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So the Pirate Problem

STILL UNDER DISCUSSION (while nobody does squat) and the statists in DC seem unafraid to use state power for its legitimate purpose.

Odd, that, seein’s how they seem to positively love using state power to oppress the taxpayers.

And one of the crewmen of the Alabama is suing Maersk (the shipping line, owners of the Alabama) for damages, arguing, in effect, that not only should the line have known that piracy was and is a problem and that its ships and crews were at risk, but that it did know, because he, personally, had raised the issue repeatedly in meetings on the subject over a period of several years.

And, as Greyhawk points out, the guy is only asking $75,000.00. Practically a token amount. Which buttresses his argument and cuts off the notion that he’s money grubbing at the pass.

Watched the documentary on the History channel over the weekend, and found the arguments put forth by the international maritime folk against arming ships or crews to be specious at best, and stupid and deadly at worst. It’s amazing how so many people…

OK. So it’s not amazing at all. There are a lot of stupid and ignorant — even willfully ignorant — people out there.

US Taxpayers Now

OWN 89% OF General Motors. Well, actually, the government, since no individual taxpayer will ever be able to exercise ownership rights.

Oh, well. That’s appropriate, I guess. As the sign in the china shop says, “You break it, you bought it.”

‘N’ who wuzzit done that?

E-e-eggs-ZACK-ly, Baby Doll.

So, if the DNC… er

(I mean)DA US GOV OWNS Chrysler and GM in partnership with the autoworkers’ unions, does that mean we face the prospect of being exhorted to “Buy Un-American”?

An Aphorism?

A free market being essential to a free people, and the purpose of government being alone to prevent or adjudicate uses of fraud or coercion in human affairs, Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of production and trade.

–Ayn Rand (modified)

Probably not. The purity of it is suspect, for one. Still…

Moving the Goalposts

OUR STYLE We in the Right sometimes hurt our own causes by attempting to appear fair and ecumenical and conceding some point to the enemy opposition which need not — indeed, should not — be conceded.

For example, take the case of so-called catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW).

Even scientists and informed amateurs sometimes say, “Well, yes, there has been warming over the last century.” They’re saying it wrong. What they should be saying is, “Yes, there ias been warming observed over the last 150 years and more.” That “observed” makes all the differences when you understand the palpable and documented inadequacies of the network of observing stations.

All we can say is that when we’ve looked where we’ve looked, the observations show a slight rise in globally averaged temperatures.

Note that I’m saying “averaged“. In other words, the temperature observations have been averaged to produce a number (or a series of numbers mapped over time), but the significance of that/those number(s) is arguable (and I would argue that it is null).

The map is not the territory.

Once you understand the pitiful inadequacy of the global historical climatological network (GHCN), (of which the American stations surveyed by Anthony Watts’ Surface Stations initiative (linked above) are among the best in the quality and reliability of observational data), you understand that WE. DO. NOT. KNOW. what the true global average temperature is now or has been at any time in the past.

And, I submit, given the size, complexity, and chaotic nature of the atmosphere, we CANNOT know with any reasonable degree (pun
int.) the true global average temperature. In order to find that number, the observation network would need to be nearly as large and complex as the atmosphere itself, and then would likely have an unacceptable margin of error.

Right now, as you can see from the charts at Surface Stations dot org, the fundamental accuracy AND precision of the network are both so poor that the margin of error is something like an order of magnitude larger than the purported warming.

There could be more, but as you can see, just this much would seem to be a slam-dunk. We need to swat down the “denier” accusations. The proposed “solutions” will solve nothing, but will dissolve a great deal of our wealth — and with it, our ability to deal with or adapt to true environmental issues.

Look. Specter

WAS THE GUY who came up with the Single Bullet Theory of John Kennedy’s assassination. Do you really need to know anything more about him?

Spotted Somewhere

OR OTHER on the Innartoobs.

There’s no such thing as “capitalism.” Marx made that up. What he calls capitalism, the rest of us call freedom. It’s what happens when humans get together to do business without busybodies meddling in things.

Or something like that.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Didn’t, as a matter of fact, when I tried.

Barry Once Again

DEMONSTRATES he not only doesn’t get it, never did, he probably never will.

Wednesday, he’s dissing the TEA Parties by talking about how that won’t solve the problems we face.

