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The Libertarian Dialectic

ACTUALLY, ANYBODY can add this trick to their argumentarium. But I’m not feeling particularly capital-C Conservative today, so… there you go.

Just brace a warmiast — somebody who believes in (there’s a scientific proposition for you) — global warming or climate change or whatever with this: “Oh, so you’re a tool of Enron, eh?”

And you’ll probably get a ::wobbita:: and a WTF? look. And you come back, “You do know that Ken Lay was a big proponent of global warming. In fact, right about the last peak in global temperatures, he urged then-President Bill Clinton to get on the bandwagon.”

And, being a leftist, this idiot will come back with a credit-where-due response and say something to the effect of, “I’d agree with the devil, if he was right.”

To which you can then reply, “Oh. I see. So guilt by association with filthy, evil corporate influence is only valid when it’s somebody you disagree with?”

Not that it would have much persuasive effect, but it could be good for a moment’s amusement.

If This Isn’t A Case For

PROSECUTION UNDER 18 USC 242, I don’t know what is.

Officer Wesley Cheeks, under color of authority, denying a citizen his constitutionally-protected rights of free speech, free assembly, and to petition the government for redress of grievances.

Book ’em, Danno!

Quote of the Day

It strikes me as odd that law-and-order conservatives can distrust every single department of the government except the guys who carry guns. The post office and the police are run by the same organization.

–Warren Meyer, at Coyote Blog

Really. True cognitive dissonance: “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people,” but drugs ruin lives, breakup families, and cause suicides.

And God forbid we should do a cost-benefit analysis of the War on (Some) Drugs (a.k.a., The War On American Liberty).


Yeah. Right.

I Wouldn’t Place Too Much

CONFIDENCE IN A trial of so-called Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (a.k.a. Climate Change) — in essence a putup or shutup to the EPA.

At least, not unless you could ensure that the warmiasts can’t stack the deck. You know they’ll try.

Respecting International

OPINION IN LAWMAKING? or just a meaningless gesture. We report; you decide.

The City of Cincinnati

HAS A BLACK budget.

Double-yew. Tee. Eff? Ninjas in black jumpsuits? Rapelling down from the observation deck on Carew Tower? Popping out of their blinds at the 50-yard-line in Paul Brown Stadium? Surgical strikes against Covington?

No, Baby Doll. Not spec ops. The whole damned budget is a black hole.

Brian Thomas, 55-WKRC Morning Show host, had two union reps on Thursday. Now, regular readers of BTB know I hold no brief for unions. But, day-um! The tale of horror these two had to relate ought to have the good citizens of the Queen City storming Ninth and Plum with torchces and pitchforks.

Seems the unions, being faced with demands for concessions, on account of the aforementioned brazilian-dollar budget shortfall, asked (totally reasonably, seems to me) for a peek at the city’s books.

No problem, says Hizzoner the Mayor. It’s a matter of public record anyway, right?

Nazzo fast, Guido, sez the budget director (a permanent civil-service bureaucrat). You can look at the summary for the last year, but no more.


So the unions went to court. Their lawyer being the former city Safety Director (boss of police and fire departments), thereby knowing where all the bodies are likely to be buried. Judge takes one look at the sitch and issues an order to the city: Cough it up, boys!


It’s some kind of a secret that nobody — especially not the taxpayers footing the bill — can be allowed to see.

A black budget.

That’ll go over like a lead Zeppelin.

The real frustrating part is that this is an election year. And — for once — the people on the ballot are behaving (more or less) sanely. It’s the bureaucrats — the ones you can’t un-elect — who’re acting all corrupt and shit.

Kennedyesque, if you will.

High-handed. Arrogant. Over-reaching. Cruisin’ for a bruisin’.

If There Were Justice

IN THIS WORLD, Senator Edward Kennedy would have long ago been called to account on the field of honor for his calumnies heaped on Robert Bork alone.

Perhaps an appropriate punishment in Hell might be to listen to his own speeches in the Senate. Sober. WIth each lie causing him… not pain… but acute embarrassment.

But definitely sober.

Brilliant Turn of Phrase

FROM PJ O’ROURKE in the Weekly Standard: “…with a Kennedy stuck to it…” Love it! So round, so firm, so tightly-packed! And as apposite as they come.

A tee and a hee indeed. Later on: “when regular folk tell the know-it-alls to take their fishwrap and go blog themselves.” The dude is on fie-yah! I’m tellin’ ya.

