliberately trying to destroy America. Put them on the defensive.

Insty’s correspondent uses a phrase that resonates — “downright belligerent.” I say, “Damned right!”


Sounds like a bumper sticker.

Just a Reminder

AS BEFORE if you spam the comments, your comment will be deleted — probably before anybody can read it. (We get fewer than 1,000 visits a day; it’s really easy to police comments faster than new visitors arrive.) And now, we have further incentive. If you spam comments, your membership will be deleted and your IP address banned. And, since you won’t be a member in good standing, you won’t receive the free copy of It’s Dolly’s Birthday that will go to every member in good standing when we publish. So behave yourselves.

That doesn’t mean the rest of you shouldn’t dive in and get a little chatter going on out there. Consider this an open thread.

Hey! Battah, Battah, Battah, Battah, Battah, Battah, suh-WING!

Wrong Center

IT SEEMS TO ME that the relentless calls from Left and Right for candidates (and, by extension, voters) must move to “the center” engages in a species of category error in that it mis-identifies the center. In order to find the center of American politics, one must start from the grand concept of our founding — embodied in the Constitution. Liberty. Individual rights and responsibilities. This is the center. And, it seems to me, that BOTH parties are flung out far to the Left of this, and that, therefor, constantly trying to find a chimerical “center” between the two misses the point. Nor are “moderates” or “independents” seeking a political solution in that mythical region between the two poles. They are objecting to the whole concept of there BEING a solution to be found there.

Chuckle of the Day

I prefer Ru Paul.

–Toni Alger (reacting to
election news)

Can you tell Mama is apolitical?

Oh, Holy Crap

VODKAPUNDIT is ten years old. I just woke up and realized, “HFS! It’s 2012!” I’ll have been blogging ten years come some day in April (24th, I think.) Of course, Stephen has a lot more to show for it than I do. That liver! Thanks for the mentions along the way.

Oh. Right. It says so up there on the right. April 21, 2002.

Yes, we’re going to a party, party. Yes, we’re going to a party, party. BIRTH-day… Git-tar!

I think at that point in the song, it’s actually piano. ::sings:: I would like you do dance – BIRTHday. Take a cha-cha-cha-chance!

WHAT. EV-errrr.

But with piano. That Blüthner concert grand.

Kitten Break


Begging Off Again

GOT NOTHING TO SAY The weekend was a washout. Spent most of the time sleeping or falling asleep. Made some progress on the novel, but didn’t get nearly the dwell time I wanted on it. Got some alpha feedback that helps a lot. (Thank you, J!) Got my head straightened out on several other things and all, but still — sleep.

And, OK, I’m frigging shocked … the word count now stands at 59,000, which means 8-9K since Thursday, so the weekend wasn’t SO much of a wipeout as I thought. I might even tell the folks on the FB group.

Meantime, I never got around to pre-loading a month’s-worth of Cloud Observatories, so those aren’t happening. Sorry. And, except for the insensitive dicks at MSNBC who took after Rick Santorum over his wife’s miscarriage…

Yaknow, it kind of reinforces Our Curmudgeon’s thing on Friday. You know: where he argues that people who embrace evil ideas are evil people. The dicks at MSNBC have embraced the whole collectivist ideology, with its murderous, enslaving behaviors and its hatred of mankind. So it kind of follows that they’d be insensitive dicks on top of that.

And it makes me wonder if we might succeed after all in persuading genuinely good-hearted liberals — some of them any way — that they’re backing the wrong horse, that the Left is not going to make the world a better place for all humanity. Far from it. Maybe we already are. How would you know?

Anyways. Time for me to bed. Say, “Good Night”, Gracie.

Good night, Gracie.

Good night, Dolly.

Why Do People

SPAM TWITTER? It doesn’t make sense!

I Am So Glad Gerard Van Der Leun

IS ON OUR SIDE because — check it out — our side. But still, he’s dead wrong when he follows the herd and engages in some Maoist self-criticism. He makes the same mistake that so many Boomer Bashers do in assuming that the darlings of the partisan press in the ’60s represented even a plurality, let alone a majority of the Boomer generation. Not all of us believed in the anti-Americanism, the nihilism, the sex-drugs-and-rock-and-roll… Well, OK. That last one.

