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A Public Employee

FROM WISCONSIN called Rush in the first hour Wednesday and tried to make out that public employees should have the right to collectively bargain.

Fine. Bargain collectively all you want. And when your terms are unacceptable to your employer, take your labor to other buyers and see whether you can find someone else who will meet your price.

What’s that? Oh? You want the right to strike against the employer who refused to meet your terms? You want to claim a right to shut down his business until he accedes to your demands?

So what you’re saying is not that you want to bargain collectively, but that you want to engage in organized extortion.

Ah! Now I understand.

And by you, this is a human right?

Quote of the Day

Treating businesses and affluent people as prey, rather than assets, often pays off politically in the short run — and elections are held in the short run. Killing the goose that lays the golden egg is a viable political strategy.

Thomas Sowell

…For awhile, anyway.

I’ve Remarked Several Times

I THINK TO WONDER at what happened to faith between the ’60s and now. It’s not as though the Baby Boom generation was always inherently anti-theistic. So where did this virulent hatred of faith and the faithful come from? If you study the touchstone of the generation — the popular music — there’s no end of reference to the religious water all these little fishies swam in, from The Beatles “Let it Be” to Matthew Fisher’s organ riffs to Emerson Lake and Palmer’s recasting of the Anglican hymn, “Jerusalem,” to the Moody Blues lyrics:

We look around in wonder
At the work that has been done
By the vision of our father
Touched by his loving son

…in “You and Me.” Even the Rolling Stones’ playing at satantic ritual was a sly nod at godliness, and more of a prank than serious blasphemy. “Sympathy for the Devil” was certainly no song of praise.

And most of us will remember the first spirituals we learned in grammar school, such as “Jesus Met the Woman” (at the link as performed by Peter, Paul, and Mary in concert in 1963.)

All of which train of thought was sparked by Joan of Argghh! in a recent Sunday Sermon.

Which also reminds me you ought to check out what she’s been up to lately, (if you aren’t already). Quite the feast. Joan’s always been good, but she’s mining a vein of something special lately. May it not play out for a long, long time.

I Should Be Proud

I SUPPOSE OF THE fact that, in days gone by, I had not one but two trolls from Media Matters — James Wolcott and Oliver Willis — neither of which, I’m afraid, rises above Nietzschean derision, “At times one remains faithful to a cause only because its opponents do not cease to be insipid.” As Mark Hemmingway puts it in his article at The Weekly Standard, Media Matters for America is really, really insipid.

There’s a lot of brouhaha and who-struck-John going on about how MMFA founder, David Brock has declared war on Fox News.

Nobody’s paying you much mind. You’re not getting traction, for all your furious effort.

I mean, as a professional journalist, I’m not sure how I feel about James O’Keefe’s methodology. But with a few hidden cameras and next to no money, he’s taking a wrecking ball to some of liberal America’s biggest institutions. MMFA blows $10 million a year and what do they have to show for it?

So you walk up to the most visible guy around and you kick him in the knee. Then you back away and shout to your friends, “Let’s you and him fight!”


Wasn’t Brock the muck-raker from the early ’90s who wrote The Real Anita Hill and did all that “journalism” on Whitewater and the Rose Law Firm and how corrupt the Clintons were/are? Why, yes, he was.

And then the Clintonistas outed him as being gay, (which, it’s notable, neither The American Spectator nor anybody else in the Right gave a damn about, but apparently the politicians of personal destruction on the Left thought we ought to, and so it became a credible threat to out the poor guy), and he had a Road to Damascus moment and became a liberal.

One of a handful in all of human history to make the conversion in that direction as he got older.

And, like any convert, he’s more virulent and vituperative than the reddest of red diaper babies.

Too bad that the religion he’s converted to provides him with such thin gruel. Not enough substance there to win in the arena of ideas — and too obviously mendacious to keep winning at the ballot box (after three generations of broken promises, it’s getting harder all the time to keep ’em down on the plantation) — now he’s convinced has to resort to guerilla warfare and sabotage against the leftist scapegoat of the decade — Fox News (back in Brock’s heyday, the goat was TAS’s patron, Richard Mellon Scaife).