THERE’s Your Problem

CINCINNATI CITY COUNCIL has a proposal before it to cut the salaries of council members — the city having a brazilian-dollar deficit and being asking of the police and fire departments to take cuts, furloughs, and so-forth.

One of the opposing councilmen, on the radio Wednesday, averred that he works twelve hours a day, six days a week and he by-gawd earns his salary, and he’ll be damned if he’s going to take a cut.

Twelve. Hours. A. Day. As a CITY legislator. Six. Days. A. Week.

What exactly are you up to, councilman, in all that time? And why should We the Little People consider it worth a dime, let alone your inflated salary? For a job that’s supposed to be part-time?


Not Sorry to Hear He’s Dead

BACK IN ’63, my mother reported her first reaction to the assassination of JFK was, “Oh, no! They’ve made him a martyr!”

Can ya tell she voted for Nixon?

Now Teddy “The Swimmer” is dead. Peace be upon him, may his passing have been free of the agony he seems unwilling to spare the rest of us.

There are already signs that the Left intends to do another Wellstone memorial.

Please to remember that the man was an out-and-out traitor — a myrmidon of the Soviets — whose family connections kept him from being charged with it.

Please to remember that he was the principal proponent of socialized medicine over the last half of the 20th Century — the thin edge of the wedge of socialism.

Please to remember that he only escaped manslaughter charges in the Chappaquiddick case by — again — those family connections.

Lion of the Senate he may have been, but that doesn’t reflect well on the Senate.

If I could persuade myself it would not do damage to my immortal soul to approach so closely to Washington, DC (never a more wretched hive of scum and villainy…) I would spit on his grave, except for the fact that he’ll be polluting hallowed ground.

Not everybody is singing Dear Old Teddy’s praises.

Billy Beck

Dutchman6 at Sipsey Street Irregulars

And Joe Huffman has a brief roundup.

Our once-daily publication schedule makes us late to this pile. Nevertheless, I’d wager a penny or two that there’ll be more in this vein.

Quote of the Day

Disarming the law-abiding doesn’t do a thing to control the lawless. It’s the legal and moral equivalent of grabbing some random person off the street, taking away anything that could be used as an effective weapon, tossing them into the ring with a trained heavyweight boxer who has had days and weeks to prepare for the fight, and telling the surprised and unwilling opponent to “fight fair.”

–Marko Kloos
A vote for
gun control is
a vote for

Funny how leftists don’t ever seem to get dynamic scoring. Just as they think taxpayers are just going to lie back and think of England when the government whips it out, so too do they think that criminals will not respond to negative incentives.

Damned Right I’m

AN ENEMY of the state. Aren’t you? Why not?

But just so you know: I didn’t pick the fight.

So Easy Even

REALLY! Hasn’t she seen the GEICO commercials? Whatta bigot!

I just love it! The lefties were all agog over Neanderthal grave sites that seemed to imply they were gentle flower children. (Yeah. Right.) With the follow-on that we evil homosaps committed genocide against these poor gentle folk.

But whenever they want to tar somebody with the retro brush, what’s the first stick they pull from the fasces to beat up on us with? Why, the Neanderthal canard.

By the way, did you know that GEICO stands for Government Employees Insurance Company? Your tax dollars at work.

Oh, come on! The government doesn’t…

Really? Do the government employees’ wages, salaries, and tips grow on trees?

Forget Instapundit

AND DAVE Weener. Whiner.


Alla them supposed experts on “how to blog.”

Go read Kate.

That’s THE Kate.

Right. THE Kate.

At first, it might seem like lightweight chatter. But then it starts to penetrate that dome of keepaway you surround your head with — warding off all the commercials and newsreader BS, and you realize what THE Kate is putting out there is a very cogent and coherent, affecting and impressionistic image of a young woman’s day — without becoming either overly intimate, in that therapeutic TMI kind of way, or boring. Delightful. Blogging as she was meant to be did.

Go thou and read (verily) the entire matter. (RTWT)


KICK-ASS AMERICAN chick: Dr. Ruth Westheimer, IDF sniper.

The Manual

SO YOU’RE NOT EXACTLY a computer whiz kid, right? Well, you know how, when you ask your whiz kid a question about something that’s got you stumped, he/she will occasionally mutter under his/her breath something to the effect of “Arr Tee Eff Em”? And you wonder… where IS this Famous Manual I’m supposed to Read?

