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HEY, CHAZ! Zooeypalooza times infinity. I don’t usually do sitcom, but this looks like it could be fun.

The Caturday Post


Chester. Because he can.

Dear Mrs. Schmidt

I AM WRITING to express my severe dissatistfaction with your decision to go along with the Speaker’s budget busting bill.

The Republicans were placed in control of the House last November in order to STOP the government juggernaut from ruining the country. Instead, you have gone along with a plan to step on the gas.

Do not be surprised when you face determined and effective opposition in the primaries next year.

Mark Alger

If the Statists Want to Make

LITERARY ALLUSIONS by calling the Tea Partiers hobbits, they probably should make sure that they themselves are — you know — literate. I don’t expect them to actually, maybe, read the book, but — hey! — the damned movie’s only (what?) 12 hours long?

And maybe thing they’d learn that…



Well, actually, it was his own over-weening lust for control where he had no business asserting it, that invested all his power into one, single fetish, but let’s not be too picky.

And, while all the self-named elites of the West great, and wise and powerful though they may have been dithered and bickered in their great councils, two widdle hobbits (three, if you count Gollum)…


When everybody said that’s exactly what you don’t do! (“You don’t understand how things work around here, boy.”)

Maybe the allusion is correct. But it fer damned sure the wrong people are drawing the wrong lesson from the allegory.

* More than single-handedly, but … not much more.

Quote of the Week


In law, if there is no defence, it’s a sham.

In business, if there is no competition, it’s a monopoly.

In science, if there is no debate, it’s propaganda.


Funny How Washington Insiders

GET TO TELL US that we don’t know how Washington works

President Obama and Harry Reid keep saying they want to make a “deal.” But that isn’t how it works. The Senate needs to pass a bill. Next, leaders of each chamber appoint representatives who participate in a conference committee. The conference committee comes up with a compromise between the House bill and the Senate bill, and that conference bill goes back to each chamber for approval.

Dear Mrs. Schmidt

I AM WRITING TO URGE you NOT to vote for Speaker Boehner’s plan to raise the debt ceiling. I do not understand where Washington hascome by this mindset that, in order to cure the pathologies induced by government profligacy, we need to keep running up a never-ending tab. The House was returned to Republican control last November in order that you might CUT the size and scope of government, not saddle We The People with more of it. There should be no increase of the debt ceiling — with or without spending cuts. We do not want more debt. But, in any case: Cut. Spending. It really is that simple. And we don’t want to hear that “You don’t understand how Washington works.” Washington needs to understand this: cut spending. Cut. Spending. CutSpending. How many more ways does it need to be said? CUT. SPENDING.

All the best,
Mark Alger

Finished the First Hot Run-Through

OF IT’S DOLLY’S BIRTHDAY. That’s defined as reading through the story with the keyboard live. Anything I see I don’t like, I change — right then and there, on the spot. I have two plot holes and one major world-building issue to deal with out of it, which I don’t consider all that bad for a ten-year-old, first-draft of a 20,000-word novelet. In return for that detritus, I managed to fix several other plot holes and rectify a second major world-building issue.

For my next trick, I will attempt to cut the story in half.

This is in compliance with the standard that ANY story can be improved by cutting out half of it. I have seen this in the flesh in my own stories, so I know it works — although the quantitative statement may be hyperbolic.

The idea is to watch the statistics like a hawk, and work the thing like crazy to shorten the story. You start with a standard-format manuscript — 60-character (10-word) lines, double-spaced on a page that has 25 lines of text on it. Number of lines times ten equals your word count. Then you do everything you can to cut the number of lines. First things to go are widows and orphans. Then you look for ways to eliminate line wraps for two or more words. You cut a word from a phrase. Use a shorter word in place of a longer one. You make a pass through the story and edit out all of the adverbs. You make absolutely certain no word is repeated within about 50 words (exceptions allowed for articles and conjunctions). You look for places where the rhythm is bad — this usually means that you’ve used too many words or syllables.