Yes, insipid. Risible. Pathetic. It’s sad, really. Convert to a bankrupt idealism and have to go around buttonholing random strangers to get them to listen to you. What’s next? A soap box out front of the sewage treatment plant?

Pity the poor bastard.

Dark Matter

I AM SO NOT qualified to speak on this subject I’m almost afraid to ask the question. But…

Scientists are struggling to locate sufficient mass to explain the rotational speed of stars within galaxies. The stars are moving too fast, which implies that there’s more mass than can be accounted for by visible matter.

And my feeble little brain makes this leap.

E=MC2 is an equation. Perhaps obvious, but… If mass can have energy, why can’t energy have mass?

In other words, are we thinking about the problem wrong? Are we thinking about mass and energy as being discrete the way we used to think of space and time? The latter has revealed itself as space-time — a unified continuum. Might not we be better served to think of mass-energy as another unified continuum?

Might not the “missing” mass be contributed by the energy in a galaxy?

An Off-the-Wall Bleg

FOR SOME YEARS, I’ve had a legal notice up to the effect that those spamming my comments — choosing, IOW, to advertise on my site, which I pay to maintain — by posting their advertisements (for whatever term I see fit to allow those advertisements to be displayed), agree to pay a per-insertion fee of $500.00. And, upon occasion, as the mood suits me, I have actually sent dunning emails to the miscreants in question. Who have, as is probably to be expected, ignored my invoices.

So here’s the question:

What if I turn those emails over to a collection agency? What do you-all suppose might eventuate? Yea, sure, I’d lose 30%, but 70% of something is better than 100% of nothing — nest paw?

Whattaya think?

From Girl’s Guide to Guns

A PRIMER ON selecting your first handgun. The author lays out the choices succinctly. But the key point is: nobody can choose for you. You will get lots of advice, based on individuals’ personal preferences, most of it bad. But there are some basic facts to be considered, and Marr lays them out well. The point he illustrates but does not really mention explicitly is that the choice to arm yourself is one of personal responsibility, and part of that is taking responsibility for educating yourself on the subject and ensuring your competence (including that you are not a danger to those around you). The process of choosing your weapon is a part of that taking of responsbility.

Fuck Earth Hour


Just a reminder — second year in a row — for those of you who haven’t been following along at home: global warming is a hoax. If you do this Earth Hour barminess, all you’re demonstrating is what an ignorant tool you are.

However… If you really do want to shiver in the dark, don’t let me stop you. Just don’t try to force that on me. If you’re worried about running out of energy, trying making some more. Not like there’s a shortage of hydrocarbons in the Universe.

*Click!* DONE!

AS USUAL, the parties to government at the Federal level are trying their level best to obfuscate the matter. So, in my relentless drive to simplify everything, herewith my proposed budget cuts:

Go to this article at Wikipedia. Study the chart. Here’s my proposal:

Cut everything but the “original four*.” From a 2009 total of $4 trillion, that yields a cut of 1.6 trillion.

Easy. Simple. Click! Done!

* State, War, Justice, Treasury. War was originally only the Army, and the Navy (and Marines) had their own department. I’d be willing to roll all of the military arms under the single rubric of War, and return the Coast Guard to the Treasury, as a revenue service. Let the military guard the coast, as should be.

If Only I Weren’t Broke


I Been Saying This

FOR YEARS — you can’t trust Democrats, why support them? Even if they claim to support your aims, they never deliver. And, as the Kochs have discovered, when you buy them, they don’t “stay bought.”

Isn’t that the sign of an honest politician? He stays bought?

Like I’ve been saying for years. You people who support Democrats should demand your money and votes back. You been robbed.

Not that the GOP does much better.

Most Leftist Shibboleths

ARE EITHER FOUNDED on false premises or jump too soon to the wrong conclusions.

For example: “I disagree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it.”

This lends too much credibility to mistaken notions and patent nostrums. After all, anyone with the courage of his convictions, and the wit to learn the truth of most contentions, will be able to state categorically (and be correct) that the Left is almost always wrong on the merits.