Couched in terms of the government solution.

And, of course, the whole POINT of the TEA Parties is that government is arrogating power to itself that it doesn’t have the right to or the authority to assume, and We the Little People (the people In the Right)… WANT. IT. TO. STOP.

Buy a frickin’ clue, Barry.

“Social Justice”

IS A contradiction in terms.


OR AMAZING — or both — that RINOs who have, for the last 20 years and more, have resolutely fought, like sleeper agents of the DNC, like boutique Catholics insisting the Church tolerate their pro-death views, to drag the Republican Party toward the Left and away from the center We the Little People, We In the Right occupy, use in their mealy-mouthed attempts to excuse their defection to the enemy, the rationalization that the majority of both the party and the country — liberty-oriented conservatives — have forced the party unwilling toward the — scorn quotes — “extreme” right wing.

Welcome to Bizarro America.

Indeed, Baby Doll.

Middle-of-the-Night Observation

KITTEN WHO IS TRYING to hold on, despite being (oh-so-accidentally) knocked loose sounds a lot like velcro.

Spent Monday Morning

UNDER GAS in the Dentist’s chair. Spent the rest of the day recuperating — mostly asleep.

So what happened? Anything?

Apparently Tam’s

LITTLE EEE PC (Why does that sound like a squeee!.) is a bit more of a new big thing than you might think to look at it. Roberta was using one — or the like — too to post her liveblogging.

What it is is a notebook computer that’s somewhere in between the sizes of a keyboarded crackberry and a full-sized (if there is such a thing) laptop. Call it a kneetop.

Back when I first fell in love with portable computers, I said, “All computers should be like this.” Meaning more robust with power issues, portable, a lot of power in a small space, lower energy consumption. These little sub-notebooks seem to be aimed in that direction. With nearly ubiquitous wifi getting to be like… rural electrification or something … pretty soon we won’t need to have a cellular connection to take a portable PC anywhere.

I’ve been eyeing the Verizon cellular modem cards for awhile, promising myself that, when/if the money ever gets rolling uphill, I might look into that. But at the blogmoot, Og and Nathan were discussion the idea, and Og poo-pooed the notion as being costly and nonsensical. He described a system, which could include bluetooth, which in effect allows you to use your phone as a modem, bypassing the need for the special card and the paying of the confiscatory monthly rate. Props all around for that one.

Of course, I hate phones. My cell phone probably isn’t even a dot release. It’s like that version of Lotus 1-2-3 I used to have, 0.9A (signifying it was an alpha-test version). I won’t have a 3g phone until they’re touting the Gen-X phones. So I’m not gonna have the big touch-screen crackberry like Og and Nathan carry. But maybe I could be persuaded to use onboard telephony and use my computer as a phone. Would’t that be…

Like… 1992.


Blogmoot Well Met

PRELIMINARILY reporting from the Broad Ripple Brew Pub… sipping a Lawn Mower Ale and waiting for the fish and chips to come.

Present and recognized … Old Grouch, Caleb, Carteach0, Brigid, Og, Roberta X, Tamara, Shootin’ Buddy, Frank James, and some others I’ll try to meet.

More: Nathan Brindle, Shermlock Shomes, Mad St. Jack (Breda’s fanboy), and more who Bobbi has note of.

Pictures to come.

Bobbi X

Frank James and Tam. (BTW: That cap says “Blackwater”. Our waiter had an Obama sticker on his check keeper. I wonder what his inner reaction was when Tam smiled up at him from under the Blackwater logo. (Evil grin.))

Caleb. Yes, he really is that competent. An amazing dude, really.

Update: Roberta X’s liveblogging was way cooler than mine, and hardly anybody knew she was doing it. (See comment from Shermlock Shomes, who was there, but sitting behind me, so I didn’t realize he was there until I started table-hopping.)

Aw, c’mon, Alger! Y’always check yer six!

Even you know that. Right?

I’m gonna kick yer ass.

You would. But I was somewhere in between condition white and condition yellow. Besides, Caleb was there. He seems like somebody who would go through life in condition orange. As somebody (Nathan Brindle? Old Grouch? Ah! It was Mad St. Jack!) said, Caleb would get any threat before I needed to be aware of it, so…

The wifi was teh sux. Worked better inside. (Oh, right. Forgot to mention. We were outside under canvas.) I may be able to pull some more/better pix from the shots I took. But it was like pulling impacted and abcessed wisdom teeth to get uploaded all I did. And now I need to go fix some dinner. So cut me slackage, please.