I took a story that ran to 35,000 words down to 17,000 words once. The end result was a story that read like a Bourne thriller, and had fit and finish that made a THUNK! like the closing of the door on a new car. I highly recommend the process for anyone to use as a part of their finishing routine on a story. In this case, it will probably not be the last pass I make on the story, but I think it will be close to last.

Then will come the beta.

Oh, and BTW, those of you who participated in my last beta — for Armed Citizen — will be welcome on this one. It will probably come near the end of August, once I’ve worked over Double Switch and Sinfonia, and we’ll call the work The Dolly Apocrypha Collected: Volume One (Subtitle: Sometimes you just have to go to war in the underwear you have on.)

Senator McCain

WE OUT HERE IN FLYOVER COUNTRY sincerely hope that “Political Fallout” from your support for the increase in the debt ceiling doesn’t prove TOO radioactive.




“Brilliant political analysis my ass.”

Thank you for your service to our country. Now, don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

I Wanna Call

FOR JAY CARNEY’S resignation.

On accountacuz he’s a world-class, weapons-grade douchbag?

Well, that, too. But more because he’s such a hyper-partisan divider. He’s supposed to be the White House Press Secretary, not Joseph Goebbels for the regime.

Way-hay-hayt a minnit, there, Alger! That is the White House Press Secretary’s job.

Well… OK. Maybe just because … the douchebag thing.

Consider it done.

Former Ohio Senator

GEORGE WHINEY-BITCH is backing Mittens Romney for President.

Color me surprised.

You’re kidding!

Well, yes, Dolly. How could you tell?

By preposterous predictability of the move. Whiney-bitch’s, not yours.

Yeah. I got that.

Sort of Amazes Me

ABOUT THE RULING classes’ virulent, vituperative, ignorant and bigoted attacks on the Tea Party…

You’re kidding me.

Beg pardon?

That amazes you? Hell, you’re easily amazed.

That’s not it, Dolly. It’s that the attacks amount to a crybaby… WAA-HA-HAAAA! “They wanna take away my toys!” and…

I don’t get that, either. That’s exactly what it is. Why’s that amazing?

That’s not what’s amazing. What’s amazing is that NOBODY in the chattering classes seems to have the intelligence to rub together to SEE it.

I Don’t Understand

HOW HARRY RIED keeps getting re-elected.

Oh… maybe weak opposition?

How weak does it have to be not to beat Sad Sack like a redheaded stepdrum? They guy always sounds like his most powerful argument is a last-ditch forlorn effort.

Glenn Beck is All Crowing

AND PROUD AND STUFF ’cause he was right to warn America to prepare for anothe great depression.

Take comfort in that, Cassandra. ‘Cause, having endured, now, four years plus of Democrat wreckers’ depredations on the economy, the country’s immune system is so compromised as to render it nearly impossible to prepare. The resources that would have been lain by to deal with the coming disaster have already been depleted.

It’s called “eating your seed corn.”

Some Legistard

FROM THE OHIO CAPITOL REGION wants to mandate that applicants for a driving license have training in CPR.

Which, as the state owns the roads and may attach any condition it wants to their use, as the signs say, SEEMS LEGIT.

Although… I would point out that the phrase “There ought to be a law…” is meant to be an ironic jest.

Just sayin’s, all.

In Local News

A PUBLIC EMPLOYEE UNION HEAD is being investigated on charges of theft, embezzlement, corruption, whatever…

And… by you this is news?

Well, no. Not exactly. But it’s all over the media, here in Cin-City.

So I Click on Instapundit

AND OPERA RETURNS the error message — 400, Bad Request.

Mebbe so. But I did intend to make it.

They Just Don’t Get It

BOEHNER SEEMS PROUD that they managed to cut $30B this past year when Congress really needs to cut the budget by 40%. Across the board. No discrimination among discretionary items or otherwise. The time for that game has passed, too. IF they borrow 40 cents of every dollar they spend, then they need to cut spending by 40%. That’s. It.

The National Restaurant Chain

JOE’S CRAB SHACK has signs atop its buildings, “Free Crab Tomorrow.” The joke,of course, is if you go in tomorrow and ask for free crab, they’ll tell you that was yesterday, and come back tomorrow. Apparently, the Federal Government has heard the same joke.

