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Quote of the Day

AS AN EXAMPLE pour les autres.

“I try to stay away from politics. They don’t understand me and I don’t understand them.”

–Ozzy Osbourne

Karma’s Evening Out

WHEN WE WERE ABOUT ready to head down to dinner — and feed the cats — Karma began yelling most pitiably from her crate in the living room. So, after everybody had a chance to eat, we let her out for an hour and a half.

Hilarity ensued.

If you’ve spent any time around cats at all, you’ve seen how all high school they get when a group of young adults is confronted with a kitten. The smaller the kitten, the funnier the interaction.

I’ve got pictures, but it’s worth my life to post them on the Web, as they show the state of our housekeeping at the moment. I.e., not at all. I have been threatened. Not in so many words, mind…

“Lemme OUT!”

Jazz seems to be the most bent out of shape over the whole thing. She followed Karma all over the first floor and hissed and growled at her. Loki, on the other hand, went upstairs and went to bed. (Reminds me of the Garfiled punchline. “Garfield? He ate the buffet and went to bed.”) Belle (the all-black longhair Basement Cat) slunk around exuding Darth Vader vibes. Cue the big string-and-brass fanfare and the heavy mechanical breathing. Oliver pranced around like a nancy boy, all concerned. I really think he will settle into a nursemaid routine. Aqua was so put out she refused an invitation to come up on the couch for petting with an if-looks-could-kill glare. “I’m on patrol here, don’t distract me.”

In short, the new kid was a hit with the in crowd.

But all too soon, it was over, and Karma had to go back in the crate. She mewed a little in protest, but soon was occupied with her toys and scratching post.

Sooner or later, she won’t be so accepting and will have to be let out for longer periods. Sooner, I think.

A While Back Kim

DU TOIT POSITED that most elected Democrats — and a lot of Republicans — are essentially traitors, in that they, by their unlawful attempts to circumvent provisions of the Constitution, by unconstitutional legislation and by judicial and executive fiat, are making war on the People of the United States.

I have many times asked (and never gotten a substantive answer): if it is permissible or even laudable or still even mandatory to use force, even lethal force, in the prevention of a felony, what level of force is permissible, laudable, or mandatory in the prevention of a violation of the Constitution, given that the latter provides the authority in law for the former to be defined?

You gotta wonder: how in the world can you stop this juggernaut? “Leaky” Leahy needs to be taken down. His misdeeds are so manifest and manifold that you have to wish lethal force were an option.

But we understand that the person who initiates the use of force in this situation is wrong (as our Curmudgeon instructs at the link) and will lose the coming conflict.



Kill ‘em all!

I’M GONNA CALL that a rhetorical question.

(For those of you not following along at home, the headline is a quote from Xena: Warrior Princess.)

This May Be Old News

TO A LOT OF YOU but it’s new news to me. There’s a site called Hack a Day. They post blog-fashion hacks such as how to make your own CNC device, or 3D printers, or hacks of androids, blackberries, clocks, digital cameras, just… everything. Or you can send them your neat hacks.

Excellent time sink.

Interestingly Enough There Are

PARTS OF THIS DOMAIN which I do not visit all that often. Or maybe that’s not interesting at all to you. Whichever. Mox nix. I was, however, suprised to receive in the eMail Tuesday a statement from Amazon Associates program that I have a balance. Not big enough, mind, to get a check. That has to meet a $100 minimum. But a balance nevertheless. A pleasant surprise.

And, it occurs to me, that I should maybe plug this program a little bit.

If you scroll up and look to the right, you’ll see a thing in the right column, there. A thing. A Library Thing, as a matter of fact. What it is is it is a catalog of the books in my personal library. It is, at the moment — for right now — incomplete, as the bulk of my library has been boxed up in storage for going on five years, now. A budgetary thing, y’see…

But the linkages go to Amazon. Where you can buy the books in question, should you be moved to be of so a mind. And part of the money goes to Library Thing, for the maintenance of the service and the good deeds they do, and part of it goes to me. In that balance I can’t quite get at until it hits the minimum.

It’s a small thing. And we here at BTB are hardly unique, as every second or third blog on the block has an Amazon Thing of some sort, and nobody expects to make a lot of money from it. But it’s there. And it’s considered a kindness to hit it when you can and are so moved.

That’s all. Just thought you should know.

Leftists, Perplexed as to Why

PEOPLE WHO UNDERSTAND their programs and public policy prescriptions don’t find them palatable, play the Ugly American tourist. If they don’t understand English the first time, speak slowly and loudly and they’re sure to get it.