Up-Update: Brigid has more pixtures.

Gee! Ya Think?

GOVERNMENT WATCHDOGS WARN of Lack of Oversight For Trillions in President’s New Spending Programs.

Uh… Yeh. That’s a big surprise.

Will the Nitwittery Never End?

NOW THEY WANT YOU to paint your roof white.

Based on the notion that this will make your house cheaper to cool.

And that that will put less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Do you REALLY need me to list out all the ways that is an incredibly STUPID idea?

You do?


First, let’s stipulate that the cost is negligible to zero. I mean, if your roof is currently in good shape and a common color — say, light gray — then painting it white won’t come free. And it won’t have a lasting effect if you just roll white latex over three-dimensional asphalt shingles, so it won’t come cheap, either. But let’s ignore the cost to actually change the color, which you wouldn’t do but for this folly.

Why white? Yes, white is probably the most cost-effective, high albedo color. But what’s the delta between a flat white and the aforementioned pale gray? The article says if the average family of four were to paint 8,000 square feet of roof…

Whuh-huh-ha-a-a-ait a minute, there, Buckaroo. Eight THOUSAND square feet of roof? Whose house IS this, anyhoo? Algore’s? EIght Kay on a ranch would mean a roughly 8K floor area. On a two-story, would mean 16. Considering your average single-family runs around 2,200 square feet, you gotta figure those greenies been movin’ on up BIG time.

Shush, Dolly. No nit-picking. The concept itself is flawed, no need to argue over details.

Sorry. That’n just jumped up off the screen and whacked me across both freckled cheeks.

Well, then sit down.


Anyhoo. Color. If you’re in the sunbelt, perhaps white makes sense. But, if you’re in the rest of the world, you’re actually going to be more worried about staying warm than cool. You’ll spend more of the year under heat than A/C. So a roof that actually REFLECTS heat from the sun doesn’t really seem like that bright an idea, does it?

Then there’s the notion of all the tons of carbon that 8,000 square foot roof wouldn’t be caused to be thrown into the environment — presumably because you wouldn’t be sucking up as many kilowatt hours to cool the house. Might be a good idea if there were any point. First, the amount, compared to the total carbon dioxide partial pressure in the atmosphere, fairly defines negligible. The actual fraction of the total that man contributes has so many zeroes to the right of the decimal that you can’t count them with your shoes on. Plus or minus a margin of error ten or a hundred times larger. It’s preposterous that anything mankind can do will have any effect that won’t get lost in the noise. Second, there’s the question of whether or not changing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is even a problem.

Yes, they claim that the pre-industrial level was 285 ppm and that we currently enjoy something around 380ppm. Which is true, as far as it goes. If you measure the global concentration of carbon dioxide on the summit of a volcano. And nowhere else.

But, if you live in the REAL world, where the atmosphere is a huge and turbulent place, where the local concentrations of various gasses range the entire scale over both space and time, you might tend to suspect that figure. Especially when you find out that, according to OTHER measurements of CO2, that 380 figure is a HIGH and is only observed in one or two places on the planet — you guessed it — near volcanoes. The rest of the place, well… not so much.

And, yet… temperatures (where and when we’ve looked, which we’re getting better at, but still…), have been falling for a decade.

Now, yes, saving energy is good in and of itself. And everyone should do the calculus. It’s pretty simple, really. How much does/will energy cost you to accomplish a certain end, and how much will it cost you to take certain mitigating actions? Sum the two. If the result is negative, you have a winner. If not, well…

This is a government mandate, isn’t it?

Bend over. Grease up.

Better make sure that white paint is low-VOC.

The Twins Promise

TO BE A COUPLE of little terrors, if only on the question of identifying who’s who.

Increasingly, as the hair grows back on Aqua and Jazz’s bellies, the clearest earmark we had is going away.


Distinguishing characteristic?

Less confusing, albeit rather pedantic.

ANYway… Aqua and Sky look so much alike — even, despite Sky’s recent illness, they are only three ounces apart in weight — that Toni was announcing plaintively that she needed night vision goggles because she couldn’t tell who was on the bed with her.

