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Overheard in Alger’s Head

CUE: SndFX of shredder running.

Alger: (hums as he merrily shreds junk credit card solicitations)

Dolly: Think of all the tree murder that represents.

Alger: Think of the carbon sequestration.

Dolly: Eh?

Alger: Yeah. Trees grow. Absorb carbon dioxide, make cellulose. Trees get cut down, don’t decay. Carbon sequestered. Made into paper. Paper shredded goes into landfill. Stays there for centuries — according to the watermelon Left. Carbon sequestration. Q.E.D.

Dolly: Yebbut. YOU know that carbon-as-pollutant booshwa is, well… a buncha booshwa.

Alger: Just as we know that the watermelon hysteria over the killing of trees (a.k.a., the harvesting of a renewable resource) is, well… hysterical. Just like most of the hysterical watermelon enthusiasms the Left and their willing accomplices in the legacy partisan press…

Dolly: But you repeat yourself.

Alger: …but I repeat myself. Just like most of the hysterical watermelon enthusiasms the Left embosses on the public consciousness, it’s — all together, now —

Alger & Dolly together: Founded in ignorance, focused on irrelevance, and engaged in wishful thinking.

Alger: And, in this case, wrapped in lies.

Dolly: Great lecture, Alger. You should blog it.

Stole This Meme

FROM OG — just because he didn’t tag anybody. But also because I was kinda curious to see…

My 100 things.

1. Started your own blog

2. Slept under the stars

3. Played in a band

4. Visited Hawaii

5. Watched a meteor shower

6. Given more than you can afford to charity

7. Been to Disneyland (and Disney World)

8. Climbed a mountain

9. Held a praying mantis

10. Sang a solo

11. Bungee jumped

12. Visited Paris

13. Watched a lightning storm at sea(from land)

14. Taught yourself an art from scratch

15. Adopted a child (I don’t suppose puppies count)

16. Had food poisoning

17. Walked to the top of the Statue of Liberty (How about High Point Monument, New Jersey?)

18. Grown your own vegetables (weeding Mom’s vegetable garden?)

19. Seen the Mona Lisa in France

20. Slept on an overnight train

21. Had a pillow fight

22. Hitch hiked (three miles to school, in snow — uphill both ways)

23. Taken a sick day when you’re not ill (got fired for it, too)

24. Built a snow fort

25. Held a lamb

26. Gone skinny dipping (in a millionaire’s pool)*

27. Run a Marathon

28. Ridden in a gondola in Venice

29. Seen a total eclipse

30. Watched a sunrise or sunset

31. Hit a home run

32. Been on a cruise

33. Seen Niagara Falls in person

34. Visited the birthplace of your ancestors

35. Seen an Amish community

36. Taught yourself a new language

37. Had enough money to be truly satisfied

38. Seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa in person

39. Gone rock climbing

40. Seen Michelangelos David

41. Sung karaoke

42. Seen Old Faithful geyser erupt

43. Bought a stranger a meal at a restaurant

44. Visited Africa

45. Walked on a beach by moonlight (slept on the beach under the stars)

46. Been transported in an ambulance (I have been in an ER several times, though, including the obligatory 3AM for a heart attack (somebody else’s))

47. Had your portrait painted

48. Gone deep sea fishing

49. Seen the Sistine Chapel in person

50. Been to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris

51. Gone scuba diving or snorkeling

52. Kissed in the rain (and the snow, and on the beach)

53. Played in the mud

54. Gone to a drive-in theater

55. Been in a movie

56. Visited the Great Wall of China

57. Started a business (failed, too)

58. Taken a martial arts class

59. Visited Russia

60. Served at a soup kitchen

61. Sold Girl Scout Cookies (I don’t guess band candy counts)

62. Gone whale watching

63. Got flowers for no reason

64. Donated blood, platelets or plasma

65. Gone sky diving

66. Visited a Nazi Concentration Camp

67. Bounced a check (heh. Ask Toni… No. Don’t)

68. Flown in a helicopter

69. Saved a favorite childhood toy

70. Visited the Lincoln Memorial

71. Eaten Caviar

72. Pieced a quilt

73. Stood in Times Square

74. Toured the Everglades

75. Been fired from a job (Buncha times. For calling in sick at one.)

76. Seen the Changing of the Guards in London

77. Broken a bone

78. Been on a speeding motorcycle (as in exceeding the speed limit, right?)

79. Seen the Grand Canyon in person

80. Published a book

81. Visited the Vatican

82. Bought a brand new car

83. Walked in Jerusalem

84. Had your picture in the newspaper

85. Read the entire Bible (not all at once, anyway)

86. Visited the White House

87. Killed and prepared an animal for eating

88. Had chickenpox

89. Saved someone’s life

90. Sat on a jury

91. Met someone famous (even been a little famous myself)

92. Joined a book club

93. Lost a loved one

94. Had a baby

95. Seen the Alamo in person

96. Swam in the Great Salt Lake

97. Been involved in a law suit

98. Owned a cell phone

99. Been stung by a bee

100. Read an entire book in one day

* Og — Given the business you’re in, you might find it interesting to know that the millionaire’s name was Geier.

When Black Friday Comes

AMAZON ADVISES via an email blast this morning to all associates that Black Friday comes on a Tuesday this month.

Long Weekend

TO QOTD LabRat in her whine of the other day, (I really love this turn of phrase, too):

Good fucking god it’s been a long weekend, and not in the nice, lying-around-with-a-drink-and-a-book kind of way.

And doesn’t lying around all weekend with a drink and a book sound just SO delightful?

Yeah, like that’s ever gonna happen!

Why not? You do it all the time.

Except for I don’t drink.

Well. There is that. And thank God, too. You drunk is one scary notion.

Swennyways. Saturday, I did the groceries. As usual, it wiped me. (Isn’t that a Van Morrison song?) Sunday, I moved the phone and bumped the dimmer/switch box out from the wall so it’ll poke through the back of the bookcase, there. Then I cut and nailed the batten/ledger boards up to the wall.

The boo-boo in the drywall is from where Alger proved he can’t handle more than two variables at once. The addition of the shift for that switch plate just flummoxed him and the left end of that board ended up in the space another board is going to go. In the process of prying the misplaced board loose with a catclaw, he managed to ding the drywall up pretty good.

Et tu, Dolly? Telling tales out of school?

Can’t. I’m not in school.

Exactly. So pretty much any tale you tell is — by definition — out of school in its out-of-something-ness.

::slow burn::

Then, Monday, I ripped the last of the boards, cleaned up edges with the router, and hot-glued the edge banding on almost all of the boards. I ran out.

And thereby hangs an out-of-school tale…

Dolly! I’m warning you!

What? that you can’t read? Or you can’t count?

I’m bad at estimating anything, even if it’s labeled. Happy?


More meta- than ec-, I’d say.

So Tuesday after work, I’ll run by the Home Despot and pick up some more edge band veneer. Should be able to drill and start finish-coating everything this weekend.

Famous last words.


CALLER ON RUSH asks, “What’s wrong with making an SUV that gets better gas mileage?”

Answer: absolutely nothing.