Reading Washington Irving’s

TALES OF THE ALHAMBRA Early on, the most striking thing about the book is that Irving appears to have a strong admiration for the religion of Islam and the Moorish people who ruled Spain from 711 to 1492. Without study on my part, this appears to be an early manifestation of the orientalist strain of xenophila so decried by Edward Said, but manifest in such Western luminaries as Richard Burton, Gertrude Bell, and T.E. Lawrence, and counterweighted by prescient visionaries such as Winston Churchill and General Charles George “Chinese” Gordon, inter alia. Rather jarring in these latter times. The edifice itself, however, is entirely charming, and the glimpses Irving affords put me in mind of the vast pile (the Bradbury Building in Los Angeles), in which lived the toymaker, J.F. Sebastian, in Blade Runner. Dunno why. Just does.

Karma’s Home

CAME HOME SUNDAY. No photos. She’s in a dark place. Really. A wire crate in the corner of our living room without a lot of bright lights for photography, and we didn’t want to be setting off flashes in her face first night in a new place.

She seems to have settled in well. We had her out for a while after dinner and cuddled and rubbed faceds for awhile. She purred and squirmed just a little to get down, but seemed to accept that… not yet.

At first, the adult cats lined up around the crate — well, two sides, as we have it backed up against some bookshelves — and watched this new toy. They’re convinced this is some kind of animated toy. Watched the new toy bounce around the crate, playing with fur mice and climbing the scratching post. Then, after the novelty wore off, they all wandered away to take a nap or something.

Jazz, though, crouched by the side of the crate and watched Karma playing with a decidedly dejected tilt to her shoulders — as though she felt betrayed by this new object for our affections. I tried to reassure her a little, but she wouldn’t come up on the couch when invited. Instead, she flopped down on the floor just out of reach. “If you loved me, you’d put yourself out to pet me.”

Oliver pulled Karma’s food bowl closer to the wire and fished kibbles out of it, happily crunching down on each one, like it was some well-earned prize earned on an epic quest. Toni thinks he’s going to play Uncle Oliver with Karma, just as he did/does with the triplets. Being the Omega male in a clowder of cats with only one Alpha female, he’s sort of taken up the role of a Beta female and “helping” with the “children.” And he’s really good at it, too.

At the moment, the plan is to keep Karma in the crate more-or-less full time for two or three days, until she and the others are acclimated to each others’ presence. Then, we’ll let her out under our supervision — only putting her in it when we’re asleep or away at work. That phase should last a couple of weeks before she’ll be give full run of the place with the others. By then, she should weigh over two pounds and be able to hold her own in the rough-and-tumble with cats six times her size.

Yeah. Right.

We’ll have to watch closely and make sure she has safe harbor until they accept her and treat her as a member of the herd, or she manages to force her way in.

Toni thinks that, by the time she’s in her late adolescence, Karma’s going to be the Alpha cat. Me, I can’t see it quite, but am ready to accept it as a possibility.

So When the Rats Start To

JUMP SHIP AS appears to be the case in the Obambi cluster-foxtrot, and we were told when they first came onboard that they were the Best and Brightest, now that the second string will start coming on, does that mean we’re settling?

As Jimmuh put it back in his little mini-depression, why not the best?

I Crack Me Up

TEE AND EVEN HEE — over here ‘t Borepatch’s jernt. “Smash-mouth constitutionalists.” Heh. Ain’t I a card?

The Caturday Post

THE NEW KITTY has a name. And, at this point, it will only change if she insists on it. The name is Karma.

Yeah, I know. I know. Your karma ran over my dogma. Hah. Oh, and: ha! By that, I think she should be called Katma. But I don’t get a say.

Doesn’t matter. She meets the one-and-only criterion for being a cat in our household: she’s cute.

She weighs roughly a pound-and-a-half. Which makes her probably the smallest kitty we’ve adopted. Not, I should add, the smallest either one of us has known. I’ve handled kittens and puppies fresh out of the womb — literally: born by caesarian section. There is nothing like stroking breath into that tiny body. It’s the most numinous experience in my life, lemme tell ya.

We weren’t planning to have her come home so soon, so we’re scrambling to get ready for it. But the foster household needs the bed space and there’s no real reason to delay, except that Toni didn’t want Karma’s first weeks in the house to be so discombobulated as they will — due to the press of engagements better left unmentioned for security reasons.

So, say, “Hello!” to Karma.

Photos by Toni Alger and Janet Saylor. Used by permission.

What Is It With Democrats and Division

STRICKLAND IS TRYING TO hammer Kasich for working on Wall Street. “I don’t work for Wall Street,” Terrible Ted says, “I work for you.” Forgetting just who “Wall Street” is.

Plus: even though Wall Street is us — the sum total of our investments in savings and retirement plans and insurance and just… plain… business. Our jobs, our wealth creation, our future.

Our taxes.

Leaving all that aside, what is so alien about Wall Street investment bankers? Are they from Mars? Alpha Centauri? Are they not human? Americans? If we prick them, do they not bleed?

So… what is it about Democrats that they feel this … this… need to divide Americans one from another? They do it with everybody. They parse everyone they encounter according to their own bigotry and prejudices. You’re black. You speak proper English and dress in khakis and golf shirts, listen to Celine Dion and drive a BMW. By the Democrats, you’re not “authentic.” And they never have to answer the question: “Who the fuck says?”

