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There’s Been a Good Bit

OF SOLICITATION for notions: what should we do with this thing — this groundswell of protest metonymized by the Tea Party movement?

And obvious warning is the old salesman’s axionomic acronym…

Acrylic acronym? Doncha mean acronymic axiom?

WHICH. Everrr.

…Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS).

Here’s mine: Make it an overarching principle of the movement that our goal is the recision of power from Washington.

I’m pretty sure that this as a primary goal will answer almost any concern that is in the least oriented toward liberty, as there is a well-demonstrated continuum of oppression (if you will), that shows the more power Washington wields, the less of our liberty (and money and property and opportunity) We the Little People retain. It would seem the equation is commutable, and that therefor, the less power there is to be found in DC, the more liberty, etc., WTLP can count on.

And, as a corollary, one might observe that the less power there is in DC, the less money, and therefor fewer opportunities for corruption to take root.

The discussions on this thread (Hat tip: Joe Huffman) seem to point in the same direction.

But I should point out that we (the liberty-oriented folk) on the Right have a dispositive argument on our side. WE. ARE. RIGHT. That is to say that the Constitution supports our brief and the Left’s program is in direct contravention of said document. What they want to do is forbidden by the rules.

Now, leftists will say — they think with some justification — that all that doesn’t matter. Exigencies are such that we must act now and to hell with the rules. There’s a name for that: situation ethics. Meanwhile, we of the Right understand that a principle that is hewed to only when convenient is no principle. Leftists love to quote the axiom that hard cases make bad law, but they really do ignore it at will.

This would make a water balloon of the law and man’s relations with society and the state. You fill a water balloon to less-than-rigid and you can squeeze it in your fingers. And the water will squeeze out everywhere you don’t squeeze. Push here, it comes out over there. Apply this to the law and the law makes no sense. There is nothing to rely upon, and all is chaos and madness.

Leftists will poo-poo this, saying we’re just sticks-in-the-mud, afraid of change. But they should be rocked back on their heels by this:

How do you know?

How do you know that a politician who makes a promise in a campaign will keep it? Not, will he deliver that chicken to your pot, or the car to your garage, but will he even act as though he’s trying?

What hold do you have on a politician that keeps him from treating you like a good girl who won’t put out twenty miles from town? What’s to stop him from throwing you out in the rain to make your way home as best you can, mascara streaming your cheeks half from rain, half from tears, your broken high-heeled dancing shoes dangling from slack hands by their straps, your dress torn, your bra half off under it?

He will, you know. They always do.

And, if a politician is so easy with the truth, how can you trust that the reason you support him will even come up in conversation? How do you know that YOUR pet project is on his radar screen?

You don’t, of course.

So why would you support a politician who not only lies to YOU, but it’s pretty well assured he’ll try to abridge yours and your neighbor’s liberty with no cause?

And, when you realize that pretty much every Democrat on the national stage fits the description just laid out, why would you ever vote Democrat again in your life?

And it all comes down to: Democrats despise the Constitution, see it as an obstacle on the field of play, rather than the field itself. Republicans, at least, pay lip-service to constitutional principles and can be held to account (most of the time) when they fail. Specter, Collins, Snow notwithstanding. They come from Democrat strongholds. Blame that on the poison of leftism, not on true republican virtue.

So, if you want to peel away support from a Democrat, ask his supporters — “How do you know?”

I invite those thoughtier and wordier than I to refine this concept. Please. We need it.

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Bernanke Says

“THIS IS the definition of nationalization… and we’re not doing that.”

True enough, Ben. What you’re doing is fascistic — where the government doesn’t actually assume ownership of the means of production, but nevertheless tells the owners what they may and may not do with their property.

Not nationalization. That’s socialism. Fascism.

We’ve fought wars to defend liberty against fascism. And now we find it like a snake in the grass on our own front lawn. Despicable.

The Phrase Fair and

BALANCED when applied to news reportage really bugs me. What’s the point of being balanced? We give equal time to idiots as we give to wise men? We place the same weight on ignorance and fallacy as we do truth?

Fair and balance is BS. And I don’t want balance. I want news that’s accurate. Honest. Founded in reality.

But Alger! You know there are two sides to every story.

There speaks someone whose “side” is probably in the wrong.

Looks Like Cincinnati’s

TEA PARTY will be March 15.

That protest I mentioned before was sponsored in part by an organization called Taxed Enough Already — TEA. I just remembered that.

Any Time I

GET TO FEELING TOO cocksure about my opinions, I get a small reminder that even smart guys with their heads screwed on straight can go out on a limb.

In the linked post, Marko — the Munchkin Wrangler — uses his ability with words in an attempt to eviscerate the notion that our current President may not be quite qualified for the post on constitutional grounds — to whit, the requirement that the President be a “natural-born” citizen.

