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Crochet of the Day

IF I WERE KING OF THE WORLD I’d make leaf blowers illegal. As far as I can tell, they do less to accomplish their task than a good, stiff broom or a rake will do, without the beneficial exercise the latter provide. And they shatter the peace in ways that are nearly universally detested.

What’s not to hate?

#Civility Watch

THE RECENT EPISODE in which a putative man verbally attacked Bristol Palin in a bar brings to mind the Left’s stalking-horse call for civility. (I say “stalking-horse” because they do not desire civility so much as they seek to stifle dissent against their point of view.)

And you wonder how this coarseness in civil society came about. And I am forced to remark that the reason transgressors continue to transgress is that they got away with it the first n times.

In days of yore, a boor making such remarks in public (and in the presence of a lady) would have had the crap beaten about him by any and every red-blooded male in the vicinity. Which beating would have been held to be justified because what the man said constitutes “fighting words,” to be perceived as legally equivalent to a physical threat.

Would it be disingenuous of me to ask, “When did that change?”

Of course it would.

Instead, let me point out that there is a very straight, very short line from there to elected officials calling for a suspension of elections. Let there be no doubt about it, this is not due to violence or threat on the part of the opposition. No. It is due entirely to the existence of opposition at all.

Where’s your line in the sand? How long will you allow yourself, your family, and your future to be held hostage to the … flexible … notions of civility held on the Left?

I Suppose Hannity Feels

HE HAS TO HAVE A commie-lib sympathizer on in order to satisfy some notion he has of fairness and even-handedness and balance. I do declare, though, he’d and the nation would be far better served if he were to put as much emphasis on being right as he does on being fair.

Wednesday, he had some parlor pink on trying to defend that Perdue harridan’s call for the suspension of elections.

I don’t care how you cast it. It doesn’t matter whether she meant it seriously or not. That’s not something you do in a republic. She’s not a dictator. She’s not a queen. She doesn’t get to call for a suspension of elections. This isn’t Nazi Germany or Chavezist Venezuela or the Workers’ Paradise of the Shining Path. That kind of thing may go over in those places, but it doesn’t go over here. The call was and remains indefensible, and the ONLY acceptable response would be for Gov. Perdue to step down and commit honorable seppuku. Of course, as a Democrat, she has no honor, but that’s what SHOULD happen.

For leftists to go on national radio and attempt to justify the woman’s words is unacceptable. The act is indefensible, and to try to defend it is merely to add insult to injury. All right-thinking Americans should abhor the very notion, and that there are people on these shores who cannot or will not see that is to our national shame.

Giving voice to treason is not fair and balanced.

St. Ann in Porcelain Slippers

NOT QUITE CLAY FEET, BUT damned close. The other day on the Hannity radio show, Ann Coulter said, in effect, you have to grade Republican governors of blue states on a curve.

A fersher ::wobbitta:: to me.

A WHA’ diddah?

A ::wobbitta:: It’s the sound effect used in cartoons to indicate head-rattling befuddlement.

Ah! I kinda thought so, but I wun’t ‘zackly sure.

We live too, serve.

But… I do not get this “grade on a curve” thing. Either your principles matter or they don’t. Either they are right or they are wrong. If they’re right, they’re right everywhere. If they’re wrong in some places, then they have to be wrong everywhere. That’s what makes them principles.

I think I might get this. If the PEEPLE in a given place have different principles…

And they’re wrong…

And they’re wrong…

Wait one!

Oooo! I sawed what you didded there. You palmed that card!

Not really. See? There it is. Right there.


But we degrease. I’m willing to forgive St. Ann minor transgressions in this case. But I do think she needs to get out of the Northeast Liberal Establishment Media Echo Chamber bubble once in awhile.


::RUNS AWAY SCREAMING:: It’s almost enough to make you give up. (Which might be the point.) But WHY IS IT that EVERYONE talking about “the rising cost of health care” starts out from that premise and goes downhill from there when they take up … (Are you ready for this?) INSURANCE.


Explain to me in clear, no-nonsense term WHAT the FUCK insurance has to do with “health care.”

Does it have to do with paying doctors, nurses, pharmacists, phlebotomists?

Really? You think so?

What percentage of your “health care” dollar actually gets to the provider? Do you even know? I do. I don’t have insurance. I pay providers directly. Cash (well, checks). I get “discounts” ranging from forty to sixty percent. Trust me, they’re not doing that out of the goodness of their hearts. They’re doing that because they A) don’t have to jack up their list prices as a negotiating tactic against insurance company pressure and B) don’t incur the INCREDIBLE cost of maintaining staff to handle all the paperwork. I get services. I pay cash.

Simple. Neat. Clean. Cheap. Easy.

A pharmacist, who remembers the day before the relentless “insuring” of medicine in America, once told me that half of all money spent on medical care in this country goes to insurance company.

Robert Heinlein once wrote about engineering that “you don’t put a propeller on a bathtub just because one is handy.” Which is a colorful way of saying “form follows function.” (Or should.)