So the above shibboleth doesn’t go far enough. Not only must the speaker In the Right defend to the death his opponent’s right to speak, but he must defend his own right to mock unmercifully, and without physical consequences, the false premises, faulty logic, and mistaken conclusions of the typical leftist’s “reasoning” on any given subject.

They Tell You Never to Apologize

TO THE AUDIENCE not — as Leroy Jethro Gibbs would have it — because it’s a sign of weakness, but because it takes all of the wind out of your own sails. After all, if you have to apologize to the audience, it means you know you did less than your best. And you’re telling them they should demand their money back. So you go on like nothing’s wrong and most of them will never notice.

But I’d be too ashamed if people went along thinking nothing was wrong after having read the stories of the Dolly Apocrypha. They were never meant to be taken seriously. They were not meant to last. Hell, they really weren’t written as stories at all. It’s only afterward that they get cropped and chopped and packaged into “stories.” At the time they were written, it was all one, long, stream-of-consciousness free-for-all, of which you only see here — or, well, at the Apocrypha site — the parts that I can claim as my own. At the time, there were almost 150 people participating on the Center for Xena Studies mailing list, and most of them contributed something to the melange. To get the whole story, you’d have to go to the list archives (if they still exist) and read message-by-message starting in early December of ’98 and going on into 2000. And there might even be bits and pieces that are entirely gone.

All of which is to say that I know the stories are clumsy and amateurish, with no sense of direction or decent characterization or plotting or world-building, or any of the things that make for good fantasy.

But I also promised myself I wouldn’t waste effort on editing the stories of the Apocrypha, preferring to expend it, rather, on the stories of the Canon-to-be. Which promise I am, a little at a time, still working to keep. But if there is one of the stories that out-and-out embarrasses me, it’s the first. I was too old in ’98 to be writing juvenalia. But there it is.

No. Really. It’s there, now. Just put it up last night. After too long an absence from the ‘Net, Report from New Xenaland.

Link here or at the right, or you can click on the link to the Apocrypha TOC and drill your way down. Sorry you have to page through the chapters seriatim for the nonce. I need to consult with Tech Support on how to add the ability to nagivate chapters at a higher level. Then we’ll get that fixed.

I Can’t Really Muster Much

ENTHUSIASM EITHER WAY over Libya. Which I guess might be at least partly due to the cool, noncommittal demeanor of the Commander in Chief.

People trying to draw parallels, however…

Hussein attacked a treaty ally in a region of the world where we had/have defense obligations — notably to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. He was defeated in war, but did not surrender. Instead a cease-fire was instituted, with conditions that Hussein sought to violate from Day 1. Several UN Resolutions — was it 17 or 16?; in all the excitement, I might have lost count — were passed demanding that Hussein mend his ways or else, and next to nothing was done about his continued egregious violations of the terms of the cease-fire. Until…

9/11, at which point it seemed prudent to clear the deck — to strike against and eliminate as many potential troublemakers as possible. Perhaps we should have taken out Iran and North Korea at the same time, but it probably would have been a strategic overreach. But it should be noted, I think, that Libya at least pretended to moderate its stance post Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Meantime, Libya is a sovereign nation in which the United States has no interest, commercial or military, to speak of. It is — or has been until recently — a dues-paying member of the United Nations. Chair at one point, if memory serves, of the Human Rights thingummy. Nor has Libya, to my knowledge, aggressed against us or her neighbors in recent months.

And, yet, the mere fact that there are some rebels agitating for a regime change seems sufficient cause for us (and Europe) to go meddling in her internal affairs.

It can’t be because of the humanitarian disaster the country is becoming, because otherwise — check it out — we would be involved farther south in Africa already on that basis.


Seems to me that the argument against involvement in Vietnam was that the conflict was a mere civil war and none of our business — wasn’t it?

Like I said: not much enthusiasm mustering here. Just thought to say… Doncha know.

In comments to this post at Just One Minute, see the comment, “What I Like About Obama.” Heh.