Now, I’m not all that wedded to the notion myself. Nor, in the current political climate, where comity and political correctness are prized above — oh, I don’t know — actual correctness and conformity with what you might call the rules of the game, do I really hold much hope that the truth of the matter will be known during Obama’s term in office. The Democrats have too much invested to allow the truth to be known if there’s the slightest chance Obama might be disqualified by it. So they take the “I know nussink! Nussink!” Sgt. Schultz tack. They don’t want to know, because, knowing, they’d have to act.

But that’s really almost beside the point.

The point is that it’s really easy to make yourself look really dumb when you cast aspersions, insults, invective, and other bad words at people, claiming they’re ignorant of facts that haven’t been entered in evidence. There is a big difference between mis-stating what is so and stupidly or ignorantly stating what is not.

So, do you really think they wouldn’t have checked that? one is asked. The question is meant sarcastically, but gets hoist on its own petard. Because, well, yes. I do.

How many times have you heard a story on the news, had it confirmed by multiple sources, and dropped your jaw in flabbergastion. “How in the world could anybody be so stupid, careless, or kack-handed?” you always ask. People make dumb mistakes. And that the matter is of great pith and moment really doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. To throw a couple of allusions in the blender with a mixed metaphor and hit the purée button.

Right now, a vast number of people of supposed high education and intelligence are intellectually invested in a notion with potential disastrous implications for the very future of humanity (if you run it out to the reductio ad absurdam). And this notion can be, well, eviscerated using only the knowledge imparted to a moderately attentive student in fifth grade general science class.

I am speaking, of course, of the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming conjecture. All a querent in the matter needs to know is a little bit about the behavior of gasses and how temperature is measured to ask the question: How do you know what the true global temperature is? Finding out the answer will lead the querent to the inevitable answer: we don’t, we can’t, and what we do know is essentially useless for deriving realistic predictions of future climatic conditions.

So simple. So basic. So elementary. And yet, do you think that the great, powerful, smart, rich, and beautiful would forget to check?

One touchstone of modern science, the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, says, in essence, don’t be so sure.

Another, Murphy’s Law, warns it will come back around to bite you.

Joe Makes An

IMPORTANT POINT. And makes it and keeps on making it. As well he should. So should we all. RKBA is a natural right, a constitutionally-protected right (some might even say a civil responsibility), and those who inveigh against it are witless, bigoted, or both.

Both, of course! Bigots are always witless.

Including Apple bigots?

Hey! Hands off my Mac Book!

I rest my case.

I Participated

IN A TEA Party once before, here regionally in the Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana tri-state. It was back in the early ’90s. We had t-shirts and beer and speakers including Professor Walter E. Williams and Willy Cunningham. It was a part of the groundswell that landed the Republicans in control of Congress for the first time in 40 years.

And we know how well that turned out.

I’ll participate this time, too. I’m just sayin’ let’s give it more thought this time around. Eh?

One Might Think

THAT THE AUTHOR of this post (hasten to addd, it’s NOT Flea — he’s just passing it on) is drumming for reciprocation.

As distasteful as the concept may be, the thought experiment might lead one to wonder if that might have a salutary effect on the … civility of relations between cultures in the long run.

So Toni Said

“WHAT A STORE to hold up at gunpoint!”

To which I responded, “What a store for the clerk to have a gun!”

Good thing we decided to NOT go out to dinner at the Longhorn at Rookwood.

The Impending Approach

OF THE ONCOMING Headlight of Doom representing the EPA’s expected regulation of carbon dioxide — “Save a Tree, Cut CO2” — and other associated over reaches of government (hereinafter referred to as The Problem) kinda makes me wonder where the tipping point is. I mean, we’re long past the point with — scorn quotes — “Progressive” gradualism where the flame under the pot of water with a frog in it is gradually ramping up the heat unnoticed. This is burners-on-high and pour-on-the-gas. When is the whole thing going to collapse under the weight of its outrageousness? When is its utter unacceptability going to finally impinge on the public consciousness and spark a revolution? Is it the utterly despicable treatment of the homecoming queen by the media and the evil, sick, twisted, partisan Left? Is it the flatulently partisan lynching of the plainspoken plumber? Is it the blatant rape of the economy? Is it the palpable treason of traitors such as Diane Feinstein (Hey, Diane! How many troops died because of your treason?), or Patrick “Leaky” Leahy? Is it the weakness, appeasement, and surrender of the Obama foreign policy which endangers not all Americans, but the entire world when Barry O truckles with mad dog dictators and insults our staunch allies?

Draws Flies


So Al Sharpton Forgot

TO TAKE HIS GERITOL — you know, helps you out with your irony-poor blood — and gets his turban in a twist over a cartoon. No, not The Profit Mohammed (PBUH), but Travis the Chimp, shot down while committing felony face-off, with a caption alluding to the infinite number of monkeys necessary to accidentally type out (pick one) the Works of Shakespeare, the Bible, Darwin’s The Origin of Species.