The conflation of “insurance” with “medicine” is a propeller in a bathtub. Worse: it’s an outboard motor, mounted with its propeller IN the bathtub — in the water. It doesn’t improve the situation; it aggravates it. It increases costs both by adding cost centers not necessary to the medical good and by muddying market waters. It muddies the market waters by decoupling pricing signals from buying decisions. This decoupling reduces the downward pressure that competition exerts on prices in any market. And insurance — any third-party payor, really — induces a pathology in the medical field whereby people who ought to be “buyers” — the ultimate consumers of medical goods and services, become “clients” or “beneficiaries” of some benevolent other and come to perceive the goods and services they receive as “free.”

It shouldn’t take much thought to perceive clearly where this will/has/does lead. Shouldn’t take any, really, since we have a crystalline example ready to-hand.

What America needs is to stop thinking of “health care” in terms of “insurance”…

(Which, by the way, isn’t really insurance — but that’s become like the old carp of Winston’s grammatical error in its “Winston tastes good LIKE a cigarette should,” which actually means that Winston tastes like anything BUT how a cigarette should taste. Nobody ever listened all the way through the lecture, and nobody ever really cared. Teleport that forward to the present day and you get: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We know: health coverage isn’t really insurance; it’s cost-pooling. That’s what we call it; get over it).

What America needs to do is tell the government to get out of the business of telling us how we may/must/should pay for our medical care, and let us make our own purchasing decisions without regard to state lines, political fiefdoms, and the spoils system that rewards narrow pressure groups for narrow pressure group tactics, when it should take care for — in the constitutional phrase — the general welfare.

Which. It. Does. Not. Currently.

Shifting the Dialectic

THE PARTY ON THE LEFT doesn’t like it when you refer to their front organization as The Democrat Party. The proper name (what they call themselves), they tell you, is The DemocratIC Party. And you should call it by that name.


The First Amendment may prevent the state from insisting on truth in political advertising, and I suppose that insisting on it (truth, that is) may turn into drowning the baby in the bathwater before throwing both out.

But We the People are not the state. And we may insist on truth in political advertising, be we so moved. In fact, we should.

So, therefor, to call a party which is neither democratic in its internal behaviors (Just watch Democrats run Congress when they’re in control, if you don’t believe me.) nor in its public policy prescriptions (Viz: the recent calls for the suspension of congressional elections next year from members of the Democrat party.) would be the height of disingenuousness.

BUT! But. But… The party is composed of self-named Democrats. We may give them that. So we call it the Democrat party.

And they can throw hissy-fits, or they can get over their petty selves. I. Don’t Give. A. Shit.

Will the Company

WHOSE PHONE NUMBER IS (317)559-0033 and keeps pinging my cell, kindly STOP?

I WILL NOT take your call. I WILL NOT call you back (so you can confirm that my number is valid and active). I WILL NOT do business with you in any way — you bottom-feeding slimebot.

I WILL — since my cell number is listed in the national DO NOT CALL registry — file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. I have done so every time you have run my number.

If you are a company with whom I do business and I ever identify you as such, trust me: I will cease doing business with you as soon as it is convenient for me. I have no patience with trimmers and pettifoggers. You have been notified that I do not wish to receive soliciting calls. If you choose to ignore that because of a claimed “business relationship”
exception, be advised said relationship will end as soon as — as I say — is convenient for me.

That is all.

Idiot Leftists

STUCK ON THIS STUPID notion that the Tea Party is racist or has racist elements seem unable to see the situation from the different perspective they demand of you.

The Founders did struggle to eliminate slavery. At the time of the founding, slavery had been an institution in the New World for a longer period of time than has passed since the founding to today.

There was a great deal of effort, intellectual, commercial, and physical put into the elimination of slavery — which, by the way, still exists in certain parts of the world. That effort had to over come more than 300 years of practice in this hemisphere (among Europeans — the practice among the natives had lasted even longer). And, yet, change was set in motion at the founding that, four score and seven years later, ended slavery as a state-supported institution.

Today, we have another struggle ongoing for freedom. It seeks to return to practices and institutions that were in effect as recently as fifty years ago. We have only two generations of idiocy and ignorance to overcome, and yet we have made considerable progress in only two election cycles.

In one sense, we have had to overcome similar anti-liberty prejudices and habits that the abolitionists faced in the early Nineteenth Century.

I would only ask those who hear, “Return to constitutional principles” and their mental filters translate that into “return to slavery, with slaves counted as 3/5 as a person”* to exert a little empathy for the process people have to go through. The founders had 300 years of pratice and tradition to overcome the prejudices of slaver. We have to overcome the idiocy that has been indoctrinated into your thick skulls in only a couple of generations, and yet the fight somehow seems far harder.

