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I Say All The Time That

IT’S FAR TOO EASY to be far too ecumenical.

Civility is only due those who play by the rules. There is a reason that terrorists, guerillas, and spies are permitted to be summarily executed under the laws of warfare. Once a person has violated such fundamental rules of the game, they forfeit all consideration under those rules.

I argue that, far from such miscreants’ being due consideration, far from the soul of society requiring merciful treatment of those whose every acts proclaims a desire to tear down that society, such behavior demands — as a civic duty — that the outlaw be destroyed out of hand. It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it. And I submit that, since we manifestly do not want to assign the task to a public executioner, it is the duty of every law-abiding citizen to perform the task, for the good of the whole.

It was, therefor, with growing agreement that I read this article, “Not Evil Just Wrong … OR Wrong AND Evil?”

You see, I know the global warming fanatics are wrong. They are so wrong that a clear-headed six-year-old can see it. You have to be deeply indoctrinated with a mixture of science-worship, socialism, loathing of capitalism, and more than a little ignorance to buy the garbage Al Gore and his cronies have been peddling.

[a long, read-worthy list and concise refutations of warmista bullet points]…

Someone who would push a deception that would cost millions of jobs, reverse our development and point us back toward the disease-ridden cesspool environments of the past, and lock huge areas of the world in captivity to disease and poverty…I have to ask myself: is this not merely wrong, but evil?

And I cannot avoid the inescapable conclusion that, yes, they are evil. They care not a whit about the average human being outside their elitist circle, only about their utopian ideals, and if a few million (or billion) people have to die horrific deaths to get there, so be it.

A knee-jerk negative reaction to “over-the-top” uses of the word “evil” should neither be countenanced. Rather, those having that reaction should either know better or learn better: evil does exist in the world, and it doesn’t always wear an ugly face.

I Have Long Maintained

(ALBEIT WITHOUT SUBSTANTIVE evidence in support of my contention), that one principal reason modern societies experience so much “sex crime” is that 1) we don’t call a spade a spade anymore; the crime is rape; say so. And 2) we no longer impose the death penalty for rape.

That’s two things.


You said “…one principal reason,” then went on to list two.

Oh. I see. Edit that, wouldja?


Fair enough. Stet, then. See if I care.


But any way. Take the case at hand — to whit, Roman Polanski.

That’s it?

What? Do I need to connect the dots?

In’t that sorta whatcher here about? Connectin’ dots?

Dunno. Is it in the mission statement? On the masthead somewhere?

No. But it also says “Sass and Ass” up there, and there may be occasional sass, but you don’t put out much in the way of ass.

What are you? Chopped liver?


Well. What do I say to you when you’re being frisky?


Yeah, that. But…

OH! ‘Everybody likes a little ass now and then, but nobody likes a little smartass.’

Very good.

OK. But what about Polanski? Connecting dots-wise, that is.

Well, I submit that one cause (as I said above) of social degradation — particularly in the respect for the rights of personal autonomy of individuals — is/was/has been the abandonment of capital punishment.

So… killing rapists will stop others?

What? You think negative incentives don’t have any effect?

A Car Commercial on TV

RANTING SOMETHING ABOUT how “someday” cars will feature nanotechnology that will use plants to make components.


So you’re going to convert celulose into thin films for sheet goods applications? And that that is better than polymers? We have BT&DT. What is it with greens and their fascination with obsolete technology?

Do you really think that there’s enough cropland on the planet to engage in your hippy-dippy, elf-lord fantasies AND feed everybody?

Do you really think that using CROPS to make thin films is the best use of feedstock — especially when we have trillions of barrels of liquid hydrocarbons ALREADY?

What the fuck is the matter with these people?

A Reader Emails

WITH SOME GREAT NEWS! She and her husband are starting a radio show on Blog Talk Radio. 7PM Saturdays. Be there or be square.

Wow, Alger! Talk about burying the lede! You buried that so deep it’s not only past the jump, it’s in a whole ‘nother publication!

Hey. Nothing like a little mystery and intrigue to pique the interest, I always say.

What? Are you still here? Click through!

OK. Read the posts here you haven’t seen before, THEN click through. Kthxbai.

Update: OK. By now, you know that it’s Kim and Connie du Toit who are returning to the Intarwebz. Make a point of it.

The Other Day

OG POINTED OUT that the scale of the delta between the U.S. and the rest of the world is freaking amazing. Here’s a chart that conveys a little of that scale.

Now, one idiotarian in the comments blathered the usual shite that we consume too much, are primed to want too much, and the rest of that — like that was a bad thing.

These are the same people who will piously mouth the shibboleth, “A man’s reach must exceed his grasp, else what’s a heaven for?” (because it sounds all unicorn-pretty and rainbow-dreamy and stuff) utterly without irony.

Watermelon Greens *

STICK THEIR NOSES UP YOUR ASS. As Mostly Cajun reports, lying, idiotic watermelons (green on the outside, red on the inside) want to take away your Charmin.

Now, other people can handle the chores of deriding that notion as it so richly deserves. I want you to know a couple of facts — that is, bits of information with more than a kissing-cousin relation to the truth.

First: there is no paper product — no forest product whatsoever — that is made by clear-cutting old-growth forests. So put that notion away. And when somebody tries so sell you that line of bullshit, tell them where they can stick it in what they can use to clean up the resulting mess.

Contrary contentions reveal invidious purpose, and those positing them are full of shit.

