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Like I Said the Other Day

I’D LIKE TO SEE THE sovereign take seriously Col. Cooper’s dictum that a masked man is a target, and that includes targets in balaclavas and bulletproof vests with big white letters stencilled on the back. And it also should go for tactical-para-booted thugs who kick down the front doors of unsuspecting citizens in the dark of night.

And let’s remember just who is the sovereign, here.

I mean, do you ever see Texas Rangers running around in HRT/SWAT gear acting like silliassed ninja wannabes? One riot; one Ranger.

(Please don’t tell me if you do; allow me at least SOME of my cherished illusions.)

Throwing the BS Flag

ON THE CONTENTION that artlessness can nevertheless be art. I think that’s the true difference between art and crap, whether it’s produced by Picasso or Grandma Moses or three sisters named Wiggin. If there’s no technique, it’s just childish scribblings. Viz: Michelangelo. Please.

As a Big Fan of

ERIC FRANK RUSSEL’S classic SF work on monkey warfare, The Wasp, I want to put forth this brain fart.

Certain restaurants, stores, and other merchants have, in sundry jurisdictions, elected to post their premises as being off-limits to bearers of guns. (Well, of the guns themselves, but — in case you hadn’t noticed — guns don’t got legs.)

Fair enough. I contend that their actions amount to a violation of civil rights, but for the nonce, they have the lawful privilege to do so. And those opposed have the right to withhold their custom and comment to one another on that.

But — and this is the brain fart — there is another avenue for comment.

These places are ringed around with telephone poles, whereupon it has become the custom to post bills. Concert notices, rave flyers, band stickers, and other nonsensicalia.

Seems to me a small-ish sticker, with an aggressive adhesive, on a durable substrate, could be added to the collage:

Notice to predators: This is a victim disarmament zone. Your prey are helpless. Come on in!

Purely as a matter of social comment, mind you.


HOW SICK IS IT that the McDonald decision was 5-4?

I’VE WONDERED ABOUT this in a sort of desultory way from time to time. I don’t use the things myself, but this isn’t the reason. It’s more of a mule-headed resistance to the PC groupthink that dictates I must.

Good to have the reinforcement, though.

So Leaky Leahy Doesn’t

ACCEPT LITMUS TESTS applied to (leftist) judicial nominees? So, now, insistence on adherance to and application of constitutional principles is a litmus test?

You know, when you apply the acid test to blue litmus paper, it turns red. That’s what they call a tattletale. Tattletale red.


More of a pink, actually.

This is What Comes

OF PERMISSIVE PARENTING Used to be civil unrest was met with what was called the reading of the riot act. The holder of executive authority would out with a copy of said satute and have it promulgated. The act would contain such gems as the permission of the police and troops to use lethal force to quell violence, restore order, and protect life and property.


Yes, property, Dolly. Property is acquired at the expense of life and as such is sacred only second to life itself. Something the old “property is theft” crowd would rather you not remember. Around here, we prefer to assert that theft is murder. And, I should say in that vein, vandalism is murder as well.

And, on such a scale, with malice aforethought, vandalism amounts to an act of war, to be met with reciprocal — and, yes, disproportionate — force.

As the saying used to go, looters will be shot. Survivors will be prosecuted.

So… why don’t they? Anymore?

Mostly because — and this will break the rioter’s little anarchist hearts — the rioters serve as a useful tool for the establishment power structure.

Oh. Well, then, let’s not tell them.

Right. Meantime, I would prefer to see the authorities adopt Col. Cooper’s dictum that a masked man is a target.

Stupid Gap

TAX PROF IS DEAD right here when he asserts:

A reason for the “wealth or income gap”: Smart people keep on doing things that are smart and make them money while stupid people keep on doing things that are stupid and keep them from achieving.

People who get an education, stay off of drugs, apply themselves, and save and wisely invest their earnings do a lot better than people who drop out of school, become substance abusers, and buy fancy cars and houses that they can’t afford, only to lose them.

We don’t have an income gap. We have a stupid gap.

And, as I’ve long thought, one singular reason we do is that stupid no longer carries any stigma. You’re not allowed to stigmatize any behavior, no matter how stupid, destructive, self-centered, narcissistic, nihilistic … liberal it is. If reporters pulled no punches and honestly reported the truth about lackwits such as Medea Benjamin, Al Gore, and Barbra Streisand, if judges summarily dismissed witless lawsuits and sanctioned the ambulance chasers who bring them, if leaders told their constituents the truth about their silly lawless demands — and society backed them — we would be in nowhere near the straits we find ourselves sailing today.