They tag you with stereotypes. “Asians.” There’s a delightful piece of bigotry; they all look alike to Democrats, and it’s too much effort to try to discern the differences among Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Afghans, Hindus and Sikhs, so they just lump the whole multi-billion-person lot into an undifferentiated lump called — scorn quotes — “Asian.”

And you’re all supposed to be really studious and obey your elders and have this family thing and run in inscrutable gangs with esoteric tattooos. But if your name is Marty and you’re a surfer dude from Venice Beach with a law degree from Boalt and a JD from Stanford, and you’ve never been farther East than Denver or farther West than Catalina Island, and couldn’t speak Mandarin/Cantonese/Hmong/Malay/Tagalog if your life depended on it, then you’re “not authentic.” As if that matters.

Aren’t you an American? Isn’t that the genius of America? It doesn’t matter where your parents come from, here you’re a citizen of the greatest show on Earth — in the world. What’s with all the subdivisions?

Another Democrat trying to get elected here in Ohio is Steve Driehaus. He faults his opponent for all manner of things, including voting against a “tax cut” for 95% of Ohioans?

Why not 100%, Steve? What kind of social disease does that 5% remainder have that you really, really, really want to plunder their bank accounts and then break into their houses, smash their kids’ piggy banks, and take that, too? Aren’t they Americans? Of course they are. You just said so. They’re 5% of Ohioans, but they’re not worthy of tax relief.

Why do you hate 5% of Ohioans, Steve? Is it some fault of theirs? Or is it something in your so-very-small soul that demands you hate them?

Or is it an un-American lust for power that drives you to divide Americans this way?

People: this isn’t unusual. It shouldn’t be remarkable. All Democrats think this way. Constituents are pressure groups to be divided from each other and pitted against each other to enable the greedy, power-mad politicians to take and hold illegitimate power.

Sad to say, a lot of Republicans think this way, too, but at least the party’s stated principles don’t require it — the politicians themselves are corrupt and need to be gotten rid of, but the faction’s platform stands against the corruption, even if the politicians don’t.

But Democrats? Look. It really doesn’t matter how many goodies he promises you he’ll steal from your neighbor and give to you (minus the government’s 87% cut). In the end, a Democrat will vote with the party when the chips are down. Take Driehaus for example. He swore he would never vote for any health care bill that provided government funds for abortions. His constituents held his feet to the fire and forced him to make that pledge. But he voted for the Obamacare bill. How did he weasel out of it? Why, by weaselling out of it, of course. The President issued a directive that Federal funds not be used for abortions. Which has the force of law so long as Obama is in office and in the mood to leave it in effect.

But, despite the fact that his constituents polled 70-90% against it, he voted for the bill. Because, at the end of the day, he’s a Democrat.

Remember the fable of the Scorpion and the Frog. Even though it means he himself will drown, the scorpion will always sting the frog. It’s in his nature to do so. So it is with Democrats.

They want to divide us. Unite and vote them out of office.

Remember: friends don’t let friends vote Democrat.

Mourning Becomes Electric

Much Has Been Made

OF THE SUPPOSED FACT bruited about in the world that, the reason American women get away with being so uppity is that American men are putatively afraid of them. As I have countered, far from it — we’re proud of them.

Or, at least, we in the Right are proud of American women — the kick-ass American chick of all ages and ethnic derivations. It appears, from the cross-to-vampires reaction the sinisterly-persuaded have to strong, confident, self-reliant American women such as Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Ann Coulter, Christine O’Donnell, Tammy Bruce, et myriad al, the American Left seems afraid of American women.

Which might be why their overseas cousins might be excused for their confusion.

Quote of the Day

…[T]here is no reason anyone on “the right” should consent to the concrete delusional thinking of the Left in this or in anything else.
Not when today’s only authentic feminism and anti-racism, and the only hope for the liberation of a quarter of mankind from the Dark Ages, is championed by conservatives.

Nicholas Packwood
a.k.a. Ghost of a Flea

Quote of the Day

It’s no longer a matter of counting seats, making compromises, and hustling deals; it is a matter of smashing a rotten, corrupt, and enervated system based on an errant and repellent view of human nature and replacing it with something perhaps not perfect, but at least in tune with our constitutional traditions, the political nature of this country’s people, and the century we live in. The people are leading, and the politicians will follow — or they will go to the wall.

J.R. Dunn

…or they will go to the wall.

Let’s put a pin in that, shall we? And come back to it later?


DOES A PRETTY FAIR — and concise — statement of the morality of self-defense. Recommended.

Obama Appoints a Czar

EXPLICITLY STATING THAT it’s because he knows the appointee would never survive the Senate confirmation necessary to an actual — you know — cabinet officer. That pesky “advice and consent” thing, see. Damned impertinent Constitution!