And the easy way to refute this is with the fact:


They have a long “growing season” and the same “farmer” who plants them won’t harvest them, but they are, nonetheless, a crop — purpose-planted on vast acreage, a renewable natural resource. Forestry companies have little or no incentive to log other than in re-planted stands.

Old-growth forests — to the extent they still exist — are a pain in the ass to log, and cover such small acreage that they may as well not exist.
Most of what you think is “old growth” (say, the forests of the Appalachian Mountains) is in reality second growth. It was logged out in the 19th Century and — mirable dictu! — it’s grown back! (What WILL they think of next?)

Second: even if they did, so what? Forests have a natural life-cycle. They start on open land. Trees grow up. Trees get old. They die. They die in ever-greater numbers, until the detritus of their dying chokes the forestland. Forests burn. Creating open ground, and the cycle starts over again.

There is nothing special about so-called “old-growth” forests except that, when your garden variety idiot watermelon stumbled across them, (or, more likely, read about them in the New York Times), they happened to be in a late stage of the life cycle.

And here’s the thing that really frosts the watermelon’s shorts: CLEAR CUTTING MIMICS THE NATURAL PROCESS OF FOREST FIRES, clearing land, creating meadow ecosystems, and providing varied habitat for a wide variety of species. In some cases, a wider variety than you find in the deep, dark “old growth” forests.

On the other hand, as was observed by the invaluable Mark Steyn on Turdsday’s Rush Limbaugh show, the overwhelming majority of disease control (and therefore of health care) is down to personal hygiene. One big point about soft toilet paper is that it works. It cleans the shit off your ass. Given the nature of shit, and the little bugs that live in it, this is a Good Thing (pace Martha Stewart). Dry, woody, harsh, stiff, and rough stuff not only doesn’t work as well, it also irritates the tissue involved, enhancing the ground for infection.

How is this a win?

Now, it seems to me there’s a moral here. So much of what is wrong with the world comes from people minding other people’s business and not their own. I would encourage all those who love freedom to say it loudly to any of these nosy-parker busybodies: MIND YOUR OWN (OBSCENITY OPTIONAL) BUSINESS!

And thank YOU for your support.

(*The viney and leafy part of a plant whose fruit is green on the outside and red on the inside.)

Doctor Zero is Shocked

SHOCKED! to find that there has been nuclear development going on in Iran’s nuke plants.

Farging idiot!

Who was it said the man is dangerously naive?

Oh! Right! Only EVERYBODY to the right of Van Jones.


THE WESTERN CHATTERING classes informed us that Dubya was a cowboy for asserting that Iran’s nuclear development posed (-es) a grave global threat.

Doctor Zero asserts that we will/should/can/shall have a world without nukes. He also says he will negotiate with Iran without preeconditions.

Iran’s nuclear development poses a grave global threat.

Allofasudden, Doctor Zero has his dick out for a world-class pissing contest.

I feel it incumbent upon me to point out this is not the first time a leftist elected leader has come acropper of his naive approach to foreign policy. See: every war of the 20th Century, allowed to come to that by spineless leftists.

Not surprised.

Once More Proving

HOW DEEPLY CLUELESS your congresscritters are, Max Baucus complains that it’s too hard to put the “health care” bill online.

And the bill is too complex for a congresscritter to understand before he/she votes on it.

And explaining it to you might confuse you.

But the bill is not too big to fail.


‘Cause it’s the gummint, doncha know.

And Yet They

ARE UNABLE to apprehend that this militates AGAINST the bill.

Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.), arguing against delaying a vote on the health care bill until legislative language can be drafted, said that only 5 percent of Americans would be able to understand the legalese, anyway.

“Anybody who thinks that is going to be transparent to the American people is really not telling it like it is,” Conrad said.

Wait! WHAT?

And this week, the FBI said that it is investigating whether anti-government sentiment played a role in the death of a U.S. Census worker who was found hanged from a tree in rural Kentucky, because the body had the word “fed” scrawled on the chest — though authorities say there are too many unanswered questions at this point to rule the case a homicide or a hate crime.

“Hate crime?” HATE CRIME?!!!ELEVEN!!?

Now agents of the Federal Government are a protected group?

Quick! Somebody hook a set of brushes up to Tom Jefferson. Solve the energy crisis in one fell swoop.

No Nukes



You and what army?

Oh, yeah. That’s right…

Y’all have a great weekend.

OK, I’m Warped

I SAW THE HEADLINE: VIOLINIST LINKED TO JAL CRASH BLOSSOMS and was trying to figure out if there was some obscure statistics of events I was as-yet unaware of that posits (perhaps) that clusters of crashes around loci of time would be called blossoms. Then I was wondering what kind of (potentially VERY interesting) train of events could connect an ordinary, every-day — quotidian, evennn — fiddle player to that. And would the connection be nefarious or benign?

After all that, the reality was rather flat.

Think of it as the fictive mindset.

And they ask, “Where do you GET your ideas?” My problem isn’t getting them, it’s stopping them.

I’m Not a Scientist *

MOSTLY BECAUSE I don’t have either the in-depth academic training, or the credentials that are supposed to certify that training. But even I understand this about science and the scientific method — it’s all about reproducible results. And because of that, this kind of attitude:

Warwick Hughes, an Australian scientist, wondered where that “+/-” came from, so he politely wrote Phil Jones in early 2005, asking for the original data. Jones’s response to a fellow scientist attempting to replicate his work was, “We have 25 years or so invested in the work. Why should I make the data available to you, when your aim is to try and find something wrong with it?”