That begs the question. The goal of the party of government is not purely better gas mileage. The goal of the party of government is the ELIMINATION of the use of petroleum — totally — at ANY cost.

The reason that hybrids and flex fuel vehicles and the rest of that lot do not sell well is that, failures on civics tests notwithstanding, most Americans can do the math. You cannot save enough on gasoline driving one of those things to make up the price premium.

You. Cannot.

The price of hybrid technology may come down, as early adopters take the arrows that all pioneers always take. But the rest of us just want reliable transportation at the lowest price we can get. Which may mean — absent government coercion — hybrids will always remain an expensive luxury. Especially if the battery technology remains intractible.

Forcing people to make uneconomic decisions because you believe that to be the most desirable outcome is stupid and oppressive.

Stupid and oppressive. Sounds like a definition of evil to me.

Not to mention that we aren’t going to run out of petroleum for at least another ten generations. That is: for the length of time from the start of the Industrial Revolution to now, extended out into the future, there is enough in known petroleum reserves to run our economy. And, if the abiogenic theories of hydrocarbon formation pan out, a whole lot longer than that.

Add to that the fact that the whole CO2 hysteria is a hoax, well… There’s no reason for it.

Finally, the projection of YOUR priorities onto me is also stupid and oppressive. My priorities for transportation are not yours. For example, I prize (in this order), comfort, wide field of vision, visibility, crash-survivability, winter traction, and cargo capacity over fuel economy. Trying to force me to put fuel efficiency at the top of the list means my reasons for choosing an SUV (my last car was a Toyota Corolla) don’t matter. Which makes you a would-be dictator. Sorry, Charlie, homey don’t play dat.

Our Only Hope

AGAINST THE COMING DARKNESS would appear to be the existence in Congress of a hitherto undiscovered spine on the part of some Democrats. Or that massive public outcry will give the cowards pause. (And it will, but it might also drive them underground.) Waxman’s Lunch.

I hope that those who have counseled that “if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu,” will now realize that they are on the menu and they’d better get as far away from the table as quickly as they can. The cap-and-trade bill that Chairman Dingell proposed this fall would dramatically raise energy prices for American consumers and producers. Chairman Waxman, who represents Beverly Hills, introduced a cap-and-trade bill in this Congress that would send us back to the Stone Age.

Good Morning

LIKE THE QUEEN OF SNARK Goodelaydye Tamara, domestic duties pull me away from blogging. AND… I went to bed quite tired last night (really early, too), so didn’t get today’s post ready. Yet. Couple of posts bubbling around and getting close to perking. When next you hear the bamp-bamp, ba-daddle-BAMP-bamp, bamp-bamp-bamp-bamp-BOOP-bamp, bamp-baddle-BAMP-bamp, baddle-baddle-BAMP-bamp, (Name that tune!) the posts will be ready.

Meantime, I have work to do and need to get to it.

Could it be… SATAN??

GLEN BECK IS RANTING this morning about his “perfect storm” of political and economic disaster. OK. Suppose he’s right. How did it happen, despite all those who took charge saying “Oh, no, no. It won’t happen here.” Because they’d a plan, you see…?

Just a random brain-fart, here.

Let’s assume it’s no accident. Let’s assume things were meant to work out something like this. Let’s assume that somebody deliberately threw the world into a depression in order to slow, stop, or reverse economic and population growth because A) they believe the overpopulation and AGW myths and-slash-or 2) they think it’s a road to power.

Round up the usual suspects.

How does that do as a working hypothesis? How will America go? (After all, one assumes that, once again, America will be the one place where freedom — reeling as it may be — stands tall enough to arm and bankroll the resistance.) How does China resemble Japan ca 1930? How does Russia resemble Germany in the same period? How does Iran resemble Italy a few years earlier?

Or is there a different set of lessons we’re about to be taught by history that will not be denied?

Pielke, Sr., Asks

“IS CO2 A POLLUTANT?” to which my answer is, “No. But the notion it might be makes an excellent litmus test for idiocy.”

Pielke’s post here.

I Keep Trying To

IGNORE THE WHOLE Obama birf certiffikit flap. It strikes me as a lot of paranoid Bilderbergerilluminatitrilateralist nonsense. The assertions and counter-assertions on both sides of the question strike me as off-kilter.

But…! That would mean that Obama’s assertion of his citizenship is off-kilter!

Well, yeah. And that’s the problem. It just won’t go away.

And it appears that the SCOTUS is going to consider a petition for cert.

It would be nice if the question could be dealt with dispositively one way or another before the Electoral College vote.

So you don’t believe the Obama campaign/transition folk who say there’s nothing to the suit.

Well… Say I find their assertions unpersuasive. I mean, it would be so easy to nuke the damned thing: release the frittering birth certificate already.

And that they refuse to — for whatever reason — smacks of a coverup.

Too Much

FOUGHT IT as long as we could. We realized it last weekend, but have tried to keep hope alive. But we’re not going to be able to make it to Indy on Sunday.

Too much to do, too little time to do it in. Something had to give and the the out-of-town trip on a wintery Sunday was it — this time.


You guys hoist one for me.


A FUNNY THING happened last night. I got a challenge in comments from a friend. Well, maybe not a friend, yet. We’ve only met a few times, spent spare hours in one another’s company, corresponded briefly in email and blog comments. Nevertheless, I highly respect her and hope that, given time, the relationship may develop into something Cicero would recognize as between friends.

The comment thread is here.

This is relevant to the topic at hand because I do not feel I can dismiss her expressed feelings out of hand as I might with a stranger. Nevertheless, I disagree with what seem to be her conclusions on a topic on which I don’t feel my own stand to be all that firm or well-grounded. As a result of my unsure footing, I found myself inching farther and farther out on a shaky limb with a saw in my hand — the one closer to the trunk. I had to stop.

Tam expressed — as I see it (please feel free to jump in and disagree) — a frustration a lot of liberty-oriented individualists express with what they seem to see as the collectivist, nanny-state tendencies of religious conservatives. The complaint seems to be that said relicons want to dictate public morality exclusively based on the Mosaic code, when there are apparent elements of that code which deny the fundamental beliefs of said individualists.

Said fair?

Among the oft-voiced complaints is the one that relicons want to act as bedroom cops and deny non-relicon-type folk the right, privilege, space, and peace of mind to do in their own bedrooms what they will, so long as it involves only consenting adults and nobody comes to harm.

Honestly, no one I’ve ever met since I turned eighteen and my own parents could no longer assert control over my behavior…

From what I’ve heard, it started a long time before that.

Hush, you!

…no one I’ve met since then has ever tried to control my behavior in such a manner, nor has one ever threatened to.

But you’re not gay.

No. True. But even if I were, it’d be nobody’s business what I did in private and I would labor to keep it that way. But we don’t live in a libertarian paradise… and I’m getting distracted again.

Stop. Breathe.

What I’m trying to get around to is this: Just as it beehoves gunnies not to permit the breach between hunters and self-defense proponents to widen (or even to exist), so to does it behoove the Right not to build a wall between social conservatives and libertarians. Live and let live.