Well. Here.

For Just Five Minutes

I’D LIKE TO GET THE EAR of Antonin Scalia. Still attached to his head, preferably. See, I want to ask him:

Justice Scalia, since it’s lawful and praiseworthy — even mandatory in some circumstances — to wield force, even lethal force, in the prevention of a felony in progress, what level of force is permissible in the prevention of a violation of a provision of the Constitution — given that the authority that makes the felony a felony comes from the Constitution?

And I’d hope he’d answer the way I want, because then I’d have a Supreme Court-issued license to bitch slap these busybodies.

(Hat tip: Old Grouch)

Yeah, I’d heard about it before. Even mentioned it to my fellow criminals involved in the upscale yard sale last month. It’s just that B… er, Grouch’s post prompted me to follow suit.


Pressed up against the glass
I found myself wanting sympathy
But to be consumed again
Oh I know wouldn’t be
The death of me
And there is a love that’s inherently given
A kind of blindeness offered to appease
And in that light of forbidden joy
Oh I know I won’t receive it.
When all we wanted was the dream,
To have and to hold
That precious little thing,
Like every generation yields
A newborn hope unjaded
By their years.

–Sarah McLachlan

Ban Ki Moon

IF THE WORLD DOESN’T end in four months, THEN will you shut the fuck up?

I don’t think that’s what he means.

That’s what he said!

Oh. Well, Then, They’ll


Christ, you know it ain’t easy to keep repeating that over and over, but apparently some people can be pretty thick.

I thought that most scientists accept that global warming is happening, just not so… much. Y’know?

Well, that’s complex. Overall, since the end of the last ice age, yeah. Global temps are generally trending warmer. That’s a good thing. That’s also got an asterisk that reads, “As far as we are able to tell, plus-or-minus x degrees.” That is to say, we don’t really know the temperature of the planet. All anybody’s ever been able to do is to take an average of the readings and say that is the magic number. But they don’t know. They can’t, because they don’t have the data. And I submit to you that, in order to gather the data with any reasonable degree of precision, and at sufficient resolution to be meaningful, the data collection mechanism would approach in size, scope, and complexity (and chaos) that system it is designed to measure — to whit, the atmosphere.

But, yeah. Where we’ve looked and when we’ve looked, the temperature record indicates an upward trend. Less, by the way, than the margin of error. What that means is anybody’s guess. Since we also don’t have the meta data with any degree of reliability, we don’t and can’t know that, either.

But, isn’t most of science based on similar types of guesses?

Sure. But that doesn’t mean you design systems that people’s lives depend on without rigorously testing the science. And this current — scorn quotes — “science” is falling apart like wet paper napkins at the slightest provocation, when tested.

Yeah, Really

MASSA, D (of course) NY avows and avers that he doesn’t care what his constituents say, doesn’t care whether he’s committing political suicide, he’s going to vote the way he thinks best.

Fair enough.

Do you think he’d have gotten elected saying so?

Tell me again why we don’t have laws requiring truth in political advertising?

What’s that you say? The First Amendment? The watchdog press?

I’m sorry. I need to turn the mike off while I choke near to death laughing.

A Democrat Bestiary

YOU HAVE your Yellow-dog Democrats. They’d vote for a yellow dog before they’d vote for a Republican. Then you have your Blue-dog Democrats. They pretend to have principles in order to get Republicans to vote for them, but they follow the party line once they get elected.

Then there’s your party base — your Mad-dog Democrats.



Love on a Pyre

This is a fragment of a scene from an as-yet unwritten novel about a dark time in the story of Gabrielle Dolly and her lover, Mitchell Cary Drummond. It is in part a refutation of the atheist contention. It is not rigorous; not intended to be so. It is cast of emotion rather than logic. Tough shit. Deal with it.

As Drummond stood by the side of Dolly’s pyre, lost in his private misery, a woman came and stood quietly beside him. After awhile, he turned in annoyance to see who would be so importunate.

He saw an Indian woman, with the open features of the East family cast over the exotic eyes and lips of the classic Hindu features. She was richly clad in exquisite printed silks–sari and scarves–and there were gold coins sewn into a band that bound her hair. She had a single carmine caste mark in the center of her forehead. Her eyes were heavily painted with kohl and her lips with some red juice. She had a delicate tracery of mehndi tattoos on her hands, arms, and bare feet.