But, of course, while he’s cunning and streetwise, Sharpton is passing stupid. He must be, or he wouldn’t throw these idiotic little tantrums that only make him look petty and … well, stupid.

My first reaction to his positing the notion of a racial element to the cartoon was not, “Hey, he’s got a point!” No. It was, “Do you really think of yourself as a monkey?” In accusing the innocent of racism, he flares his own inkblot for us all to see and interpret. No. Really, most white people don’t think of negroes every time they see a monkey. No. Really. Most white people don’t think of black people as metaphorical apes. And I’m damned sure that, when a allusion is made to an entirely different trope, trying to haul it around to your pet peeve only makes you look, well — as I said — stupid.

Or desperate.

And while I’m sure there are black people on congressional staffs, and that, therefor, when Congress, its members, and all their staffers are collectively and metaphorically referred to as some sort of latter day tribe of Bandar-Log, inevitably there is a parallel being drawn, it ought to clear to any rational human being that that is not the primary intent of the metaphor.

And you, Gentle Reader, should bear in mind when you hear some screeching naked ape professing outrage, making socially threatening gestures and expressions, charging, tearing at the grass, flinging rocks, sticks, and feces in an asymptotic approach to an Emily Litella moment, that the speaker thus disqualifies himself from serious consideration ever again in reasoned discourse. And you should waste no more of your time giving him the slightest heed.

You should take your own advice, Alger.

Very well. I shall.

Time to Dispose Of

THE CANARD that the fact prescriptions are cheaper in Canada is a virtue of the socialist health care system.

Wrong again, Beagle Breath!

The reason drugs are cheaper in Canada is that the Canuckistanian government has strong-armed the manufacturers (with threats of the abridgement of the manufacturers’ intellectual property rights) into selling their products cheap — sometimes below cost, but certainly below fair market value.

Those prices do not cover the incredible cost of development and shepherding drugs through the labyrinthine and byzantine (and dare I say, amaranthine) regulatory approval process (which frequently runs down the clock on a patent, increasing the unit cost of the drug by in effect mandating that development costs be amortized over a shorter period of time).

So the Canadians are getting drugs cheaper than Americans do, because they’re not helping to cover the development costs, thus putting more of the burden on American consumers. They are free-riding on our dime.

Sorta like stealing cable.

Exactly like that, except that when governments do it, they don’t call it stealing.

They don’t call it stealing.

Back in the Goodole Days

LAST YEAR you’d occasionally hear left whingers assert that this or that conservative policy would have grandma and grandpa having to choose between buying medicine or buying food — and that the compromise position will be dog food.

But then, have you ever priced dog food?

Now, today, I am informed by my accountant that I have a starker choice to make. I have to choose between health care and paying my taxes.

And you can guess which is the loser. I’m going to have to drop my family coverage in order to get the money to cover my tax bill. Because, you see, I drew down my IRA to pay down my debt. In anticipation of this current mess. And fearing that, if I didn’t act then, (last year), by this year, the whole of the thing would be worth less. Or worthless. Had the taxes withheld, but apparently that’s not enough. The FedGov has to get more than its pound of flesh. It has to penalize me for accessing my own money too soon.

Which I suspect would be the case.

Oh, and by the way… That little bit of social engineering the nanny state busybodies attempted with the whole IRA scheme? I learned my lesson there, too. Never gonna do that again. I’m never going to put my money behind any kind of wall the government controls. Not if I can help it. They can take their tax dodges, fold them until they’re all corners, and stick them up their rosy red recta.

Cucking funts.

Finally Finale!

Nice. What’s the asterisk?


You’re like Larry Niven’s Kzin — you always strike before you’re ready. In this case, you throw up pix and declare finishitude before you’re really done.

Well, you know. It’s like … erm, Byron, I think… said: No poem is ever finished; they’re only abandoned. Same thing with home improvement projects.

Yebbut. This one — right now, as we speak — isn’t even ready for abandoned. You just want wuffies, so you’re calling it Mission Accomplished, when in reality, you have a bunch of stuff to do yet, which you would list at the bottom of the post in mouse type with an asterisk. So I’m just axin’ ya — what’s the asterisk?

Gee, thanks.

Now you’re soundin’ like a liberal caught with his tax drawers down. Don’t deflect; answer the damned question.


There are big gaps between the back panels and the boards. I need to caulk that. I bought almond tinted caulk, but now think I should use a barn red. Toni doesn’t like all the exposed screws. I have to figure out a way to camouflage them a bit. The adjustable shelves still have to be urethaned. And, despite all my extra careful cautiously cautious caution at assembly, somehow, a couple of the standards aren’t dead parallel, and some of the adjustable shelves don’t just drop in — they have to be forced.