I’m actually speaking more from the libertarian side of the dance floor, but understand and sympathize with folk of faith at the same time. Personally, I don’t feel threatened by the faithful. That’s probably because I believe mostly as they do. I would not call myself Christian only because I am not a member of a congregation, and that is one of the primary requirements of the faith — that you gather in His name. At the same time, I don’t believe that the call to evangelism is a call to bother either God or your neighbors. There is a time and a place to witness, and every moment everywhere you go asking, “Have you met Jesus?” is not good salesmanship. A soft sell is far more likely to meet a receptive audience and find eventual success.

What He called the still, small voice.

I was, however, raised to respect the beliefs and rituals of others. What someone else needs or does in his search for enlightenment is not for me to say, so long as it doesn’t harm me.

Libertarianism is a belief in and an urge toward liberty. This blessing of GOD is an expression the natural yearning of the human spirit to breathe free. As the mind and soul of the individual are the apotheosis of mankind, liberty is of necessity a characteristic of the individual. Every human being must be permitted to find and enjoy it in his own way and time. It’s not for you or me to say, so long as you or I remain unharmed by a man’s exercise of his freedom.

And: aware of the difference between liberty and freedom. Just go with it, OK?

Agnostic or atheistic libertarians do need to recognize a few things, though. You inhabit a civilization that was founded by and developed by — by en large — Christians. Yes, adherents of other faiths contributed. Bully for them. But YOU — here and now — inhabit a piece of Christendom. Have a little courtesy, wouldja?

The people you call “God-botherers” were, for the most part, minding their own business when, all of a sudden (from their perspective), they were suddenly attacked for no good reason by a bunch of godless heathens. They didn’t get political in order to force their way of life on you or anybody else. They got political — as so many do — to defend their way of life from attack.

Keep that in mind, please.

Herewith follows a deliberate digression.

One of the oft-expressed expressions of surprised expression people express on meeting a bunch of gunnies — or any other random group of conservatives — in a social setting for the first time, is how nice everybody is. If you’ve hung around with Democrats or other leftists a lot, you may have noticed that they have a tendency to sound like teenagers — arch, sarcastic, cynical, bitter, judgemental — while conservatives tend to be friendlier. Nicer. More open. Happier. Obviously, vast and sweeping generalizations, but you know they hold true.

Here’s a tip: the faithful are also nicer, more open, happier, more tolerant. That’s because their faith (with a singular exception) mandates that they be that way. Yes, there are dour, ascetic sects. I was raised in a Calvinistic tradition, for all it was watered down. People did smile. I even remember some church elders joking once. ONCE. (J/K) One of them even called another a sybarite in jest. ::gasp::

It’s possible for all of us to just … get along. If the faithful can be a little less aggressive in proselytizing, and if the ag- and a- folk can accept that, no, the God-botherers don’t really give a rip what you do in private, just don’t scare the horses, we’ll get along just fine.

A special note to the faithful: Make your case without reference to God. That’s called an Appeal to Authority, and it weakens your case. Your faith can inform your arguments, but “God says so!” only wins with other people who probably agree with you anyway. Your moral case can be founded in logic and certain, known societal goods, and will be more persuasive for it among those who do not believe as you. And, if you’re only argument is, “It’s in the Bible!” I’d suggest you read further in the scriptures. (I always found the Anchor Concordance a good tool for research.) As you should know by now, nearly anything asserted in scripture can be matched with its diametric opposite somewhere else — sometimes in the same book. This is not an argument against the Word, but an argument against your surety that YOU know the Word and can interpret as God meant it. Have a care for your pride.

A special note to the areligious: Don’t assume that any argument from a person of faith is ipso facto founded in ignorance, poor reasoning, or a a doltish reliance on scripture as a substitute for thought.

Above all, do not trust the straw men that the Left and its willing accomplices in the legacy partisan media have thrown together to persuade either of you that the other is the devil incarnate. It ain’t so.

I’m sure I missed something, got something wrong, or didn’t get to a key point. But it’s too late now….


YES, I DO mean you. Go read this.

Heh. ::eyebrow bounce::

(Hat tip: DougM at KisP.)

This is What Happens

WHEN YOU ABANDON PRINCIPLE in favor of pragmatism. Both principles and practice suffer.

In response to arguments that many previous such plans had failed, the Supreme Court merely said that “we decline to second-guess the City’s considered judgments about the efficacy of its development plan.”

Three years after the decision, no one had to second-guess the city’s judgments. Instead, it was clear that they were wrong. The homes of Susette Kelo and her neighbors have all been torn down or removed. But, except for the remodeling of one government building into another government building, virtually no new development had taken place in the Fort Trumbull district by May, 2008.

The Antiplanner

A man with a briefcase
Can steal more money
Than any man with a gun

–Don Henley

When correctly viewed, property and money are tied to life. Thus, while property is not theft, theft (including theft under color of law) is murder.

The Sub-Head to This

ITEM IN BILLY BOARD “WHO WILL BE OBAMA’S COPYRIGHT CZAR?” (Subscription required and it ain’t cheap.) reads…

Could The Right Presidential Appointee Help Save The Music?

In a word: no.

As I have been saying for my long and striped (as in checkered only less-so) career in the music biz, the reason we’re all here is the music. The artists make it, the fans want it, and the rest of us make comfortable livings making sure both continue.

But that does not mean that we have any serious influence over the music, or can “save” it. It is beyond saving. The music just is, and no human agency is able to alter that. It’s colossal arrogance to think otherwise.

The fat cats in the have-a-cigar suits and the offices with the gold records on the wall are just worried about defending their rice bowls. They may or may not care about the music, but that’s not why they’re picking this fight.

The Pile of Boards

HAS GOTTEN PILE-Y-ER and my weekend — for all its three-dayness — is over.

Closed out the day Sunday with less accomplished than intended. It’ll do that to you to have to put an old friend down. Monday, rather than mope around the estancia all the derry-ding-day long, I set to with a will and a saw. And a router. And an angle grinder.

“When did you get an angle grinder, ” Og asks.

Shhh, Dolly!

Oops! Sorry. Did I de-bag the cat?

Not really, but there are going to be questions.

But you degrease.


I’m getting this whole edge-trimming-to-perfection routine with the router down pat.

Cleaned up the two remaining standard boards and the third board from which I was planning on cutting the fill-in pieces for the right bay’s verticals. Then I locked the whole mess up, (to use an old letterpressman’s term), just to see what it looked like.

Something like this:

Made a whole raft of decisions. Did a bunch of design refinement. Even made a trip to the Home Despot for some wiring supplies and assorted other sundries, (including a neat six-foot folding rule with an inside gauge).

Decided progress is not progressing well, here, and I need to pick up the pace. I may or may not work in the evenings. I have edge banding, sanding, and a lot of drilling to do. I’d prefer to hold off on the drilling until after I have a coat of sanding sealer on everything, but… We’ll have to see how things progress.

A Death in the Family

MURPH’S LAST CATPILE… earlier today.

This blog’s gonna get slow to load here for awhile.

Murph overtaken by a nap attack, chin on the footrail of our living room coffee table. About six months old, in 1992.

Around the same time, on the bottom step.

Murph and Indo liked the stairs a lot. They also seemed to like each other — they spent a lot of time together.