She was, in that moment, profoundly beautiful to him.

When she realized that he was looking at her, she met his glance shyly, bobbed her head once and gave him a faint smile, then turned back to her contemplation of the blaze before her.

Drummond, too, turned back to stare into the flames, letting himself sink into a hypnotic state induced by the moving shapes and figments within them.

“I’m surprised you came,” he said. He didn’t know who she was, but her appearance told him she was a Hindu and might consider Shiva and Kali holy beings.

“Why do you say that?” her accent fell gently on his ear, like rolling pebbles in a brook.

“This…” he waved a hand to indicate the barbaric ceremony to honor Dolly’s passing, “…is all for one who killed your Gods.”

She nodded once, her mouth in an amused little moue, as if to say, That’s what I thought you meant.

“What the Little One killed was no more Shiva, no more Kali than I am Buddha. But I am no less Buddha for all of that. Those two were the embodiment of concepts that are alien to me. Buddha teaches us that all of the physical world is illusion. If this is truth, then how can what you killed be a God?”

“Then how can a God even exist?”

“You can’t know. No one can know. You must take it on… faith.” She gave Drummond a smile filled with perfect, gleaming white teeth in flawless brown skin. “You see? It all comes down to faith. Even the denial of gods… must be — can only be — built on faith.”

They stood side-by-side in silence, watching the flames lick their way up the wooden structure of the pyre.

“You mourn,” she said simply, sympathetically after a few minutes more.

A thousand things to say ran through Drummond’s mind in a split second before he realized he had to breathe. He took a deep, shuddering breath, then for some reason, said:
“I used to think that mourning was selfish. The departed one doesn’t care that we grieve. It’s all for those left behind. And it’s selfish…”

“Resentful,” she said. The formation of the word was liquid, her vowels rolled inside her mouth like you could tell she had carefully considered the formation of each sound. “‘How dare she leave me?!'”

“Exactly,” Drummond replied with a sad, ironic smile. “But now…” he sighed. “I realize that it’s love that’s selfish.”

She nodded and they lapsed back into silent meditation on the flames.

A little while later, Drummond realized that he was weeping.

“Who are your tears for?” she asked him.

“For myself,” he sobbed. “She’ll never come again in my life.”

“But she will come.”

“Oh, yes…” bitterly, “…but I won’t know her.”

“But you do know her now.”

“No. I never got to …Damn love! I pretend it was because I cared for her, that I wanted what was best for her. But what I really want is her. Just her.”

There was another long silence, then she said, in that didactic tone that gentle, educated people use to show that they are concerned, “Say what is good in this moment.”

Drummond turned his face to the sky, his cheeks sheeted with his tears. “She is free,” he said.

Quote of the Day

If the state would save money by a patient’s early death, then the state is in a clear conflict of interest.

–Eric Schie, Classical Values

The 30-Second Manifesto

RIGHT: An abstract idea of that which is due to a person or governmental body by law or tradition or nature.

I found this definition on the Internet, and, as such, it is already suspect. Then I tried to parse it. Whoops! Oh, well, the flawed version can serve as an armature to hang corrections on. The stricken-out portions are incorrect, in my estimation, and that Google would point to this in return of a request for a definition is symptomatic of the difficulty the body politic faces with regard to the notion of rights.

Rights cannot inhere to a governmental body. Period. End of discussion.

Rights cannot be granted by law or tradition. They can only be protected or infringed by either. Rights descend from God and exist free-standing in a state of nature. This is the self-evident part. The just and proper purpose — the primary fiduciary responsibility — of government is the defense of these rights from infringement.

Rights cannot require another person to provide to you the good or service to which you are asserting a right.

You do not have a right to a job. You have a right to seek employment, or to offer yourself up as a prospective employee, but you do not have a right to a job.

You do not have a right to any good or service that would require that some thing be provided to you at no cost — not even by the state. That would infringe upon the reciprocal rights of property, or life, or liberty of the owners or providers of goods or services. That would be slavery.

I have yet to see a coherent exposition of a conflict between rights of individuals where there was not at bottom a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of rights. When someone asks you, “What about when rights conflict?” be very suspicious of motives.

With the acceptance of true rights also comes the moral responsibility to reciprocate — to accept that others have rights and that they should be respected.

Cross-posted at Eternity Road

Boycotts Are Silly

SO I SUPPOSE a “girlcott” would be equally — if oppositely — silly.