Ought to get Jones laughed off the public stage, and not given credence by international bodies that threaten to wreck the world economy on the basis of his brainfart.

Read the whole thing, and see if you don’t agree that, on this basis alone — the refusal to provide data for verification of their results — the whole catastrophic climate change fraud ought to be disregarded as a driver of public policy.

* I don’t even (you knew this was coming, dincha?) play one on TV. Or in the movies.

See… I Always Knew

AARP WAS A SOCIALIST front, so never thought about joining, and I try to talk Toni out of it, too.

Apparently, a lot of people are waking up to this fact.

(The nature of AARP, not my choice in the matter. Don’t know why strangers would care about what I think.)

I Don’t Have the Time

RIGHT NOW TO ‘splain all of how I got here, but it occurs to me that, just as the cutting off of funding to A.C.O.R.N. is, in a way, an attempt to defund the Left (the corrupt, subversive Left), so, too, is the income tax an attempt to defund the Right.

Ya folla?

Quote of the Day

Anybody promoting the notion of man caused climate change, or anybody claiming that Reagan’s adherence to Laffer Curve principles was a disaster, is too freaking stupid* to be taken seriously on any matter.

Roger the Real King of France

The post is about videos from Art Laffer — well worth your time, even if they only provide you a refresher course on the subjects at hand — to whit, tax policy.

* At Roger’s site, this is a popup of a head shot of Charles the Dope, Prince of Wales.


YOU WANT TO KNOW why I think Fox’s “Fair and Balanced” tag and policy represent nothing of value to the consumer of news?

On Fox News Radio Tuesday morning, the leadoff sound bite was of Doctor Zero, “The threat from climate change is serious, it is real, it is urgent, it’s getting worse.” (Or words meant to convey that effect.)

The bite was run with no comment by the newsreader.

It was fair. Since Fox is frequently (and falsely) accused of weighing in favorably to the Right in its news reportage (as opposed to its commentary), it was balanced.

But was it true?

Of course! It reported what the President said.

But what the President said was a lie. What good is Fox’s vaunted fair-and-balanced-ness if it promulgates — even by implication — statements which are false to fact?


What this country needs is a news outlet that is “Honest and reliable.” Just the facts, ma’am. Just the facts.

And, Bob Beckl, YOU lie

WHEN YOU EVEN USE the phrase “So far right they’re out of the mainstream.”

Bob, you wouldn’t know the mainstream if it was spilled in your lap.

The right is the mainstream in America. This country is about liberty, limited government, and individual rights.

Learn it. Love it. Live it.

And you’re wrong, too.

When you say, “there’s no room for bringing guns to an event where the President of the United States is.

Let me count the ways you are wrong:

First, and as the White House acknowledged in the person of the odious Robert Gibbs (nevertheless correct on this score), the right to keep and bear arms is a constitutionally-protected right.

Second, it’s against the law for a person to conspire to deny exercise of civil rights, or for a public official to use the power of his office to deny exercise of civil rights. And, as we have just learned, the right to keep and bear arms is one of those civil rights. (And, in fact, just to spice this up a bit, the original impetus for infringing on that right here in America was to disarm former slave. That’s right, Bunky, gun control is racist! But that in your pipe and smoke it.

Third, who the fuck is the President of the United States to think he is better than We the People, (and who the fuck are you to imply that he is)? His mere presence in the vicinity does not magically turn off the Constitution. The President is OUR employee, and if we want to carry guns in his presence, he (and you) had better get over yourselves about it. And, to Doctor Zero’s credit, it appears he has a better sense of proportion about it than you do.

There is a REASON all of the above is true, and that reason is that tyrants have always tried to disarm the people when they seek to practice tyranny. The presence of guns at these events is a not-so-subtle reminder of the facts of the matter.

You, sir, are a bigot, who seeks to deny his fellow citizens the free exercise of their God-given rights, and I suggest you get yourself right with this truth. You’re on the wrong side of this question.

Quets-chun Fer Ya

OK. SO THE COOLING of the last decade is no indicator that warming concerns are overblown.

Even though the drop in (measured) global temperatures over the last decade negates the warming of the previous 100+ years.

When James Hansen first pointed up the warming trend (in Congressional testimony) in 1988, how long a timeline was he working from…? When exactly did the cooling trend from the ’40s to the ’70s end?

(Hint: the answer can be found at Follow the links through to the data sets. Pick one. (The GHCN is the one that the .gov is using to rationalize its crime.) Start in 1940 (just because it’s a round figure) and generate a trend curve for various end points from 1976 to … say … 1982. At what point does that cooling trend become a warming trend?)

Remember that the warming STOPPED in 1998. Eleven years ago. But that’s not long enough to show a trend. But Hansen, in 1988, could already spot a trend that started in …




This Really Ought to Be

THE NEUTRON bomb that trumps any other argument:

When you get down to it, A.C.O.R.N. employees — experts, highly-trained and -valued employees — were willing to countenance slavery — child sex slavery — in order to Stick it to the Man.

There. Is. No. Good. Deed. That. Can. Wash. That. Away.

And, as Lab Rat has put it, if you even find yourself considering bistirring yourself to defend the organization, you really need to spend some alone time examining your soul.