Happy now?


O! M! G!1!!

AMERICAN Democrats — to the left of a former communist and present dictator.

And still the American people sleep.

Sleep my ass! The American people are seething, bubbling, and roaring in outrage. The sound is being suppressed by the legacy partisan press, which is curled up in Obama’s lap, giving him a wet sloppy kiss and promising him a home run tonight.

Meanwhile, across town, the patricians in Congress ignore the chatterings of We the Little People, and do what they damned well please, all heedless of the precipice they negotiate.

Seems Like Everybody

AND HIS CLONE REALIZES THAT the stimulus won’t stimulate much, mortgages the future of the nation with our only substantial enemy in the world holding the note, and is pretty much assured to drive the economy into the big tank.

Oh, well. Seemed like a good idea at the time to somebody, right?

Well, they pretty much had to do something, din’t they?

No. They had to be seen to be doing something. And since there wasn’t anything they could do about the problem at hand, they put together a grab bag of all their wishlists for the last thirty years and threw it into the mix.

And this is how you and I have been working all our lives and putting money into a Ponzi scheme, (a.k.a. Social Security), from which we are unlikely to see one thin dime…

Why not?

Well, let’s see. I’m eligible to retire — by today’s rules — in 2019. Care to place a bet that between now and then, we’ll have another 90% erosion in the purchasing power of the dollar — as we did in the ’70s? Care to place a bet that between now and then, our monetary system will collapse or degrade to the point that the United States government becomes insolvent — effectively bankrupt — and has to repudiate all debts? Or, at least, they’ll push back the age of retirement before then? (Finger in the dike action though it be.)

They can’t do that! Any of it!

Why not? The profligate ways of the looter class may force them into it. For sure the producer class can’t continue to support this, and sooner or later, either creditors will stop accepting promissory notes or will call them in. Either way, the whole house of card collapses. At which point, whither Social Security?


But my point. We have foisted a similar burden off onto future generations as was foisted off on us by the depression generation.

You can’t know that they…

Oh, they knew it was wrong. They knew it was unsustainable. They knew it was forbidden by the Constitution. Why do you think Roosevelt threatened to pack the Supreme Court? His programs were being scotched at every turn in the courts — as (properly) unconstitutional. So he threatened to change the game and the courts buckled. He should have been impeached and removed for violating his oath of office. But the Beltway crowd have always been reluctant to enforce those oaths, since before there was a beltway.

I Don’t Like This

IDEA (AuditCongress). The response to an abuse of power, such as Daschle or Geithner getting off with tax cheating, is to punish the individual abusing it. You don’t enhance the power of his class. And — trust me on this — if you somehow magically managed to force Congress to submit to this travesty, it would not be very long before the abuse of power such a move represents (Remember: the Constitution forbids bills of attainder for a reason.), it would not be more than a New York minute before the new power was used to the advantage of an incumbent government official — elected, appointed, or civil service.

No. The answer is to obviate the potential abuse of power. If the IRS were constrained to constitutional limits, if tax courts had to hew to the Bill of Rights, there would be little or nothing for the powerful to abuse.

As I say, if you want to get the corruption out of government, you have to get the power out of the halls of government. That is, in fact, the intent of the Constitution, but too many greedy and unscrupulous politicians have been allowed to run amok in DC (and elsewhere) without let.

The problem now is prying the levers of power out of their cold, dead fingers.

OK, Now This

IS GETTING RIDICULOUS. Now they’re just making shit up to scare people.

Not Sayin’ I’m Glad to Be

FEEDIN’ MY BRAIN to that sub-legal alien, Alec Baldwin, (How’s France, Alec?), but I realized the other day that I’d missed the airing of the premiere episode of Dollhouse and hadn’t set the DVR to record it, so I would have to find some other way to see it. Turns out Fox doesn’t do repeats — at least not in this burgh. So it’s catch it at the regularly-scheduled moment or DVR it, or…

Well, hell, I told myself, you can see every other show out there on the Internet, why not this one? Googled “Dollhouse episodes” and, surprahz, sur-prahz, there in the top handful of links was Hulu.

I recognize that name. (See? It DOES pay to advertise.) So I clicked right over there and…

Wasted a lot of time this past weekend watching a show from the creators of Xena: Warrior Princess called The Legend of the Seeker, apparently based on a MEQF (Medieval European Quest Fantasy) — i.e., a Tolkien wannabe — by Terry Goodkind. Which, while quite as awful as XWP, I find thoroughly enjoyable.

And it was a bit of old home week, recognizing names in the credits, faces under the wigs, and little fragments of not-American accents slipped up — er, in — from time-to-time.