However, the CEO of Whole Foods has made a great deal of sense, and as Eric Schie writes in the article linked above, the left has gone absolutely apeshit, apparently at the very notion that someone should question the validity of their fundamental shibboleths.

Leftists are good at going apeshit. Me, I think it invalidates their points, but whatdoyouwantfernuthin?

To the discussion of the Whole Foods contretemps, I really have nothing to add. Instead, I want to get all radical on you — as I am wont to do — and look a layer deeper at the situation.

Leftists, progressives, and other oxygen thieves and walking criminals against humanity have this tendency to burst into spittle-spraying rage any time someone gainsays one of their cherished brainfart pipedream notions. This being so, it is impossible to make sense to a leftist. The instant you try, they escalate straight to virulent, rabid (evennn) attack mode, foaming at the mouth, and spewing a tsunami-scaled vomitus of ad hominem attacks, non-sequitur assertions, and unsupported (and insupportable) claims.

Over the weekend, we had a troll drop trou and shit all over our living room. You can see his spoor here. I was occupied elsewhere, but spared enough attention to at least try to engage — at least a little. Wondering at first if he was kidding, (I was quickly disabused of that notion), I gave him several opportunities to converse, but he seemed resolutely impelled to rude and (I’m bound to point out) irrelevant, off-topic attack. I finally shut him off by banning his IP address and email from access to the site. I’m sure there will be others.

You see this more and more these days. Leftists losing control over the least slight. You’d think they actually lost the November election. Is this desperation? Poor toilet training? You know, I really don’t care. It’s not acceptable behavior, and needs to be shut down instanter. Unless you can get a decent dialog going, it’s a waste of time, space, oxygen, brain cells, and other resources better spent on playing with your cats.

Sure, you have free speech. You can say anything you like. You don’t have the right to demand others listen. As tempting as it might be to keep trolls like RayGun and Kevin Baker’s Markadelphia around, I hold that they poison discourse and really should be made to sit at the children’s table until they grow up and learn to converse like adults.

(And, no sooner do I say this than Kevin avers he keeps Markadelphia around for tutelary purposes. I really am confused, now. No, not really. My CharlieBrown-ness is a sign of…)

You’re wishy-washy?

Uh. Yeah.

I am very close to requiring either membership in this site to comment or that, at the very least, in order for you to post comments under a pseudonym, I must know your real, full name, and at least a little bit about you, or you’ll be banned and your comments deleted without notice. If you don’t have the balls to post under your real name, or at least let the proprietor know who you are (if you, for example, have professional reasons for not signing your work), then you really have no need to be commenting — at least not in the little corner of the blogosphere I control. I would urge other bloggers to adopt a similar policy.

Or not. I’m still a bit on the fence about this.

Here, Charlie. Take a run at this football. I’ll hold it steady for you.

Gee, thanks, Lucy.

Co-op erate Or Else

SMELLS LIKE bait-and-switch to me. Big Lizards:

Can Ya Give Me

A BIG “Duh!”?

How a mostly-conservative electorate can elect governments, year after year, that pursue mostly-liberal policies is a question for another day.

— John HIndraker, PowerLine

As the Whole TEA Party Thing

SNOWBALLS AND gains more mindshare in the country, I hear people asking questions to the effect: “Where did all this come from?

I have maintained for the longest time that this nation was overtaxed — and especially at the Federal level. I have thought this since I was in public high school in the 1960s and was more than passing interested in the results of school tax levy ballot issues. (Our school system was founded under the Northwest Ordinances, which — if you remember your American history, well… Oh, never mind. Look it up.)

And I have thought that the strong negative reaction to local tax levies, which are mostly for fire and schools and hospitals and the like, had more to do with the fact that the levy election requirement put these particular taxes within reach of the people, who would really like to be voting down the Federal income tax, or zeroing out the budget for Health and Human Services or the Education Department.

And over the years, Our Betters in Washington From Whom All Blessing Flow (Praise Them All Creatures Here Below), have told us time and again that we do not know and cannot apprehend the truth of our best interests.

And the idiot myrmidons of the neofascist Left have slurped that up like it was, well, picture mayonnaise coming out of a tube. MFCS!

Outrage after outrage, the pressure has been building, until finally, it can no longer be born. And — bloosh! — there it is. All over your Gucci loafers. Participatory democracy. Messy, ain’t it?