Despite our best efforts to observe them closely and spot the indentifying characteristics, they might as well be identical twins.

Jazz, on the other hand, who doesn’t need identifying marks because her coloration is unique in our household, has developed Loki-like tabby stripes on her cheeks in the same smokey blue-gray as her points. Wouldn’t you know.

Sky seems to be recovering, albeit slowly. The bloodwork was inconclusive. Well, no. It was disgustingly normal. Well… OK. A few points up or down on any criterion, but nothing revelatory. The doctors are stumped. Best guess is still just a reaction to the vaccine boosters, that being the ONLY thing we know that changed in his little life at about the right time to be a cause. Pretty slim evidence, if you ask me. He’s not a lot better than Wednesday evening, but IS a lot better than Tuesday.

I’m selfishly hoping he gets better by Sunday morning. Toni’s on an away gig starting Friday and I’ll be babysitting. If Sky is in need of attention, I’ll have to stay close to home. (Hint: Indianapolis doesn’t qualify as Close to Home.) Fingers crossed.

GE Plays Gallagher

BY SPRAYING watermelon all over its audience (Get your visquine up!). Perhaps we should be protesting GE as every bit as much a threat to liberty as the government?

Perhaps. I keep saying if you want to solve these problems of the arrogance of office and corruption in politics, all you need to do is claw back the power from Washington. If Washington didn’t concentrate excess power in one place — and you could stop the greedy and power-hungry from picking up the loose stuff just lying around and aggregating it elsewhere other than government — perhaps large corporations such as GE, to the extent that they can even exist in a competitive market without the collusion of government, wouldn’t pose such a great threat to liberty.

Too Long I Have

NEGLECTED TO CHECK in on Zsallia Marieko. Shame on me. But it looks as though Zsallia is posting again. And has been for awhile. I seem to have a good deal of catching up to do.

Anyone ever learn what became of the little rich girl runaway who was blogging back in the early days? I wonder where that story ever went.

Every Time One


A grand scandal is revealed, Democrats point fingers in every direction but back at themselves. They fling copious shit barrages in an attempt to deflect blame.

More-responsible people of higher integrity calmly point out that the Democrats are wrong, lying, corrupt, guilty, complicit, stupid.

The Democrats and their myrmidons in the legacy partisan press screech their denial like a troupe of bandar log in fear of a panther. “Nononono! It isn’t us! It’s them! It’s them!”

Grassroots Democrat supporters all full of arrogant smug get into barroom arguments and get their heads handed to them — all the while refusing to admit defeat. In their own minds, they are bloodied but unbowed. They fail to apprehend that they have been shown to be steeped in fallacy.

Then, sometimes long after it matters, the truth comes out. The Democrats were wrong. They were at fault. The very cause of the scandal was not only something Democrats did, but something saner people warned them not to do, lest it come acropper and they be blamed for it.

And they, invincibly arrogant, sail blithely along to their next set of rocky shoals to founder upon.

All the clearer heads are shaken in slow sadness. Folk speak in tones of wonder that human folly could be so limitless, that followers thus once burned would trust a second time, then again, and again.

And the cycle begins anew.

Every time, I keep wondering what it will take to persuade people that, though the desires of their hearts for good lead them to these bad ends, those desires could be fulfilled, if only they could open their eyes to the truth.

Some of ’em do. You hear the stories every day how, “I used to be a Democrat, but then I saw the truth.”

Yup. It’s true, Baby Doll. It’s what gives me hope for tomorrow.

Sky Update

THE BOY CHILD seems to be improving. He is eating con a bit more gusto than heretofore. He seems a bit perkier and more alert. His temperature is back down in the normal range for a cat. Still shaky, still a bit weak and tentative, but he felt well enough to take up residence on my chest while I watched TV Wednesday evening, and got a good purr going. Condition in sum: guarded, but improving.

I’ve Been Saying

FOR AWHILE NOW that I believe we have yet to see the widest, most epoch-shaping change the digital revolution will bring about in human society, and — no — it’s not the so-called Singularity.

I think that the digital revolution has yet to truly revolutionize Work.

Just as the Internet — composed of small, atomic, independent, intelligent, and autonomous units — models the ideal of capitalism (and, indeed, any spontaneous social organism created by Man), so, too, will the organization and function of business, of commerce, once people get the message and figure it out.