Toni, from comments to this post:

It’s so hard to think about how little time he has left with us….and us with him.I remember the day that he was found in a box, with his two siblings, at the back door of my office. No note. No food. Just three big kittens. I fell for Murphy, the gray and white stummpy manx. Patti took the all black manx and named him Benny and Monica took the black and white, his name became Fedora. Murphy is the only one remaining from that litter. He’ll be seventeen in the spring, shortly after my anniversary at the vet’s that I work for.

He’s always given us loads of love and has been so tolerant of other cats coming into and out of our home. It’s so hard to see him getting old and doing poorly. Thanks for all your good wishes. We’ll make sure that Murphy knows that you are thinking of him. We sure are.


An eerie shot. The first picture I took with my digital camera, back in 2004. Murph was always around to point a camera at back then. Later, he had some trouble getting around and… not so much.

Listening to…

Today, around 3:00 this afternoon, Murph had what seemed to be a stroke. He was down on the living room floor, stiff and nearly lifeless. Though he seemed to recover a bit, he was still wobbly and in some apparent pain. (If you knew how stoic cats are about pain…) We took that as a sign it was time. Toni called Dr. Tim and we met him at the clinic in Arlington Heights. Good night ol’ guy.

Saturday Progress

THE PILE OF BOARDS below may not look like much…

Looks pretty much like a pile of boards.

Yes, but let it stand in metonymy for the accomplishments of my day yesterday. ‘Cause I actually got quite a bit done.

One of the main bits of progress is conceptual. I’d guess that happens a lot. You get stalled trying to figure something out and, allofasudden, the logjam breaks up and it’s asses and elbows for progress there for awhile.

I’d been planning to make the bookshelves on the south wall of the study next to Toni’s desk the same as the ones on the east wall next to mine. But the situations are different, and the differences had me stalled as to how to deal with them. Then, yesterday, thanks to consultations with Toni and Og (not at the same time), I had a change of mind that will lead, I think, to a cleaner solution — and one that’s easier to build, which is — pace Martha — a Good Thing.

Instead of building the thing in-place, and struggling with the methods for attaching it all to the wall, I’m going to build it all of a piece and fasten it to the wall as a single unit. This is actually a good bit closer to standard practice in cabinetmaking. It implies that some of the tricks I wanted to play won’t work — can’t conceal the mounting screw heads, for one — but it should make for a much faster build.

Here’s a rendering of the skematic. Now I have to make a plan, but I should be able to whip one up pretty quickly. The pale purple boxes are previously-hung cabinets. The tan boards are vertical members, the chartreuse boards are shelves and/or the tops and bottoms of the case, the blue boards are nailers, and the red panels are the masonite backs (which will be painted a brick-y red to match the walls).

This was greatly expedited by Toni’s decision to quit trying to use the cabinet box I’d abandoned when my under-desk cabinet grew in width by a foot. I built a new box for that and hung the factory doors on it. And we were left with this box. I was pretzelling myself all up and superstrung trying to figure out how to work. Finally, I forced it on Toni by making a drawing with paper cutouts and saying, in effect, “Tell me what you want.” The resulting decision was to hang the box on the west wall below a previously-installed cabinet.

And that was the first thing I did yesterday. Then I trimmed the edge banding on the boards I’d done during the week and hot glued some more banding on shelving boards and precut boards. Then I got all that trimmed down. And for the grand finale, I cut a bunch of shelf blanks (see above). Those will get routed to final size and square to match up the masters for each bay. With luck and a bit of effort, I should be able to get the whole affair to the same state today — edged, ripped, cut to-length, and (I hope), routed to final size. Then tomorrow, I should be able to drill for pocket screws and sand and apply sanding sealer across the — pun intended — board.

Talk About Your

SCARY BIGOTS Joe Huffman spots one.

I won’t apologize for concluding that anyone who supports the free and unfettered possession of deadly weapons is sick in their head. Why in God’s name should the Democratic party, or any organization dedicated to improving the lives and future of Americans, give up on the idea of gun control? Has mental illness spread so far in our country that the concept of curbing violent death by gun is no longer viable?

Here’s my take: all gun owners should immediately submit themselves for psychiatric examination, to determine the extent of their illness and begin treatment before they do harm to someone.

Rifled, single-shot hunting weapons aside, this country should immediately consider laws making the possession of any handgun or assault weapon evidence of serious and dangerous mental illness, and anyone having such a weapon on their possession should be subject to immediate immobilization, hospitalization and confinement for treatment. The sale of — or display with intent to sell — any handgun or assault weapon to a private citizen should result in that person’s inventory being seized and immediately destroyed, and the seller hospitalized immediately for treatment. Any factory producing handguns or assault weapons caught selling their product to private citizens should be closed, their corporate officers hospitalized, and the inventory destroyed.

Now that’s scary.

Orwellian scary.

Stalinist scary.

Jews-in-the-attic scary.

Arbeit macht frei, welcome to Auschwitz scary.

Gee! Didn’t We Say

(AT LEAST, I KNOW I DID) that giving the Secretary of the Treasury plenipotentiary powers in the bailout was a bad idea?

Sheesh! Every. Single. Time. You try and try to tell them. “It won’t work. It’s never worked.” What do they do? Go ahead and do it anyway. Slavery. Socialism. Income Taxes. Hell — taxes. The New Deal. The Grate Society. What do we have to do to keep Congress from acting like a herd of panicked lemmings?

Erm… vote ’em out of office?

We DID that! Didn’t do any good. They resolutely draw the wrong lesson from any election result.

Insist on certified genuine grade-A conservatives?

“Look for the conservative label?” Hmmm. Shows promise.

Good Catch!

BIRD DOG at Maggie’s place sieves one up that I saw but neglected to post.

…science reality in 2008 is that the IPCC’s hypothesis of dangerous, human-caused global warming has been repeatedly tested and failed. In contrast, the proper null hypothesis that the global climatic changes that we observe today are natural in origin has yet to be disproven. The only argument that remains to the IPCC — and it is solely a theoretical argument, not evidence of any kind — is that their unvalidated computer models project that carbon-dioxide-driven dangerous warming will occur in the future: just you wait and see!

From an article by Robert Carter. RTWT.

He Jes’ Needed Killin’, Judge

THE GUY DRIVING the white Lexus convertible, that is.

This little river town has one main route in and out. A four-lane main street — and state route — that hooks up to the Interstate just across the city line. There are two lanes of traffic, two of parking. (It is a residential street.) Most times traffic moves along, but at some other times — noon to 1:15 PM and morning and evening rush hours — not so much.

It didn’t used to be so bad, but some town planning genius allowed commercial development to cut off the side streets (and is doing even more of it as we speak), thus concentrating all and more traffic on the state route.

Whatcha call yer basic bottleneck.

So this asshole, this putz, this pile of stinking offal in the white Lexus decides he’s too important to wait in line. He pulls into the suicide lane out of the UDF driveway and cruises along past twenty other cars or so. No big so far. Happens all the time. People turning left shouldn’t have to wait for all the traffic going straight ahead. It’s marginally illegal, but nobody gets het up about it.