Six Degrees of Antonin Scalia

SURELY THIS QUESTION can get through six connections between a reader of this blog and Justice Scalia. Ask him to explain, please, in some public venue just how it is proper for the government to decide what is reasonable in exceptions made to a charter limiting that government’s power.

Ask him would Liberty be included among the enumerate rights of the Constitution, given that the framers held the right to liberty to be self-evident, yet nevertheless had the foresight to protect unenumerated rights from infringement by the state.

Ask him how an enumerated right can have exceptions. When an absolute proscription is lain — not only on the state, but on private actors as well — how any limit on it can be seen as being constitutional.

Ask him how it is anything other than anathema … this term, this obscenity called a compelling state interest in infringing on the rights and liberties of sovereign citizens of that state.

Ask him how it is reasonable for a state court to announce that a citizen can be held to have no standing to bring suit against said state for violations of said state’s charter — on any grounds, let alone on the grounds that said citizen has taken no harm from the violation. Ask him how that squares with that whole “Congress shall make no law…” thing — especially as regards petitioning the government for redress of grievances.

Ask him and then get back to me with the answers.

Cross-posted at Eternity Road.

Stupid Engineer Tricks

A RUNNING JOKE IN OUR shop — oh, decades ago, now — ran that success at operating a highly-precise and temperamental German machine depended on how you held your mouth. Or standing on one foot with the other held up stork-like. Or the phase of the moon. Or the sacrifice of a chicken to the gods of the loa.

But it WAS a joke. The truth was and is that real success depended on meticulous maintenance and setup of the machine.

Another joke, from my days doing peer tech support on Compuserve, was, telling people reporting buggy behavior of a program who could detail the step(s) that would reproduce the problem to, (in a conscious echo of the punch line from the old standup joke*), “Don’t Do That (DDT).”

Apple, apparently, didn’t get the memo about those being jokes.

* Went to the doctor — my arm hurts when I do this. I said, “Doc. My arm hurts when I do this.” Doc said, “Don’t do that.”

Just for the Record

I WANT IT TO BE KNOWN here and now that I would welcome — be proud to be included — to be placed on the NAS’s blacklist of deniers of the CAGW climate “science.” As Joanne Nova puts it:

A shameful day in the history of science. The once esteemed National Academy of Science is reduced to pagan witchcraft: point the bone at the blacklist, count the tea-leaf-citations, put on your funny hat and make a prophesy about the weather.

Some critics are saying the survey is flawed because it uses artificial groupings. Artificial be damned — the survey is flawed because it’s a waste-of-time work of anti-science for even existing. Science is not a democracy. Natural laws don’t form because anyone says so, and the only way to find out the answer is to … look at the evidence. Doh.

Of course, since I’m not credentialed, I’m not worthy of the attention of so august a body of shamans as the National Academy of “Science.” To include me would be to recognize the truth of my contention that a rudimentary understanding of a Fifth Grade Science course in elementary physics and the weather is sufficient to handily dispose of the CAGW conjecture.

An Interesting Metaphor

BOOKWORM ON statism as a staph infection.


STOLEN FROM MYSELF in the comments to this post over t’ Og’s.

People need to stop ascribing intelligence to glib one-trick ponies whose sole accomplishment is to bullshit people even stupider than they are.

Anyone who embraces socialism — even understanding that his own personal aggrandisement will be short-lived and far less than he could have earned by more legitimate means — is ipso facto a moron.

I agree with Og that Obama’s elevation to high office will, in future moments of sanity (may they come sooner than later), be seen as a great tragedy for the black race. Insofar as a man’s race matters, and the accomplishments of one man — earned or not — can be transferred unearned to a group (to which, it should be pointed out, he himself has at best a tenuous connection), Barack Obama has set back the accomplishments of his father’s race millennia.

One should thank God, therefor, that the above situation obtains only in the fantasies of racialist hustlers and poverty pimps — and guilt-ridden white limousine liberals. In reality, individual accomplishments inhere to only the individuals whose deeds they illuminate. The race of the individual who encompasses these deeds is the least relevant factor in assessing their value. Or ought to be. As I say, in future moments of sanity.

