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I’m Not Sure We Want

PAUL RYAN RUNNING for President. And people should stop urging it on him. Early indicators from interviews with him are that he has his head screwed on right and shouldn’t be jarred off his track.

The president is one person. He has the machinery of the Executive Branch — notionally, at least — at his command, but he’s still one person.

Balance that against the power of Congress, and for the Right’s program to gain traction, we have to have staunch liberty-oriented conservatives in both places. We have that in Congress. Ryan is the right man in a position of power and influence that would otherwise take a lot of time and effort to acquire.

And Ryan doesn’t look to move any time soon, so why push him to? We need to concentrate on getting SOMEBODY ELSE into the White House. Somebody who is on-board with the Ryan plan — or one like it — and who wants to move America away from slavery and collectivism and toward liberty and individualism.

And, now, Michael Barone seems to be pushing the notion.

Even the most staunch can have his head turned by too much of the right (or wrong) kind of blandishments.

It’s almost as though the Left and establishment players in the GOP in Washington WANT us to throw the game.

Gee! Where have I heard that before?

This Woman Takes The Hide Off


(Hat tip: Joan of Argghh)

You Know What Bugs Me

ABOUT THE spoiler-averse? You know, the people who WILL NOT allow you to discuss a book or comic or television show, play or movie in their presence if they haven’t seen or read it yet? Because that would “ruin it” for them?

You know what it is? That bugs me?

It’s that they expect the WHOLE FREAKIN’ WORLD to be re-arranged to suit THEM.

I mean, SHEESH! You mention that Rosebud was a sled, and you’d think you shot their dog, or something! Gib mir ein frecking break!

Well, I say, “Screw that!” If they can’t be bothered to take in a work of entertainment when the rest of the world does, then they can bloody-well live with having people around them TALKING about it!

Rosebud was a sled, they shoot Old Yeller, Dorothy goes home to Kansas, Ridley kills the alien, Xena dies in the end, Willow’s a lesbian, and Andy gets his toys back. Get over your freakin’ self!

There! I said it. That’s been bugging me for YEARS!

I DO Not Know

WHETHER THIS MIGHT BE a textbook example of the post hoc, ergo propter hoc fallacy, but it does occur to me to wonder if the Eurozone’s somewhat witless resistence to GM foods (that’s Genetically Modified, not Government Motors) has anything to do with the cucumber contretemps.

If the source of the collectivist e coli strain was Spanish cucumbers, about which there appears to be some doubt.

Collectivist e coli?


Because collectivists are full of shit?

No. Well, yeah, but not just because of that. More because it’s virulent, persistent, resistent to cures, and lethal. Just like collectivism.

Ah! I see.

Another Beckian Error

IN ECUMENISM: he (Glenn Beck) said on his radio program Friday, “People who don’t know Democrats might conclude, ‘They’re ALL BAD.’ They’re not. You need to get to know them.”



HELL no!

In comments over at Classical Values the other day, I accidentally, all-in-the-heat-of-the-moment coined a phrase.

Sixty-four million times bitten, now not at all shy about it.

Democrats ARE bad. They are evil. Even one who, in your town, espouses your values and matches you on all public policy questions note-for-note. Why? Because the national party power structure, (doing exactly what conservatives lament the Republican part WON’T do — to our sorrow), keeps its members in line. And, when it counts, they get the votes for their evil, sick, demented programs. So it doesn’t matter how good a person your local guy may be, when he gets to Washington, he will be indistinguishable from Harry Ried, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Babs Boxer, Stenny Hoyer, Alan Grayson, and Ed Mahkeh. Like Zombies. The “D” after the name is the mark of the Beast.

Say it out loud! I’m free, I’m proud! I intend to remain that way, and TO HELL with anybody who stands in my way!

And that means Democrats.

Fuck political ecumenism. That’s for chumps.

Everything You Know About

FOSSIL FUELS is wrong, including the contention that they are fossil fuels. There is growing evidence that hydrocarbons are constantly being produced deep underground and that, far from being a limited resource, hydrocarbons usable for fuels will be around as long as the planet.

Which in turns renders risible the very notion of — scorn quotes “sustainable” energy sources. We abandoned wind power in favor of hydrocarbons, and the only way solar becomes practical is if you can also use it as a space-based weapon. (OK, slight exaggeration, but only slight.) These notions are so witless that only an intellectual can favor them.

Folk Song Army

IT’S SOMEWHAT DEPRESSING to recognize that, by the time Tom Lehrer was my age, he’d been dead for… What’s that? Oh? He isn’t?