I’ve signed up for a Hulu account. Seems a more pleasant way to watch TV shows than interrupted by five-minute commercial breaks. The 15-60-second spot breaks are quite bearable, and almost flow by unnoticed.

I see they have the first two seasons of Babylon 5 and are trying to get more.

It’s free. WTF not?

Looks Like Friday

THE THIRTEENTH come on a Friday this month.

Next month, too.

Oh, really? How often does that happen — two months in a row?


Dear Mrs. Schmidt

US Constitution, Fourth Amendment

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.


If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same;

They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

If I understand the HHS provision in the porkulus bill correctly, I will be filing suits against my doctor and any Congressman or Senator who voted for this bill. Please pass this sentiment along.

Mark Alger


The Feds can have my medical records when they pry them from my Doctor’s cold, dead, fingers.

Why, Dolly! One would think you meant that as a threat!

Would one, now?

You Know, It Occurs

TO ME and I might be wrong about this, that the porkulus bill might actually be smaller than the numbers being bruited about, thiswise:

It looks to me as though the fecktards in DC (and the media) are calling tax cuts (if there are any) expenditures. Not so.

Well, ya see, Alger, if you think letting the people keep more of their own money is an expenditure, it’s no stretch at all to call payments to people who don’t pay taxes can be called a tax cut. Rebate. Credit. Whatever.



Barry O Claims

OR WANTS IT asserted that, because the Left has been getting away with lying about the New (Raw) Deal for seventy-plus years, it’s not cricket when you call him on trying to reinvigorate said New (Raw) Deal — on the basis that it didn’t work the first time around — because that’s (get this) old news. That debate is over.

What debate? You mean the people who predicted back then that the New (Raw) Deal would come to a bad end, that it would pervert American institutions in ways both imaginable and not-so-much, and that it would entrench intrinsic socio-political-economic disaster for decades to come? Those people, who were shouted down and made to seem beyond the pale then and for all the time since?

The people who were right?

That debate?

Probably. Most left-whingers seem to think that’s what debate is all about. Shouting down their opposition, then claiming the debate is over.

The Problem Is

IT’S JUST TOO HARD to impeach and remove from office any judge so obviously malfeasant.

Ooo! “MalFEASant.” I like! It rolls of the tongue with so much more authority than, “Has his head up his ass.” Or, in this case, “Their heads up their asses.”

Quote of the Day

Democrats have voted for those who will steal from us and future generations to pay for their whims.
You do the math.

The Breda

A Caller to the Morning

SHOW ON WKRC in Cincinnati Monday reported that she had emailed several Senators begging they not support the porkulus bill. The Senators were not her own, but were reported RINO fence-sitters with the unmitigated gall to support the damned thing.

Two of the three she contacted replied with variously adept/inept auto-replies. The third, Arlen Specter, responded that, since the caller is not his constituent, he would not be reading her email.

Which would be fine if the ill effects of his perfidy could be confined to his constituents alone, but — alas — such is not the case.

What’s the penalty for negligent legislating?

You do need to contact your congresscritters in the most vigorous manner you can manage to kill the bill in reconciliation (where the Senate and House versions are mated up and have to be trimmed to fit). Do not despair. This feat has been managed before, where some particularly odious bit of excrescence has passed both houses, but got killed in the joint committee.

I Hadn’t Thought of It

QUITE THIS WAY, and it’s a distraction from the absolutely criminal behavior of Congress in the matter, but, yes, I would say the home-and-garden shows are culpable. Toni and I watch a lot of these because, well, it’s about the only programming we can agree on. (That’s why we have two TVs in a 4-room house.) It always drives us crazy when Kendra Todd tells homeowners they’ve made a profit. “NOT UNTIL YOU SELL!” we yell at the screen.

But it’s of a piece with all media. Lazy, slapdash, anything-to-make-a-buck. Which host does more damage — Kendra Todd advising people to work on maintaining their equity value in their homes or Katie Couric, advising voters to support socialism? To me, the choice is obvious.

Jeeze! Whatta Maroon!

LEFT-WHINGER Bill Press bitches in the WaPo that leftists can’t get mindshare on the radio in the District of Columbia! Which should tell you something about the viability of their message with radio listeners. I doubt you could find a more compatible pool of listeners to the message. And yet…

Press tries to argue that, in certain markets where there’s a heavy left-leaning political environment, leftist radio is successful, and therefor, this should be more-generally true. But, knowing radio programmers as I do, let me assure you, if there was a market for left-leaning content, it would be on the air. That it is not is an indicator of its viability, despite Press’ claims to the contrary.

And whatever the situation, it takes large brass ones to claim that it’s necessary to introduce government coercion into the marketplace of ideas in order to “level the playing field”.

Aw, hell, Alger! You know that’s a leftist shibboleth meaning, “tilt the playing field in our direction, and move our goalposts 50% closer than the opposition’s.”

