Monthly Archives: April 2004

Nice Tits

nice_titsTHERE’S A PHRASE Alger uses — “Nice tits” — in reference to lefty airheaded celebrity women. Not all, merely the feckwitted ones. Bred for looks and not particularly bright or otherwise skilled, they nevertheless enjoy certain visibility because of their professions.

BY THE WAY [One might ask,] “What’s with the ‘nice tits?'” One or one of you might have noticed that I have sarcastically, (albeit honestly), been using the phrase, “nice tits” with regard to female anti-war idiots of the celebrity persuasion.

And you might well ask, “Why?”

Well, it’s like this. ‘Way back when, in the ’70’s to be precise, on WKRP in Cincinnati, Mother Carlson sarcastically typed Andy Travis, (Gary Sandy), as a pretty face with good hair and teeth. It was only later that she conceded there might be a brain in there somewhere.

The “nice tits” is a reminder to those of us out here in Flyover Country that the only reason these people are given any attention is that they are celebrities — for the most part known for their vaguely attractive looks and the fact that they are malleable enough for more-intelligent, (albeit physically less attractive), people to put words in their mouths and move them around in front of a camera.

(And, I would like to point out, most of them — even the [putative] “best” among them — aren’t very good at it. If you listen to any popular Hollywood actor deliver a line some time and listen — really listen — to the dialog and think about how much sense the reading makes, you’re forced to wonder how these people can follow a shopping list, let alone a moderately literate script.)

In short, they are pretty faces with good hair and teeth and — in the case of most of the women — nice tits.

In an effort to be kind, even complimentary, Alger says the nicest thing about them he can find. Being a man who was orally fixated at an early age, he love large, firm, and shapely breasts on women. (Da Doll can relate, having a world-class, weapons-grade rack herself.) Thus the comment, “Nice tits.” I doubt the follow-on concession will ever have to be made.

Now you know. Spread the même.