A Little Redundant, I Know, But

I CAN’T HELP WONDERING how all the so-called liberals on the Left whingeing about defunding public broadcasting — or, rather, weaning it from the public teat — miss the whole discord of… what the FUCK is the government doing running a radio or a television network anyway? Why do we let the government within a brazilian light years of the content of news, communication, or expression? Why is not the FCC righteously bitch-slapped down any time it tries to exert influence over what We the (Little) People say to each other and ourselves?

For that matter, why does the FCC exist in the first place?

Well, there is that, Dolly. But I’m serious, here. How is the state even considering this crap without getting a sharp corrective jolt from the metaphorical cattle-prod-slash-anal-probe that should be implanted in any person with the temerity to want to control other people’s lives?

I mean, REALLY, people!

I Wanna Know

JUST HOWZ COME our side is the only one has to worry about scaring the white folks.


YOUR ARGUMENT is invalid.

In the Whole Public Sector Union

BROUHAHA, I HAVEN’T heard it put exactly like this, but it seems so — so — apposite. Appositive, evennn.

You know how you can tell what leftists are up to or feeling like they’re going to get challenged on (guilty conscience, maybe?) by just watching what they accuse their opponents of doing?

And… You know that whole canard about how rich people got that way “on the backs of” the poor people — people they exploited, or held up at gunpoint, and forced — forced — to buy products they wouldn’t otherwise ordinarily give even the thought to determine the time of day, thus making the rich, well… richer?

And does it strike you odd that public sector employees generally earn a lot more — sometimes twice as much — as the taxpayers (forced to pay, ultimately, at gunpoint) who pay their salaries? (Once you consider total compensation packages.)

And I’m sure you’re inclined to go, “Well — hey! — you know, if they can get it…”

But does the symmetry of it all have even the slightest acid bite, like lemon juice on a paper cut?

Rush Says “The Freeloaders Don’t Wanna Lose

THE GRAVY TRAIN and the teachers go ballistic!

“We work our asses off! We work hard! We take our work home every night! We could earn more in the private sector as hard as we work!”

It isn’t about how hard you work. I work my ass off. My salary’s been cut because my productivity is down. Not my fault; just the vicissitudes of the marketplace. It’s about your productivity. What you produce. And, baby, what you produce sucks. 50% dropout rates. Unbelievable percentages of those who do graduate can’t even read their diplomae. Democrat voters. The output of the American public schools is a freaking disgrace.

If your pay was based as it should be on your productivity, you’d be paying us to teach in the schools. But what’s sure is, with that attitude, in the private sector, you’d be the one with the headset asking, “You want fries with that?”

I Want You to Take Note

ESPECIALLY YOU UNION supporters out there (and I know you’re out there), of the utterly crapulous treatment of Ann and Meade Althouse in the linked message. I have no doubt it’s genuine. I have no doubt it would be fulfilled, given the right set of circumstances. (I was a Teamster once, just so you know I’m not talking out my ass.)

And riddle me this, Batman:

Why should those flatulous crapweasels be given the time of fucking DAY in this country?


Update: It appears that the crapweasel in question has been identified, and he is every bit the mother’s-basement, internet-dogging-it, conspiracizing, shit-flinging buttmonkey you’d expect. But he’s not a real union buttmonkey, just a pathetic little troll. Doesn’t mean there aren’t those out there with tighter lips and glossier sociopathologies. Watch your sixen.

I Went Down to the Demonstration

Repost from 3/15/09

To get my fair share of abuse. Singin’, “We’re gonna vent our frustration. If we don’t, we’re gonna blow a fifty-amp fuse.”

–Jagger-Richards, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”

YES, THIS LEDE WAS written before I went to the Cincinnati Tea Party at Fountain Square. But then, I’m not pretending neutrality; I’m biased in favor of the event’s success. And, man, was it!

Here are some overview shots. From the northwest corner (where I came in).

From the Fifth and Vine entrance to the square (at the southwest corner).

From the Fifth and Walnut entrance to the square (at the southeast corner).

From the northeast corner, near Sixth and Walnut.

From near the north (Sixth Street) entrance to the square.