And one should thank God that, if it matters what race they are, there are black men and women — individuals all — of accomplishments to beggar Obama’s meager resume. May one of them some day rise to preside over a color-blind America.

I THINK I MAY REPEAT myself, but then again, it must bear repeating: Lord Acton got it half right. Power does corrupt. But, then again, it tends to attract the corruptible. I believe that no truly honest man should ever desire power over others. I say I believe that because I cannot prove the assertion universally true, though neither can I think of a single, countervailing example.

JOE’S GUN CARTOON of the day features an imaginary out message from the NRA…

You have reached the National Rifle Association. Press 1 if a distraught stock trader has gone on a shooting rampage. Press 2 if a white supremacist has done a drive-by shooting, rageting an ethnic group. Press 3 if a child has taken a semi-automatic to school and shot other students.

All of which selections would — in a just world — elicit a further message on all lines…

We are sorry. We really are. Had you been armed at this time, you might have had a chance to defend yourself and other, innocent life from these acts of predation. However, your elected leaders — for whom you voted — believe that you are safer (to them) if you are not able to resist their predations (under color of law), and that your helplessness in the face of criminals and other predators is ( ::shrug:: ) just collateral damage. Next time, consider your vote more carefully. Defend your civil rights, don’t vote for gun-banning politicians. Meantime, our best suggestion is you sit down, bend forward with your head between your knees, and kiss your ass goodbye. And, as you pass the gates of hell — treading that smooth, wide highway, paved as it is with the “good” intentions of liberals, remember to thank the masons who paved it. The blood of innocents is on their hands.

I Like Ragin’ Dave’s

TAKE ON THE McChrystal “gaffe.” The guy in’t stupid. He knows OpSec. He knows counter-insurgent tactics, winning hearts and minds and all that.

And from another tangent, there is this quote from Thomas Sowell:

The day may yet come when the only thing that can save this country is a military coup.

What form do you suppose a military coup might take? Planes and tanks advancing on the centers of power in Washington? Does that sound sensible?
Is that a winning strategy?

Or would revealing the weakness of Teh Won’s grasp on his illegitimate power be a “force multiplier,” enlisting the American people in the cause?
And might it not have the added advantage of posing less of a risk to the Constitution than a violent overthrow of an elected government?

Can you say, “Impeachment?” Sher ya can.

That’s a powerful lot of dots, there, Alger. You sure they’re connected in the right order?

Not at all. Not yet, anyway.


CONSERVATIVES argue — and rightly so — that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. I.E., don’t focus on instrumentalities, focus on behavior. Particularly, focus on the behavior which directly causes harm.

And then they turn right around and swear on a stack of bibles that drugs kill.

No, dear. The the plural of anecdote is not data.

THE IDEAL WATCHBOX as set up by NOAA or USHCN or one of those Alphabits breakfasts of champions things is one degree on its side. In longitude at the equator, that’s 65 miles, give or take a little. At 45 degrees, or halfway up the total from the equator to the pole, that’s 44-45 miles in longitude, but still 65 miles in latitude (along a great circle meridian, at any rate). That is to say that the climate alarmists would have us believe that one temperature in that much area, with all those boxes averaged would give you enough data to determine the temperature of the earth and the direction and magnitude of any change.

If the phrase “lost in the noise” doesn’t mean anything to you, you might not be laughing right now. Otherwise…

Essentially, the climate alarmists are presenting us with lots of anecdotal evidence and pretending — because there’s so MUCH of it, and they can do fancy shit with it in a computer — they’re showing us data.

IN NEITHER OF the two situations sketched above is there sufficient data to show in any meaningful way what the state of affairs might be.

THE BEHAVIOR OF markets and economies is pretty well understood. The incentives are known, and the aggregate reactions of billions of individuals to them fairly predictable. None of this knowledge is particularly new. Nor is there any lack of empirical evidence to support the knowledge. Yet, we can’t get governments to butt out and let markets work their singular miracles. What makes you think the government’s wisdom is any greater in another other arena?

I’VE JUMPED AROUND QUITE A BIT to get here as quickly as possible. You can take my word for it that the leaps I’ve taken can be justified, I’ve merely taken advantage of shortcuts I’ve known. OR… You can do your own digging around and figure it out for yourself.

B - Backatcha

YOUR PUDDLE PIC reminded me of this one of mine. Dunno why. It just did.