The Caturday Post

AS THEY PLAY ON THE STUDY FLOOR with the cap from a spray can they knocked off a shelf, all the kitties sing, like Peggy Lee in Lady and the Tramp.

We are forces of chaos and entropy
Every thing they say we are we are
And we are very proud of ourselves.

No apologies to Paul Kantner

By Their Fruits Shall You Know Them

A COMMENTER OVER AT Jo Nova’s blog, offers this indictment of the watermelon left.

NO! Not one moment of silence. Not one particle of a sign of respect. They must be hounded to the end and be treated as the life sucking vampires that they are. They are not merely wrong, they are evil to the core! Their monstrous plan to control the breath of life is sufficient proof of their internal malignancy. That their plan is justified by the use of a total fraud only makes it worse.

They want not only our slavery and our productive wealth, they also want our lives. May they be forever damned to the hell they are planning to construct for us. I shall not lift a finger to save them as they fade from this world crying piteously “We didn’t mean this to happen.” They have justly earned every pain, agony, and loss that they will experience.

And it’s only a comment. Jo herself is blogging about how poor, old, decrepit Christopher Monckton, outnumbered and outgunned, nevertheless managed to singlehandedly engineer a swing of 9% (Well, actually, more, since the other side lost 9% as well.) in Australian opinion on the whole warming fraud.

Spotted at American Digest

WalMart vs Unions

LOOK. Unions are 1) stupid — a really bad idea, and 2) un-American. So, right there, they should be disqualified from any discussion of business.

Objection, your honor! Assumes facts not entered in evidence!

Well, then, you just haven’t been paying attention. But just for shorts, unions use coercion — specifically the threat of both physical violence and commercial ruin — in restraint of free trade. As such, they also are a collusion between government and labor that denies private property rights, the right of free association, and (in practice) right of due process. Without the power of the state to back them up, unions would be powerless. If you take away the coercive power to strike, unions become nothing more than barely tolerable social clubs. With the power to strike, they become the worst examples of mob-rule thuggery. They also have massive market distortion effects, bringing to slow ruin those enterprises they did not bring to quick ruin when they refused to negotiate with a union. They thus turn the entire American principle on its head. You could not get farther from the American ideal without actually doing the communist full monty.

Here’s a basic fact of capitalism (which, BTW, is an attempt at creating a slur by one of the most evil men the world has ever known — you should stop using the word), let me say rather, of free markets. Markets exist in all their various and sundry … sundry variety … they exist solely for the benefit of the buyer. The consumer. The customer. Forces which act counter to that — overpricing labor, for example — are… anti-market (and therefor, anti-freedom), un-American, anti-human, and (do I need to repeat this) stupid.

WalMart’s most compelling argument in its favor is that it — almost relentlessly — works to sell at the lowest possible prices. From its store siting and design to the deals it seeks with manufacturers and distributors of goods, every decision is made to that end. The business model is founded on the belief that minimizing prices will result in higher volume sales and maximized profits.

Which is how it’s supposed to work.

Arrayed against WalMart’s expansion are forces on the Left — Unions and — scorn quotes — “community organizers”* — who object to … what? That WalMart’s pricing model undercuts “local” “small” businesses. (Without, I should hasten to add, any supporting data proving this contention, and in the face of much countervailing evidence that the presence of a WalMart in a town actually HELPS those small businesses smart and nimble enough to adapt — which is also how markets are supposed to work.)

In short, they think that forcing you to pay higher prices for groceries and household goods is a move in favor of “social justice.”

Which should tell you a lot about this particular fight, as well as the overarching principle — if you want to call it that — of (scorn quotes) “social justice.”

Also posted at Eternity Road

*Read Marxist-front agitators.

Quote of the Day


The taxpayer – that’s someone who works for the federal government but doesn’t have to take the civil service examination.

Now that’s patronage!