* When your mind makes this translation, you are displaying a knee-jerk reaction founded in the deepest, most malignant kind of ignorance. The 3/5 rule was instituted in order to prevent southern states from claiming slaves as members of the population or as voters when it came to the census or the apportionment of taxes and federal monies. It seemed hardly fair to claim someone who was in the country unwillingly, and immured in involuntary servitude to further serve the purposes of his slave masters by being counted as just another citizen. The move was, in short, an anti-slavery maneuver that sought to deny slave-holders this benefit of their odious practice.

Listening to Bill O’Reilly

TALKING WITH GLENN BECK about O’Reilly’s new book on Lincoln Tuesday. They were talking about the difference between the problems Washington and Lincoln faced as President.

I think Lincoln had it tougher, because he had to deal with Democrats.

The More I Read About Solyndra

THE MORE I HAVE to think that investigators should include in their theory of the crime that the intent of the government was fraudulent and that the DOE’s investment in the company. was at least in part a rather kack-handed attempt at a money-laundering scheme.

Megan McArdle at the Atlantic.

Me: I think the government should be forbidden from entering the marketplace. Period. A wall of separation of state from commerce at least as high and adamantine as the one that never was between church and state.

Oh, What EVER is Congress to Do

USUALLY WHEN THERE’S A BUDGET “crisis,” and spending cuts seem inevitable, the establishment in DC mounts what’s called the Washington Monument Defense, an example of which would be to close the parks in DC so tourists have nothing to do. (Well, there’s plenty of Civil War battlefields in Virginia, but…)

Problem is: the Washington Monument is already closed. Earthquake damage, ‘r sumfin’.

What’s amoney-grubbing, power-hungry congresscritter to do?

They Always Float a Trial Balloon

DO THE SCALE MODEL TESTING first, before they ramp up to life-size. This would fall under that category.

If that woman is not met with a firestorm of protests and calls for her immediate resignation and/or ouster. Recall. Impeachment. Then I would venture to predict this gambit of suspending elections will at least be promoted in the wider arena of national politics. And there will be those on both sides of the proverbial aisle who will take the suggestions seriously.

I keep asking, and no controlling legal authority answers:

Given that force — even lethal force — is considered proper, praiseworthy, even mandatory in some cases, in the stopping of the commission of a felony in progress, what level of force might be considered proper, praiseworthy, or mandatory in the stopping of the commission of treason? Is not a statement by a sitting state governor that congressional elections ought to be suspended — whether serious or not — tantamount to the making of war on the people and the Constitution of the United States?

As Somebody Notes

WALMART IS SELLING shotguns starting at under $200. No? Who ya gonna call when they come for you? Remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

I Have Long Thought So

TEA PARTY VALUES are hippie values.

Not the unwashed, barefoot, living-on-the-street-like-a-bum, stoned out of your gourd, head-banging to the Dead hippies, but the self-reliant, do-your-own-thing, FREEdom!, rugged individualistic hippies. The former you ran into all over the place because they’d panhandle you everywhere you went — in between protesting (What are you protesting Johnny? Whattaya got?). The latter you hardly ever saw, because they were too busy making a living.

Ring any bells?

The Bastards!

THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER reports that a deal has been struck to prevent a government shutdown.

Hinky mofos. Lead us right up to the edge every time and just leave us there.

Writing on Sarah Palin

AT HUMAN EVENTS Tony Lee gets something right that Right pundits so very rarely do.

In explaining the Limbaugh Rule, that one should always vote for the most conservative candidate available (contra Bill Buckley’s rule that one should always vote for the most ELECTABLE conservative), Lee concludes — correctly — that the establishment see conservatives or libertarians ipso facto unelectable, so you will always be told by that sort that Herman Cain or Sarah Palin or Michele Bachman can’t possibly win. And the grassroots in the Right often accept those statements as fact.

More the chumps they.

And it is because of this witless calculus that Republicans keep losing when the facts should be on their side.

The facts of the matter are that liberty — according to the Founding — is the majority position. If you want to talk “mainstream,” that’s where it’s at. When liberty is the position taken by a politician — or is perceived to be — that politician wins in a landslide against all comers. And when no liberty candidate is in the field, the most left-leaning candidate wins. Either way the establishment, country-club, blueblood Republicans lose.

Which is probably as it should be, except that also means the Democrats win, and continue on their course of destruction for the United States.

PETA Can Dish It Out

BUT THEY SURE CAN’T TAKE IT. I mean, by their lights, they should just lie there and take it — like a dead fish. (Oh, Lord, forgive me!) But instead of accepting done unto them as they have done unto others, they’re whining to Mommy like a bunch of little titty babies.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of despicable (barely) human beings.

And, by the way, if you are concerned about animal welfare and the prevention of cruelty to animals, the ASPCA is a worthy organization. Also worthy of your consideration and support are local rescue organizations and no-kill shelters — true American volunteerism at its best. But PETA and the United States Humane Society are hypocritical marxist front organizations with no real concern for animals in their strategic missions or their tactics. Just thought you should know.