White Lexus Asshole gets to the intersection of Fairfield and Patchen, by the Vet’s ballfields, and stops in the left turn lane…

…right next to me. I’m stopped at the line to leave the intersection clear — as the law requires — so that cross-traffic can get through while I wait for the road ahead of me to clear.

And, as it does, I start to roll forward, nobody coming from the right (They have a stop sign anyway. I’m through traffic with the right-of-way, just being nice leaving the intersection clear on the off-chance.), seeing the guy in the Lexus to my left, and figuring… He’s in the left-turn lane. He’s turning left.

Then he pulls into the intersection. His right turn signal comes on and he starts to nose into my lane.

I blow my horn. Not a nice polite, ladylike tootle to say, “OK. Go ahead.” No. A loud, long, hostile blare. “NO. Asshole. Wait your furglering turn!”

And he goes ahead anyway!

I yield to him, but I wonder if I shouldn’t. After all, in the accident report, it’d be his fault. He’s making the illegal lane change. “Gee officer. I couldn’t imagine he would do something so stupid as to make that lane change when there was a left-turn lane clear ahead of him — and he was in a left-turn-only lane anyway.”

And I’m sure the laws of physics favor my two-ton SUV over his little two-seater ragtop. Not to mention my repairs would be cheaper — and paid for by his insurance to boot, what’s not to like?

Instead I give him another blast of hornly displeasure and get a rude hand gesture in response.


Along beside the Burger King, through the intersection at Riverboat Row. Now there are two lanes going our way, both straight-ahead-only, and a left-turn lane onto the ramp to the expressway and onto the Big Mac bridge (which backs up to a reciprocal left-turn lane onto Riverboat Row. There is only room for about six or eight cars in the actual turn lane, but people know it clears fast, so they’ll hang over by the double-yellow, allowing cars to pass in the lane (again, marginally illegal, but it works). If everybody moves spry, you can get ten cars through on the green arrow and two or three more after the light turns yellow at the end of the cycle.

But Lexus Asshole is too good to wait his turn. He realizes that traffic isn’t rushing ahead to his satisfaction, so he noses OUT of the turning line of traffic and into the straight-only lane (causing more traffic hassles with oncoming cars), and has the unmitigated fargling gall to turn on his left turn signal, and cut across THREE lanes of traffic — against the signal! — and onto the expressway ramp!

OK. So the guy deserves a horsewhipping. But killing?

One time you can understand. You get lost in a strange town, you don’t know the customs, you are afraid to get lost if you — you know — OBEY THE FRIGGING SIGNALS, so you act the asshole. ONCE.

But if you do it twice in less than two blocks, you have revealed something deep and significant about yourself. You are a scofflaw. You are an arrogant feckwit. A malodorous specimen of human debris. You care nothing for law, convention, or the rights of your fellow citizens. In a less urban, less anonymous society, you would be disciplined by various forms of ostracism, shunning, banishment, or beatings by the male members of your tribe.

But in an urban society, you can “get away” with it. And then you act as an example to others. “Hell! He got away with that! (Why’s there never a cop around when you need one?) Why should I sit here in line like a good little sheep?”

And, all of a sudden, it’s every-man-for-himself and devil take the hindmost. In extreme cases you get… well, New York City.

You remember Rudy Guliani’s theory of community policing?

You mean the “broken windows” theory?

Right. Well this guy is of a type who throws stones to break those windows. He is a saboteur drilling holes in the bottom of the lifeboat that is civil society. As such, he is an enemy of the people and deserves … well, banishment from civil society until he can learn some manners.

But the problem is: where do you put him? Put him in prison and he will doubtless drag that place down. Nor would I expect the place to have a salutary effect on him. Banish him from the land? To another land?

No, the only proper sentence is summary execution.

I only wish there were some civilly-acceptable method for applying said sentence with an even hand.

Can’t have people taking the law into their own hands.

No, Dolly. That’s where you’re wrong. That’s what we need. The problem is that, here of late, too many people have been unwilling to take on the task of enforcing the law, when it ought to be the responsibility of all citizens. Having a professional police force has made the posse of the whole a tad lazy. More’s the pity.

Brit Navy Steamrolls

SOME SOMALI PIRATES in a … a dinghy. A Sunfish. (That’s a surfboard with a sail, for those of you in Rio Linda.) Wheeee!

I’m sorry. Can somebody ‘splain to me what’s the problems with arming merchantment? Is this just more leftist feckwittery, or is there some substantive reason?

The ruling classes don’t trust sailors to exercise self-discipline?

Oh! Oh! OK. So it’s not OK for a merchant seaman to be armed with an M16, but a 50,000-ton oil tanker — that’s OK?

Reminds me of an exchange in a later season of Buffy. The Scoobies are in an RV being chased by a horde of fanatical crusader-types (you hadda been there). Giles is driving and he asks, “Does anybody have a weapon? Did anyone think to bring a weapon?”

And Spike, sprawled on a banquette, drawls, “Ai! You’re drivin’ one!”

The idiocy of forbidding ships and crews the means of self-defense from predators is… just… mind-blowing.

So there must be something I’m missing.

Warren Meyer

AT CLIMATE SKEPTIC asks yet another excellent musical questionnnn:

The October global temperature data highlights for me that it is time for scientists to quit wasting time screwing around with questions of whether global warming will cause more kidney stones, and address an absolutely fundamental question: Just what is the freaking temperature?

I have been saying for a long time that, judging from the quality, low resolution, and short timescale of the temperature record we have, we don’t know what the global temperature is. What we know is that where we’ve looked, when we’ve looked, over the last hundred years or so…

…it’s a wash.

I further submit that, due to the vast and chaotic nature of the atmosphere, we cannot know what the temperature was or is at any moment, let alone derive a meaningful average over a year or a century, because any system complex enough to really tell us would of necessity be as large and complex as the atmosphere itself (or approach that complexity to within an order of magnitude — close enough), and therefore exhibit the same characteristics, rendering its output essentially meaningless.

We don’t know. We can’t know. So making assertions based on the “facts” is rather idiotic.

Weather is a local phenomenon.

The range of temperatures in which life — and mankind — can survive or thrive is rather broader than we might find pleasant.

Climate is change.

Rather than try to hold back the tides, we would be far wiser to move a few yards up the shoreline. That is, don’t try to stop climate change (a fool’s errand), but adapt to it.

As we have been told ad nauseam for time out of mind, mankind’s genius is the ability to adapt to his environment.

Don’t you mean “to alter his environment”?


A Point of Accuracy

WHEN YOU REFER TO Pres GHW Bush (41) and Pres GW Bush respectively as “Senior” and “Junior” you reveal several things about yourself, none of which are complimentary.

Seems As Though the Good Sense

IS SHAKING OUT as I probably should have known it would. Darling Rachel frex.

I’m not a big proponent of ecumenism and civility. We’re not in this to understand or tolerate leftists, we’re in it to defeat them, utterly, totally, completely, finally and for good. We need to make leftism as much a constituent of the ashheap of history as feudalism (which, I maintain, it resembles in several significant aspects).