USED TO DO these every day. Been a LONG, long time. Despite all the problems they cause for deep linkers, I may go back to doing them. I like the semi-random juxtaposition.

THE RIGHT — of whatever stripe — MUST become the party of “Oh, HELL no!” Fuck the Democrats and their whining. They’re the ones breaking the law. When you say “No” to lawbreakers, you’re not being negative, you’re being as positive as you can get.

YOU DO NOT have the constitutional right to go faster than anyone else. Traffic laws are not an infringement on your civil liberties. They are the state, as owner of the roads, exercising property rights. Get over yourself; obey traffic laws. And certainly don’t bitch when others do, no matter how badly inconvenienced it makes you feel.

IF YOU SUPPORT in any way the Democrat party, you are pretty much an enemy of the people. If you don’t like the name, don’t play the game.

MOODY BLUES at the PNC Pavilion tonight. Not going. Need my beauty sleep. May stop down t’ the venue to visit in the afternoon, though. Toni has tickets. Temp should be in the ’90s with humidity to match. Perfect weather for a shed show.

SOMETIMES I WONDER …I mean… I love the Constitution and believe it was the greatest thing up until sliced bread. But, really. When you stop and think about it: Congress? How smart is a system that’s designed to be run by a committee?

LIBERALISM REALLY does come from Bizarro World. The Left believe that we — with centuries or millennia of known reserves — are nevertheless at peak oil and must do increible social contortions to stop using the stuff. At the same time, they don’t seem to get that Other People’s Money is a finite resource, and instead believe that our governments have to spend our way out of our particular case of being broke.

Sure. That couldn’t make more sense.

The Comments are More Than

HALF THE FUN over t’ Tam’s place, where, upon her having admitted to not having seen Serenity and not wanting it spoiled, her commenters proceed to “spoil” it for her.

I think I missed the wookie with the naked picture of “Mrs. Reynolds” in his pocket the first time around.

I’ll be in my bunk.

The Problem with Fair

IS THAT FAIR isn’t always right. Or true. Insty points to this AP story on the TEA party movement, at least in the reporter’s immediate surroundings. It is surprisingly fair. But it still has that flavor of an anthropologist’s report. Isn’t it curious and quaint how the natives express these opinions of theirs? While it’s encouraging to see the subject treated without the “Ew! Icky! Get it off me! Cooties!” we get from most of the legacy partisan press, it’s still a long way from what SHOULD be reported by a watchdog fourth estate, to whit, “You know, those TEA partiers have a point. The Federal government long ago overflowed constitutional limits and needs to be reined in.”

Dream on, Alger!

I didn’t say I ever expected it to happen. Just that even handed reportage of “both sides” of a story is a long way from reporting the truth.

Polyvinyl Chloride

OOO! That’s a big polysyllable you just said. Did your mommy teach you that big word? It’s a scawwy word, isn’t it? Can you say, “Scawwy?” Sher ya can.

I can’t tell which is stupider: the envirowhackos with their pants in a knot over PVC, or the lazy idiot reporter who couldn’t be bothered to do some research. “Toys R Us hasn’t gotten back to me yet with a comment on the group’s claims.” You stupid tool! Investigate for your own damned self! Jeezus.

Sometimes you people can be so fucking SIMPLE!

Ooopsie. Did I already say that?

(Hat tip: SondraK)

How About

IF THEY DO we’re gonna whack their pee-pee.

Or not. The reasons in the video aren’t bad, either.

Speaking of Simple

I GIVE YOU Mortimer R. Zuckerman — who really is (or thinks he must be) the sharpest tool in the box.

Isn’t that pretty much the definition of a RINO? Somebody who’s even more of a tool than he thinks he is?

Ladies and gentlebeings, out of the mouth of a babe. Gabrielle Dolly. Take a bow, girl.


TRANSLATE THE PHRASE “the little guy” into Swedish and then back into English — ignoring idiom and using the closest transliteration analog.

What’s that? You don’t speak Swedish? Then what the fuck are you doing blathering on about something where you’ve got no fucking clue? Shut. The. Fuck. UP!


Sometimes, you people can be so fucking SIMPLE!

There’s This Landmark

NORTH OF CINCINNATI WAY a statue of Jesus in water up to his ribcage, arms uplifted to heaven in supplication, called variously Touchdown Jesus and Big Butter Jesus.