If I Was Going To

PICK A QUOTE FROM Captain Reynolds, I think it would be…

May have been on the losing side. Still not convinced it was the wrong side.

But the one to-hand is apposite, considering the opposition’s tendency to denigrate straight shootin’ and square dealin’.

Yet Another Sign

THAT YOU CAN’T TRUST the Left with anything requiring rigor — particularly anything to do with numbers — is this formulation that’s come about since the communists hollowed out the Left and took it over back in the ’60s*: First World, Second World, Third World. Except, they never say “Second” or (more properly) “New” World to refer to the Americas, because that kind of throws their … call it calculus, for all its lack of rigor … throws their calculus into a cocked hat. (Like a raw egg which, when the hat is put on, breaks and runs all down their face, but never mind that.)

For those of you who attended government schools since the teachers’ unions were stripped of their outlaw status and took ownership (albeit not responsibility) of the public education system in this country, the formulation refers to the fact that explorers in the Western Hemisphere referred to their home civilization — roughly Europe and the Mediterranean — as the Old World and the Americas as the New World. It was just a geographic thing, one step beyond “here” and “over there” and carried no socio-political-economic freight to speak of, although the Old World was generally perceived to be established, civilized, sophisticated, and refined, while the New World was seen as new, rough, vulgar, crude, and a little rude — not at all “our sort.” Until New Worlders got filthy rich and that became a schism between the :”nouveau riche” who generally earned it and “old money” who got it through various species of looting. But never mind that, either.

Come the revolution — or at least the would-be revolutionaries, who, in order for their program to work, need to lump people together in groups — relevant or not, but it must be groups, can’t have no pesky individuals running around mucking things up — and then set the groups against each other.

Used to be if you asked a fisherman from Irian Jaya and a llama herder from the high sierras of Equador what they had in common, you’d get a blank look and at least one of them would walk away from the crazy person shaking his head. The revolutionaries fixed that. Ask the same question today and… Well, you’d probably get the same answer directly from the people involved, but you can bet their lords and masters know that they’re both from the Third World.

But don’t you dare ever ask a revolutionary, “Why third?” Because it would knock their worldview into a cocked hat — or a billed cap or one of those trendy berets with the red cloisonne stars pinned to them that all the too-cool-for-school red diaper babies sport to show that they’re down with the struggle — for them to have to admit that the U.S. is a New World country, not Old World, and that First World is a designation with no meaning whatsoever, and that Third World is a tag hung on people with little in common other than that Marxist — scorn quotes — “community organizers” see them as rabble to be roused, revolted, and ruled. Especially considering that the Third World designation subsumes the world’s oldest extant civilization, which is currently ruled by communists struggling with that ideology’s internal cognitive dissonances.

But if you really want to see their heads essplode, ask them why Israel is considered First World when it was founded nearly after the end of the age of colonialism — yes, it lasted until the ’60s, but it was really over at the end of WWII — by UN mandate on the former colony of the Grandmother of colonial powers, from a largely refugee population of persons displaced by a war started by a fascist regime.

No, leftists have no shame, nor are they capable of acknowledging the inconsistencies in their worldviews. If they did, they’d no longer be leftists.

* I know, I know. They started a lot earlier — practically right from the birth of the Left. But they pretty much accomplished their ends by the 1960s.

Wrong Question

DOUG BERMAN, writing at Sentencing and Law Policy blog, commits a category error when he asks, Should Pardoned Felons Have Gun Rights?

Since the right to self-defense, and therefor the right to bear arms, predates the foundation of the nation, and since the proscription lain in the Second Amendment is absolute, (that’s what “shall not” means — no exception, no limitations), the proper question should be: Should Felons’ Rights Be Abridged for Any Reason?

No, Your Honor, You Do Not Have

THE LAWFUL AUTHORITY to rule in this matter. In fact, you are so far beyond your jurisdiction as to be yourself guilty of a civil rights violation — to whit, an infringement on liberty — which is a Federal crime and carries a sentence of from 1-10 years, as well as the possibility of an (unspecified) fine.

Quote of the Day - Stolen Property Edition

THIS ONE COMES courtesy of Kevin Baker, who applies it to someone entirely other. Me, I saw it and instantly thought of a certain senatorial candidate up Massachusetts way, who has been being excoriated ’round the Web these past couple of days for a sterling display of moronitude.

Bottom line: this woman couldn’t get a clue if she smeared herself with clue musk and did the clue mating dance in the middle of a field full of horny clues at the height of the clue mating season.

It Was Bigotry, to Be Sure

TO PROJECT THE IDIOCIES of a tiny fraction of the whole onto the whole, but it’s true nonetheless — Elizabeth Warren is an example of the reason it was such a battle to win women the franchise.