BUT. But. But…

I don’t see any point in extending the hand across the aisle, only to have the arm ripped off and used as a club to beat you silly about the head and shoulders. At least, not any more than once.

But neither do I see any point to descending to the spittle-flecked, Rumplestiltskin rage that the Left has exhibited since Dubya was nominated back in Ought-Zero.

The Right has, by en large, arguments founded in fact, logic, and common sense. We don’t need to distract from our own failings by pointing, flapping, and sputtering. Not because we don’t have failings — we are, after all, frail flesh — but because the stong points of our positions for the good of all mankind far outweigh the weak ones.

We don’t need to give the Left back the same as they gave us. We have better stuff. Let’s use it.

Sorry, Jules, But

I’M CALLING BULLSHIT on this notion that “Voters get what they deserve.”

I. Don’t. Think. So.

I have voted against, inveighed against in pixels and in communiques to Congress, and generally campaigned against much of what I’m getting from socialists, fascists, RINOs and other statists for going on forty years. I deserve it?


I Said Before the Election

ACTUALLY EVEN BEFORE McCain clearly had the nomination locked up, that “message” voting was useless. Sure it’s been a teachable occasion. Problem is, as the old joke goes, you can lead a horticulture, but you can’t make her think. The lesson may have been ready-to-hand, but the student — the Republican Party power structure — remained (and remains) intransigent, incorrigible, and ineducable. I said then and say now, it doesn’t matter what message you send, the GOP won’t hear it. It doesn’t matter what lesson you teach, the RNC appears incapable of learning it. They will, in fact, most assuredly educe exactly the wrong lesson.

What the party should have learned from this election is what Rush has been preaching for 20 years and others — Reagan, Goldwater, Buckley, Kirk, et al — for far longer: conservatism wins elections. (Conservatism as a movement defined here. The Reagan landslide is repeatable by anyone with the courage to try. Offer a clear message of liberty, limited government, strong national defense, low taxes, diminishing regulation and you will win votes hand over fist.

It is a lesson the party refuses to learn.<?p>

There may be another lesson — for the rank-and-file voter — to be learned here.

(Hat tip: Dr. Melissa Clouthier.)

(Also Jonah.)

Poor Al, All

DOWN-IN-THE-MOUTH about how poorly his Inconvenient [scorn quotes] “Truth” propaganda film has performed in the global mindspace. Heh.

Notice he says nothing as to the truth of his contentions having anything to do with it.

A False Dichotomy

IS BEING OFFERED BY THE rabid ecumenists, left and right — do we go batshit, or aim for civility in our response to the provocations of the left?

As though those were the only choices. They’re not.

The Right does not need to sink to the despicable depths the Left has during the Bush 43 administration. We only need state the facts about our enemies er — opponents’ policy prescriptions: that they are violations of the Constitution, that they are deadly dangerous to the survival of the Republic, that they will harm the American people as individuals, that they will weaken the economy and/or our national defense capabilities.

We don’t have to liken Obama to the Beast.

As I Understand This

DAVID BROOKS of the New Yawk Slimes wants the Republican Party to nominate Nixon. Right?

Apropos of Nearly Nothing

AT ALL it is thirty-nine years ago today that I first met the Rat.

Wherever you are, Julia, many happy returns.

And the same to all you vets.

You’ve Gotta Get An Album Out, You Owe It To The People

HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO WRITE anything lately. Not blocked. Not sure I’ve ever been blocked. Just… Oh… ::sigh:: Wishy-washy. Like Charlie Brown. Bleah. Not depressed or unhappy or anything, just… no there there.

Last weekend was probably the last I’ll be able to work outside for awhile.

Somewhere in the northern plains, I thought I heard mention of blizzards. But here in Happy Valley, it was seventy daytimes and forties nights.

I sat out on the front walk with my router and my workmates and grooved the shelf standards for the backs. And I cut holes in between bays two and three for the wire pass. Made a dog’s breakfast of it, but it won’t show once the desk is built over it, so it doesn’t matter that much. Bugs me but nowhere else.

Since Loki is able to tell when I’m about to take his picture with a flash and knows to close his eyes (and I have a bunch of pictures of him with his eyes closed), I have to try to catch him in natural light.

(My instructor at the Nikon school made fun of the then-courant term available light. He said, “If I have a flash in my pocket, that’s available, isn’t it?” I’ve been sensitive to the term ever since. Natural light. Existing light. Daylight. Ambient light. Call it anything but “available.” Heh.)

Some of the best light comes in mid-morning, after the sun has cleared the mountain to our immediate east and blasts down on our little patch of Eden like an arc spotlight. I can open the front door, leaving the storm door shut, and get a nice flood of clean light across the office floor. Here’s Loki playing on a piece of kitteh-playground equipment.

This weekend was a grocery weekend, so Saturday was shot. Dunno why it should be, but grocery shopping just takes it out of me. Maybe I should go every week, so it’s not such a production.


But I am making three-day weekends from now until New Year’s, so I still have two days to goof off work on The Great Study Project. Yay me.

The goal this weekend was to get the shelves for the East Wall to a state where I could put coatings on (urethane on the wood, paint on the Masonite) in the evenings during the week. Truth be told, that’s been my goal for about a month and a half, now.

I saw an article somewhere that 90% of projects these days are done on WorkMates. Implying, I guess, that most people don’t have a formal workshop — like me. You poor bastards. Any time I want to do any work, I have to haul all the tools and materials out of storage, set it all up, shuffle it around as I work, and put it all away when I’m done. Out of four hours notionally spent working, I probably actually only work for two.

::sigh:: Good grief.

But, nevertheless, I did get quite a bit done. I got all of the main-case boards for the three bays of shelves on the East Wall to the same state — cut clean, square, and to-size, with dadoes for the back panels cut. I have most of the boards edge-banded and I have two of the three stock boards for shelves cut to width and banded. The third one needs to have its edge cleaned up, be ripped to final width, and be banded. That will probably be my first task on Saturday next.

I’m sure somebody will come along and tell me this is an old carpenter’s trick, but I invented it independently, so I’m pretty proud of it.

The task here is to ensure that the edge of the board being worked on is as close to perfect as I can get it, both straight and true as well as perfectly perpendicular to the board’s face. All of the other final cuts on the board will be oriented to this face — either square to it (crosscuts) or dead parallel to it (the opposite rip). This is also the front edge of the board and will have wood veneer edge tape hot-glued to it, so the surface needs to be as clean and smooth as I can get it, so the glue will adhere properly.

I’m going to run a router along the edge of it with an edge trim bit (1/2″ diameter, 1″ flute) to shave off approximately a sixteenth of an inch of the edge grain.

The widget with the white ruler running along its edge is a combination clamp/guide. It has thingies on the bottom that grab onto the board and a cam inside that will lock it down. You can line it up on anything — a scribe line, a pencil line, a hairy eyeball — whatever. I want it to line up as close to perfect as I can make it.

So I take an adjustable square, set it for the exact distance from the edge of the board to the guide (which is, in turn, offset from the exact line of the cut by the radius of the baseplate of the router, minus one half of the bit diameter). Then I lay the blade of another adustable square along the blade of the first one, so the end of the blade butts up against the square edge of the head and the reciprocal happens at the other end. This makes both squares set to exactly the same distance from the adjustable head to the end of their rulers.