The More Things Go On

AND THE MORE matters deteriorate, the more I am convinced that the best course of action would be to go ahead, hold an election, let the chips fall where they may, the challenge every single election result. Mount challenges in the boards of elections. Mount challenges in the courts. Keep the damned thing tied up in election challenges and don’t let them certify a winner in any district. Do not let the Congress be seated. Do not let enough of them make it to Washington to form a quorum from either party.

Maybe then we’d get some peace.

The Caturday Post

ON SUNDAY Been awhile. Been busy. Too busy to write much about personal stuff, which takes more attention than just popping off about politics.

The collar came off Sky. Not that he and his sister, Aqua (at right), are any easier to tell apart, mind. Just that one Sunday within the last month, Toni met him racing around the upper storey with his collar in his mouth. And one foot caught in the thing. He’d sliced the inside of his cheek clawing at it. It made it seem as though that were the right moment for it to come off for good.

And there began in earnest the exercise in learning to tell the two of them apart.

Without doubt, they are not identical. The problem is finding and learning enough differing characteristics to be able to tell with some degree of certainty to which of the two of them you are presently addressing yourself.

It can get comical.

If they understood what we’re saying, I’m sure they’d both have identity crises from being called by the wrong name and sex. “Hey there, boy… er, girl.”

But, of course, they don’t. They withstand it all with perfect aplomb.

And we’re learning. Aqua is darker on the back and has this cape of dark fur across her shoulders. Sky has the same thing, but it’s smaller and less-pronounced. Aqua has a dark patch on her belly, which Sky does not. Sky’s feet are bigger, which presages his being a big bruiser when he comes into his full growth.

But the big difference, which grows every day, is that they hold and carry themselves completely differently. Sky tends to be more furtive. He’ll wince away from any proferred touch, even if he wants it. Aqua is utterly fearless and will weave her way around on your lap or on the couch or bed next to you. Even their facial expressions — yes, cats can have facial expressions, as hard as that is to believe — at different.

These two pictures were taken within minutes of each other, back in June. Aqua on top, Sky on bottom. The postures are entirely characteristic.

The 30-Second Manifesto

LIFE: the condition of living or the state of being alive. The principal characteristic of the individual (q.v.). Self-evidently the first inalienable right of all individuals.

The definition of life as a biological proposition is very slippery. But as a metaphysical proposition, relating to mankind, it is quite simple: the condition of living or the state of being alive. No, that is not a tautology.

Defense of life — particularly the life of The People — is the primary fiduciary responsibility of the state. It is also the right and responsibility of the individual. When the state acts counter to this principle, for any reason whatsoever, it is in default.

There may be times and situations in which the state may be required to remove particular individuals from society, and that the termination of those individuals’ lives may be the preferred method. Such must be carefully circumscribed and straitly limited only to those cases in which it is absolutely and affirmatively known that the termination of life is the best choice in the interests of justice.

The instant an indvidual departs from these principles is the instant he forfeits all claims on the protection of either the state or society, although this fact may not be known absolutely and affirmatively. Whether the act of departure is punished by society or not, it stains the soul of the individual who encompasses it.

Accordingly, the state must not force individuals to fail in the defense of life without overwhelming cause. Existential cause. A cause which can be distilled down to a matter of defense of life.

The instant the state departs from these principles is the instant it forfeits all legitimacy.

All other rights of an individual as a member of a society under the governance of a state spring from this right.

Cross-posted at Eternity Road.

I Call This


You Know, When a Law Professor

DOESN’T SEEM TO KNOW about the law, what hope have We the Mere Little People? Glenn reports:

“The ACLU today filed a federal lawsuit against Allegheny County and University of Pittsburgh police, alleging that officers arrested a Pittsburgh man for using his cell phone to record an interaction between officers and one of his friends. Elijah Matheny, of the Hill District, was arrested on April 29 and charged with violating Pennsylvania wiretapping laws. Police said he recorded an incident without officers’ permission.”

— Paula Reed Ward, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Then goes on to say, quite correctly:

That’s because you don’t need officers’ permission to record their activities in public.

BUT… then veers into the other lane…

Such arrests should be federal crimes, enforceable by private prosecution, and punishable by tarring and feathering. Cold tar for the first offense …

Glenn, such arrests are federal crimes, under 18 USC 242. Which goes like this:

Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

And it says right here, CAPITAL federal crimes under certain circumstances.