ANY. Wa-a-y-y-y…

One type of song that has come into increasing prominence in recent months is the folk-song of protest. You have to admire people who sing these songs. It takes a certain amount of courage to get up in a coffee-house or a college auditorium and come out in favor of the things that everybody else in the audience is against like peace and justice and brotherhood and so on. The nicest thing about a protest song is that it makes you feel so good. I have a song here which I realise should be accompanied on a folk instrument in which category the piano does not alas qualify so imagine if you will that I am playing an 88 string guitar.

We are the Folk Song Army.
Everyone of us cares.
We all hate poverty, war, and injustice,

Unlike the rest of you squares.

There are innocuous folk songs.

Yeah, but we regard ’em with scorn.

The folks who sing ’em have no social conscience.
Why they don’t even care if Jimmy Crack Corn.

If you feel dissatisfaction,
Strum your frustrations away.
Some people may prefer action,
But give me a folk song any old day.

The tune don’t have to be clever,
And it don’t matter if you put a coupla extra syllables into a line.
It sounds more ethnic if it ain’t good English,
And it don’t even gotta rhyme–excuse me–rhyne.

Remember the war against Franco?
That’s the kind where each of us belongs.
Though he may have won all the battles,
We had all the good songs.

So join in the Folk Song Army,
Guitars are the weapons we bring
To the fight against poverty, war, and injustice.
Ready! Aim! Sing!

Apropos of (link).

Like Glenn

I CAN’T HELP wondering whether this assertion is true. Surely, in the light of recent events, the opposite case can be made: realistic libertarians understand that the Republican party is no friend to liberty, and that the liberty position is the majority position in the country, across all party lines, and that real liberty candidates will win if given half a chance.

On the other hand, if faced with two evils, the lesser is probably the better bet, it won’t be the Democrat. But… By then, the mistake has already been made. The opportunity for the mending of it came much earlier — when the evils to be chosen between were selected in the first place.

If you follow me.

Musings on Self Defense

OUR CURMUDGEON DIRECTS us — in the manner of directing traffic, not as a command (well, OK, yes, as a command, still all the same, just sayin’s all) — to a post entitled “The Ugly Heart of the Left”.

This is not ground we have missed plowing in prior seasons of plowing.

PolyKahr — the author — quotes from Jeffrey Folks, posting at American Thinker:

The ultimate frontier, or “solution,” is to legislate the removal of human beings from part or all of the earth’s surface. More than a few environmentalist leaders, including our current national science and technology advisor John Holdren, have advocated the reduction of human population to what they consider a “sustainable” level. What the left intends in this regard varies from one policymaker to another (from current global population of nearly 7 billion to somewhere between two billion and a few hundred million, or even none), but in nearly every case the concept of a “sustainable” population involves reductions that cannot be achieved by voluntary means.

No one in my memory has been so witless as to assert this stance in my presence. (Might attest to my taste in companions. ::preen::) However, were some idiot do so, my immediate response would be: OK. Fair enough. You first.

After all, if you have the courage of your convictions, you should be willing to live or die by them, right? And if not, then you’re just a wanker and a poseur and that’s it fer you, then. (A little gratuitous Scum of the Earth pop-culture reference fer ya, there.)

But today, I find myself wondering. Here’s an official of the government, directly threatening my life—for no reason, without due process of law—and threatening to use the power of his office to bring about my demise.

Where is the legal line drawn on self-defense?


Not Sure I Get Why

IF WE CUT SPENDING we’ll NEED to increase the debt limit. In’t that how it works in your house? You cut spending, you don’t need a raise in the limit on your credit card. In fact, if you manage it right, you can pay down your debt. Bullet dodged.

What ARE they smoking up there in Washington?

Heinlein Quiz

GOT 15 out of 20. Water Brother status.

I didn’t treat it as an “open book” test, either. No cheating.

So Rep. Weiner

IS CONCERNED HE should be expending more effort and attention to … er … tenpoling the Debt Ceiling.

Yes. I see…


THERE’S GONNA BE A partial eclipse of the sun tonight. And I’m gonna have to miss it.

Oh, snap!

Ya Know, If Bad Economic News

SURPRISES THE EGGSPURTS and prognosti-baters all that much, mebbe we need a new set of eggspurts and prognosti-baters.

Or, mebbe — and here’s a concept fer ya — mebbe the gubmit needs to get out of the eggspurtin’ and prognosti-batin’ bidness.

Whattaya think?