The Panic Merchant in Chief

WAS IN TOWN THURSDAY to rouse him some rabble in a photo-op here in River City. He’d come in to use the Brent Spence bridge, where I-75 crosses the Ohio River, as a backdrop. And totally fuck up traffic at rush hour. Or, more precisely, AFTER Rush’s three hours, so el Rushbo wouldn’t get a chance to take the wind out of his sales pitch quite so damned fast. (Hey, Barry — ever heard of green screens and Photoshop?) But whatever: he’s been trying to hype Congress into passing his so-called “Jobs Bill.”

If Congress has the brights God gave a light-emitting diode, it will do nothing of the sort. Which is what has the American people so damned scared.

You may not know this, but the site Barry chose as the venue for his telepromptering was a concrete plant. Considering just the other day at the UN, he was urging folks to stand in each other’s shoes, one has to wonder if he meant a Chicago-style metaphor or something.

But, whenever a politician tries to use infrastructure as a prod to rush the public into supporting an expansion of government, I never hear anybody ask, “What happened to the last batch?”

Wanna connect a couple dots here. Whenever the subject is the price of gasoline, some smart guy always points out that the gas station owner makes a penny a gallon, and the oil company ten cents, while the government grabs a buck-and-a-half. That grab is suppose to be going to highways — to pay both for new construction and for upkeep.

What did they do with that money? Hmm?


SIGNALLED A SEA CHANGE in the media, when concern for journalistic integrity went further and faster out the window than ever before.

And, now, I suspect, the Gunwalker scandal has the potential to signal another sea change — advantage: new media.

Watch and see if it doesn’t.

Obama Says, “This is Not Class Warfare

THIS IS MATH.” Wrong again, Beagle Breath. Math is that the people you’re waging class warfare against are the ONLY ones paying ANYTHING. How about asking the bottom 47percent who pay no taxes at all — if they don’t get a so-called “earned income” tax credit — to kick into the kitty.

THEN you can say “just like everybody else.” Until then, you get an “F” on this pop quiz, asshole.

In Response to Og’s

POST ON KNIVES here. I also have a Victorinox (sic) pen knife on my key chain. I keep an Exacto and a snap-off razor knife on my desk at work. And I have a backup copy of this one — bought dirt cheap from the sale case at Ace Hardware in the drawer behind me here in the Study at Casa d’Alger.


COLD WATER LAUNDRY wash is bunk. This is the textbook example of fetishizing conservation while forgetting the purpose of the activity in question. Cold water doesn’t get clothes clean. It’s simple chemistry. (Well, OK, it’s organic chemistry, and there’s nothing simple about it, but it’s true just the same.) I don’t care WHAT my wife says.

That article says nothing of the sort. All it says is that a lot more people prefer warm or hot water wash than do cold.

And it’s not Procter & Gamble’s function in the marketplace to try to tune consumer preferences. It is the job of business to fulfill the needs, wants, and desires of its customers. Ms. Dawn French needs to get off her moral high horse, stop preaching to consumers or trying to nudge them in favor of her personal policy preferences, and get back to the knitting — serving the customer.

American Exceptionalism

TO OBAMA IS that here, in this unique republic, socialism will work, where it hasn’t anywhere else in time or space.

Books as Produce

AUTHOR-PUBLISHER DEAN Wesley Smith, in his book The New World of Publishing writes of a produce metaphor for the sale of books from “traditional” legacy publishing houses. That is: books are treated the same way produce is — as though they have a limited shelf life, and thus can only be sold profitably for avery brief window in time before they have to be pulled from the shelf and destroyed. (If that doesn’t strike you as manifest evil, I … I don’t know what to say about you. Both from the perspective that it wastes resouces (“Save the planet!”) and that it destroys literature — regardless of value (Shades of Fahrenheit 451!).

I’m certain that there is a calculus in the publishing business that there are diminishing returns on the investment of keeping books in inventory for sale in the future. It may even bear some resemblance to reality. Such business calculations sometimes do.


But, as DWS mentions, this practice does not bode well for the career of a writer. If a print run doesn’t sell out — and booksellers are not entirely sensible about business, especially when ordering stock — the next one, if there is a next one, will be smaller, and rats to eat them until it’s not worthwhile to spend the nut on a writer who didn’t sell enough books last time out.

And, of course, if the book isn’t on the shelf when the reader is looking for it, it doesn’t sell, and the whole thing becomes a self-fulfilling business plan.

Some of you may have noticed that I have taken up the practice of posting in the right column links to Amazon of books I’m currently reading. The idea is, if you’re interested in both the book and helping out a site you read regularly (hint-hint), you click through and buy the book from that link. Doesn’t cost you any more, but I get a slight commission. Get enough volume and you might be able to buy a cup of coffee. It has thus far netted me approximately (checks affiliate statement) zero. I suspect that has to do with my slight traffic. But I also believe the situation will not obtain forever. So, having the habit in place now may aid me down the line. I think strategerically that way.

And, today, when I pulled my current read from the shelf — a book I’ve had since it was first available — I, of course, surfed over to Amazon to pick up a link. Only to discover that the binding I have — mass market paperback — is no longer available (at least not through Amazon).