And a glitchy panorama taken from a spot near the Via Vite restaurant, which is in the NW corner of the square. The panorama app seems to have gotten confused by the vertical lines of du Bois tower. Go figure.

The first thing I noticed, besides the fact that the venue was packed a half-hour before start time — unheard of in Cincinnati; Cincinnati audiences are ALWAYS late — was the incredible variety. Far more than at your typical ’60s antiwar protest or its heirs, successors, or assigns of the modern era. And an age range from grammar schoolers to seasoned citizens. I would bet that the only common denominator is that everybody there has a job or is in a household supported by someone(s) with job(s). Productive-Americans on the hoof.

The second thing I noticed was the smiles. Everybody seemed upbeat, friendly, cheerful. And polite. I bet there will be less trash on the square than for other gatherings, too.

Then there were the signs. I have been noticing in pictures from other Tea Parties around the country how anemic the signs seemed. Written in small letters with fine-tipped Sharpies. Too small. No contrast. Type not bold enough. And I was half-planning to do a designer’s seminar on how to do signs right — so they’ll be visible to passing traffic, so they can be read from fifty yards away, so that they’ll show up in photographs and news footage…

You know what? I think a lot of other people noticed, too. Check it out.

Some of my favorites (though by no means all).

Of course, any time you try to bring about change, you want it to be both substantive and lasting. I was pleased to notice that Graeter’s confectioners took an entrepreneurial stance. I should also mention that it’s been heard recently that Graeter’s is going national. Better ice cream than Haagen Das — just so you know.

The signs on the counter read, “No Tea Today,” and “Out of Tea.” Heh.

And I found reason to hope for the future.

None of the teenagers I saw looked to me like they were there unwillingly, or were bored with it all. In fact, they reminded me of myself and my contemporaries at similar events (albeit from the other end of the political spectrum) in the ’60s. This young lady looks like an intrepid citizen journalist. I’d love to see her blog. I’ll bet you she has one and it gets big traffic.


And there was only ONE counterprotester I saw. She was treated with good — albeit mocking — humor. She was chanting OH-BAH-MA! and waving some kind of a tract around. Gotta give her props for moxie.

But she was far outweighed by the Cute Kid with the Snarky Sign.

We the Little People.

See you April 15!

Update: I’ve read estimates of the crowd as low as 3,500. I’m here to call BS on that. Compare the crowd shot at PowerLine with the shot of the empty square at Wikipedia. The two shots are valuable inthis regard because they were taken by different people at different times, but from roughly the same perspective.

“Official” estimates of crowd size are always off. I don’t know why, and will not attempt to place blame. But they are. I have participated in operations where money was on the line (big money), to count crowds from aerial photographs. The police estimates were always off by wide factors. I’m telling you, my estimate of 7,500 is conservative. However, the shot that’s posted at PowerLine is detailed enough that, in the original camera shot, someone could distinguish individual heads and count them. My bet is that the organizers’ estimate of “over 5,000” is quite conservative. But whatever: the “unofficial” police estimate of 3,500 is bunk.

Notice How

WHENEVER A STATE proposes or passes an Internet sales tax bill, one of the factors adduced will be that instate bricks-and-mortars business have to collect sales tax, but that merchants exporting goods from other states do not. (This is as prescribed in the Constitution and Amazon is entirely correct in fighting these bills, which IMO, just barely miss being bills of attainder.)

Notice, too, that the state governments speak of forgoing tax revenues, as though government had a perfect right to any and all monies it can lay its hands on — lawfully or not.

And finally, also take note that the state governments in question never propose levelling the scales by providing tax relief for their native businesses. Oh, no! Can’t have that!

Gee! Ya Think?

OBAMACARE IS A MISTAKE to rank with Prohibition and the 55 MPH Speed Limit. No shit, Sherlock

Now all we gotta do is find representatives who can recognize mistakes when the public kicks the door down to tell ’em that, UPFRONT.

I Have Some Trouble Understanding

–IN A TOTALLY RHETORICAL WAY, mind you — why self-professed “liberals” and “progressives” (i.e.: people interested in true human progress, as opposed to socialist statists) would not have trouble with state sponsorship of a medium of news, information, and expression. I mean, how far is that from such ills of government as Official Truth and Received Wisdom and Approved Art? Rhebus on a Cross, people!