And, by the way, this has been — like most overnight successes — a long time coming. For all of its existence, lovers of liberty, integrity, and fair play have protested that A.C.O.R.N.’s avowed tactiacs had no place in an open, free society. That the corruption the organization introduced into the political process seemed intended to break it down, to deny the franchise to certain members of the electorate in order to privilege others. That their claims to defend the defenseless, to help the helpless, to feed the hungry and help the homeless were so much persiflage, concealing a saboteur’s agenda which sought to bring our country down.

Giles and O’Keefe have only confirmed what the rest of us have long suspected: you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

OK, I’m Warped

I SAW THE HEADLINE: VIOLINIST LINKED TO JAL CRASH BLOSSOMS and was trying to figure out if there was some obscure statistics of events I was as-yet unaware of that posits (perhaps) that clusters of crashes around loci of time would be called blossoms. Then I was wondering what kind of (potentially VERY interesting) train of events could connect an ordinary, every-day — quotidian, evennn — fiddle player to that. And would the connection be nefarious or benign?

After all that, the reality was rather flat.

Think of it as the fictive mindset.

And they ask, “Where do you GET your ideas?” My problem isn’t getting them, it’s stopping them.

It’s Getting Easier

TO SPOT THE LEFTIST myrmidons in public forums. They start talking like John Moschita in those FedEx commercials from the ’80s.

Yeah! Like a greedy weasel stolen a fish afraid somebody’s gonna take it away from him. They have to get their argument out before you shut them up.

Right. And they start their arguments from first principles, as though they believe nobody but them has ever considered any of this, and that they will be able to persuade someone, if only they manage to spew enough words into the aether.

Wouldn’t It Be Hilarious

IF AFTER ALL THIS brouhaha over ennervating stimuli, taxpayer takeovers of moribund firms and industries, a relentless drive toward socialized medicine that practically nobody wants, and a virtual surrender to the greatest evils ever encompassed by the mind of man…

…the single thing that brings Barack Obama down will be that he went to the U.N.?

Doesn’t sound very likely.

True. But stranger things have happened.

Heavy Metal Bleg

DOES ANYBODY KNOW whether there’s any virtue or value in old cast iron sash weights?

Iron’s not a heavy metal, Alger.

Don’t be so literal-minded, Dolly.


WTF of the Day

DO YOU HEAR the tramp of the jackboots marching? Freakin’ amazing. If I thought for a second I could get standing, I’d call Max Baucus out for abusing his office to stifle First Amendment rights.

These people really think they can get away with stonewalling the truth with the whole world watching.

To hell with voting them out! Impeach their asses now and put ’em on trial. JAY-zus!

Reading ‘Round the Webz

ON THE SUBJECT of the March on Washington, (which certainly deserves the capital letters treatment, if any event of the past century does), I encountered an item by Simon at Classical Values on the question of the disaster which is modern prohibition. Featured in the item is a little one-man-show which deserves the support of all who love liberty — COP, Citizens Opposing Prohibition.

Check it out.


FISK THE PRESIDENT where he can hear it?

The goverment forcing citizens to pay something is a tax. Period. End of discussion. And the fact that he feels he has the room to argue the point indicates to me that he knows he’s lying and is trying to get people off the fact that he IS lying.

Or, as the Left said about Dubya, why can’t the President admit that what he’s supporting is a tax increase?

Also, so he admits that one citizen shouldn’t be forced by the government to bear another’s burdens. Good on him. He’s exactly right. So this implies that we can start dismantling the entire progressive edifice since FDR.


You heard me. Dismantle the welfare state. The Doctor Zero admitted on Snuffaluppagus’ show that what it does — forces one citizen to bear the burdens of another — is wrong. We can’t do that. Fair enough. Hand the man a sledge hammer.

And, if all he wants in “health care” financing is for each citizen to demonstrate that he is financially responsible for his own medical care, well then make it so. Eliminate all free (or government-paid) health care programs. Medicare, Medicaid, SCHIP, and the rest.

Hold on just one freaklin’ minnit! I dunno boutchoo, but I get taxed out the ass for Medicare. Says so right on my pay stub.

Oh. Right you are, Dolly. So the government should give that money back — money it’s been taking unlawfully and under false pretenses all these years.

OK. That’s better.

THEN eliminate the program — because in the end, it amounts to one group of citizens bearing the burdens of another.

Don’t think so? Check it out. Find out how much you pay in versus how much you can get out. Same number? I didn’t think so.

Also: eliminate all public funding to Planned Parenthood or any other provider of para-medical services. Cut off Federal funding for public hospitals.

Whoa, Nellie! That’s over the top, Alger!

But it is implicit in the President’s words. Unless he’s lying…

Well, hell! You know he is!


Both posts cross-posted at Eternity Road.

Arguing WIth Idiots

A BABYTROLLBLOG READER EMAILS to relate an encounter with a troll. His comment to me was in connection with the Lying with Numbers post which appeared at BTB on Friday. The troll was attempting to retail the stale left whinge canard that implies the U.S. is near the bottom among developed nations in the quality of our health care. Which is total and utter bull-puckey.

The exact emission was: Why are 37 countries ranked as having better health care than we do?

My reader informs me that the probable source of the ranking is the World Health Organization (WHO), an arm of the United Nations Organization (UNO), which immediately makes it suspect.

In these rankings, the WHO means to compare America’s medical marketplace with those in other Western countries which have socialized systems, and which promulgate — propagate, evennn — statistics which are meant to lead one to believe that those systems are somehow and ineffably superior to ours in terms of life expectancy and infant mortality rates.