During a big thunderstorm a couple nights ago, it was struck by lightning…

Quelle ironique.

Indeed, Dolly. Indeed.

…struck by lightning and burned to the ground. Made out of papier mache or some such, I suppose.

While comedy stylist Heywood Banks announced on the Bob and Tom show Wednesday that he’d added a new verse to his song, “Big Butter Jesus,” I think that the official winnah of the Innertubes is our very own Og, the Neanderpundit, who dashed off this bit of doggerel in comments to Tam’s post on the subject.

I don’t care if it rains or freezes
long as I got a flaming Jesus
Sitting in a pond in my frontyard

Jesus’ daddy he sent lightning
all the folks thought it was frightening
Seems salvation might be kinda hard.


And … Hee.

Gotcher viral right here.

Dolly, there is something obscene about that gesture when you make it.

Gee! Ya think?

Awhile Back

JOE HUFFMAN had as his quote of the day, this gem…

Privileges and immunities of citizens of the United States … are chiefly defined in the first eight amendments to the Constitution of the United States… These eight articles … never were limitations upon the power of the states until made so by the Fourteenth Amendment.

From one John Bingham, whom Joe describes as a primary architect of the 14th Amendment.

Very tautological, Howie.

But it begs the question. On whose authority is the statement made that the first eight Amendments to the Constitution were not designed to apply to the States?

Yes. It is asserted by many that the United States is the creature of the various and several States. And that reading is plausibly due to the very subtle hand of the Ninth and Tenth amendments, and to the fact that the legislatures of the States were originally to be represented in the Senate. But there is nothing in the Constitution which explicitly states the States are sovereign over the Union, and — indeed — in the clause by which the Union is tasked to guarantee the States a republican form of government and by the clause which lays the geas of external and internal protection on the Federal Government (Congress, but if Congress is not in session, then the Executive) — there is much that leads me to believe that the lines of authority and fealty as between sovereign and subject run very much the other direction.

And it is explicitly stated in the actual text — right here, in fact — that the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land.

Only a weasel, a politician, or a lawyer (but I repeat myself, repeat myself) would take that to read that the core of citizen protective rights were not intended to apply to subsidiary polities to the whole.

The only possible out is that the First Amendment is a proscription lain on Congress. Whereas… all of the other Amendments in the Bill of Rights take the form of absolute proscriptions on the infringement upon the liberties of citizens. There is no statement made as to the jurisdictional level being therein limited.

When the Voice of God thunders in the night, “The right of the people SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!” what mental contortions does it take to say, “Oh, but he didn’t mean ME, did he?”

It is especially despicable to argue that, while the United States may not infringe upon the liberty of her citizens, the several States may.

Well, Yes. But Then

MAHER CAN’T QUITE connect the rest of the dots, now can he? It’s not just the media, Bill. It’s the entire Left. They’re all too stupid to understand the issues.

Present company not excepted.

On the Topic of Passive Resistance

VANDERLEUN POINTS to an essay signed by someone calling himself John Jay here.

Not sure if that’s a nomme de plume. Not sure it matters. The words are worth the reading, though, for the truth contained therein.

I Did Not Know That

APPARENTLY IT ESCAPED my notice that Iron Meg was one of the founding patrons of the CAGW movement.

Sure, she later recanted. But you’d think that would cause progressives to run away in droves: “Did you know that Margaret Thatcher was one of the first world leaders in support of the AGW message? That she was instrumental in setting up the Hadley Center and instituting the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change?”

Should act like garlic to a vampire. Strange it doesn’t.

Just Finished Reading

THE BATTLE OF THE VILLA FIORITA, by Rumer Godden. I hate it when authors treat their characters so shabbily.

Why? Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? Make life difficult for the characters?

I don’t think so. I mean, yes, in the course of the story. But to get the reader caring about the characters, even identifying with them, and then in the end to completely shut the characters out of all happiness seems churlish.

I think you might be missing the moral point, here.

Possibly. But if that’s it, then I say the moral point is an ass.

Nothing Will Take the Wind

OUT OF YOUR SAILS like stupid engineer tricks.

Apparently, last night’s update from Miscrosoft made my laptop forget the network key for the wifi in the house. And, of course, I didn’t have it written down anywhere, because — check it out — the computer is supposed to remember it. Besides, it’s so bleeding obvious, only an idiot (me) would forget it.