Having been schooled to the rogue by DWS, I recognized right away what’s happening. The edition is 3 years old. Doubtless the first print run(s) have either sold out (or not). It may be that a new edition is due out. The author’s work is being collected in omnibus volumes and boxed sets, so perhaps the MMPB edition will be available again shortly.

Or it may be past its sell-by date and the publisher has declined to continue offering it for sale.

The book is one in a series — the Dresden Files — which is without doubt one of the best selling series in publishing, let alone the fantasy field, earning Jim Butcher all kinds of well-deserved accolades.

And the book is still available, just not in the cheapest and handiest binding.

Which looks to me a lot like Dean Wesley Smith’s produce model in action.

And, if it can happen to Jim Butcher, after so short a time on the market, it can happen to YOU, gentle reader and budding author.

And your point, Alger?

>Seriously consider self-publishing. Ask yourself: what does a New York house have that I don’t — or can’t get? The answer, of course, is: nothing. So the follow-on: why should you give them as much money as they’ll take out of your sales for stuff you can do/get for yourself?

I realize, as someone whose pro-publishing credits might surpass James Woolcot’s in number, but certainly not any serious author’s, I don’t have a lot of standing to be spewing this blather. So I urge you to find this stuff out for yourself. When you do, you’ll see that my basic premise is not mistaken, even though I may be weak on the details.

Carville Lays Down

THE LINE LIKE A TYPICAL left-statist. “It may be that some people who go will go unjustly. But there needs to be a signal sent that the President gets it and is committed to fixing the problem.” (Or words to that effect.)

Doesn’t matter whether the firings are justified or not. After all, the person who SHOULD be fired is the President himself, but the country can’t wait until January 2012. Doesn’t matter that the most effective thing to DO would be to reverse the unsustainable, ruinous policies that threaten to bankrupt the country. It’s the symbolism of the thing that matters to Carville.

Symbolism over substance. Typical. Tendentious eveennnnn.

Surber’s Headline

GETS IT WRONG here. It’s Liberals Turn Racist. Sorry, Don. That’s not it. Liberals start out racist. And sexist, and every other kind of -ist bigotry, because their fundamental worldview presumes the inferiority of everybody but liberals. They and they alone are the ubermensch with the capacity to rule, and judge, others.

Wow! Stopped Clock and All That

I ACTUALLY AGREE with Alexander Cockburn on something. World to End Tomorrow.

I propose, then, a seemingly drastic but actually far less destructive way of paying off the public debt at a single blow: out-right debt repudiation. Consider this question: why should the poor, battered citizens of Russia or Poland or the other ex-Communist countries be bound by the debts contracted by their former Communist masters? … Similarly, we the living did not contract for either the past or the present debts incurred by the politicians and bureaucrats in Washington.


I’ve long thought something the like, if I haven’t said much about it to anybody but myself on long drives and commutes. (What? You don’t talk to yourself when you’re alone in the car? What a sad, sad person!)

I confess I don’t have enough information to describe — or even imagine — the actual mechanisms of such a thing. I certainly don’t trust that politicians would or COULD get it right. But I’ve had this nasty suspicion that, at the end of the day — similar to the quick pull-off of a bandage — the only real solution to the massive government bloat is repudiation of the national debt, the staking of Social Security in the heart, and simple sunsetting of MediCare, the shutting down of government departments wholesale (and willy nilly) with their staffs being RIFed by attrition if nothing else.

And, that if it could be accomplished quickly by some magic silver bullet, it would actually cause less harm, and provide for a quicker return to prosperity for America than any other course of action or inaction.

But I also suspect that the ONLY way it could ever be accomplished would be by some magic, silver bullet, and that means either a Constitutional crisis or an out-and-out revolution, either of which could spin out of control and cause us to crash and burn. Success would be a narrow thing — and a matter of losing the fight right up to the moment we’d win. In short, it would mean dark, dark times.

“Ooh! Pret-ty scarry!” — Count Floyd.

Wow! EVERYTHING is on Wikipedia!

Oh, the Irons, the Woods, the Putters

SO DIDJA NOTICE Algore threw a 24-hour temper tantrum ’cause nobody believes him on the Gorebull Wormening BS any more?

Me neither.

And then Obambi yarks up #AttackWatch on the rug, and everybody plumb forgot about the Gore-a-lypse.

::sigh:: What’s a panic merchant to do?

Somebody Has to Say It

BUT WHY’S IT have to be ME?

Look. The Obama Regime is nothing but an exercise in Chicago-style deep-dish kleptocracy. Every initiative, program, public policy prescription, executive order, and mash note to come out of the White House since His Immaculation has had one, single aim — to rape the public treasury and distribute the loot to Democrat cronies. Nothing more, nothing less. Solyndra was never intended as anything more than a money-laundering operation.

Let them prove me wrong.

The discovery phase alone should be a real bitch.