Well, yeah, but you have at least pretend to take these guys at face value to illustrate their absurdity.

That Talk

BRIGID ADVISES you have it.

When her body was later found in the hospital parking lot, the whistle was still between her teeth. She had blown it until it filled up with blood as she died.

Democrats to Seniors:

GO ON AND DIE ALREADY — it’s the patriotic thing to do.

At least, that’s what the stealth health care provisions being snuck into the porkulus bill seem to be saying.

The bill’s health rules will affect “every individual in the United States” (445, 454, 479). Your medical treatments will be tracked electronically by a federal system. Having electronic medical records at your fingertips, easily transferred to a hospital, is beneficial. It will help avoid duplicate tests and errors.

Not only is this unconstitutional on an enumerated powers basis, but it also constitutes an improper search of private papers.

And that is all the argument you need to nuke it. That it’s also impractical — won’t work — is almost immaterial. That it is an invitation to abuse and gross invasions of privacy… really isn’t on point. That it’s affirmatively evil… well.

I’m guessing, since AARP is in favor of all this socialist crap, you won’t see them taking up the cause of the victims in this slow-motion atrocity.

Probably not, Dolly. Probably not.

Surface Stations

DOT ORG has updated their mapping of USHCN (United States Historical Climatological Network) stations. These are the stations which provide the bulk of the data used to fabricate (and I use that word deliberately and with malice aforethought) the statistical underpinnings of the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming conjecture (not worthy of being called even a hypothesis — for lack of rigor).

The note from SS.O leader, Anthony Watts, is here. As Anthony reports, they now have 70% of the extant stations surveyed. I don’t pretend to understand the minutiae of the data. I imagine bits of it will be being teased out for years to come. But one thing jumps out at you and slaps you in the face like a fish in the Monty Python Fish Dance sketch.

69% of the stations are sited such that they can be assumed to generate data with a greater error than the claimed per-century delta of historical warming.

That is to say that the claimed warming trend over the period from about 1890 to 2000 is within the margin of error (+/- 2°C).

As I have said almost from the first day I began investigating this topic on my own some years ago, we don’t know there has been warming. From the extant data, we cannot know, because the information is not there to tell us, and there is no way we can find out, because all other methods than direct observation are less precise. All we can say is that when we have looked, where we have looked, there is a statistically insignificant trend, which can be made stronger or to disappear depending on how you massage the data. And that last should tell you all you really need to know about the subject.

All the rest of the whole CAGW hoax rests on this data — thin support, and on close examination, the whole collapses like a city built out of playing cards when they turn on the fans.

No need for ad hominem attacks on the witless Al Gore and that opportunistic crapweasel James Hansen and his butt boy Gavin Schmidt, or the bureaucratic petit dictators in the UN’s IPCC. All we need are the facts, ma’am.

I Could Do Without

THE DRAMA. Saturday, after struggling to get started, fighting getting set up, dealing with interruptions, I finally got some momentum going on putting together Toni’s bookcase. All the boards were cut and urethaned. Everything was green-for-go.

I had the assembly laid out on my Work Mates and was merrily gluing and screwing one end, when my seat went out from under me.

I turned around to see that I’d collapsed the wall cabinet-turned-base that I’m using as a plinth for the bookcase. The top board was lying in the midst of the contents of the cabinet, pancaked like somebody’d done a controlled demo on it.

Now, in my defense — yes, wall cabinet, yes 300 pounds of lardass — but all of the other cabinets in the room have either been engineered ab initio to be sat on or have been retrofitted with interior bracing to permit the weight of an Obese American’s butt spread over their top surfaces. Only this one, which has never been intended to be sat upon — because it was going to hold up a book case, which might weight a couple hundred pounds loaded with soaking wet books, but whose weight would be distributed over battens screwed to the wall studs, as well as having its principle members fastened atop the vertical members of the cabinet.

It wouldn’t ever exceed its load.

Good thing, too, because those things are not made to take any substantial weight. They’re made of MDF, and barely held together with dowels and 15ga staples (no glue to speak of).

I suppose Murphy decrees that I should sit on it almost at the very moment it would enter this immune-to-sitness state and be forever beyond the threat posed by my largeness.

And, of course, I had to fix it, which blew the rest of the day.

Fortunately, I had a piece of 3/4″ plywood to-hand that I could cut to size (using the remains of the old top as a router template), sand up to 600g real quick, and slap a couple coats of tung oil on (rushing the between-coats time by about 20 hours), and pocket-screw into place.

I stayed up til 1AM to try to catch up.I got the bookcase assembled and ready to be mounted on the wall in the morning.