Books at Retail

SEEM TO BE TAKING quite a hit lately, with many observers predicting the end of the printed book. Me: I’m not so sure. In his book Let’s Get Digital, David Gaughran describes pretty well why I doubt the demise of the printed page is at hand.

When people say-as a lot of my friends do-that they have no interest in e-books and can’t imagine ever using an e-reader, I get it.
People have an emotional attachment to print books. You see them wandering the aisles of bookstores, stroking books’ spines as if they were long lost lovers. Some take a book from the shelf, open it carefully, close their eyes, and inhale. They trace their fingers beneath words. They caress pages.

Books are beautiful things. I have a strong attachment to them myself. I don’t want a future without bookstores and where printed books are a rarity. Unfortunately, I have very little say in what the future is actually going to be like.

But a lot of people point to current trends in bookselling, with the most prominent example being Borders’ announcement yesterday that it was going into liquidation. (Aside: What’s happening to all those lovely books they must have in inventory? Acquisitive bibliophiles want to know.) I am, however, forced to remind everyone that the snapshot of circumstance you see today represents only one data point, and you cannot predict the entire trend from it. Nor can you be sure that even a trend you can discern will continue. Events have a mind of their own, and you can rest assured that they will conspire to make fools of us all.

I am minded that, in the days before the birth of Waldenbooks — the first national chain I remember, back in the ’60s — most booksellers were in musty, old, shotgun tenements in out-of-the-way corners of city neighborhoods, or were corner locations in strip malls, where they sold a lot more greeting cards and holiday ornaments than they did books. I found most of my books in — get this — local grocery stores. Yes, the very place now threatening to super-homogenize the entire publishing market and kill the printed book. And they were stocked by rack jobbers much in the manner they are today, with slow-sellers mercilessly culled, and only the best sellers restocked.

Well, but back then, when science fiction and fantasy were thought to be locked into a ghetto, the two most popular books on college campi were The Lord of the Rings and Stranger in a Strange Land, with Dune running a solid third. Those racks were a dry wasteland for me, mostly filled with Michener and Hailey and Jacqueline Susanne blockbusters.

And very shortly thereafter, the publishing industry, books, and readership all went through a massive growth spurt that mirrored the aging into maturity of the Baby Boom. All the big-box stores blossomed and spread across the land like fields of golden daffodils. (Hmm. A possible them for a poem, there.)

I see no reason why that experience cannot find a parallel in present times. Our current Obama-caused malaise cannot last forever. (Can it?) And when, like an attack of the farts in the night, this too passes, the economy will improve and people’s buying habits will change, and… Then what?

The Other Day

I POSTED A KNOCK on AARP — the acronym standing for American Association of Retired Persons. But it might also stand for Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons. Just as NAA(L)CP stands for National Association for the Advancement of (Liberal) Colored Persons.

Now, we have a constitutional right to free association, so let me shoot down up front here the notion that I’m calling for government action against these groups (although the withdrawal of favoritism toward them might be a whole kettle of fish of a different color). So DO NOT post comments arguing for or against that, or I may have to sic Og on your ass with a cricket bat.

But I am urging nominally free citizens of a notionally free state to consider carefully their support of said associations.


Well, Dolly, because. They seek to advance one citizen or one group of citizens over one other or over the whole. And, can you see how manifestly un-American that is?

Er– you have to ask?

Consider the question rhetorical.


Now, many folks will want to argue that some groups, having seen invidious discrimination practiced against them, seek only to catch up.

Which manages somehow to not hear the dissonance of seeking to end discrimination by practicing it.

Fight fire with fire?

Now you’re just being silly.

Silly: Ç’est moi!

Wrong Headline

THE HEADLINE ON this article at business insider is:

Wynn CEO Goes On Epic Anti-Obama Rant On Company Conference Call

Which I think is wrong. Deep down in the rant alluded to, Wynn states that he supports a certain senior senator from Nevada. Which, to me, implies that the headline should have been:

Steve Wynn Supports Harry Ried: Boycott Wynn Properties

…Even though it’s acknowledged that boycotts rarely have much economic impact. The political statement is that important. I’m SICK and TIRED of treasonous businessmen who support foresworn oathbreaking politicians, rent-seeking or practicing to buy protection from the wrecking and looting behavior of said politicians, at the expense of the wider nation. F*** ’em.