People will stop being wage slaves. They will, instead, become self-employed independent contractors, members of ad hoc business units which form, dissolve, and reform on an as-needed basis. Government regulation of businesses who use employees will drive this as much as the desire of individuals to be independent free actors.

In short, I believe that the Internet will make possible a revolution in how people earn their livings, with the vast majority of us being self-employed, working at home or from small offices or shops near to or attached to our homes, serving several “employers” (more accurately client), in a kind of cottage-industrial electronic village.

But I’ve always wondered, how do you handle the big ones? You can’t build the necessary supporting technology for an airliner or a robot in one-man shops. You just can’t. Also, you have issues with security, proprietary information and collateral intellectual property. It will be hard, too, for people used to doing things the old way to let go. But just as the appearance of microcomputers on the desktop revolutionized the workplace, eliminating the whole class of pink collar workers almost in one fell swoop, so, too (I believe), this change will catch a lot of observers by surprise, appearing on the scene as a fait accompli before the punditocracy can formulate a reaction.

But what about the big ones?

Daffyd ab Hugh seems to have figgered it out.

Government, Once Again

GETS IT WRONG Cincinnati City Council is contemplating making texting while driving illegal.

What does texting harm?

By itself, nothing.

So, where’s the problem?

Texting while driving diverts the driver’s attention from the task of driving, increasing the risk of an accident.

Is the new risk 100% — or even close?

‘Ll… no.

Then there’s no demonstrable harm. The law is arbitrary and therefor oppressive. It is un-American.

That’s pretty harsh.

Think so? What do you think of the principle of prior restraint in general?

What’s wrong with it?

It goes like this: “We think you might cause harm to persons or property in this condition, therefor, we forbid you to be in this condition.”


So what if “this condition” is “armed.” Or “criticizing the government” or “praying” or “engaged in a homosexual act” or “driving while black”?


At the same time, observe how traffic laws are enforced, what punishments are meted out for transgressions, how even-handed the justice is.

Allow me, please, to scoff at the notion.

OK. So what makes you think this one will be any different?


And how does this square with American principles of justice and fair play?

‘Ll, it doesn’t.

OK. So it’s un-American, nest paw?

Thoughtcrimes Bill

IN THE HOPPER Boortz reports.

This is another one of those places where you don’t want to be parsing the means and methods. The bare concept is wrong, wrong, wrong. Don’t engage on the basis of, “Don’t you care about [FITB]?” You’ll lose. The Federal Government has no brief and no business interfering in local laws or local law enforcement except insomuch as said laws and enforcement violate provisions of the Constitution.


End of discussion.

And thoughtcrime legislation, being a violation of the First Amendment at least (not to mention an overreach from enumerated powers), are unlawful and therefor ipso facto null and void ab initio.

It Can Help Significantly

IF SOMEONE EXPLAINS matters in the right terms.

Be sure to let your congresscritters know that if they do not slap down this stupid and counter-productive carbon-reduction… (talk about a risky scheme), the negative reaction will make the current TEA Party movement look like… well, a tea party.

Did You Happen to Catch This?

O.M.G! Glen Beck has just rickrolled his own show!

That’s it fer ‘im, then.

[Defenstration follows]

Oh. And Garofolo?

PROBABLY WOULDN’T KNOW a limbic brain (hint: it’s an entire system, not just one organ) if it reached up and slapped her upside her wooden head. That line was scripted — planted in her alleged mind by some Ellsworth Toohey out on the Left Coast. She doesn’t have the brain to come up with that on her own.

Dolly! Mrrow!

Just sayin’s all.

Darling Rachel has more from a slightly different perspective.

As St. Ann says, if Democrats had any brains…

Oh! Almost Forgot

TODAY WAS THE Watermelon Left’s high holy day — Erff Day. Happy birthday, also, to Patron Saint of Socialist subversion, V.I. Lenin. Rest in pieces.

Don’t give me any of that. I was green before green was cool. And I’m telling you, those watermelons (green skin-deep, red right down to the core) aren’t about conservation of nature or resources. They’re about social control — raw, naked, power over you and your life.

Do not bullshit yourself about this. You know I’m right.