There are only 2 reason that can even be asserted without being laughed off the island.

First: the U.S. has a high murder rate. Black-on-black crime that is politically incorrect to talk about. If you control for that, the life-expectancy rate goes up for everybody else. (And, incidentally, the violent crime rates drop below those in — say — The UK.) I would argue that this is the direct result of leftist politics which seek to place the blame for ill acts by individuals on society at large — a society which has had nothing to do with the cause of their crimes. If young black men did not receive the impression that they could skate on crimes, or that they had a moral out because of their race, I suspect that the crime rates would be lower. (So, ironically, society is at fault for their crimes, but not in the way the left whingers would have you believe. ::grin:: )

Second: those other countries “cheat” on infant mortality statistics. They don’t even count births — such as premies, low birth weights, etc. — where we make heroic efforts to save every one … and consequently fail some percent of the time. The point isn’t that we have a higher infant mortality rate, but that they don’t have the ability to save a child born prematurel, so they don’t even try. And, of course, when a few don’t make it, don’t have to admit to the failure. They certainly don’t count all those lost who were never born and couldn’t have been for lack of the life support capability. I would submit to you that the failure of those other countries to even attempt to save these high-risk babies amounts to a lapse of fiduciary responsibility on the part of those societies — a culpability, if you will in a sort of infanticide.

Funny that people who support infanticide should then turn around and use the death stats from the practice to bolster their case for communized medicine. But then, we’ve always known the kind of people they are, and shouldn’t really be surprised at the depths of their perfidy. Far from indicting the American system, this fact turns that around and damns the collectivist system our left whinge is attempting to foist on us.

At least in the UK and Canada, it’s pretty well established that you can’t trust the numbers put out by the government-controlled national health body anyway. They jigger the numbers by outright lying and by denying access to service in order to meet their budgetary figures. Sorry, Mr. Ambulance Driver, we’ve exceeded our quota for the month, so we can’t accept your passenger. Try another hospital. Oh? None of the others will accept your patient, either? Well, join the queue on the street and we’ll get to you when we can. Might be hours for your emergency or months for your “elective” surgery. And, if we feel we can’t afford to pay for your procedure, or that the social return on it won’t provide sufficient return on our “investment,” why, then, no medicine for you, even if you could afford to pay for it out of pocket.

The UNO figures include, as my reader wrote, a factor called “social justice,” which is a flat-out oxymoron. Justice is an individual good, based on a relationship between an individual and another, or an indidividual and an organization (corporation or the state). Justice has absolutely NOTHING to do with the quality of or access to care, which is unparalleled here in the United States by ANY other system in the world.

Our developments in medicine, research, devices, tools, and pharmaceuticals supplies the global markets for these goods. The demand is there, of course, but the capital for development is lacking in places where government meddling in the market has prevented or outright forbidden the accumulation of capital. There are procedures and medicines commonly available here which are either totally unavailable anywhere else or are out of the reach of most people. You can get an MRI done within a week, usually in a private clinic set up for the purpose of providing that service. There are hundreds or thousands of such clinics across the U.S., each owning several machines. It has been reported that there is a fraction of that many machines in the entire country of Canada.

How much pain and suffering does a system have to cause before it is considered insufficient? How many horror stories does it take of death-by-delayed diagnosis or treatment in those socialized systems to convince you that these systems are first, founded in lies as to their efficacy and second abject failures at delivering the primary good in this situation, which is medical care?

Warren Meyer, of Coyote Blog, addresses this issue while answering a question (yes, Virginia, there are such things as stupid questions) posed by Ezra Klein. (Also: Billy Beck responds to Mr. Klein on a similar point. Beck’s words should be engraved on the inside surface of the spectacles worn by every Democrat in the Western Hemisphere. (And they’re all myopic enough to need glasses.))

The basic fact — a law of nature, if you will (or even if you won’t; nature will not be denied) — is that there is no better delivery system for goods and services than a free market. To the extent that there are failures in our system to deliver medical care in a timely and effective fashion, those are earmarks of government meddling in the system — such as the falsely perceived “requirement” for insurance to cover basic medical costs . The reason that our system is so incredibly superior to any socialized system is due entirely to the free, capitalist nature of the market, with the built-in incentives for creative entrepreneurship, with massive paybacks for investment of money, time, education, and human capital.

What the parties seeking to socialize our system fail to apprehend (or admit) is that they are headed in exactly the wrong direction, that if they turned around 180 degrees and began dismantling the system of price controls, of market-distorting subsidies, the counter-productive Gordian Knot of regulation and myriad state regulations (which, I submit, are ultra vires), there would be an instantaneous response from the marketplace — a flowering, if you will, of resources and goods and services that beggar even the miraculous market we have now in medicine.

You have an example ready-to-hand with the market in one item — prescription drugs. WalMart and Sam’s Clubs started it with the $4 generic prescription. But now, it’s nearly universal — low-priced generic prescription drugs are available at any sensible pharmacy — Kroger, Walgreens, CVS, RIte-Aid, Meijer, Target, et al. This was in direct response to the massive outcry at the high cost of medicines.

Now, your argumentative idiot troll will cavil that not all drugs are generic.

And you can shoot right back that that is true, and it is due in large part to government interference in the markeplace.

FDA regulations (for which there is no constitutional mandate, by the way, so they are technically extra-legal, and maintained only by the oppressive use of force by the state) drive the price of development so high that drug companies MUST jealously guard their patents in order to recoup their investments.