That’s “bleeding obvious,” by the way, in context of this household.YOU would never guess it in a brazilian years. No. That’s not a challenge.

So the morning was totally shot — and breakfast was late — because I couldn’t log onto the Internet.

The modern marvel that is web apps.

Yeah. Right.

When Is The Headline No Longer

“MAN BITES DOG”, but becomes DOG BITES MAN to report of Barbara Boxer’s making some unutterably stupid assertion?

I mean: really, people! How is this news?

I swear, the woman has blonde roots.

My apologies to blondes.

Remember When

BACK IN THE EARLY heady days of the watermelon movement (Earth Day/Ecology/Green on the outside, red on the inside)? When the idea of the hydrogen-powered vehicle was proposed as a desiderata? That it’s “ash” was proposed as being as clean as you could get — being water and carbon dioxide?

And the CO2 would only be in trace amount, depending on the impurities in the H2?

And, now, here we are, faced with the specter of the EPA proposing CO2 as a pollutant?

And how a majority of the Senate don’t have the balls to call bullshit?

We’re going to have a BIG mess to clean up, come January. Better get ready.

I Have A Modest

PROPOSAL FOR the Senate.

If you have difficulty with the EPA’s manifest desire to, in the words of Senator Rockefeller, “Turn off the lights on America,” why not admit that the EPA is unconstitutional and disband it? Repeal the enabling legislation? That would put “paid” to their costly, risky schemes.

You Know, It Used to Be

THAT THE PATENT OFFICE would reject out-of-hand any application for a perpetual motion machine.

Wonder if, under the current regime, that’s changed.

What the fern are you talking about?

What else would you call a desire to re-invent so many obsolete technologies to satisfy some chimerical brainfart pipedream of environmental purity? Windmills? Hello! Stopped using wind a hundred years ago. Because it — like — doesn’t work as well as steam. Electric cars? Hello! Where you going to get your electricity? Unicorn farts?

Gotta be that these people believe in some kind of fairy tale, wish-fulfillment perpetual motion machine.

“Believe in” being the operative term.

Excellent point, Dolly!

Alger Fergot Mine

NO WAY DA DOLL is lettin’ him off the hook in return.

GIT-tarr: na-nana-na-nana-na-nanh. (Tchk-tchk-tchk…) Na-nana-na-nana-na-nanh. You say it’s your birthday! Na-nana-na-nana-na-nanh. It’s my birthday too, yeah! * Na-nana-na-nana-na-nanh. I’m glad it’s your birthday! Na-nana-na-nana-na-nanh. We’re gonna have a good time! Na-nana-na-nana-na-nanh. Happy Birthday TO you!

(And the crowd goes wild.) Thank you! Thank you! Throw money. You may kiss my hem.

*It ain’t, but roll with it, ‘kay?

Did You Ever Stop and Think

ABOUT ALL THE SILLY-ASS shit we’re gonna have to repeal next January?

Great googly-moogly!

The Word “Chevy” is Now Officially


(Altogether, now…) <raylettes>Uh-huh.</raylettes>

You know that was some bright Harvard boy in his two-thousand-dollar Daddy suit thought that one up.

Excellent Question

ROB ALLEN axes ya

Why is it if you are convicted of a felony, you are considered so dangerous to society that you forfeit your right to ever own a firearm ever again, yet you are still permitted to run for an elected office?

…anent that fellow challenging Jim DeMint on behalf of the — Surprahz, surprahz! — Democrats (who, I hear, have asked him to bow out).

You just know it had to have been a Democrat. For a Republican, it’s disqualifying. For a Democrat, as Rush puts it, criminality is a resume enhancer.

Puh. Thet. Ick.

This Is What Happens

WHEN YOU START DEBATING the details of an unconstitutional act by the Federal Government: you concede the premise.

The nub of the fact of the thing is that Congress has no lawful authority to legislate in the matter, and that should be the end of it.

So The Zero Knows

WHOSE ASS TO KICK, does he? He’s being tough on BP? He’s telling BP to step it up in stepping up?

How many plaintiffs do you think will thank Obambi and his administration for poisoning the jury pool in … oh, let’s say… the entire world with their tough talk, and BP’s lawyers argue — persuasively, if not dispositively — that such prejudicial statements coming from law enforcement officials make it impossible for BP to get a fair hearing in any venue?