Then I clamp the board down to the WorkMate, then clamp the two adjustable squares to the board. I lay the guide down so it butts up against the ends of the rulers, and clamp IT down. And there you have it — dead parallel to the cut edge.

In this case, I also had just trimmed the top board to the same width as the bottom board using the piloted cutoff bit and was about to cut a dado. But the principle holds.

Neat, huh?

I also had to get boards in-line with each other that were cut using hand-held power tools — with guides, granted, but — without stops or other bench devices that aid with repeatability. That’s what this is all about…

The boards have to be forced flat (as they will be once built into a cabinet), and mated up with a standard. Then I run the router — with the piloted cutoff bit — along the edge to be matched (in this case, the bottom end), then sand it smooth.

I’ll put a coat of sanding sealer on and probably one coat of urethane, but that’s just to protect the grain during handling. Once it’s glued and screwed, won’t matter.

If I get good and lucky, I might even have these three bays of shelves finished in time for the next blogmoot. Whoop-ee!

Do I know how to have fun, or what?

I Try to Say This

OFTEN AND IN DIFFERENT WAYS, but I suspect — because nobody seems to get it — that I haven’t pushed it enough.

Reading this post from Dr. Helen, the concept bloomed in my mind again.

People are asking for a conservative culture, for conservative principles, for a coherent conservative political philosophy. At the same time, (and largely due to the looniness of the Libertarian Party), people of a conservative bent disparage self-named Libertarians as loons.

Get this: conservativism is an outlook. It is a weltanschauung. It is not a political philosophy. Currently, and for approximately the past half-century-plus, Americans with a conservative view of the world have been mostly small-l libertarians.

The problem is that a lot of people who call themselves libertarians are no such thing. Many are closer to anarchists, and have somewhat looney takes on such matters as the public ownership of roads, the granting of utility monopolies, and other (::gasp::) “infringements” on the free state by governments. But scratch a self-named conservative and you find one who’s chief political aim is the preservation of liberty, of the beautiful idea, of the American Experiment, as laid out in the Declaration and Constitution. Someone who recognizes the need for government — particularly but not limited to defending the borders, maintaining the roads, running the courts, and delivering the mail — but also that government is a remarkably inappropriate instrument applied to most problems.

That is a true libertarian.

You’re not looking for conservative values. You are a conservative person. You want to figure out what it is you think work conserving. If that’s liberty, then you need to understand the true libertarian philosophy — individual rights, individual responsibility, limited government, maximum economic and commercial freedom, self-determination.

Heh of the Day


For now, we have a new president-elect. In the spirit of reaching across the aisle, we owe it to the Democrats to show their president the exact same kind of respect and loyalty that they have shown our recent Republican president.

Starting tomorrow, if not sooner.

Andrea Harris has a good take on ecumenical pussyfooters and how to fight back properly. I would have got there soon enough, but she beat me to it. We don’t need to give them back what they gave us. We have our own, and it’s of superior quality.


Our Oldest Cat

MURPHY IS NOT long for this world. He’s withering and scabrous, and it’s painful to pet him. But he gets around. He shows clearly he’s aware and wants to interact with us and the other cats. He runs the place and gives us human servants of his a good ration of shit when we get out of line.

After having to decide whether and when to euthanize so many of our cats, Toni put this one on me. Murph was my cat from kittenhood, so it’s only appropriate. You should, in the words of Robert Heinlein, be prepared to shoot your own dog (or cat). Farming it out doesn’t make it better, it makes it worse. However…

I am virulent on the side of life. I look at nature in her profligate fecundity and find a guide for living. Life — with the capital “L” is the expression of the rage of living things against the darkness. Life is a blanket that covers the Earth and appears like to fill the Universe. Life must grow or die, must be fruitful and multiply or wither and fade. There is no steady state.

I have never bought the overpopulation myth. The ones who promote it amount to a death cult. They want to stop Life in its tracks, freeze its growth, and roll it back to pre-[industrial|civilization|human existence] levels. Oh, they claim to care about the environment, but they care about it about the way Fred Saberhagen’s Berserker machines cared about “Goodlife.”
To be a judas goat to enable them to kill more humans.

Homey don’ play dat.

Increase populations. Increase agriculture. Be fruitful and multiply until we cover the earth and the pressure squeezes us out into space. Grow economies. Make every man rich.

And don’t kill your pets until they’re damned well good and ready to die.

Flea quotes and posts a thumbnail sketch of a feline warrior for Life. As he writes in his headline, Try to be Ugly.

New Business Idea

THE NAME? Credit Answers in Genesis.

Guess ya hadda been there.

Uh… May be.

To All the Leftoids

GLOATING AND PETTIFOGGING ON TECHNICAL issues and issues of fact: Listen up, fools. Just because you won an election THAT DOES NOT MAKE YOU RIGHT.

Quite the contrary…

OK. Yes. Barack is My

PRESIDENT-SELECT. That’s what scares me.

But Still, It Helps To Observe

WHEN THAT ONE implores us not to fall back on the petty and immature partisanship that has poisoned our politics for so long that it was his petty and immature partisans, following Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, from which text Obama himself has taught, who poisoned the discourse.

Not, the leftists will tell you, helpful.

Not helpful to whom? Helps me clarify things a great deal.

Someone Ask Al

FRANKEN, “IF IT turns out that fraud was used on your behalf — with or without your knowledge or approval — denying Senator Coleman of a legitimate re-election, will you resign?

Tip Jar and Wishlist AND Library Thing

AT THE LAST BLOGMOOT a bunch of us were standing around on The Porch discussing this, that, and the other thing, and the subject of tipjars and blogads and that kinda stuff came up, and I whinged at how little income I’d made over my years of blogging. (And much grateful to those of you — and you know who you are — who have contributed over the years.)

It has subsequently occurred to me that one reason I might not have realized as much remuneration as I could have is that for some time I haven’t had the tipjar button up.

Gee! Ya think?

So it’s back. Over on the right side. With brand-new, everything’s-up-to-date-in-Kansas-City code and ever’thinnn.

Not sayin’ er anything, but if you’s to be of so a mind…

It’s there.

Update: All this furious activity prodded me into putting up my Library Thing widget. So it’s over in the right sidebar, a bit farther down. (Actually, on Saturday, you’ll be able to see it if you’ve scrolled down this far.) LibThang is a neat toy for bookworms and you’re sure to find it so if your preferred reading material comes in stacks of sheets bound in covers.

Seems to me it would be the case if you have a preference in reading material.

True enough.

And for the curious, if you click on an individual book cover, it’ll take you to that book’s Amazon page (if it’s on Amazon — I suspect some of the older books might not be, at least not in these editions). And, I being a freshly minted Amazon Associate, will realize a piece of the action if you’re moved to buy. Just something to keep in mind.

Of course, my catalog is a tad limited at the moment by two factors. First, I’m just ramping up — and not very fast, either. Last night I just input a bunch of books whose ISBN’s I made a list of about two months ago. Second, of course, as long as The Great Study Project is in — scorn quotes — “progress,” the bulk of my library will remain in storage, and thus unavailable for proper listing.