Sky Update

SO O.G. (that’s Old Grouch, not Og), in comments shows one of my shortcomings as a writer — the failure to do adequate exposition. Yes, as was explained there, Schuyler (pronounced SKYlur — it’s Dutch, OK) is one of our three new kitties. I also didn’t explain ‘way back that Isabelle was the mother of the three of them, but did not come home with them. She’s off somewhere else — one hopes, recently spayed. Sky, Jazz, and Aqua are rescue kitties, you see. And that’s how rescue works — you capture a feral cat or a stray, get it treated, and (one hopes — this being the point of the exercise) find a home for it.

I do that all the time — forget key details. Then readers ask questions about a story that throws me into a tail loop.

Anyway. Sky.

He seems a little better today. He’s had his ups and downs, but, at the end of the day… no, literally, coming up on Midnight … he seems somewhat improved. He’s able to stand on his own, albeit wobbily.

Does that mean in the manner of a wobb?

I suppose. You mean to say that I can’t create an adverb form to distinguish it from the adjective, wobbly? And wouldn’t that be wob — one “b”?

I wouldn’t say he’s through the woods, but he can see there from here. What’s more, he’s actually looking to see, not staring down at the ground all despondent and stuff.

And thanks, Old Grouch (I really have a hard time to keep from typing your name) for directing thought traffic this way.

Yes, It’s True

THE RECENT Second Amendment incorporation decision from the Ninth Circus is good news. But it’s not as good as it could be. I’m coming to think of this behavior as rearranging the outdoor furniture on the Night to Remember.


Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.


Something similar is going on surrounding the EPA’s proposal to regulate carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses. They’re asking for public comment. I hope they get it — more than they can sort through in the time allotted. And may they choke on it.

But I fear that most of the comment — even in opposition — that they receive will be earnest pea-picking, arguing over quantities and deltas and the signs of the deltas and other assorted minutiae, when they miss the most significant point:



I mean… come on! Point to the provision of the Constitution (that would be in Article I, by the way), where it says that Congress has the authority to regulate the air that we breathe, or the water we drink, or the toilets we flush.

It. Ain’t. In. There.

Same thing with the aforementioned decisiveness from the Ninth Circus. It’s nice that they think the Second enshrines an individual right. Allow me to say, “DUH!” It’s also nice that they think the incorporation doctrine means it applies to the states and local governments. But they miss the mark by a country mile.

The Second Amendment reads, (in relevant part), “THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.”

First, this patently refers to a right which can be seen to pre-exist the Constitution. Second, as “Arms” may be taken to mean “weapons” and there is no mention of “regulation,” the imperative “shall not be infringed” should be taken to be absolute. There is no shading of meaning. There is no limit placed on the set of actors who shall not infringe. The First, for example, places a limit on Congress, but not necessarily on other bodies. The Second, however, conveys a general imperative that can be seen to be unlimited. No actor — state or private, at any level of government — may infringe upon the right of the People (as individuals) for any reason to keep and bear arms.

So, yes, we may pat the judges of the Ninth on their little heads and give them a silver star on this lesson, but they don’t get an “A” or anything near it. They should be told to do extra reading and explain how an absolute imperative prohibition gives the state permission to act.

And so should gunnies who see this as a win.

So it’s all-or-nothing.

Not at all. You take what you can get without a doubt. But don’t bullshit yourself into thinking half a day-old loaf is fresh out of the oven and you can eat the whole thing with lots of butter on it.

No… compromise, eh?

No… go along to get along? No taking what you can get? No… compromise with people who, no matter how much power they arrogate to themselves, are dead wrong and by all rights ought to be rifle targets? Says so right here in the founding documents?

Well, no, Dolly.

Compromising with evil is what got us here in the first place. And just as the We the Little People have realized — pray God not too late — that you don’t fix a failure of too much credit by loosening credit. You don’t juice an economy by adding layers of useless and counter-productive burdens on it, so, too, you have to realize that you don’t win wars — and, make no mistake about it, this is a war — by compromising with the enemy.

Whew! Alger! Take a pill!

What You Just Heard

OBAMARAMADINGDONG do is called “Pass the Buck.” Typical Democrat. The Attorney General is your creature, feckwit, and what he does he does in your name.

Of course, if the Obama administration hales Bush administration officials into court on these spurious charges, the government will lose the case. But the officials will suffer the loss of time and money defending themselves.