Vanderleun Finds The Neatest

STUFF — such as this item from Dan McLaughlin, writing at The New Ledger.

The American people know that the same people who wanted to pull the tube from Terri Schiavo want to be trusted not to pull the plug on grandma. Which is why they are appropriately skeptical of any hint that Obamacare would leave any power in federal hands to make those decisions. Four years ago, the Left was proud of its stance on withdrawing not just medical care but food and water itself from Terri Schiavo. That was their choice. If the price to be paid is a public in need of assurance that President Obama and his plan don’t share those values and won’t encourage the same thing, well, choices have consequences, and the voiceless dead can still haunt us in ways we had never foreseen.

Me, I believed then and now that the state has no business in that kind of situation, but that the default bias on the part of state, society, and institutions must be for life, or we will inevitably find ourselves on the side of death, with all of the loaded terms that follow in its train — murder, suicide, familicide, filicide, patricide, matricide, genocide. Humanity cannot afford — and dares not permit — the perversion of taking a stance in favor of death over life.

And, now, Obama’s promising he won’t pull the plug on Granny, but we’ve heard these kinds of promises from politicians before, and they turned out to be lies. What goes around comes around. This time, we can’t afford to take the chance. We have to say, “No.”

The 30-Second Manifesto

THE INDIVIDUAL — Me. Myself. I. You. He. She. The atom of society. The fundamental building block. This can be known by the fact that no collective can exist except first as a random collection of individuals. The mind of the individual is the apotheosis of mankind. The individual is therefor sacred. Sovereign.

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I’m Sure This Has Occurred

TO EVERYBODY BUT ME by now, but it just hit me…

How perverse is it that the prohibition lain on concealed carry used to be because it was considered underhanded, sneaky, not-cricket to hide your weapon. Far more manly and in accordance with the cowboy way to carry openly? And now…? They prefer you carry concealed because it doesn’t scare the white folks?


Quote of the Day

I’M PROBABLY LATE TO the party on this one, but I find the impact undiminished nonetheless.

Except for clueless and apathetic persons, America has been split into two hostile ideological camps. One is the anti-communist or anti-statist camp, which looks to traditional moral values, the Constitution, a strong family unit and the free market. The other camp is socialist or “progressive” in its outlook, globalist and environmentalist in its policies.”

There is no reconciling the two futures these camps represent. One or the other will win in the end. The war up to now has been waged in the political and social arena. The time is fast approaching when this political and social “war” will spill over into armed conflict — real civil war. If it does, it will happen mostly because everyone thinks it impossible. For sixty years, the liberals have used our respect for the law against us. Each time they moved the line of law to further their agenda, breaking off a bit of the Constitution, we, as law-abiding citizens have backed up grumbling but complying. And why should they stop pushing us back from our God-given liberties? We’ve never pushed back to stop them. We have been TOO law-abiding.

Remember one thing: Adolf Hitler was elected, and the Nazis passed laws justifying every horrible act they later committed. In such a country, law-breaking is not a crime but a virtue. Before we get too far down that road, perhaps a little window-breaking is in order. Waiting too late to oppose tyranny has always led to bloodshed. Let us avoid that if we can. But history holds such windows of opportunity open only so long, and ours is rapidly closing. Perhaps by breaking the window now, we can escape the horrible alternative. And if in the unlikely event my modest story should become fact, somewhere The Sons of Liberty will be smiling.

–J.R. Nyquist, quoted in
The Window War
at Sipsey Street Irregulars

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I Hope That Camille

PAGLIA IS BEING rhetoricalistical when she confesses

I just don’t get it. Why the insane rush to pass a bill, any bill, in three weeks? And why such an abject failure by the Obama administration to present the issues to the public in a rational, detailed, informational way?

Because I always thought she was one (of very few) liberals who actually GET IT and genuinely care — however misguidedly. I’d hate to be so badly disappointed.

Camille, darling:

The Marxists who run your party are NOT liberals. They care nothing for liberty, care nothing about compassion.

This whole health care debacle is nothing about medical care or insurance. It is a stalking horse for enhanced statist power. It is meant to push America further up the asymptotic curve toward totalitarianism. It is nothing short of a total overthrow of the American constitutional republic.

The more public understanding and clarity there is on the subject, the more protracted the debate, the more time there is for either “side” to “persuade” the other, the less likely it will succeed.