As the old Tonight Show slides used to say, More to Come.

For all you know, they might still.

True enough, as I don’t recall watching TNS since Johnny Carson retired. As a matter of fact, I really think of it as The Johnny Carson Show and have to stop and look up (in my tumulus-like mental filing system) the “official” name of the thing. So there you have it.

But I degrease.

People Who Tell Me

TO SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP need themselves to get a grip (and, yes, I mean YOU, Glen Beck). (And You, Glenn Reynolds.

“If I believe in our system. If I believe in our Constitution…” says Beck.

BULL! Allow me to say this: SHIT!

Obama has already committed impeachable offenses — high crimes and misdemeanors, waging war against the Constitution of the United States. By his very words, he has indicated an intention to violate his oath of office before he has even been sworn in.

“You are required to accept him as President of the United States.”

BULL! Allow me to repeat myself: SHIT!

“He was rightfully elected…” says Beck.

BULL! Allow me to repat myself yet again: SHIT!

Citizens are bound to accept the winner of a free and open electoral process, in a fair and honest election. There was no free and open election. There was no honest election. The taint of corruption poisons us all. But THAT doesn’t matter!

What does matter is this!

The President is sworn to an oath of office. He requires himself, he commits himself, to preserve and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic…

If while Obama was being sworn in at this point, were honesty enforce real-time, his tongue would jump out of his mouth and run screaming down Pennsylvania Avenue.

Because his campaign promises were commitments to violate each and every term of Article II of the Constitution and at least eleven of the ten amendments in the Bill of Rights.

How. The. Pluck. Does. That. Make. Him. Legitimate!!!??

Jeeble cripes, people!

And Beck has the un mitt ti gated gall to urge us to “Stand by your principles”?

Give. Me. A. Fudging. Break!

“Who doesn’t,” Beck continues to witter, “Wish Obama the best? Who doesn’t want for him to come into office and solve all of the problems the country faces?”

Who the hell are you and what have you done with the real Glen Beck?

I’ll tell you who doesn’t. Me. Myself. I. At worst I want him to do nothing the Constitution doesn’t permit him. At best, I want him to leave me the hell alone. Stop playing pool in my pocket. Quit fouling up the economy…

Considering he hasn’t done anything…

He ran as a Democrat, dinnee? Therefore he bears at least one five-hundred-thirty-fifth of the responsibility for the trashing of the economy since the current Congress was sworn in in 2007. You know — the crowd actually responsible for the “failed” “Bush” economy. To the extent the government can have any effect on the economy, it’s all negative, and it all has to do with A) confidence (i.e., talking down the economy is a self-fulfilling kinda thing) and 2) fiscal and monetary policy… deficit spending contributes to inflation, which robs us all of the value of our wealth and the buying power of our income. No defense for the Republicans, but still it bears pointing out that matters started to go into the toilet when the Pelosi-Reed Congress took hold of the reins of power.

So, if he can rein in Congress’s excesses, I might offer grudging support. But, since his campaign promises indicate he intends just the opposite course…

No. I don’t want him to “solve” problems I don’t face. I’d be one hell of a lot better off if he’d just leave me the finagle alone. Mind his own furgling business. Butt the hell out.

You know — like the Constitution says he should.

Like, in swearing his oath of office, he’s promised to do — right out there in front of God and everybody.

The Problem wtih This

SUDDEN PANDEMIC OF political ecumenism is that there really is something wrong with leftists. I mean, to look at the Left’s track record of complete and utter failure — not only of not succeeding at making things better, but their unbroken string of achievement at making things worse every trip of the train — you have to conclude that anyone who adheres to that set of policy prescriptions and political philosophies (if that’s not too grandiose a term for the thing) is either ignorant, stupid, or nuts. Or any combination.

How about dotty? Eccentric?

That implies a certain harmlessness, which the Left most assuredly is not. I might concede to being wrought a bit much at calling the entire left wing evil, even though their policies always — ALWAYS — bring harm to human beings, but they most assuredly are NOT harmless.

Rob Allen Has a New Sticker

UP. THIS ONE is quite good in the simple elegance of the nugget of its idea.

Problem is that, along with the virulent ecumenism being urged upon us by the go-along-to-get-along crowd here recently, there is the implication of surrender to creeping statism. After all, if resisting an admitted statist is un-American (Glen Beck), then what’s being urged is to tolerate the statism. Right?

And if you aren’t allowed to resist creeping statism, there’s no way you can minimize your government, thereby maximizing your freedom.

Just sayin’s all.

Me, I Think

THAT IT WAS JOHN McCain who was a drag on Sarah Palin.

KnowwhutImean, Vern?

An Excellent Point


Yes, yes, yes. I see. Unemployment is 6%. Gasoline prices are a whopping $2 a gallon. The Dow is 9,000. People are actually paying cash for things.

Run for your lives.

I read stuff like this online and I am reminded of reporter Ken Herman’s observation: “If there’s anything reporters know better than math, it’s fashion.”

(Overheard at Maggies Farm.)

OK. Props to MLK

NOW. CAN WE GET this one point clear?

Barack Obama is not black!

In fact, an awful lot of those society calls “black” in America are not, in fact, black — that is, if “black” is taken to mean more-or-less a pureblooded negroid individual.

And, the KKK notwithstanding, the miscegenation that implies is a GOOD thing.

You’d think the Left — being the bastion of tolerance and fellow-feeling it purports to be — would be able to get behind that.

Can we, therefore, put away all this parsing of people by the tinge of their skinge? P-p-p-p-please? </rogerrabbit>

I Suppose in the Right

COMPANY A Lewinsky can be a gracious gesture. Hostess-to-guest, for example.

If that’s what Obama meant when he called the press “gracious.”

Goodness Gracious Peter Agnes! As your grandma used to say.

Heh. I’d forgotten that. She did, didn’t she?

Update: A response to a comment turns into an expansion of the post…

There’s a difference between holding legacy power — and it needs to be said, not for long, judging by the poor financial health of flagship institutions within the media — and being in the mainstream of American political thought.

What I can garner from the information pittance provided by the media, most Americans simply want to be left alone to live their lives — to tend their own vines and fig trees. They are inattentive to politics at best. They do not concern themselves with the activities of the government and are unaware of the dangers inherent in a fundamentally statist government. They don’t see there’s anything they can do about it and they don’t really care.

But they do know that things are bad. How? Well, by the legacy partisan (so-called mainstream) press, of course. So they vote for change.

The media, meantime, fails miserably in its primary fiduciary responsibility to keep the public informed. The painful lesson — which may or may not be learned to change the party in power in Congress come twenty-ought-ten — is that the “change” that was voted for was not the “change” that was delivered. And to pay the firk attention next time.

No. I don’t think many will learn that last one. But they may decide it’s time for a change again two years down the road.

Did I Hear

THAT RIGHT? Did the Fox Radio News reporter just say that the Dow historically experiences greater gains under Democrat presidents? Gee. And here I though Wall Street was a tool and myrmidon of those evil, wascawwy Wepubwicans.

Who’d ha’ thunk it?