Cross-posted at Eternity Road.

Ripper Murdock Grilled

IN FRONT OF A RIGHT lot of pratts and wankers in Parliament gets attacked by a foaming-at-the-mouth mad dog protester. And, of course, the government’s security guys couldn’t protect Murdock, despite his having been summoned peremptorily by said pratts and wankers. (And probably not permitted to bring his own private security folk.)

And Murdock was supposed to be being haled before this committee of holes (four thousand of them could fill the Albert Hall) to be called to account for actions of his employees which — I have no doubt — he did not approve and had no knowledge of. He’d have to be stupid to have allowed the activity to go on, and Rupert Murdock is not stupid.

And Steyn, sitting in for Rush on Tuesday, made an excellent point. Where are the tribunals holding public officials to account for the utter cockups they’ve made of public affairs and of the global economy for decades?

Why is not Woodrow Wilson hauled up before Congress to account for his evil, awful, racist ways? Where is the committee investigating FDR for the utter abortion that was/is the New Deal? What tribunal has been empaneled to haul Ted Kennedy over the coals? Hubert Humphrey? LBJ? Jimmy Carter?

When will Barack Hussein Obama (Mm-mm-mm!) face any tougher venue than the court of public opinion?

Is it any wonder that frustrated patriots seem so quick to resort to the cartridge box? The witness box seems to have served us so well.

Cross-posted at Eternity Road

You Know What Democrats

ARE REALLY afraid of in the debt ceiling debate?


That the deadline they’ve thrown the gauntlet on will come and go and the world will not end?

Got it in one, Dolly. Got it in one. They’re deathly afraid that the debt ceiling will not be raised — as it should not — and that Congress will be forced by circumstances to actually cut spending, not just slow the rate of growth, and that subsequent to that, life, the economy, the world will actually improve.

Which, yet again, gives the lie to their entire worldview.


Just So’s You Know

AARP HAS a new ad out. Contention is that sumdood (unspecified, but You Know Who They Mean) is targeting seniors for cuts in Social Security and Medicare. Benefits We Paid Into and Worked For.

Just so’s you know: they’re lying. Nobody’s targeting current beneficiaries of either program.

Well, Democrats might, because — check it out: they’re Democrats. I.e., no moral compass, no scruples, no reluctance to throw grandma under the bus. But, since AARP is essentially a DNC lobbying front, you can be sure they’re not bitching about Democrat legislators.

Now, as a fact of the matter, there will have to be benefit cuts for Social Security. But they’re not on the table in the current debt discussions.

Which is why you should never trust AARP.

Apocrypha Update

THE MOOSE JAW INCIDENT is now uploaded in full, in the form it will remain until I release Apocrypha Version 2. It can be found here.

eBook versions of the Dolly Apocyrpha will be available soon. Meantime, if you enjoy the Dolly stories, it would be a kindness for you to hit the Donate button at right.

Apocrypha to Canon

READING AROUND the blogosphere at various writers blogs, I keep getting reinforcement of what I’m thinking myself. There never has been a better time for a writer to attempt self-publication, and I’m not getting any younger. SO… I’ve been thinking I should revisit my vow to never edit the Apocrypha. After all, I already know the characters and the authorial voice can draw a crowd. No, it’s not NYT best-seller numbers, but the Xenaverse is not exactly small potatoes, either.

At the same time, Kris Rusch is talking about Popcorn Kittens, which to me is just business as usual. I have such a short attention span that I already jump from project-to-project. So ADD is a working process for me. So I should be able to / can / have many times in the past work on more than one thing at a time, jumping from one to the other as — squirrel!

Where was I?

Oh. Yeah. I’m used to riding two horses at once, so working on the Apocrypha and Armed Citizen at once shouldn’t be too alien to me.