Run away! Run away!

Nouvelle Coinage of the Week

THE FORMER IVY LEAGUE HENCEFORTH to be referred to as the Ivory League.

The “Tower” is silent.

Is Harry Reid Delusional

OR DOES HE THINK the American people are gullible when he tries to assert that the constituency for massive cuts in Federal spending is thin, narrow, small?

Do you really need to ask?

Why All of a Sudden

IS THE MEDIA spelling Kadaffi’s name Gadaffi? Couldn’t have anything to do with an attempt to blind search engines to older, now-inoperative stories about him?

New truthier truth. Brought to you by Minitru.

Joe Biden

A.K.A. THE STUPIDEST Man in the Senate™, was sound-bitten on the Rush Limbaugh show as ranting about GOP cuts (as minuscule as they are) as being “wacking for the sake of wacking” — being the stupidest and most-irresponsible he’s seen in his 40 years in government.

Um… Mr. Vice President…? You may not want to emphasize your longevity in office, being as how the term is concurrent with the long downhill slide into this slough of despond in which the country presently finds itself.

That is, if you point out that you’ve been around while these crimes have been being committed, you may find yourself catching the blame for it.

Not that it’s undeserved, mind…

The Caturday Post

A DAY LATE so sue me.

As much as I hate the flash, you do get some odd pictures of Baby Kitty when you don’t use it. First, Karma reminds us to rub our chins on stuff whenever possible. Those essential oils are important to the maintenance of proper finishes on furniture, books, records, laundry baskets, drywall corner beads, woodwork…

(That’s Sky just out of frame to the left, very carefully NOT posing for the camera.)

Next, some evidence of the Heisenberg’s Cat phenomenon. Here we see Baby Kitty caught in the act of warping space-time in order to suddenly appear wherever she wasn’t just a second ago.

When we first brought her home, she had a round fleece bed. And, being the high-strung kitteh she is, she would knead and nurse on the rolled outer edge of it. She’d work her way all around it, as though evening out the wear and tear.

Of course, as she grew, her ability to fit in the thing became constrained. When she first came home, she could stretch her full length across the diameter of the bed with room to spare. Then she would have to let her feet hang out…

(Can’t you just hear “Turkey in the Straw”? — Oh I went to bed / But it wasn’t any use / My feet stuck out / Like a chicken roost / Oh dee oodie oodle oodle oodie oodia oughta day / Lood-dee-dee-oodle oodie oot-dot-day!)

ANY way… Then she got so big that the only way she could fit in it at all was to curl up in it. Even then, she barely fit. All growed up, you know — but still young and small and insecure enough to still knead and nurse on the roll. Toni calls it “nomming.” Even though there’s no real noms involved, it’s still appropriate.

Taking notice of the apparent outgrowing of the bed, Toni bought a new one. But this one was square. Can you picture the puzzlement? It’s been on the living room floor, right next to the old one, for a month or so, now. And the other day, for the first time, Karma lay down in it and started kneading and nursing — nomnomnomnom.

Haven’t the heart to take away the old one, just yet.

It Occurs to Me Dept:

YOU KNOW IT occurs to me that it’s in the nature of the beast that every legislature is a few votes short of a quorum.

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc

IS A COMMON LOGICAL fallacy — particularly in political matters. It is encapsulated neatly in the parable of a man who sees a horsedrawn carriage passing by an opening in a wall. He slaps his forehead and shouts, “I get it! The horse causes the carriage!”

Nor does association equal causality. Just because cigarette smokers — JUST because: that is, with that as the only cause — die more often of lung cancer DOES NOT mean that smoking cigarettes causes cancer. Nor do any other factors indicate a cause. If smoking cigarettes caused lung cancer all on its lonesome, the mortality rate would approach 100%. As it is, it’s less than 20%.

This is not to say that the opposite is true — that cigarette smoke is innocent of all charges — just that the positive statements of proven correlation are somewhat… overstated.