Is somebody keeping a bill of particulars here?

Folk of the Sinister Persuasion

SHOULD HAVE A CARE when trying to make hay of Christine O’Donnell’s admission she “dabbled in witchcraft” as a teenager. As Kathy Shaidle asserted, half the white women in North America “dabbled in witchcraft” since the 70s. It means almost less than nothing.

And given that Teh Won has been dabbling in government since his putative graduation from college, and done damned poorly at it, too, I’d say that those who live in glass houses without sin should be careful even so of casting the first stone.

( ::squats down and draws abstract figures in the sand for awhile — just to make sure you get the allusion:: )

Dear Mrs Schmidt

I HAVE LONG been a supporter of yours — as a glance at your files will doubtless reveal. However, I must say that I was saddened and disappointed to read the subject of your most recent e-newsletter, “Healthy Eating Habits Start Young.” While doubtless true, and in general well-said, it is no business of the Federal Government and no fit subject to be broached by a Congressional Representative in that context. Please desist from further ultra vires and unconstitutional abuses of your office.

Warmest regards,
Mark Alger

How in the Wide, Wide World of Sports

DOES GENERAL POWELL know that the crews working on his house are staffed in full or in part by illegals? Is he assuming that just because a man “looks Messican” he’s a wetback?

Wouldn’t that be … racist?

For the Longest Time Voter Apathy (Updated)

WAS ONE OF THOSE leftist shibboleths that was supposed to demonstrate how concerned progressives were for the health of democracy as a general concept. Cross the notion of voter apathy with progressives’ fascist impulses and you get mandatory voting — a head-spinning, cartoon-sound-effected ::wobbita wobbita wobbita wobbita wobbita wobbita wobbita wobbita:: if there ever was one.

About the first time I ever heard of voter apathy (trust me: it was long before you were born), I also heard of the little-known fact that local tax levies go down to defeat far more often than mere chance or a few brazilian coin flips might yield as a probability of such a thing happening.

Go ahead. Work it out. I’ll wait for you to catch up.

And, being the mule-headed, contrary syncretician that I am, I put two and three together and came up with eight.

Perhaps people can’t be bothered to vote because they really can’t see any point in it. They have eyes. They’re not stupid. They know that self-embiggened people get up themselves and show no concern for The Little People or for The Rules That Only Apply To The Little People. They know that the fix is in, in other words, and they see no hope in registering their protests in tiny numbers that will have no effect.

Fools like Rick Moran and the Inside the Beltway Crowd — left or right — assert that what are, in the end, mainstream American values of liberty, individualism, integrity, and fair play won’t sell in the more-sophisticated districts (read: the so-called “blue” states) of the country. “Voters won’t elect a conservative in [Delaware|Connecticut|Massachusetts],” they assert and aver. Because there are none of that political stripe In Our Town, they claim. So the Establishment in those regions refuse to support true Americans, preferring European Lite varietals. I ask you: if a product is never available on a grocery store shelf, will you buy it? Is it therefore reasonable to assume that, because it doesn’t sell (How can you buy what’s not available?), nobody wants it?

Wouldn’t that be whatcha call yer basic self-fulfilling prophecy?

Meanwhile, those deluded romantics, those wild-eyed dreamers who actually believe in a consensual self-government model and bestir themselves to vote, look around themselves, realize that not only are they overtaxed, but that everybody is — that the government leech is sucking so much of the life out of the nation that it threatens its own survival. AND, since the government is our one guarantor of our rights, that’s not on. (Don’t kid yourself: you wouldn’t last five seconds in that anarchy you so long for; you need government. What is up for discussion is what’s the irreducible minimum.) So, in protest, they vote against the only taxes within reach — local levies and bond issues.

And then one day, one snowflake lands on top of a pile of like-minded flakes and they start an avalance. Rick Santelli rants on a cable news show. A housewife Out In The Boondocks decides she’s had enough. And a thousand-million points of light become the blinding flash of a supernova, and hope is kindled in the desperate hearts of the formerly apathetic.

Applying — perhaps only subconsciously — the lessons of markets, the Internet, and the wisdom of crowds, a movement is born and coalesces around some simple, fundamental principles. They are, in fact, principles all Americans can — or should — agree on. They are at the core of what it takes to be an American. Failure to apprehend and appropriate them is a failing that many exhibit in the Northeast Establishment Media Bubble.

Reacting to Christine O’Donnell’s win in Delaware, Rachel Maddow (I so wanted to type MadCow, but I stay my hand), called the views of the Tea Party “extreme.” Journalists around Europe — clearer-eyed, perhaps, than our own homegrown breed — still insist that the movement is far, far to the Right of things.