I’ve taken a look at the word counts, the plot lines, what’s mine and what was really the creation of the CFXS list members, and I have come to the conclusion that the Dolly Apocrypha can be bundled together into three volumes, each between 90,000 and 150,000 words. The running order would look like this:

New Running Order

Vol 1. (92,500 wds)
It’s Dolly’s Birthday (19,500 wds)
Double Switch (65,500 wds)
Sinfonia de la Inamorata (7,500 wds)

Vol 2. (89,700 wds)
The Moose Jaw Incident (35,000 wds)
A Dolly Xmas (10,700 wds)
Readings from the Xena Sutra (10,300 wds)
A Dynasty Divine (6,800 wds)
Odalisque (10,000 wds)
The Great Crossover Episode (16,900 wds)

Vol 3.
A Doll’s Odyssey (146,000 wds)

There will, of necessity, be many changes. For example, the antagonist classes of clones and aliens will have to be switched out. I have several ideas, but I see no point in spoiling them. Also, I’ll have to regularize language. In the original stories, the use of obscenity, profanity, and blasphemy — not to mention graphic sex — are all over the ballpark, and I think I want to pull away from the [NC17] rating and bring it more into the [R] category. And I think I might want to flesh out A Dynasty Divine and Odalisque more than a bit, which would make that middle volume even more substantial.

And there are literally TONS of moving parts that make me wince every time I read them which will have to be swapped out for aftermarket jobbies.

And we’ll just see.

To start with, I still need to get the most recent versions of the stories up on Having free “first draft” versions online is sure to be a big help in promotion. So watch that space for those to appear a bit at a time. Right now, I’m up through Chapter 2 of The Moose Jaw Incident. More soon.

The Caturday Post

Earnie, typing desk, July 7, 2011.

KITTENS WENT IN for their monthly catscan and to get shot in the butt. Most Significant Milestone, of course, is weight gained. Earnie tips the scale at 4# 1 oz. Jane at 4# 11oz, and Chester at 5# even. Each has gained roughly one pound in the last month.

Catscan: the doctor looks them over.

Jane, Chester, Earnest in the recycling bin, July 6, 2011.

You Know What I Hate About

ONLINE MERCHANTS? No foreplay. Not even a dry kiss on the cheek. They want to get straight to the hard pumping. Gimme your email address. Make a login. No, “I love you long time.” not even “Fi’ dollah!”

I don’t care if Spotify is the greatest thing since Toaster, why do I need to let them get their hooks in me to find out what the various offerings are and how much they’re gonna cost me?

As Rhymin’ Simon put it, “I don’t believe all I read in the papers/They’re just out to capture my dime…”

Papers used to cost a dime?

Yeah, Dolly. Disgusting, innit?

The Real Question Here

IS HOW DO WE mitigate the negative externalities of leftist nostrums?


SUPPOSE THERE WERE A bug. It granted great powers, but it also made you a sociopath. Suppose someone you loved had this bug. A cure is discovered for it. It stops the bug dead in its tracks, eradicates it, grants immunity from future infections, but it also kills the special powers.

Would you advise your loved one to take the cure?

If you enjoy having your guts torn out by a story. If you like the writing of Emma Bull or Elizabeth Bear. If you’re a fan of the CBS television drama Criminal Minds


Obama Doesn’t Want to Be Shouted At

SAYS WHITE HOUSE press weasel Jay Carney.


I work in the music biz. I know a few prima donnas like that. They don’t want people to address them directly. Don’t want people to make eye contact with them.

They get about the respect they deserve.

So should “Don’t Call My Bluff” Obama.

And this man is smart enough, tough enough, to be leader of the free world?

Ah don’ theen’ so!

Just Gotta Get This Off My Chest


Yes, I’m looking at you, Glenn Beck.

Of course they’re dumb. You can’t have anything north of a room temperature IQ and accept as sensible, logical, feasible, or practical ANY tenet of collectivism. Period. End of discussion. Kyew-Ee-frickin’-Dee!

Obama Not Getting It

IS A PRETTY COMMON theme these days. So, in aid of his reception, I’m going to lay out this neat little aphorism, so he might be able to understand.

Needs are a piss-poor determinant of deserts.