Which I did. No drama, therefore not much to report. Here’s a picture. The Masonite backs get painted red to match the wall color-to-be and then glued in. I wanted to use almond caulk around the edges, but Toni’s vetoed that. She wants quarter-round. ::sigh:: What Mama wants, Mama gets. If I don’t want to fight her over it, that is. And this one isn’t worth fighting over, no matter how invincibly convinced I am that my way will look better.

The Simple-Minded Barbara Boxer

SENATWIT FROM the Peoples Republic of Kalivornia, is being soundbitten about the — scorn quotes — “stimulus” package that, “If we do nothing, I feel it would be a hostile act.”

Therein demonstrating the utter stupidity and willful ignorance of the limousine leftist.

No, Barbara, you ignorant slut, doing something-anything is the hostile act.

Doing nothing — administering what medicos call Tincture of Time and Tender Loving Neglect — would be the best thing government could do.

Government is not wanted, except by rent-seekers. Government is viewed with hostility and suspicion because, whenever government inserts itself in a market situation, it invariably makes said situation worse, not better. Government is not trusted because all government can do — can do — is steal the people’s money, destroy their property, and encumber their enterprise.

So They’re Playing

THE PANIC CARD on the — scorn quotes — “stimulus,” even as public support for it wanes. Ebbs. Goes out with the tide. Gets sucked down in the undertow.

They’re saying if we don’t do something RIGHT NOW(!!!Eleven!1), we may never recover from the recession.

To me, that’s a sign it’s time to donkey up. Dig your heels in, lean back against the halter rope, and REFUSE to go ANY farther. The only appropriate answer to this tactic is, “HELL no!”

Inform your congresscritters of your resolve.

And in line with that, this comes via eMail from The Mrs — Connie du Toit. It’s a blast being sent out by the folks from Americans for Prosperity.

It now looks like the vote in the Senate on the Pelosi-Reid-Obama giveaway spending bill will be this weekend — most likely Sunday though it could slide to Monday. Thanks in large part to folks like you, pressure is building relentlessly on individual senators. The Democrat leadership desperately wanted to end the debate last night because they know they’re losing the battle on the ground but they did not have the votes in-hand to defeat a filibuster as of last night.

We need to make sure your senator understands that just cutting some pork is not enough to fix the bill. And we know our members agree. On our Wednesday night telephone town hall with Senator Jim DeMint, we asked the over 10,000 activists who joined the call if a compromise on the stimulus bill was acceptable, 96% of the responses were a very clear NO.

That’s why we’ve got to dial up our efforts even higher.

This afternoon, Americans for Prosperity is delivering your petition along with more than 68,000 other signatures from our website to the Senate demanding a NO vote on this outrageous bill!

The petitions are broken out state by state. Already, we’ve been sending the petitions to targeted senate offices via email and fax. Targeted offices have included Senator Specter (PA), Senator Snowe (ME), Senator Nelson (NE), Senator McConnell (KY) and others.

One senate office told me last night that people calling and emailing their offices are having a powerful impact BECAUSE they are able to describe in detail the waste, abuse and sheer wrong-headedness in this Pelosi-Reid-Obama spending bill. That’s an important reminder for us to be focused specifically on WHY this bill will hurt our nation and send us down the wrong path. To that end I want to share two very important websites with you.

The first website is by the great folks at the Mercatus Institute. This site is crucial because it details state-by-state the most outrageous requests for earmarks if the legislation passes I urge you to check out this site and look at your own state’s most egregious earmark requests.

The second site is from our good friends at the Heritage Foundation. They detail how funds in the Pelosi-Reid-Obama debt plan will fast track the scheme to move us to a Government Run Health Care System — without any public debate.

After you check out these sites, if you have not called your Senator, do so today. You can call the Senate switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask for your Senator. I just dialed the number from my desk and all the circuits were busy!! Let’s keep shutting down the system though that means you may have to call a few times to get through to your senator.

And please get your friends to to sign the petition — we can break 100,000 petitions by Sunday with your help. Adding more petitions every hour is the clearest way to show momentum for our side and keep the heat on the senators.

Check out the “counter” to see the momentum that you are helping grow– it keeps a real time log of every single new petition.

Keep fighting. Keep getting your friends and family involved. You’re part of a growing grassroots movement that is going to protect our economic freedoms and preserve the American Dream.

Tim Phillips
President, Americans for Prosperity

P.S. You signed the petition and said NO to heaving trillions of dollars of debt in the name of economic “stimulus” and now lawmakers are starting to feel the heat. Help us keep the momentum going by forwarding this to your friends, calling your Senator, and by supporting our efforts so we can reach more individuals through emails and the radio.

Our Curmudgeon

DANCES UP TO and then issues a brilliant savatte kick under the chin to the notion that there can be reasonable restrictions on rights.

Rights are binary. They either are or they are not. If they are not, they have been infringe or abdriged — even if only traduced.