As Tolkien put it, to crooked eyes, the truth must wear a wry face. The only reason the Tea Party of America (and, I suspect, around the world, as they grow like Topsy) appear — scorn quotes — “extreme” to those of the sinister persuasion is because they sit so far out on the Left wing as to be past the navigation lights. In reality, though, the views that informed the Founding of the Republic are still the mainstream. And when political candidates voice those views and values in a full-throated roar, We the Little People rally around them. This is a truth that Rush has observed for lo, these twenty-plus years: conservatism* wins every time it’s tried.

This is what you are participating in when you go to Tea Party rallies, when you work at a phone bank for a primary challenger to a RINO incumbent, when you blog about liberty and prosperity — not only for all Americans, but for all of humanity, (for THAT is the dream). It won’t end in November. Evil is not so much a physical presence as it is a force of nature. Those too weak to resist its siren song will be with us for all time and will require our resistance. But now — unlike those apathetic days of yore — now you have Hope that you may prevail.

Hope and Change. New and improved.

* You may argue that the Tea Party is not really conservative. Far from it, you might say, it is very radical — in the sense of radishes being roots and the Latin radix being the root of the word radical, the Tea Party folk want America to get back to its liberty-loving, small-government-wanting, low-tax-paying roots. True enough. For the moment, that is both radical and conservative. The genius of the movement is that it focusses only on those matters which ought to be public and ignores those which ought to be private. Which is as it ought to be.

Posted This On Facebook

AND DECIDED “Why should they have all the fun?” Herewith: me.

People need to stop with the razor-fine parsing of various types of collectivism. It’s a chumps game from the opposition side, and it’s deliberate persiflage — political taquiyya, if you will — from the collectivist’s side. A communist is a Marxist is a socialist is a progressive is a communitarian. They are all complicit in the deepest, darkest evil perpetrated on and by mankind in the history of the world.

As I Was Googling

THE NEW DEMOCRAT logo, I typed in D-E-M-O and Google politely supplied several Demon-type URLs. Ar-ar-ar.

But seriously: it really is all of a piece. Totally consistent with the Democrat template of style over substance. They are, after all, the ones who don’t really understand that their message is getting out too well and that they really don’t need to change how they’re selling so much as what.

But, then again, why would they want to do that?

O’Donnell Wins in Delaware

AND IT SEEMS QUITE CLEAR that we In the Right will be having to take note of the names of the members of the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, as they seek to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

The so-called moderates complain about ideological purity trumping party unity.

Uh huh.

Update: It appears the NRSC has gotten its mind right with Jesus. (I’d bet that “aide” who leaked they wouldn’t support O’Donnell has one MAJOR case of buttscorch.) Good on John Cornyn, and good on the NRSC. They seem to be able to — as Paul Simon put it — read the writing on the wall.

It Occurs to Me to Mention

THAT IT MUST BE reiterated ad nauseam in the runup to the midterms that numbers one through infinity on the agenda are REPEAL. Repeal of Obamacare. Repeal of the Porkulus. Repeal of everything that Congress has passed — in an omnibus bill, if necessary; in a budget bill if necessary — since at latest 2006. Then we must have a quick march through the collectivist institutions — Department of Education: gone; Department of Energy: gone; Department of Commerce: gone (with a Constitutional Amendment barring Congress from meddling in markets and the government from competing with private enterprises); reduce the Executive to the core four — War, State, Justice, Treasury. Allow employees to stay in their jobs — sinecures, really — but freeze non-military hiring at 1990 levels.

This LOL Wins


demotivational posters - THE INTERNET
see more Very Demotivational

Quote of the Day

Odd how that worked out–increasing freedom did no harm.

Joe Huffman

Never Forgive, Never Forget

WE’VE TRIED IT the appeasers’ way for nine years. And all we get is barbarian tumblefucks trying to poke us in the eye with a stick. That’s what the Ground Zero Mosque is — a poke in the eye with a big stick. Don’t kid yourself.

Video spotted at Right Network.

At the time, Ann Coulter said, “We should invade their countries, kill their leaders, take their oil, and convert them to Christianity.” I don’t hold with forced conversions; as Yogi Berra puts it, they aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. But I think it’s past time We the People pushed the rest of that solution on our representatives and the weak-spined men and women who style themselves our leaders. Put and end to this scourge, or face an end of sorts yourself.

I am amazed that American reaction to the Falling Man photo was to castigate the messengers, rather than the abominable beings who caused the man to fall.

The rage! It burns!


NOW … and I do mean YOU!

Do NOT try to gull me with, “Oh, no, no! It can’t happen HERE.” It is happening here. This is not a matter of opinion. You ignore this not only at your own peril, but of that of your countrymen. If you fail to heed this warning, YOU — personally — will be responsible for the destruction of the pinnacle of civilization.

(Hat tip: Breda.)

Cross posted at Eternity Road.

Update: Just belatedly learned the meaning of the phrase: “lan astaslem”. It is a direct rejoinder to the Arabic invitation Aslim Taslam — “Accept Islam and be saved.” Lan astaslem means, “I will never submit.” In Arabic script, this is لن استسلم . I hope that will not screw up too many browsers with its backwardness. (Reads right-to-left.) Can I get a “amen!”