However, I think it can be taken as demonstrated to a high degree of certainty that, unions behave as though, because they are permitted to infringe on any number of enumerated civil rights of others — property rights, rights of free association, contract and agreements, and so-forth — they therefore have the license to engage in any practice — lawful or not — to gain their ends. (Or even NOT to gain their ends, as the barbaric behavior of union members and supporters here recently persuade, I’m sure, myriad fence-sitters to come down in opposition.) I believe that the granting of special license to unions to act in ways other groups or individuals are forbidden is at best a contributing factor to the taking of further liberties.

Nor is this lost on the majority of We the People. There’s a REASON union membership is falling where it is a voluntary matter and only growing where it is not. There ought to be a lesson therein.

Cross-posted at Eternity Road

When a Leftist Says “Sacrifice”

HE MEANS YOU SHOULD relax and accede to being robbed without protest.

Call it what it is: bullshit.

People will counsel you not to resist. It’s impractical. The payoff, the cost-benefit ratio, is poor at best, and always amounts to a net loss. Remind them of the oft-abused cliche, all it takes for evil to win is for good men to do nothing.

This is a Meme I’d Like to See


I wonder if anybody at Westboro Baptist has considered the possibility that the existence of homosexuality constitutes prima facie evidence that God hates Fred Phelps.

If, As al Reuters Reports

OBAMACARE IS AIMED at lowering health care costs, can it be said to be a swing and a miss? An own goal? EPIC FAIL?

Quote of the Day

2nd Amendment Rights are women’s rights.

–Mrs. Borepatch,
On Why Women Should Shoot

Hannity’s Willingness to Engage

LEFTIDIOTS (coinage of the week, for ya there, folks), is nothing short of amazing. It makes you want to scream at the radio. No. No No.

Wind and solar — as has been abundantly demonstrated — will have no more than marginal applications. Ever. Period. Won’t work for mains power. Quit arguing. You only make yourself look like a credulous moron.

Science and knowledge are not matters for belief. I don’t care whether you “believe in” global warming. The facts are in. There appears to be warming WHEN and WHERE we’ve looked. But when we widen the search… not so much. The signal of human contributions to what warming there is amounts to background noise to the real signal. And: given that weather is essentially a local phenomenon, what earthly sense is there to a global average temperature? What does it mean? And stop with the “climate change” crap. More moronic credulousness. Climate is change, fool.

Oh, and: pop quiz asshole. What difference does it make to ice whether the average temperature is forty degrees Celsius below freezing, or only thirty-five below? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller? Right. None. So the ice packs will melt… when? Exactly: never. Or, at least, not under the present regime.

Social justice is just another term for they win, you lose. Why do you support that? Do you think you’ll have a chance at being one of them? What on earth makes you think you are worthy of their largesse? Can you really be that simple?

Government employee unions are money-laundering operations for the Party. Now the parasite has killed the host. Think the union rank-and-file has a chance of avoiding being trampled in the stamped for the exits? Of course not. Those simpletons still think it’s all about working conditions and social justice.

And you’re willing to have them teaching your children?

Nevermind. Your case is hopeless.

In A Post Occasioned by the Final Launch of Discovery

SARAH HOYT waxes … eloquent on the subject of human expansion. In doing so, she alludes to the fact that there are species traitors in our midst, and that (at present), they are charged with the training of our young, and they have failed in that charge in an egregious and despicable manner inasmuch as they attempt (most deliberately) to inculcate in our young a hatred of their own species.

There is a word for species which practice this. It is extinct.

And worse: this is not an unanticipated side-effect of an otherwise praiseworthy ideology, but rather a deliberate policy aimed at the destruction of the pinnacle of our species’ civilization.

There is a word for this kind of policy. It is evil.

This is not an overwrought exaggeration, but rather a clear-eyed, calm statement of fact. Keep it in mind, will you?

Funny How

WHEN PRIVATE SECTOR jobs require high salaries or seven-figure bonuses — in order to attract the best and brightest to a particular job — those filling the positions are just greedy, but, at the same time, it’s vitally necessary to the survival of the Republic that we pay public servants twice the going rate, because we can’t get the best public employees without adequate compensation.