Not only that, but socialist systems abuse their state power (once again) to force drug companies to provide their products — sometimes below cost — or leave the market. (Which is what I would do, and then advertise as loudly as possible why I was doing it — and let the governments in those places explain to their people.) This shifts costs back onto relatively free markets — like ours. So, in effect, part of the high-price Americans pay for name-brand prescriptions is due to the thuggish arm-twisting of just the same kinds of people who are trying to socialize our system. How fucked-up is that?

Even so, every pharmaceutical company of which I am aware makes its pricier products available to those of limited means free or at reduced prices. Can you imagine that happening in a “market” in which the state has coerced all providers to meet artificially low prices to all for all products? If you can, please share your drugs, because you have to be high on something to believe that.

Not saying that drug companies would miraculously open their patents up any sooner if greedy government powermongers in America and elsewhere were to back off their unreasonable demands, but drugs would cost less if there were less government meddling in the market. Of that I am dead certain.

Not stumping to remove regulation entirely, here, but a great deal of what passes for regulation is, in reality, ass-covering for bureaucrats and does little to enhance public safety. (In fact there have been myriad anecdotes relating just the opposite — that FDA meddling has made the market in drugs LESS safe.) I submit we would be far better served by a system modeled on the Underwriters’ Laboratories, which has made certain classes of manufactured goods far safer than before, and at virtually no cost to the consumer. (Nobody’s asking for government insurance for flat-screen TV’s, after all, and have you been watching the prices plummet on those things lately?)

In effect, the American medical market pays for the drug development for the rest of the world. Were our system to be socialized as it has been in, say Canada, the net effect would be to drive many pharmaceutical companies (ironically, mostly those which produce cheap, high-quality generic prescription drugs) out of business, and make many promising new drugs marginally unprofitable, and halt their development in its tracks.

This. Is. Lunacy.

I have little patience for idiots such as this troll. These facts are not hard to find. They are the fundamental bits of information necessary for an understanding of the question of socializing medicine, and fools who fail to apprehend them are dangerous. They threaten to bring down the Republic — and all of her citizens still desirous of preserving liberty.

My first response to that guy would be to tell him he’s wrong. He’s so utterly wrong as he ought to be embarrassed to show his ignorant face in public. That he should educate himself on the matters before spouting off his ignorance in front of his betters. And when he comes back and says, “I have educated myself,” I’d tell him he has not; what he has done is look at a single chart of lying figures, put out by liars with ulterior motives toward their own power and self-aggrandisement, and that he is a sorry excuse for a citizen in a free country — it’s really too bad he has the vote, because it’s wasted on him.

I’ve really had it with these ignorant putzes. Their stupidity really is a danger to the country — hell, to humanity at large — and the condition of ignorant bliss they put themselves in should be made to be socially unacceptable. Starting with high-profile idiots such as Charlie Gibson and …. Katie Couric! GOD what an airhead! Their dangerous ignorance needs to be pointed up and mocked loud and long at every turn.

Cross-Posted at Eternity Road.

Unwilling to Accept

THE RESULTS OF an election: the Democrats. They’re not afraid to be seen as traitors, so long as they are advancing their agenda. The only reason they shy from the common-sense terms of opprobrium — liberal, progressive, socialist, un-American, pro-death, Europhiles, appeasers, anti-capitalists, anti-human — is when being fairly labeled as such may cost them an election. Then they will pull up their masks and pretend they are not what they clearly are.

As many of us in the Right have known for decades, and many more are learning every day, the Left has an entire philosophy of political warfare that refuses to accept the results of an election. They continue the fight by other means: by seeking to jigger the vote count; by overloading the election fraud prevention mechanisms of a trusting society; by mau-mauing their political opponents enemies at every turn; by lying about everyone’s policies and intentions; by distorting the facts of any real or perceived crisis to turn events in their favor… And on-and-on it goes, ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

John Hinderaker posts in praise of Andrew Breitbart — the founder of the Big Government Web site, where the A.C.O.R.N. expose videos by Giles and O’Keefe are hosted. And, along the way, notes that it is high time — past time — that the Right took up some of the same tactics, albeit absent the need for fraud, trickery, and deceit, in aid of defeating the soi-disant — scorn quotes — “Progresive” Left.

It’s time for conservatives — mainstream Americans, in other words — to throw off the shackles and get aggressive. Our beliefs are correct, our values are the foundation of any society that doesn’t have a death wish, and our interests, unlike those of the leftists, are legitimate. We deserve to govern this country, and before long, we will.

Attack, attack, attack. Never let up. Never allow a lie to go unchallenged, never let an unconstitutional action pass without comment or more, never miss an oipportunity to expose the Left’s supporters to the truth that their so-called “leaders” are corrupt, vile, self-aggrandizing kleptocrats, utterly unworthy of support from anyone who without sarcasm calls him or herself a liberal.

I Hadda Grin

A HAPPY-MAKING grin. Driving down Main Street of this little South Bank river burg where the Patch Factory is located, only to meet a guy coming the other way…

Driving a smallish red pickup truck. A Ford, probably, but I didn’t really notice. He barely fit inside the cab, so it’s a good thing he was alone. He looked to be my age or a bit older — wire-rims, white hair and whispy white beard. Wearing a tan fishing hat and a buttoned shirt.

Arguing with his radio. I mean, he was intent on getting his point across.

I thought I was the only one who did that.