Howabout a T-shirt?

The Oath of U.S. Citizenship


I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God.

The creed of Islam is here, also here. Succinctly stated, “There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger.” “Islam” means “submission.”

Is it possible to reconcile the two? Can a free people submit to anything? Can a free people coexist with those who consider it their duty to submit, and to force submission on others? Discuss.

Quote of the Day

…[A]s I recall, there was no Guantanamo, no Afghanistan war and no Iraq war on Sept. 10, 2001. And yet, somehow, Osama bin Ladin had no trouble recruiting back then. Can we retire the “it will help them recruit” argument yet?

St. Ann of Coulter

Back to the Driehaus Ad

YOU MAY RECALL our prior excoriation of the campaign ad being run in the Ohio First House District by Steve Driehaus – (D, Ohio — for now). (And we are glad to see his opponent, Steve Chabot firing back at last.) If you do, then you know I called bullshit on a good many of the claims that Driehaus makes. Now, I want to address one that might actually be true.

Driehaus says, “I voted for a tax cut for ninety-nine percent of Ohioans; my opponent voted against it.”

Leaving aside that the two of them have never been members of the same house of the same legislature at the same time, so they could NOT have take opposite stances on ANY bill up for a vote, it is possible that a concept floating around in many forms was posited by Democrats as a tax cut for 99% of Americans (and thus Ohioans), while non-zombie Republicans are very much aware that taxing the 1% of Americans who actually pay income taxes MORE will doubtless decapitate the entire economy: trickle-down being something that actually — as opposed to the virtual thing that Democrats do — (you know) works. Thus, the more-sensible Republicans would of course vote against such a measure as invidious and nonsensical.

But let’s get back to that 99% claim. I mean…


Doesn’t the 14th Amendment — as everybody never tires of reminding us when it cuts against the grain — mandate equal treatment before the law? Where in that can being singled out as TOO GOOD, TOO SUCCESSFUL, TOO LITTLE LIKELY TO BE A DEPENDENT ON THE NANNY STATE … where is it written that this makes you a legitimate target?

Besides… (And you may or may not already know this.) The Constitution puts limits on taxes. It basically defines two kinds of taxes — direct taxes, which have to be apportioned among the States according to the Census (Article I, Section 2, and Amendment XIV), and INdirect taxes , which are — as the text of the Constitution puts it — “Duties, Imposts, and Excises [which] shall be uniform throughout the United States.”

When the 16th Amendment was passed, a Supreme Court ruling stated that, since the Amendment did not repeal the earlier provision, all the Amendment did, in effect, was define the income tax as an INdirect tax (although how said tax could be a duty, an impost, or an excise by any standard definition of those terms was clearly not discussed, as the claim would be risible on its face). AS an INdirect tax, it must be uniform throughout the United States.

Really? Uniform taxes. Equal treatment before the law. And by this the Income Tax is legal at all? And you want to “improve” it by making provisions of it attain to a special class of people whose only crime is … what? … to earn more than $250,000 a year?

Oh, yeah. Bills of attainder are forbidden by the Constitution, too. And, while that term holds very special meaning, having to do with a good deal more than just not being favored by the ruling class, the miasma of it nevertheless clings like an odor of ordure to the garments of liberalism.

Driehaus is in violation of his oath of office and should not only be voted out, he should be tried for high crimes against the people.

And this is a Democrat who is struggling to redefine himself as a conservative, running in a very red district, who only got elected because the Republican incumbent had been a member of leadership (albeit a reliable conservative) and thus partially responsible for the travesties of Congress since 1995. Even he can’t resist playing the divisive, class warfare game.

And, as Chabot’s ad points out, he voted with Pelosi 94% of the time. As the current crop of Republican incumbents have managed somehow to demonstrate as a group — for all their myriad and manifest failings as individuals — it is possible to mount an effective and principled opposition. But reliable Democrat votes are not what’s needed in Congress. And that’s what you’re going to get whenever you elect a Democrat, no matter how conservative or libertarian he pretends to be in The Home District.

Remember: friends don’t let friends vote Democrat.

Kinda Eviscerates the Whole Notion

THAT SPEED LIMITS are necessary to safety or any of that, dunnit?

So. Checked Out

RIGHT NETWORK on their opening day. Apparently, it’s a cable network — sort of like LOGO — so (you know), call your cable provider to get it on. First day, three whole, complete episodes. Interesting. Production values seem kind of community-access-cable like. Content, dynamite. Literally. It will cause leftists’ heads to explode. Love it. Give them time, and they will sharpen it up. But I predict a hard, uphill slog. May God grant them the strength and Murphy the fisc to pull it off.

So, The Ad Goes

Q: HOW CAN YOU IMPROVE on Mythbusters?

A: More Kari.