ALL THE USUAL idiots have their BVDs in a bunch over Elton John’s playing at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding. Tryin’ t’ make some major political thing out of it. Some people have no sense of history.

Rush is a boomer. In case nobody remembers, Elton John was one of the major musical voices of the Baby Boom generation. He was a MAJOR big noise in the late ’60s and early ’70s. As big as the Beatles, as they said back then.

Also: Rush was a rock jock in his early years. He constantly refers back to his days spinning the hot wax under the name of Jeff Christie in Pittsburgh Pee-Yay. In case you didn’t know, Elton John is/was/has been a staple of Top 40 radio for over forty years now.

Not to mention Elton draws the chicks. Witness the whole Princess Di thing.

Makes perfect sense. Politics be damed. If I’d had the bucks, I’d have had Elton play at MY wedding. (And, yes, it WAS after we knew he was gay. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) I’m not THAT old.)

Some people need to get a life. Jayzus!

Where Do They Get

ALL THESE Jew-baiting idiots? God almighty! They all sound like Leninist agitprops. Their dialectic has that revolutionary style hot-stamped all over it. Makes about as much sense, too.

No matter the argument feigned (And, MAN!, aren’t they as lame as that nose art picture of Donald Duck!), it amounts to nothing more than hatred of Jews — surely the sickest bigotry in history.

I can’t help seeing it as a kind of envy projected onto a convenient target. Scratch an anti-semite and find a person of mean accomplishment and even meaner soul.

Maybe they get them from the White House press corpse?

Yeah. Helen Thomas has long shown herself to be a despicable human being. Such a shame that Americans would rally to her defense.

Hey! I Know That Guy!

COMING TOMORROW on the History Channel

OK, so it’s not self-referential the way Caleb usually does it, but still…

I Find It Hard to Fathom

WHY THE USUAL USEFUL IDIOTS’ heads don’t explode from the dissonance. — sort of like Ella Fitzgerald’s voice in the “live or Memorex” commercials causing a wine glass to shatter. Dennis Hennigan, speaking of a recently-passed bill sheltering gun manufacturers from deep-pockets law suits as Congress not getting to retroactively deny peoples’ rights.

People, the man is mental. Has to be. I bet if you were to file suit against the actual person responsible for a wrongful death — i.e., the guy who actually — you know — pulled the trigger — and got a judgement against him that sent him to the poorhouse for life, you’d be called eight kinds of sunnuvabitch. But it’s well within your rights to grab a wealthy (but innocent) third party — practically at random — and shake him down for all he’s worth… just because you can.

The bells! The bells!

(Hat tip: Joe Huffman


FROM OUR CURMUDGEON a little levity for a change.

A tautology is, ipso facto, true.

Meanwhile, across town, the President is FURIOUS at the current situation. Because, you see, he has concluded that it evidences that SOME PEOPLE haven’t thought through the consequences of their actions.

You mean to say, Barry, that YOU have thought through the consequences of YOUR actions? That you MEAN to destroy the American economy and enslave We the (Little) People to the state?

Just axin’, see…

What’s Wrong WIth the Whole

RELIANCE ON procedure and protocol in a nutshell: the pitcher who was denied a perfect game by a blown call from an umpire.

It doesn’t matter that the truth is known with ontological certitude. What matters is that the procedures were followed to the letter of the rules.

I can only echo: the rules are an ass.

It would be no wonder if the whole population of the country were to rise in righteous outrage at this travesty. It is tragic that they do not.

Let’s Eliminate All Doubt

WHETHER THEY ADMIT it or not — to themselves, even — the ultimate aim of the Left is to finish what the German National Socialists began during World War II — the extermination of the Jews.

Do NOT let them lie their way out of it. Do NOT let them declaim fairer motives. Make them OWN the fruits of their acts. They WILL bring about a second and final phase of the Holocaust. If that’s not their aim, let them mend their anti-Israel, antisemetic ways.



SOMEBODY NEEDS to sit stalkeratzi Joe McGinnis down and — judging by the sound bites from the Today Show with Matt Lwower — instruct Joe when to STFU.

Because he sounds like a whiney little bitch. Sarah Palin’s whiney little bitch. Pwnd, Joe!

Seems Clear to Me

THAT THE OUTCOME of pussilanimous “Rules of Engagement” is always undue casualties for the Good Guys. Seems to be a lesson here.

Paintball guns?