Funny. Moi is only so old, so doesn’t have a personal memory of this, but has heard tell of teachers in the dark ages before unionization who actually could sponge down a blackboard with any one of these educationist-credentialed morons who dare to call themselves teachers these days. And they were NOT richly compensated. THEY had a vocation.

Look it up sometime.

I Have to Agree

WITH THE CALLER to Rush’s show in the third hour on Tuesday who ranted against Donald Trump as a Republican candidate for President. Earlier in the show, Trump gave as one rationalization for his support of Rahm Emmanuel for Mayor in Chicago that he has projects in Chicago, and he needs to get along with Democrats, because there’ll never be a Republican officeholder in Chicago.

Well, THERE’s your problem!

Not that he has to get along with Democrats, but that he has projects in Chicago.

As long as businessmen collude with enemies of the people — and get away with it — they will continued to do it. They must be made to suffer the consequences of their ill-considered acts. So as not to continue the odious practice. Of getting along with Democrats.

Sheesh! Shopkeepers in Corleone, Sicily, had to get along with the Mafia. They only put up with it so long.

Get along with the Democrats! Great googly-moogly.

Hell-LO, Marge Schott

PEOPLE WHO ARE TRYING to straddle the fence on unionism (good way to get a picket up your butt) like to say — mouthing voiceless platitudes — that unions served a purpose, once, but no more.

Hell-LO, Marge Schott, who infamously once said, “Hitler was good in the beginning.” Referring to when he was elected under the Weimar Republic on various Obama-sounding Hope ‘n’ Change promises to restore the former glory of the German peoples.*

Which, of course, is utter bullshit. A cursory reading of Hitler’s Mein Kampf would reveal to anyone of moderately open mind the utter evil of the man — his hatred of the Jews, his plans for world domination, his belief in national socialism.

And the same is true of the union movement. It was a creation from the first of collectivists of various stripes. Samuel Gompers was no entrepreneurial capitalist. To claim that there was ever anything good about unions and unionism is equivalent to a German, receiving stolen goods from the Nazi regime, benefitting from the theft of Jewish property, claiming that … “Hitler was good in the beginning, but then he went awry.”

*(To note: Hitler himself was a German citizen of only recent minting, and the German nation itself was barely a century old, if that at the time.)

Pretty Scary Juxtapostion

IF ONLY IN MY mind. Vanderleun posts an excerpt from a novel by Stephen Hunter.
Meanwhile, across town, Coyote mentions in passing a connection between left politics and contraception. (Liberation for men from women’s insistence that the formers support the latters’ issue — if you get the irony.) And Doug Ross reminds us that a major proponent of socialized medicine was a commie crapweasel.

Connecting dots: almost as much fun as a Wikiwander.

The Death Tax is Invidious

IN PART BECAUSE the so-called progressives who pound the drum for it argue that it only hurts The Rich. As though The Rich are somehow less deserving than those whose needs might be more apparent.

(As I say, needs are a piss-poor determinant of deserts.)

The answer to any assertion that we should target the rich for greater punishment should be met with a hearty throwing-out-of-office of anyone making that assertion. It is positively un-American to set some of us against some others of us. End of discussion. Those who try to engage you in class warfare should be bitch-slapped down without mercy. They are evil, enemies of the People and the Republic.


It In a Nutshell

Let’s get this straight. We’re going to be ‘gifted’ with a health care plan we are forced to purchase and fined if we don’t, which purportedly covers at least ten million more people without adding a single new doctor, but provides for 16,000 new IRS agents, written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn’t understand it, passed by a Congress that didn’t read it but exempted themselves from it, and signed by a president who smokes, with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn’t pay his taxes, for which we’ll be taxed for four years before any benefits take effect, by a government which has already bankrupted Social Security and Medicare, all to be overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, and financed by a country that’s broke!! WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?”

Dennis Gartman, stock market commentator, as quoted by
Stuart Schneiderman at Had Enough Therapy?

(Spotted at American Digest, Thinking Right.)