It is instructive to remember that the hippies were into rugged independence and self-reliance, but that the portrait of the type shown the country by the media were a bunch of stoner johnnies-come-lately who ended up on San Francisco welfare rolls while the actual hippies were on farms, learning how to live on the land — albeit the hard way.

It is instructive to remember that there were far more volunteers fighting in Vietnam than there ever were occupying the Admin Building at Columbia.

It is instructive to remember that Rush Limbaugh has an audience of 20 Million while Air America is — well — off the air.

It is instructive to remember that libertarians are Boomers. And Republicans are Boomers. And that the traitors and socialists — even from back in the ’60s are Depression and War Babies.

Yes, there are socialist Boomers. Is Gen-X immune?

It is unbecoming for people putatively principled on such subjects as individual rights, individual responsibility — rugged individualism — to insist on collective guilt of a group solely on the basis of their birth date. (Gee! Sound like Heinlein much?)

Tired of the Boomer Bashing. So bored. How about taking responsibility for your own actions, rather than blaming somebody else — especially the wrong somebody else? How about, to borrow a phrase from the ’60s, you do your own thing. IOW: Mind Your Own Business.

No. Really. Mind your business.

Ron Paul Says

ASK YOURSELF, “Why do they hate us?”

I have.

Answer: “You came to our country 500 years ago and you NEVER LEFT!”


I would point out that “your country” was a Christian country for 600 years before Islam ever came along. And a Jewish one for a thousand years before that.

So where DO you get off bitching about people in “your” country?

You tried to conquer the world. Made it to Tours. Made it to the gates of Vienna. We kicked your ass. You keep stirring shit. We keep kicking your ass. Try either changing your tactics or… STAY DOWN! Or we kick-a-you-ass AGAIN.

To quote myself — to some controversy — capisce?

Smokers are Less

PRODUCTIVE BECAUSE they take more breaks. Read: We can screw the non-smokers out of their breaks easier.

Software Gripe

I HAVE SEVERAL PET PEEVES about software design. For example, I believe that there should be a law requiring — on pain of death for the programmer responsible for documentation — that any computer program should include in its embedded help (not in a separate file or a third-party book or a knowledge base article) a simple, clear, and relevant explanation of every error message the program can throw.

Here lately, I have been being aggravated by two seemingly universal behaviors — unresponsive interfaces and taking over the focus ininvited.

Why should a program ever lock up? Why does not clicking the “Close Window” button not close the window like turning off a light switch — immediately?

Because the offending program or segment or component has taken over all CPU cycles. In a world and an age of multi-core processors, multi-threaded, massively parallel, gigahertz-speed front end busses … there is no excuse for any program not responding immediately to user input. And if the user input is nonsensical or repetetive, it should be trapped and an error message thrown. (See above.)

This locking up thing is just a symptom of junky code.

Yes, I’m looking at YOU, Opera. No reason for a Web browser to take up 100% of CPU cycles and 2 GB of RAM. None. Fix that, whatever it is.

But Miscrosoft is not to be excused. I don’t care how big a database file is, or how fragmented the index, (And why doesn’t the damned system defrag its own files on the fly? See above about abundant resources.), if the total number of BYTES in the file is exceed by a factor of >1 by free RAM, there should be no delay except the transfer rate from the disk. This whole booshwah of taking three minutes to load a 2GB InBox file (which is only 2GB by grace of a program bug in the first place) is… well, booshwah.

And, even so, why can’t I load and read ONE eMail message while the rest loads? Hmmm?

And, then there’s this thing of taking over the foreground focus. If I start a program and then switch the focus to another while that one loads (remember, this is MY computer), why in HELL does the program in the background have to take over the foreground at seemingly random checkpoints in its load routine?

This is a behavior that was a whole lot more understandable in the old days of limited resources (1MB RAM, anybody?) than in these modern times. It’s rude. It’s unforgiveable. Stop it!

A couple of big ruler whacks across the knuckles to programmers of commercial software.