Unless, of course, the judge has the cojones to do the right thing and tell the Obama administration that “We don’t do that kind of thing in America. Case dismissed. And you, counselor, pay a big fine for contempt of court and you get to pick up the garbage. (A little “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree in 4-Part Harmony” humor fer ya there.)”

We Are Forces

OF CHAOS AND ANARCHY Everything they say we are we are. And we are very proud of ourselves.

–Paul Kantner

Who in most things tends to be a leftist asshole — just ask Grace Slick — but he could write a good libertarian rant every now and then.

No he couldn’t. He was just a leftist asshole.

OK. So beat up on a guy for tryin’ to be nice about it.

Gladly. ‘Specially when you’re the one who always gripes about people gettin’ all ecumenical ‘n’ shit with th’ enemy.

Quote of the Day

It is hard to avoid the feeling that the Left is endemically racist and classist: That they have simply decided that what works in their own lives will never work to raise poor blacks, Hispanics and whites out of poverty.

James Lewis

Seventh Bloggiversary

IT WAS SEVEN YEARS AGO today we hung up our shingle at this site (if not this URL — we started out, as do most, at BugSplat). No stats on the number of posts, but I’m sure it’s in the five significant digits. Over that time we’ve gone from pond scum to large mammaries and settled in at permanent scampering cuteness in the Blogosphere Ecosystem. We’ve been spewed upon by such luminaries as James Wolcott and Glenn Greenwald, but never had an Instalanche. Dolly and I are to be congratulated, we think, but we’re egotistical enough to put up a blog and post to it, so… take that for what it’s worth.

Please Keep Sky

IN YOUR THOUGHTS. He’s been feeling poorly here of late. Then, Saturday, he got boosted. All the good vaccines and stuff.

We’re not certain, but we suspect he’s had a bad reaction to the vaccines. He’s running a fever, feeling lethargic, having trouble keeping his balance. And somehow, it seems, he hurt his right front paw. Have no idea how that last happened — nobody here’s stepped on him. At least, nobody with enough weight to do him harm.

I think he’ll pull through. But so soon after losing Siamon, we’re (I hope understandably) paranoid. It would be a mitzvah if you could keep him in your warm thoughts over the coming days. Thanks.

A Thought Experiment

I KNOW Alger dun’t like what he calls political thought experiments: take an outrage committed by Democrats that’s greeted by yawns in the pop culture and extrapola-thingummy-bob “If a Republican did this, Pinch Sulzberger would have his shorts in a wad all OVER Times Square.” But, dig this:

Da Doll wunners if somebody could pull it off to float the notion on the Left that Obamarama really is a sleeper agent — a Manchurian candidate — but from the Right. Like that Winchester Foundation (or whatever they’re called). They sponsored him to bring into being a Leftist Utopia so freakin’ disastrous as to permanently discredit leftism forever. Something so horrible, obvious, and undeniable that you’d have to be institutionalizable wackadoo to fail to apperhend it.

Then get the paranoid cultists on the Left — bloggers, truthers, all the fruits and nuts — to believe it. And act as though they believe it with the fervor they practice on global warming. Can ya imaginize the results?

Not bad, eh?

So whattaya think?

If It’s Patriotic

TO PAY TAXES then why doesn’t everybody get the opportunity to do it?

Quote of the Day

Let’s make this clear

Obama getting any credit for settling the pirate hostage thing is the same as turning on a light switch and getting credit for developing commercial electricity…

Mostly Cajun hissownse’f

And while we’re over ‘t Mos’ly’s, take a gander…

At Mostly Cajun

ALL-AMERICAN. The tanker sends a volley for effect: NIMBY. An excellent precis of…

…[T]his level of stupidity at the highest levels of the government. How can we expect the nation to survive when our “leadership” doesn’t even begin to acknowledge the physical realities that keep the nation rolling.

I Want to Know

WHY IN THE HELL the Department of Homeland Security is parsing We the Little People based on our political preferences.

Could somebody where exactly in the Constitution it says the Federal Government has a brief for internal security in the first place?

I mean, if it was doing its job on the borders, I suspect that some of the internal stuff would take care of itself.

Do ya think maybe it’s a bit of a sleight-of-hand distraction? Pretend to be doing something about internal security to distract from that they’re doing fuck-all about border security (which is really their job)?