I Really Hope Somebody

IS CAPTURING THE ENTIRE timeline at #AttackWatch on Twitter. It’s comedy gold. Hell, it’s comedy irridium!

If You’re on Twitter

YOU MIGHT FIND it somewhat amusing to search on #AttackWatch. In a Presidency filled withe tone-deaf, kack-handed moves, this one takes the cake. I mean, at least Bush had the grace to have his enemies portray him as a fascist.



TWITtering. With a double-you.

Is that a hash-tag?


I’m hip to the vernacular. I know what it be like. “Is that a hash tag?” means, “Is that a fact?”

::silently mouths:: I know what it be like. ::goes — like — WTF?:: That is not current twit-speak.

Well. It should be.

And it’s not Twittering, it’s TWEETing.

WHAT. Everrrr.

Appears one of the latest memes going around is the #SnappleFact. And, judging from the results of a hash tag search, most of them are actually reading the facts printed on the underside of the caps. Which is OK, but it’s certainly not pushing the trope to the outer edge of the envelope, now, is it?

What would that be?

Oh, a kind of a roll-your-own. #SnappleFact: Obama’s a Marxist.

No shit, Sherlock.


Oh! I get it. Heh. This has possibilities…

Dick Morris Might be a Legend in His Own Mind

BUT TO ARGUE THAT Social Security is not a Ponzi scheme because (and I quote) “A Ponzi scheme is a fraud” is risible.

So you’re saying that an “insurance” program where the premiums are taken from all by force, but in which the contributors have no ownership rights, and the administrators of which have spent — indeed, overspent — the entire proceeds, leaving near-worthless IOUs in the “lock box” … is NOT a fraud?

He just DOES not get it. He’s arguing that it’s politically wise to argue over how much who’s going to cut or not. “He’s going to pay you LESS stolen money than I am. Vote for me.”

May get the politician elected to office, but it’s not a winning strategy.

ANd then he says, “Tea Party people are walking back their objection to Romney over health care.”

Dick! Dick! Just say, “NO!” Put down the pipe and exhale! Sheesh! Romney is toast PRECISELY because of Romneycare. The Tea Party folk KNOW that Obamacare is the number one issue facing America. It MUST be repealed, killed dead, and the ground salted so it can never rise again. Unless that happens, all the WIN in the world does us no good. They’ll NEVER back anyone with ANY taint of socialized medicince on him. That alone is what makes Michele Bachman — with her monomaniacal insistence that Obamacare MUST be repealed as the first order of business — a winner to most independent minds on the Right.

Nanny Bloomberg


For once and for all, let’s get this straight.


Learn it. Love it. Live it.

And, Mike? STFU.

What IS it with these New York liberals and their despicable utterances?

Delilah Dirk

THE MODERN-DAY GABRIELLE EAST (HIGHT DOLLY) is only the most-recent incarnation of a heroine of a thousand generations (to steal a trope from Joseph Campbell). A few generations previously, she was incarnated as Gabrielle Francesca East, hight GFE1. This was the East family member, born in Ohio in 1830, and Child of the East from her Choosing in 1838 until her return to America in 1863 — a full five-and-twenty, which she survived and came out of a wealthy woman. Very wealthy. The God Hephaestus made a gift to her of tons of gold bars, which she successfully shipped back with her to the family homestead in Ohio, and which became the endowment of a singular family fortune — one of the largest in the States. (It’s only a half-joke that the East coast of America was named after the family.)

During her tenure as Child of the East, she was also known as Factor to the Gods for her management of an enterprise, headquartered in Athens, Greece (then a part of the Ottoman Empire), and as the owner aboard her private yacht, the Bella Donna, a sloop-rigged ketch of some speed and surpassing ruggedness. She traded all over the Orient, knocking heads and bumping elbows with everyone from Allan Quatermain to Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton (with whom she had an illicit affair in Constantinople during the Crimean War, and who rescued her from the Seraglio at about the same time).

It is the latter incident which came to mind when I discovered DELILAH DIRK & THE TURKISH LIEUTENANT — a delightful gem to be sure. It’s in-progress now. Check it out.

A Clue for the Regime

YOURS FREE OF CHARGE: Sacrifice, if it’s not voluntary, is a taking — theft. A true sacrifice is a gift, freely given. Your use of the word “sacrifice” in the context of increasing the barely-legal theft of money from the already-cash-strapped American people is despicable.

If tendentious.

Entertainment Celebrities

SEEM TO HUNGER FOR the cheap theatrics, to make the empty, feel-good gesture. To commemorate the Black Tuesday attrocities, apparently, U2 lead singer, Bono has taken to calling himself an American. Sorry, Paul*, but ah don’ theen so.

First thing Americans are is loyal to our friends. At least, until somebody elects us to Federal office. Then it becomes a craps shoot. But out here in flyover country, where we is stone immaculate, We the Little People don’t stab our friends in the back, the way you did all of your stagehands and tour personnel when a tour promoter dragged enough dollar bills in front of you. A little like James Carville said about Paula Jones — drag a big enough bill down the Dublin waterfront and some muso will stab his friends in the back for it.