Got it? Just because you need something doesn’t mean you deserve to have it. And basing your public policy on needs rather than deserts is the road to oppression, inequity, and tyranny.

Keep it in mind, wouldja?

Oh, Yeah. I Forgot

IT’S BASTILLE DAY — yet another leftist trope that worked out so very well.

Marco Rubio Gets It Wrong

ON ONE COUNT. When he says, “Obama has mis-managed the economy,” he forgets the key point:


Just sayin’s all.

Dear Senator McConnell

I BEG OF YOU to back off your “solution” to the debt ceiling issue. We must not raise the debt ceiling. The only sane option is to cut spending. But, if the Democrats won’t accede to that, we must resist their every attempt to add more chains around the necks of American taxpayers. Vote NO. Filibuster. Deny quorums. WHATEVER IT TAKES, but PLEASE do NOT raise the debt ceiling!

All the best,
Mark Alger

A Note to Hannity

LIBERALS ARE A tune-out. Juan Williams is a liberal. Do the math.

Amazing how fast you can fire up WinAmp or iTunes and kick it into shuffle mode.

Cut Approximately

120 PAGES from Armed Citizen (of 140-odd) over the weekend. Saved the new file as version 7 (Since 2000). What I’ve done is kept the opening scene and just lopped off the rest. I’m intending to re-draft the story, taking it on the new course(s) I’ve been working out in my head. Most of this is the fleshing out of various notions I sketched out during the last beta, back in 2009. The skeleton of the story as it stood then will remain, with additional scenes, plot arcs, and character development. Eventually, the story will be totally restructured — from a five-act story, resembling a teleplay in structure, to a novel of about 110-120 thousand words.

I hope.

And participants in that most-recent beta will recognize the original story buried in there, but — I hope — will find the expanded story more satisfying.

We’ll see.

Starting … well … now, I’ll be sketching in the new plot elements in single-line statements that might resemble logline-style chapter headings. Then, I’ll go through and write the scenes.

Readers of Geppetto’s Log, meantime, will recognize the fractal reiteration method of plotting.

With any luck, and maybe a bit of good management, I’ll finish within the year.

We’ll see.

Keith Ellison

(SOCIAL FASCIST, MINNESOTASTAN) claims that conservatives are afraid of strong women.


Lemme axe ya this, Keef. On the Left or the Right, which women are more likely to be armed? Who’s afraid o’ whom?

Jes’ axin’.

Just In Case You Thought a Debt Deal Impossible

THERE IS A REASONABLE proposal on the table.

This Needs to be Affirmed Daily

LIKE THE RECITING of the Pledge of Allegiance or something.

Charles “Chuck You” Schumer, Demonrat Senator from New York, is a khazer, a putz, a schmuck, a schlemiel, a schnorrer, a goniff, a schlub, a putznosher, ein schtuck drek … und schtup ihn.

And the horse he rode in on.

Exactly, Dolly.

The Same People Who Are Panic-Mongering

OVER THE DEBT CEILING goat screw look to me exactly like the same ones who awhile back were telling us not to worry about the debt because — at the end of the day — it’s just a small sum we owe ourselves.

Fair enough.

So, now, the threat is that the FedGov will break promises … Promises we made to ourselves?


DEPARTMENT So… If the FedGov “defaults,” because they couldn’t put together a deal to raise the limit on the credit card, Social Security checks might not go out?

Exsqueeze me? Wha’ hoppen ‘n’ ‘a Lock Box? What means the statement I get from the SSA every quarter says I’ve paid in so much thus-and-so, and I’d get x-y-z if I retired then, then, or then?

How can a retirement insurance program’s benefits be funded with borrowed money?

Can ya say, “Ponzi scheme?”

Sher ya can.

The Caturday Post


Jane, on the front window seat in the study, May 29.

Earnest, on my desk in the study, July 2.

Chester, on the stool in the study, July 2.

Screw Controversy


It’s been said many times before, but bears repeating many times again: Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms belongs over the door of a convenience store, not the gates of an unconstitutional Federal agency.