Your partisan leaders cannot countenance this.

Thus the full-court panic.

“Heh” of the Day

“It is not, in the end, the demonstrators in those town-hall meetings or the agitations of his political enemies that Mr. Obama should fear. It is the judgment of those Americans who have been sitting quietly in their homes, listening to him.”

–Dorothy Rabinowitz in the
Wall Street Journal
as quoted by
Scott Johnson at PowerLine

I Keep Tellin’ Y’all

DON’T GET INTO ARGUING the details of a — scorn quotes — “progressive” public policy proposal. If you do, you’ve already lost, because you will have conceded the fundamental question: “Should we be doing this at all?”

And despite what the Democrat party leadership would have you believe, being the Party of No is no vice. In questions of constitutional limits on government power, the only, the correct, the DEFAULT answer is, “NO!” Or, alternatively, “HELL no!”

NO. Not only is it a good answer, it’s the RIGHT answer.

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Claire McCaskill (D ::spit:: D.I.M.*)

ASKS A CROWD — oh, so disingenuously — “Do you really think you’re persuading anybody, shouting out like that?”

What a cankerblossom! People are shouting, because you don’t seem to be able to hear them otherwise.

If you’d listened 20, 30, 50, 70, 100 years ago, we wouldn’t be having this conversation now.


Now, now.

Yeah, I know. I know. I plead extreme emotional distress.

ANDanotherthing (about that ass-to-risk at the top)…

Most congresscritters won’t give you the time of day until you fill out a form with AT LEAST your zip-plus-four, and probably your street address.
Gotta be a “constituent,” see…

Which would be fine, if the fuckwit from New York (or, in McCaskill’s case, Does It Matter), is going to waive my rights or actively infringe on them, I kind a feel it incumbent on me to let the fuckwit know my opinion.
And I feel it incumbent on HIM to freakin’ listen. And when they talk-to-the-hand me, it’s ON, mortarforker.

Homey don’ play dat.

If That’s So

THEN WE MIGHT AS WELL bend over, head between our knees, and kiss our asses goodbye, because if the end of the world comes this November, there’s sweet fuck-all we can do about it.

File it under The Continuing Idiocy of United Nations Bureaucrats.

But it’s not, right?

Not what?


(Is this a knock-knock joke?) So what?

That the world’s gonna end in four months.

Oh! Dunno. No way to know. But I’d wager against it. Long odds.


THE ONLY THING LEFT is to mau-mau the motherfuckers.

Woo-hoo And All Due

WUFFIES TO Phil and Kaja Foglio for their wonderful comic, Girl Genius and the winning of the 2009 Hugo for Best Graphic Story.

If I read the Wikipedia article aright, the Foglios are plank owners on that award, this being the first year it’s been made. Congratulations.

Also applause for their savvy marketing. The strip is available free online, cheap in .pdf format, and de luxe between covers. I’ve bought the .pdfs and promised myself the books as a treat when I can. (All Christmas hints intended.)

Meanwhile, across town, welcome and all hail the recruitment of web comic wunderkind Chris Muir of Day by Day fame to the gangmob — of … however many there are of us … posting under Our Curmudgeon’s umbrella at Eternity Road.

I Got a Quetschun

T’ HECK WIT’ Congress, why hasn’t the meedja read th’ frickin’ bill?

Obama Claims

YOU WON’T BE FORCED into the government “insurance” system by the bill currently on the table.

Putting aside both the extra-constitutionality of the fundamental concept and the notion that he thinks that We the Little People are too stupid to apprehend his lies, and assume he really believes that — because the bill doesn’t actually say, “All citizens must sign up for the Federal system” — that that result’s not going to eventuate from the perverse incentives built into the bill.

If this is so, then the man is manifestly unfit for office: too stupid to run a country. Made of FAIL.

Like THAT’s a big surprise.

Observation #864

Quote of the Day

Hey, it’s not a handout, it’s a holdup.

Gagdad Bob

Not Exactly Buried in the

BACKYARD IN AN ammo can, but nevertheless sufficiently subvsersive for the nonce.

No, it’s not a lifetime supply — just a few years. But it’s a start.

We have some CFLs, bought in an early-adopter’s burst of enthusiasm. But no more will cross our threshold.

It occurs to me that the next Republican Congress is going to come into office with a long wish-list of repeals to perform. Wonder how that’s gonna work out for us.