A Little Nostalgia Attack

TONI AND I have been discussing for a long time Doing Something about all the vinyl we’ve got lying around with no operational transcription device. The only thing stopping me from just pitching the lot was the fact that there was bound to be stuff I’d want to replace, and I wanted a list to keep track.

So Friday night, I pulled the lappie downstairs and sat watching TV and making a spreadsheet list of all the albums.

And I came across an album that I was listening to in my mom’s basement days, right out of high school and no marketable skills.

The memories it excites.

And I’ve run out of pale ale
And I feel like I’m in jail
And my music bores me once again
And I’ve been on the pinball
And I know longer know it all
And they say that you never know when you’re insane.

— Pinball, by Brian Protheroe, 1974

Lying With Numbers

IF AMERICA IS 5% of the world’s population and consumes 25% of the world’s resources (since some portion of those resources must inevitably come from America, I can’t see that fairly being counted against the total, but what do you want to bet those spewing this canard do throw that in the pot)…

What percentage of the world’s goods does America produce directly? What percentage is produced in other countries (providing the locals with jobs) by American-based capital? What percentage of global production is bought — purchased — by Americans?

What percentage of the world’s food supply is grown here in America? How much of that uses energy generated here? What percentage of American resources finds its way overseas? (I’m thinking timber shipped to lumber mills in Asia, here.)

When someone throws the first two figures at you without reference to any of the others, you may rest assured his intent is to deceive you.

I Can’t Help

WONDERING HOW MUCH of the who-struck-John in the Congress over the “health care” legistlation is political Kabuki — theater to entertain the bobos. “We tried. We worked harder than we’ve ever worked before.” Delivering up such a dog’s breakfast, such an abortion of a bill that NOBODY will support it, and it dies stillborn at the eleventh hour. Sort of a late-term abortion. And each party can blame the other for the bill’s failure in public while breathing a private sigh of relief at having dodged that bullet.

Just The Title

OF THE BOOK SETS OFF my bullshit detector and has it clicking like a geiger counter at Ground Zero the day of the Trinity test.

You Know, It Might Just

BE MOI — la Muñequita, as moi is known in these parts…

That’s two different languages, there, Dolly.

Yeah, so? I’m bi-tongual. So what?

Fair enough.

That, too. Alabaster skin, tendency to burn, red hair, sandy eyebrows, lashes, and c…

Ah-ah! Family blog!

What!? The collar matches the cuffs. What’s wrong with that?

Oh. Nemmind. What were you saying?

Ya made me fergit. Oh! Yeah. Right.

Might just be me, but I think if you’re not willing to put your brain farts to the test — debate, trial, what-have-you, the public at large has the right — the duty, evennnn — to ignore your ass.

Al Gore, climate change debate on the white courtesy telephone. Al Gore. Please pick up the white phone.

No answer?

Nope. That’s it fer ‘im, then. Climate change catastrophe loses by default. See ya! Woon’t want ta be ya!

Of Course THAT

WILL FORCE a sincere and heart-felt conversion.

A real epissany. A sort of a Road to Dumb-ass-cuss moment, eh?

Heh, Dolly. Heh.

Literary Allusion, Here

FANS OF THE SAGE of Butler and his works will remember passages in his seminal work on liberty, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, detailing the strategy, tactics, and psyops of the bombardment of Earth from the Moon.

For those who are unfamiliar with the story, the inhabitants of the Moon declare independence and have to fight for it. Since they don’t have an army, they use the only weapon they have — they throw rocks. Big rocks. Rocks weighing tons. Rocks falling from orbit at terminal velocity, striking, as Heinlein put it, one almighty big spark. Resembling nuclear bombs in the energy released spark. The rocks were launched using a catapult (a linear motor) that was used by the oppressors of the population to launch barges of grain back to Earth.

At one point in the narrative, the United Nations (the bad guys) is doing an end-zone dance over how they’ve managed to crush the rebels — destroyed the catapult they were using to lob rocks at targets on Earth, seeming able to pulverize any target at will, and — to add insult to injury — accurately predict the ballistics with an arrogant panache bringing to mind Babe Ruth’s pointing at the Left Field Fence with his bat right before knocking one out of the park.

And, of course, our heroes not only had more rocks already launched when the catapult was destroyed, rocks representing gigatonnes of TNT in explosive power, rocks in orbit, waiting only the fullness of time to crash down on the helpless cities of the rebels’ enemies, but they also had managed to build a backup catapult in secret.

So the hapless United Nations were unpleasantly surprised to have their words thrown back in their teeth when the bombing not only didn’t stop, it intensified.

I imagine A.C.O.R.N. is feeling about like that right now. Heh.

Quote of the Day

A PARABLE FOR OUR TIMES: They thought it was about free health care, but it was actually a mugging.

Glenn Reynolds

Was Reading One Of

BRIGID’S TALES of Days of Yore, when she was an intrepid sky jockey, footloose and fancy-free, roaming the empire of the air. She tells those tales so beautifully, skillfully inter-weaving an absorbing narrative with pellucid trains of philosophical thought. They incite a nostalgic mood every time, for me. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of time for nostalgia right now — more’s the pity.

Caught the last half of FM almost in passing tonight. 1978. I lived in that world then. I had just given up on — told myself I was merely shelving — my ambition to be a Big Name Author of Science Fiction, bailed on my hippie-dippy, half-assed furniture-making business, and jumped back into BIg-Time Rock-and-Roll. Funnily enough, at the time, I considered it Getting a Real Job.