And another thing Americans do is commit to being American. Like your former Irish stage manager did when you unceremoniously dumped him on the street. He came to America, got a green card, and went through the immigration process, worked his ass off (for an American band) and BECAME A CITIZEN. Not an illegal alien (apologies to Phil Collins), not an undocumented Substitute Host (apologies to Mark Steyn), but a real, bona fide CITIZEN.

I’d imagine that, since Ireland stopped with the “artists pay no taxes” BS, your Irish citizenship is probably a bit less attractive to you anyway. Oh.Wait! Wasn’t there a protest about that here recently?

Yeah. We gripe about our taxes, sure. But we PAY them (except for see the item above about Federal office and see also Tax Cheat Timmy Geithner).

*That’s Bono’s Christian name, doncha know — Paul Hewson.

(Hat tip: Instapundit)

They Will Bill Your Survivors


The Caturday Post

THE EDJUMACASHUN continued with Earnie going in to get tutored this week. He went in Thursday, spent the night at the horsepistol and came home Friday. The fastest edjumacashun in the West. Earnie has had a lot to say about it, but mostly has gone on a nex-pot-tition* around the house.

Lots going on today. Have to do the Grogery this AM. This afternoon, Younger Sister will be visiting. “And now, all the way from Bris-baaayyyne Austray-lee-aaahhh!” With that kind of buildup, it’s, as you might imagine, a Big Deal. As a matter of fact, all the drama from LAST weekend was in aid of this one, so you can get the idea what it took to get ME off the dime.

Not much blogging going on today. You have a purrrfect day, eh?

* As Pooh puts it, “It’s not so much their necks that worry me as it is their teeth.”

Only the New York Times

WOULD FIND IN SARAH Palin’s speech in Indianola something new and remarkable.

Not that I object to Sarah’s having managed, with her outside-the-box political strategery, to break through the left-media’s thought barrier with messages the “extreme right fringe” (read: the real mainstream of American political thought) has been hammering for at least — to my certain knowledge — something on the order of 60 years.

But it’s funny that the Times has finally caught up with the rest of the country and noticed.

Just Press Play

I DIDN’T WATCH TEH WON’S political grandstand play the other night because — check it out, those of you who did watch it — did he say anything that wasn’t cynically predicted beforehand? Show of hands? No? No? Well, there you go.

And… did he exhibit in the least an ability to learn from his prior mistakes — hell: to admit he’s made mistakes? (There’s something he inherited from Dubya — that inability to admit his mistakes </sarc>.)

And now — with a crystalline illustration in-hand — you should be able to apprehend the parallel between the aphorism of the post turtle and the derisive term affirmative action hire.

An old rancher is talking about politics with a young man from the city. He compares a politician to a “post turtle”. The young man doesn’t understand and asks him what a post turtle is.

The old man says, “When you’re driving down a country road and you see a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that’s a post turtle. You know he didn’t get up there by himself. He doesn’t belong there; he can’t get anything done while he’s up there; and you just want to help the poor, dumb thing down.”


It’s hilarious to me that, in the notable usages section of the Wikipedia article, there is no reference whatsoever to Barack Obama, whose utter ineptitude for the office of President brought the phrase to the fore. And there’s a citation applying the term to Dubya from — of all people — Molly Ivins, the ur progenitor of Bush Derangement Syndrome from a time before there were Bushes to be deranged about.

Memorize This

FROM PEEJAYS MEDJIA in an article The Five Biggest Reasons Republicans Keep Losing the Propaganda War.

Year after year, the GSS (the annual, General Social Survey conducted by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago) confirms that by and large modern liberals are less charitable, less honest, less hard-working, and less reliable to their friends, families, and co-workers. By the same token, liberals are far more likely to believe that success is the product of luck rather than work and personal sacrifice. Liberals are far more focused on money than conservatives and the liberal focus on others’ perceived greed is a reflection of their own envy. Liberals are far less likely to volunteer their time to help others, in both public and in private among family. Liberals lie, cheat, and steal at far higher rates than conservatives and tend to excuse themselves with bad-luck or rigged-system arguments.

Use it to spank your favorite liberal. Meantime, read the whole article linked above.

Learn it. Love it. Live it.

Phrase You Should Be Using

THIS WEEK: refer to the Democrat cock-block on fiscal sanity.

The Tea Party wanted to cut spending. The rating agencies say the reason they’ve downgraded U.S. sovereign debt is that the Federal Government (read: Congress) appears unwilling or unable to reduce projected deficits (i.e., cut spending, stop borrowing, refor entitlements). The Republicans looked like they might inject some fiscal discipline into matters. To combat this, the Democrats threw a cock-block.

The Headline at Hot Air

READS LIKE SO: EPA’s rules may force power failures.




As in the probability is only five nines and not six?

(HT Insty)