Haley Willams is the only hot ginger?
see more Lol Celebs

With which I cannot argue. Howsomever… I think it was a bad choice to retread an old episode for the first time out, even if it was the boomlift catapult, which was one of the most awesome eps ever.

And reminds us that, before Kari, there was Scotti.

But then, it’s apparently not aimed at me, so what do they care about what I think?

You Know What Harry

TRUMAN SAID ABOUT this: If you want a friend in Washington, buy a dog. And the self-actualization crowd says, “Be your own best friend.” So, circular reasoning included, Obambi’s plaint here, while not off-topic, nevertheless misses the point.

Aaaarrgghhh! Friggin’ SHEEP

ANTHONY WATTS proudly displays a new toy — an energy fetishist’s wet dream machine. See, in California, (and, sadly, elsewhere), instead of increasing supply of electricity to meet demand, the fucking green fascists are trying to throttle demand by means of intrusive regulation and distortion of the market. And all the people lap up that thin, runny crap as though it were salty brown gravy, handily forgetting that the whole purpose of electricity is to ease human existence. Chasing economy for its own sake is a perversion, and the tyrant wannabes pushing it on you deserve no better than the back of your hand — hard — to the chops.

Oh, come ON, Alger! Isn’t it a good thing to save energy?

No, Dolly, it’s not. Like everything else in life, it matters why. If the why is a perversion, or causes a degradation of the quality of life, rather than an enhancement, it can hardly be progress. Instead of conservation, think of it as starvation. Is it a good thing to starve a child? After all, you use less food!

But that’s different!

How? Because the victim is specifically a child instead of non-specifically “just people” — who may or may not be children?

How is there going to be a victim from using less power?

Now it’s my turn to go, “Oh, come ON, Dolly!” Surely you can’t be so naive! What’s the proper merchant response to an increase in demand?

Initially and temporarily, to increase prices.


To gauge demand.

To what end?

For the next step: to increase supply.

And this program of the greens is going to do that… how, exactly?


Er… It’s not?

Right. And why not?

Because the greens believe there is a limit to human expansion set by available resources.

And who first proposed these limits?


Correct. And was he right?


And how soon was he proven wrong?

Before his conjectures were even published.

And has there ever been a situation where this kind of thinking was borne out?


In fact, it’s been spectacularly wrong every time it’s been put forth, hasn’t it?


And when the ideas have been put into force, they have, in fact, caused considerable suffering and death, correct?

As in the Ukraine under Stalin, yes.

Whereas reliance on human ingenuity, the genius of the marketplace, and the abundance of nature has propelled the most prosperous societies in the history of civilization. Right?


Now. You’ve heard me on this before. When you turn a machine or other device against its design purpose, what is that?

A perversion.

Correct. And is it a perversion to make a machine consume less energy without increasing its efficiency?


And does the device Anthony Watts described make the machines in question more efficient? Does it help them do their designed jobs while using less energy?

We don’t know enough to tell. We’re up against the knowledge problem. We don’t have and cannot get sufficient data to make an informed choice. However, we must assume, because the machines were designed to consume energy in a standby state, that there was some reason for this, and that cutting off the power supply to a machine in standby will 1) probably damage the machine and B) prevent it from providing the service to human beings it was designed to provide.

Very good, Dolly. You may have a cheese Danish.

Oh, goody! My favorite!

::turns to the readers:: Remember, folks, don’t pursue energy savings for their own sake. Those savings are illusory and will end in human suffering. Enhanced efficiency is good. Simply throttling demand with no commensurate increase in efficiency is bad. Evil, in fact.

As Likable as Michael Barone Is

AND AS THOROUGHLY knowledgeable as he is about the political scene in America, he seems to exhibit clear signs of the political Stockholm syndrome that overtakes people who spend too much time inside the Northeast Liberal Establishment Media Bubble (NLEMB). In an Examiner article, referenced by Glenn Reynolds, (to whom a tip o’ the tam-o-shanter), Barone goes all inside baseball on a semantic point of argument between himself and Barney Frank.

In the comments, there’s a firestorm of acrimony, because Barone mentions almost in passing, “Chairman Frank, whom I’ve known and admired since I was in college.”

I have to agree. Ecumenity aside, Barney Frank is an enemy of the people and deserves execution for treason for his behavior in the housing bubble alone, without regard to the rest of his tenure in Congress. But then, I think that of most nationally-elected Democrats. If they’re not actively involved in making political war on the People and Constitution of the United States, giving aid and comfort to our enemies, they’re passively complicit in supporting a program of treason by participating in partyline votes. It’s kind of like felony murder: If you commit a crime during the commission of which somebody is killed, you’re guilty of murder, even if you never actively moved to kill the victim. If you vote in favor of Democrat treason, you’re a traitor. Deal.

The “T” word, Alger? Over the top much?

Not at all. Go read Kim du Toit’s essay on why Democrats are traitors. In a nutshell, it’s because, in subverting the Constitution to pass their agenda, they are, in effect, making war on the U.S., the People, and the Constitution.