The FM AOR station I hung out at was modeled a lot like Q-SKY — second floor studios, big glass doors at the top of the stairs. The on-air staff was probably cast by the same agent, albeit a bit scruffier than the Hollywood version. (And the PD (Program Director) was nowhere near as nice as Jeff Dugan. Didn’t have as much spine, either.)

And now, 31 years on … What? I dunno. Damned if I’m gonna feel sorry for myself for having spent a career — wasted it, maybe — in Mitchell’s words, “Stoking the star-maker machinery/Behind the popular song.”

Oh, Goodie-goodie

A.C.O.R.N. HAS suspended operations

Please to notice, though, that the organization has not gone tango uniform and may come back, laundered, under another name. We need to kill the thing dead, drive a steak through its heart (perhaps a New York Strip), and then kill off its misbegotten progeny — Motor Voter and the Community Redevelopment Act.

Jimmuh Cahtuh

SHOULD SHUT HIS PIEHOLE if he had any decency he would but he doesn’t so there.

Two things:

1) If a critic of the President makes a criticism without reference to the President’s race, just who is it that’s the racist when a leftist says it is all about race?

2) Obama is half-white. So howcome the Left automatically parses him as a black man? Why can’t we parse him as a white man? Hmm? Who’s the racist now? The one who says race doesn’t matter, or the one who’s looking for racists under the bed?

Listening to the Carter statement as the day goes on, da Doll can’t help but giggle a little. I mean… How can you take seriously the j’accuse finger pointed at you ‘n’ ever’thin’ when your accuser’s lips just drip with bigotry, his words are packed chock full of ignorance and hate. Like the Maharushee said Wednesday, it’s a clear case of projection.

‘Tis gigglesome.

Quote of the Day

If you would listen History wouldn’t have to keep repeating itself

–attributed to Lily Tomlin

Can ya say, “Smoot-Hawley?”


DID YOU KNOW THERE was all this free shit out there just for the taking? How cool is that? I’m going to have to work some of this into my schedule.

Wow! That is too cool for school.

A Category Error

IS COMMITTED when someone confuses the consumers of news for the media’s customers. Those are two different objects.

The consumer of news — who pays the freight for distribution by plunking down its seventy-five cents or a buck for a daily paper, two bucks on Sunday — is not the customer. The consumer is the media’s product.

The real customer, to whom the product — the eyeballs and earballs of the consumers — is sold is the advertiser.

The news content is merely the bait.

And this is why the media is failing. The product has declined in quality. Fewer readers are taking the bait. And fewer customers are willing to place dollars at risk by buying space or time in advertising.

The decline is utterly due to the (correct) perception that the news media is deliberately and with malice aforethought lying to its consumers of news.

The bait is off.

Not even Fox is immune to this decline in quality. “Fair and Balanced” is not “Reliably Truthful,” because it gives far too much weight to lies. The advantage that Fox has is that of a one-eyed man in the kingdom of the blind. Sighted, yes, but still lacking in depth perception.

Were a media outlet or empire dedicate itself to reporting the truth — the facts — and let the chips fall where they may, I suspect it would rule the roost in short order.

Y’ See, Right There

IS WHERE YOU GO off the rails.

Dr. Zero is being soundbitten Tuesday saying, “If I had let the automobile industry collapse…”

How arrogant. How ignorant. The industry was never in danger of collapse. What was in danger of collapse was one or two individual corporations. Which, contra Obama, would have probably been a good thing, consolidating the market as it would have. The surviving companies would have instantly increased their market share, and probably would be healthier today.

I really doubt that even the assets of the failing companies were in much danger of going to waste. The badges, plants, tooling, and intellectual property could have been snapped up by competitors at land office rates.

But, unless you knew that before I said so, Obama’s counting on your ignorance to continue your thinking well of him. Now you know better. I pray you amend your opinion of Obama accordingly.

I Wish I Could Get This

TO THE DEFENSE LAWYERS for the intrepid O’Keefe and Giles in the threatened case on Maryland’s wiretap law, which I submit is unconstitutional on at least two counts.

The State’s Attorney in question should be prosecuted under Joe Huffman’s fave rave, 18 USC 242, which makes it un-awful and ill-eagle for an official under color of law to deny exercise of constitutionally-protected rights.

Which ones would those be, Alger?

Well, if Freedom of the Press doesn’t get it, how about “All Others,” as in the Tenth Amendment?

Oh. Keh. That’s a stretch. But granting you that, how does “Congress shall mayke no lawe…” apply to the State of Maryland?

Um… the Tenth Amendment doesn’t specify Congress. It therefore applies to any actor, state or private, at any level of jurisdiction, Federal, State, or local.

OK. That is a stretch.

Is it? I’d like to see it fairly tried.

From MIghty Oaks

AP’S STORY on the A.C.O.R.N. scandal avers that the organization “advocates for the poor.” A more honest statement would allow that A.C.O.R.N. exploits the poor in order to build a political power base for public policy prescriptions that ultimately oppress the poor — forcing them into generational dependency on the leviathan state and placing every-higher hurdles on their path to true independence.

We in the Right must pound these truths home until they become home truths.

T’ Hell With A.C.O.R.N.


Deal For You

THE RIGHT WILL STOP “criticizing a guy just because he’s black” when the Left stops using “…just because he’s black” as cover for despicable positions.

Fair enough?