Rights are absolute until they meet a boundary. The only possible boundaries are two: 1) the physical (and legal) borders of the nation state which purports to defend them, 2) the equal rights of some other individual resident within the same.

You do not have the right or authority to waive my rights. Period. End of discussion.

Joe Huffman has his Just One Question. I have another:

If it is proper for a citizen to use force — even lethal force — to prevent or halt the commission of a felony (in the interest of preserving the life and property of the innocent), how much more-so to prevent an ongoing violation of a provision of the Constitution — given that the latter is the source of authority for the former?

When is it proper, for example, to use force to stop a legislator engaged in unconstitutional actions? Indeed, when is it required of those who have sworn oaths to… protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic…?

Dear Mr. President

IF OUR ARGUMENTS are tired, it is only from ceaseless and senseless battle — defending against the old, threadbare, and failed nostrums offered by you and yours.

Instead of bringing to the table more hair of the dog that bit us, why not bring to the American people a truly American solution to the problems caused by you and yours in government: more liberty. Less government. Hmmm? It’s not as if it’s not recognized, now and ever since the Founding of this Republic, that true prosperity rises from freedom, which your prescription will give us less of, not more.

Since this is clear, and well-known for centuries, now, one cannot help but ask: What are you up to, Mr. President? It surely doesn’t look like no good.


PAUL SIMON’S hit from the ’70s starts out:

When I think back on all the crap I learned in high school
It’s a wonder I can think at all.
Oh, but my lack of education hasn’t hurt me none
I can read the writing on the wall.

It was, as much of Simon’s verse, a fair reflection of the attitudes of the time. We couldn’t point fingers at the causes (John Dewey’s theories of pedagogy, teacher unionization, “liberal” mother-my-dog social attitudes toward standards and discipline), but we knew that we had been short-changed by the education establishment.

It has not gotten any better over the intervening decades.

Schoolchildren today are being catechized in the religion of global warming, indoctrinated after the manner of the Young Pioneers and other socialist generation-busting schemes to disregard their parents’ — scorn quotes — “ignorance” of the matter. Next we’ll be hearing they’re being trained to inform on AGW sinners. Don’t believe me? Listen to the Goracle himself on the subject.

And yet, even the Left is coming to realize what a fraud, what a scam is the notion of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming.

What do you think is going to happen to the credibility of the education establishment when the kids figure it out?

Not much.

Why not?

What would you do when somebody told you…

…in the words of the book title, Everything You Know Is Wrong? Why, to quote the late, unlamented John Maynard Keynes, I change my mind. What do you do?

For Those Who Can’t Do

THE MATH… Monday was Groundhog Day. A whistlepig in the tourist trap town of Punxatawney, Pee-Ay, is goaded out of his den. If the sun is out, casting a shadow — which shadow said whistlepig will presumably behold — six more weeks of winter. If not, all’s well, and the season will proceed normally to spring.

To understand something, you need to know a couple of facts. First, spring begins on the vernal equinox, which is generally sometime around March 21. Second, six weeks is roughly equivalent to 42 days.

Which means that, if you add 42 to 2 (the date of Groundhog Day), you get 44. Subract from that 28 — the number of days in a non-leap-year February — and you get the date of the last day of our sentence of winter — 16. The 16th of March would therefore be the last day of our extended winter. Five days before the official and ordinary — normal, even — start of spring on the 21st.

It has always amazed and delighted me that people would fall for this nonsense.

Got Two Coats

OF URETHANE on the boards for Toni’s bookcase. Looking at them Sunday night, I think I’m going to do a third coat. Should be able to assemble by the weekend.

Read over Armed Citizen again, and find it far more solid than I could have thought. It seems to me that very slight changes and additions are all it will take to complete it. Right now, it stands at 20-25,000 words (depending on your method of counting) — about 100 manuscript pages. I think the additions could add up to 15,000 more words, but might hold to as few as 5,000 more. (Another thing I’m terrible at estimating — word counts.) There are a few bits of exposition, and a subplot that need to be fleshed out and that’s it.

I’m worried about the obvious deriviation from Heinlein’s “Jerry Was a Man.” Taking RAH’s dictum, I feel as though I should file the serial numbers off better, but I’m also at a loss as to how.

Amazing that the growing outrage in the country with the government’s overreaching is getting as little attention with the press as it is. Seems the conflict ought to be a ready-made ratings-getter. I guess the media elites don’t take it seriously. They need to get out more. Me, I can’t see how a taxpayer revolt is avoidable.

Quote of the Day

A visual representation of the stimulus package is: Imagine you see a person at work taking buckets of water from the deep end of a swimming pool and dumping them into the shallow end in an attempt to make it deeper. You would deem him stupid. That scenario is equivalent to what Congress and the new president proposes for the economy.

Walter E. Williams