WHAT. EVerrr.

But worse… Well, no. Not worse. But perhaps more aggravating in Barone, who really ought to know better, is his even engaging in the semantic pattycake with Frank in the first place. The contretemps is over whether the Porkulus bill should be properly referred to as a Stimulus or a Recovery act.

It. Doesn’t. Matter.

Everybody knows that the naming of bills and acts is one of the most cynical acts of political fuck-you-ism practiced by legislators. Politicians lie when they name bills, and it’s one of the main sources of frustration with the would-be ruling class that they can’t seem to tell the truth to save their lives. It’s like, “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH.” No, chairman, you wouldn’t recognize the truth if it bit you on the ass. Which, as they say, is about to happen, come November.

In the comments to the article, somebody advised Barone to get help. I’d second that notion. Almanackally, he is too valuable a resource to have him go off the rails chasing useless ecumenity with people who, in the final analysis, aren’t fit for office.

Can’t Fathom

WHY PEOPLE THINK if I follow a link from their page, I am therefor done on their page. It’s real simple HTML, folks: target=”_blank”. Opens the link in a new window/tab. These days, modern browsers have these miraculous things called “tabs”. You can have a dozen or two sites open at once and hardly notice the performance hit. Beats the hell out of the frustration of “Where’d that site go? I wasn’t done yet!” Do your visitors the courtesy. Don’t dump them unceremoniously out the door. Target equals blank. Real easy.

Caturday: Jazz

THIS YOUNG LADY is the odd one of the triplets. I say “odd” because she’s a blue-point, whereas Sky and Aqua are both seal-points. (Sortof — they’re all mongrels, so the terminology isn’t entirely ept.) Her name is Jazz — Jazzy Jazz Jazzbo for short. She was named that because her creche collar was a checkered flag pattern with salmon pink plastic flowers. And the name stuck after the collar came off.

She likes to get down in the wee, smokey hours of the morning, in venues where the acoustics are cool and hot and the room has a lively sound. She likes to riff on the lonely sound of her own voice, scatting in wordless rhythms. She really wails.

Somehow, the sounds seem to have become associated with hunting behavior. Jazz will chase a foam rubber ball all over the house, yowling her cooldaddy riffs. She’ll stop the chase in front of us and look up at us with what Toni calls bedroom eyes (and I think is just a worried expression — and we’re both anthropomorphizing), as if to say, “See what a mighty hunter I am!”

Her fur is bunny soft, and she likes to cuddle on the couch. She also likes to sleep with humans on the bed, but Aqua and Loki are more forward, so get there first. Jazz will hop up on the bed, uttering a cute litttle bblleerrp! of effort, then, seeing one of the others already there, turn around and leave with the most dejected set to her shoulders. It’s sad and comical all at once, but it would be cruel to laugh — even in sympathy.

Oh, HELL Yeah!

Can’t Help Wondering

WHENEVER LEFTISTS try so hard and still manifestly don’t get it whether they’re bound and determined to not get it, or they’re just plain bog stupid. Hard to tell.

Yet to find a leftist who can reason his way out of a paper bag.

::sigh:: Good grief.

Sounds Like

A PASSABLE enemies list.

Chris Matthews



By this, we’re supposed to infer you’re — what? — literate? Classically educated? Read Julius Caesar in the Classics Illustrated version?

The Bourgeoisie Are Revolting

(THEY CERTAINLY ARE) Rich Lowry, here, continues this week’s analysis of the 8/28 rally last weekend. And he argues…

The tea party’s detractors want to paint it as radical, when at bottom it represents the self-reliant, industrious heart of American life. New York Times columnist David Brooks compares the tea partiers to the New Left. But there weren’t any orgiastic displays at the Beck rally, nor any attempts to levitate the Lincoln Memorial — just speeches on God and country. It was as radical as a Lee Greenwood song.

But I would remind Mr. L. that, just as in days of lies, telling the truth is a revolutionary act, in facing down a revolution, being solidly bourgeois is radical.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Sad in a Way

THAT IT’S CONSIDERED remarkable that “right wing” crowds are so well-behaved and leave so little litter behind them. I remember when that was the norm, and the rudeness and animalistic behavior of “counter culture” crowds was remarkable — all the more so considering their putative support for — scorn quotes — “ecology.”

Even when I was in those crowds, I always carried out more than I took in and tried to leave not even footprints.

Og Reports a Contretemps

AVEC HIS l’iPhone. It keeps autodialing someone. His boss?

Which reminds me of a good one on me. When I was new to cell phones and hadn’t yet learned to ALWAYS (always-always) lock the keys, I pocket-dialed Toni. Who, it turned out, was on the phone with Number One Daughter, or somebody, so the pocket dial went to voicemail — me all unawares. And Toni later got an hour-long message of me, trucking around Kroger or Sam’s or someplace similarly mercantile in nature.

Observation #911