While internal security is not? That’s how creeping leviathanism works — abdicate fiduciary responsibilities to go haring off after things that are none of their business. Oh, yeah.

So people who believe that the Constitution ought to be followed to the letter are now way-out-there wackadoo extremists?

You know, the more I hear about this, the madder I get. I really can’t say much, because it’s so freaking sputtersome. I really do think that Janet Napolitano (and her boss) is an enemy of the people. She’s clearly in violation of her oath of office…

But, then again, since her office itself is unconstitutional…

She was foresworn just taking the job? Yeah. Maybe.

You’d think the Left would have learned their lessons back in the ’60s, when there were cases where five guys would be in a conspiracy against the government and four of them were feds. They railed at Nixon then.

Like he invented the shit.

Right. And LBJ wasn’t past master at it himself.

And now I hear Gleen Grennwold (no links for you, slimeball) is chortling all schadenfreude and shit, “See how it feels?” If only. And, I feel bound to point out, the liberty-oriented folk on the Right — pardon me, IN the Right — inveighed against the Patriot Act and the formation of the DHS in the first place — particularly on the point of what could/would happen when the Democrats got their hands on the wheel and swerved us to the Left, not to mention it’s unconstitutional. So that dog won’t hunt on this patch. Sorry.

But there’s a lot of young folks in the Right who don’t have personal memories of the ’60s. These are their ’60s, so to speak. And if you want to radicalize somebody quicklikeabunny, accuse them unjustly of sedition.

Hmmm. Maybe I better shut up now.

Predatory Lending

LOOKS MORE TO ME like what the Treasury did to those banks than what Mr. & Mrs. Redline got from Cheatham & Robbem Mortgage Bank. Nobody held a metaphorical gun to the Redlines heads, after all, to get them to take the money. That is what happened with the banks — such as Wells Fargo. And now the government says it won’t let the banks pay off the money — that the banks didn’t want — early.

So the government has leverage to micromanage — er — regulate (Regulate — that’s the ticket!) the banks.

Sounds predatory to me. Positively extortionate, as a matter of fact. “You’ve got a new partner, Mr. Banker.”

Can’t Help

WONDERING WHETHER all the reports of poor-quality and contaminated products out of China are evidence of corruption or of hostile acts on the part of the Chinese government.


Yeah. Once is an accident. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is enemy action. How many is this, now?

But… government?

Is or is not China a communist country? Is or is not the government owner of all industrial enterprises?

Oh, not really. They have private industry.

Oh, really? And you know this… how?

Because… they… told us.


Just So You Know

I, TOO, AM CAPABLE of Teh St00pid — no comments from the peanut gallery, Gabrielle Dolly — I neglected to take today’s TEA Party in downtown Cincinnati into consideration when I scheduled this morning’s oral surgery.

On the whole, I’d rather be…

Is There Anything

SO RELEVATORY of the utter moral bankruptcy of the transnational Left as its adamant denial of the right to the use of force — even lethal force — in self-defense? The contortions and gyrations they have to go through in defining responses to a pretty straightforward question — what to do about piracy on the high seas — speak whole encyclopediae.


Encyclopedia. Multi-volume sets.


I see. They did used to come in books, din’t they?

See, the simplest solution to the problem is to arm the crews of the merchantmen. Stand armed watches under weigh. Repel boarders.

Oh. Yeah. Sounds like a no-brainer to me.

Truly. A solution so simple only a leftist can fail to comprehend it.

When You Behold Joe

“GAFFE-O-MATIC” BIDEN (hands down the stupidest man ever to serve in the Senate), you may be tempted to ask yourself, “Why would the Democrats put up with such a moronic loose-cannon?”


What you need to understand is that, to the Left, Biden isn’t a loose cannon. He’s a Smart Guy, a teller-of-truth-to-power, a righteous dude.

And that should tell you all you need to know about the Left.

There Really Are

TWO AMERICAS. Just not the way John “Silky Pony” Edwards tried to get the other America to visualize it. Here is a dispatch from Bizarro America, where up is down, left is right, black is white, and patriotism is unpatriotic.

Mo’ Kittehs

Heh of the Day


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Mark Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto,
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Peter S. Beagle’s The Last Unicorn.

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